by Jessy19

Copyright© 2012 by Jessy19

Fantasy Sex Story: Do you believe in mermaids?

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa NonConsensual Reluctant Heterosexual Fiction Oral Sex .

She swam the Pacific Ocean day after day just to look at him. He was tall, lean, with broad shoulders, short brown hair, big blue eyes, sun kissed skin and a killer smile that displayed perfect teeth.

She watched him in the morning and sometimes around the time the sun was fading into the clouds. She should have hungered for him but she didn't. Well ... she did in a way but not in the fill her belly up kind of way. She hungered for him in a way a woman of her species should never crave a human being. But there was something about him...

Lost in her own thoughts, she felt the creature behind her moving towards her a million miles an hour. She was glad she'd learn to swim faster than him. His sharp teeth were coming right towards her. She splashed in the water and swam away from the ferocious creature.

She swam towards her little island which she often used to get away from him. He'd been after her ever since ... well she didn't want to get into that. All she could explain is that he was mean and vengeful. He wanted to eat her up and kill her. Never, she vowed would she ever let him get to her.

She waddled onto the island and sure enough the creature poked his ugly head out of the water. She snarled looking him right in his fishy eyes. The creature could only take so much time out of water. He sunk down and she watched his fin float away. A wicked grin formed her lips when she realized her victory over the other sea life. She could actually be above water longer than any of them. She'd seen her fellow sea creatures flop violently on land as they struggled to breath. Not her. She was stronger than the rest.

She flapped her fish tail on the sandy floor. Her hair had gotten longer. It was a mess of knotted dark curls. She saw her breasts had grown bigger. They felt heavier. She slid her hand down her big breasts and examined the color of her areolas, a soft brown color and her nipples, size of a thimble, the color of dark coffee. Her skin, a milky smooth glowing radiance.

She lay on the sand and let the cold wind brush her naked skin. She hummed a song or something of a tune she would hear the humans hum. Something about sunshine, my only sunshine. She didn't know the words but knew the tune. She heard words but couldn't speak them.

Her tummy started to rumble. She sat up and from miles away; she could see a couple of humans in the water. She licked her big lips and felt her teeth get sharp. She plunged into the water and swam fiercely. Her need had grown each day. Seems like the humans weren't sharing the water with her as much ever since she went on frenzy one day and had a feast. But what were these humans doing here now? What was it they were floating on? It wasn't a device like her human love interest. It was something bigger.

Her fish tail flapped slapping the water to the side as she got closer to her need. She heard the voices get louder as she approached. She climbed up for air and saw the human's faces go blank. It was two of them. None looked liked her human love interest.

One had gray hair and scared green eyes. The other had no hair on his head but had hair on his chin. He smirked slyly like the wicked creature that stalked her in the waters. The human's teeth were yellow and he smelled like smoke.

"Hey look what we got here Billy..."

She raised herself above water giving the creatures a good look at her breasts.

The gray hair human spit out the liquid he was drinking. "Holy shit! Look at those!"

The human with no hair licked his lips. "You are one ugly girl but fuck, look at those tits!" His eyes widened to the size of saucers.

She didn't comprehend what they were speaking of. She just felt her tummy growl louder than the ocean's waves.

"What the fuck was that?" The gray hair human asked his friend.

"I don't know, but I like what I'm seeing!"

She ran her tongue on her teeth and felt the sharpness.

She hummed sweetly and smiled not showing her teeth. The men got closer to the water. She easily pushed the plateau that the humans were on with her strong fish tail. It tipped over sending the men into the cold water.

"Shit! I can't swim!" The human with no hair yelled. His gurgles only excited her more!

"Hold on Jimmy, I'm coming," the gray hair human assured. She grumbled angrily and saw the gray hair man open his mouth to scream. Before he could even get a sound out, she had bitten into his neck hard. The taste of copper filled her mouth. She licked the dark red liquid that squirted from his neck. Her long tongue lapped up the warm liquid.

The gray haired human waved his arms frantically while his friend splashed in the water desperately trying to keep his face above water. She wanted the hairless human to struggle while she finished his friend. He would easily sink down to the ocean while she finished feeding on his friend. Then, he would be dessert waiting for her.

She continued to chomp down on the man's neck, then onto his face. His skin was rough but tasted good. His blood wasn't the tastiest but it was edible! She hadn't had a good meal since the young humans she ate the week before.

She slid down and sank her teeth into the gray haired human's belly tearing it open and sucked on the strings that dangled out. As she bit into them, she saw the fin again. She pushed the human aside and cursed silently.

The other human was still struggling to keep his head above water. He was crying loudly begging for some type of aid. She narrowed her eyes at the fin. The creature raised his big head from the water and exposed his sharp teeth. The man saw the creature and screamed louder.

"Help! Help! Please! Someone!" He called out.

She scowled at the creature and dove into the water and sped away as she always did. She swam back to her island and watched as the creature miraculously pushed the plateau back to the way it was and saw the man with no hair climbing it. Even from far away, she could hear him coughing and screaming.

She heard a loud noise and realized the human with no hair was quickly leaving the waters on the plateau. She felt her jaw clench. This pesky sea creature would never let her have peace. He didn't eat the human just to piss her off! She licked her lips and tasted the faint taste of the gray haired human's blood. She was left hungry and very angry.

The smell of the salty sea, the sound of the roaring waves, the warm California sun beating down on him, Elton couldn't imagine a more ideal day to go surfing. He'd waxed his surfboard and walked towards the icy water. He shivered as his feet touched the blue sea.

Elton dove right in with his surf board taking control of the thunderous waves. He climbed on his board and walked on water in his own way. Elton felt free surfing. The blue waters splatter all over his legs. He smiled knowing he had the whole day to surf.

The wind guided him to the direction of the big long waves. He stood firmly and then bent slightly as he rode on a huge wave. He fell into the water and held on to his board. He laughed and climbed back on his board. If only life could be as perfect as surfing he thought.

Elton had always loved the water. Ever since he was a small child ... a child in his parents pool ... holding his breath underwater...


He heard a faint voice calling him. He squinted and looked towards the land. He smiled. There she was hopping around like a little frog and waving her arms.

Elton paddled the water with his hands and once he caught a good wave, he surfed towards the land. She rushed over to him and giggled. Putting her arms around him warming him up. He shivered from the cold.

"Hey I didn't mean to interrupt," she apologized.

He held her tight. He knew he was getting her soaked but didn't care. He hadn't seen her in over two weeks because she'd decided to make something of her life and go to college three hours away.

"Your cousin told me you'd be out here."

He held her tight. "I'm glad you're here."

She pulled away slightly to look him in the eyes. Her soft brown eyes radiated under the warm sun. Her golden hair was shorter, just under her ears and swayed with the wind.

"You look beautiful," he said and leaned down to kiss her.

Brandy was her name. He'd known her since they were kids but didn't become romantically in love until the summer after graduation.

"You need to be careful out here. Haven't you heard about those killings?" She asked as she fingered his sharks tooth necklace she'd bought him many years ago. Her eyes were filled with concern.

He stroked her cheek with his hand. "I don't believe those rumors. This man said a mermaid killed his friend? What a crock! There are no such things as mermaids you know that."

She bit her lower lip. "I don't know babe. I mean his friend was found and was pretty mangled up. He died you know."

"Yeah and then he went on to tell the police that a shark saved him. What a loony bin!"

She laughed. "It did sound a bit ridiculous."

"Yeah of course! I mean the dude probably threw his friend off the boat and a shark got to him. The police are still questioning him you know. They might put him away with the crazies."

She got serious. "Well, what about the other people that have died? You don't think they were killed by a mermaid? The forensics said that the teeth marks looked somewhat human. It's really scary babe."

He rubbed the sides of her shoulders. "Don't worry about me honey. I'm part fish remember?"

She nodded. She remembered he was captain of the school's swim team. He was a hell of a swimmer!

"Just be careful." Her eyes scanned the beach. "There's no one out here after all those reports. Why do you have to be the only brave soul out here?" She teased.

Elton pulled her closer to him. "Let's not rehash all of this ok? I just want to be with you now." He softly kissed her soft lips.

She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I love you Elton, you know that?"

"I love you Brady. More than life itself."

"So are you going back to the water or you want to go back to your place and..." she blushed... "you know."

He leered evilly. "You mean fuck?"

She gently pushed him. "Make love would be better, jerk."

He laughed and pulled her towards him again. "That's what I meant. It's just that you're so..." his eyes scanned her body. She wore a short blue jean skirt with flip flops and a tight top that gave him good look at her small cleavage. She wore no jewelry except her black opal ring on her left middle finger hand. A gift that Elton had given her for her birthday. "so ... hot."

She sighed. "Ok whatever you say. Make love, fuck, do the hokey pokey. I just want to be with you."

Elton kissed her hard and long. Their tongues pressed against each others until Elton broke their kiss. They both took a long deep breath.

"Let me get my board. Follow me up to my place ok baby?"

She nodded and the two young lovers walked the sandy beach happy to be with each other.

She, on the other hand watched from afar. Something was hurting her. It wasn't her tummy. It was her heart.

Elton buried his face in her neck and kissed her softly. Brandy stirred and opened her eyes. It'd been two or three hours after they'd made love and Elton was ready for more. He loved the way she smelled like roses.

"Hey you," she said sleepily.

"Mmm hello there. You sleep well?"

She giggled. "I sure did. I needed that. I've been staying up late studying so much that I needed a good nap."

"And a good fuck," Elton added crassly.

She groaned. "Elton, don't be a jerk."

He held her closer to him. "I just love you so much that I tend to get nasty with my words. Sorry."

She turned to face him. She kissed his nose. "You can be a bad boy. I think that's why I fell totally and helplessly in love with you."

She touched his face and studied his eyes. "You ok?"

He pressed his forehead against hers. "I just miss you. Did you have to go to school so far away?"

She sighed. "I didn't, but that's where my scholarship was. I'm sorry. I can always transfer next year."

He ran his fingers through her silky short hair. "No. Don't do that for a jerk like me. I just miss you when you're gone."

She kissed his lips gently. "I miss you too, but remember we can make this work. You can visit me and I can visit you every other week and we'll make it work. I want to make it work."

He stroked her hair and then her face. "I kNOW we'll make it work."

She snuggled up with him. He lived near the beach sharing an apartment with his cousin James. She could faintly hear the waves and the seagulls. She wanted to be with him everyday of her life. She didn't tell him that of course. She only hoped he wanted the same thing.

"Ok so instead of staying in and bumping and grinding, we're going to the beach with James and his new flavor of the month?" Brandy asked.

Elton's mouth flew open. "Did you just say bumping and grinding?"

Brandy laughed. "Maybe I did. I want you."

Elton laughed. "Ok that was just ... unexpected."

Brandy smiled shyly. "Is that so bad?"

"Not bad at all, but I had already promised James we'd all go build a bonfire and sit around telling stories."

Brandy glared at him. "You're not going to be sitting around are you? You're going to go surfing. I know you love to surf at night."

"It won't be night time when I'll surf. It'll be sunset. So it's not going to be dark," Elton said defensively.

Brandy crossed her arms and pouted her lips. "Ok I guess. But promise me we'll be back early so you and I can have some alone time before I leave back to school tomorrow afternoon."

Elton put his hands on her shoulders and kissed her. "I promise. I'll make it worth it too." He assured and ran his hands slowly from her shoulders to her breasts over her bikini top.

Brandy turned red. "I'm going to hold you to that promise Elton."

It was early evening time when they arrived at the beach. Only a few locals remained. Brandy spread out her beach towel. She put on a long sweater over her bikini top and covered her legs with the extra blanket she brought.

The guys set up a bonfire and James' new girlfriend Lily, brought marshmallows, chocolate and graham cracker cookies to make s'mores. Brandy found Lily to be nicer than James' other girlfriends. She was actually smart and could carry a conversation.

The guy readied their surfboards. The girls sat around and relaxed. Lily wore a short sweater and short shorts. She was shivering. Brandy felt reluctant at first but offered her some blanket space.

"We're going out to the water for a little while ok? I promise to be back as soon as I can," Elton leaned in and whispered into Brandy's ear.

"Ok honey. Please be careful."

After the men went out to surf, Brandy and Lily talked about school and the men in their lives.

"So how long have you and Elton been together?" Lily asked while eating one of her s'mores.

"Hmm about six months now."

"That's not too long."

"Yeah, but I've known him forever, so I like to count the other years I've known him," Brandy replied.

Lily giggled. "Well that's really cute. I've only known James for a two months and he's already driving me crazy."

Brandy laughed. "I'm crazy about Elton," she admitted openly.

Lily looked towards the water where the men happily surfed. "I like James, but it's too early to determine if I'm crazy about him. Do you want to marry Elton?"

Her question was too direct. "Um ... I-I."

Lily raised a brow. "I'm sure you've thought of it."

Brandy looked over at Elton surfing. He rode the waves like a pro. "Ok, honestly, I have. A lot."

"I knew it. Elton is really into you, you know that?"

Brandy was taken back. "Why do you say that?"

Lily shrugged. "Because I see the way he looks at you. You know James and I took him out last week to this pool hall, and he never once looked at any other girl. And it's not like the girls were nasty looking, they were hot, and no I'm not gay, but I figured he'd at least look and he never did."

Brandy beamed. "Really?"

"Yup. He's totally into you."

Brandy's heart fluttered.

An hour later, the men rushed back. Elton was soaking wet and never looked hotter. He was shivering though.

"Come in here with us," Brandy offered.

"Hey, you're going to be in the blanket with two hot chicks? I don't think so. Give me some room," James chimed in.

They all laughed and huddled underneath the warm blanket.

"Brrr freaking cold out there but the water is awesome!" Elton exclaimed.

"You want to go home?" Brandy whispered in his ear.

"Let's go for a swim!" Lily suddenly shouted out before Elton could respond to Brandy.

James and Lily ran over to the water. Elton eyed Brandy. "You coming?"

Brandy sighed. "I suppose. Just a quick dip in the water and then we'll go, promise?"

Elton nodded.

The four hit the icy water. Brandy gasped as soon as the water engulfed her. "Holy shit! Fuck this is cold!"

Elton rushed over and put his arms around her. Even in the cold water his body felt warm and comforting. "Better?" He asked.

Lily whispered something to James and James laughed.

"What's so funny?" Brandy asked puzzled.

"Elton, this girl thinks you're the one. She is crazy about you and I know you're crazy about her. You think you two will get married?"

Brandy felt her heart racing as she waited for Elton's answer.

"Married? I'm only 20 years old! How can you expect me to even THINK about marriage? Silly."

Then everything got quiet. Brandy floated away from Elton. Lily cleared her throat. "I'm sorry I didn't mean-"

"Come on Lily. Let's give them some privacy," James said and the two swam away from the couple.

Brandy felt tears streaming down her face.

Elton felt like an asshole. He swam towards her. He put his hands on her tiny shoulders but she flinched and moved away.

"Hey I'm sorry." He began apologetically.

"Just forget about it Elton," Brandy sobbed.

"You really want to be with me forever? I mean we're so young to even think about that right?" He wasn't so sure himself now.

"Yeah, if you say so," Brandy moved away from him more.

"Brandy, please talk to me. I didn't know you thought of me that way."

Brandy finally turned to face him. "How else would I think of you as? You think I just say to myself that you're a phase and I'll probably meet someone else? Do you know that I don't even THINK about any other guy but you? Do you know that I love you with all my heart? Do you know that I want to be with you everyday and it hurts like hell when I can't?"

Elton clenched his jaw. "I'm sorry Brandy. I'm an asshole." He moved towards her and was surprised when she let him hold her.

She sobbed softly in his arms. He began to warm her up again. "I'm glad I got all of that off my chest. I'm glad you know how I feel about you."

Elton kissed her forehead. "I'm glad I know. It feels so good to know how much I'm loved by you. I'm such a fool, Brandy. I promise I won't let you slip away. I've got a good thing, the best thing ever and I'm not letting you get away. I love you."

Brandy hugged him. "I didn't mean to overreact. I can see your point of view of not thinking about marriage. Just knowing you love me is enough ... for now."

"Aww look at them." Lily squealed.

They both broke their embrace and looked at Lily and James. "Aww yeah ... so cute," James mocked.

"Shut up. You two go mind your own business," Elton joked.

The foursome continued swimming out on the cold water. They splashed around laughing and joking. Elton felt his life was perfect. Brandy came around and started kissing him. They kissed in the water. It was so romantic kissing in the beautiful water underneath the moonlight.

Lost in their kiss, Elton and Brandy heard everything get quiet. Brandy hesitantly pulled away from Elton's sweet kiss. "Where's your cousin and Lily?"

The two scanned the beach and the other couple was nowhere to be found.

They hadn't realized but the beach was completely deserted now. Only the flames of their bonfire could be seen.

"They were just here," Elton stated. "James! Lily!" He yelled out.

Silence. Only the rough waves could be heard.

"Lily! James!" Brandy helped Elton calling out the couple.

Elton dove underwater and tried his hardest to see with the only help of the moon's light. He dove back up. "I don't see them." He cursed. "Lily! James! Come on guys! Answer us! Lily! James!"


Brandy began to panic. "Sweetie, what if-"Brandy was suddenly pulled underneath water.

"Brandy!" Elton shouted.

Brandy's arms waved above the water. Elton dove underwater and saw Brandy's legs kicking as she was being dragged away by something ... someone. Elton swam as fast as he could and grabbed a hold of Brandy's ankle. He was being pulled along with her! He could feel her trying to escape but it was no use. This creature that was dragging her was powerful. Elton could only see a fish tail. A big fish tail. It was no shark. It was something else. He couldn't feel Brandy move anymore. He still refused to let her go. It wasn't until the creature gave Brandy a strong tug that separated Elton from Brandy.

Elton raised himself above the water and gasped for air. "Brandy!" He bawled louder than he ever had in his life. "Brandy!" Tears rolled down his eyes. He cried in the cold water for a long time. He swam back to shore, traumatized and alone. His cousin was gone, his cousin's girlfriend was gone and now the love of his life was gone. What did he have to live for? He reached the sand and let his body fall. He cried uncontrollably, like a man who had lost everything he ever loved.

"So it wasn't a shark? What was it?" The police officer asked a shocked Elton. He sat at the police station with Brandy's blanket wrapped around his shivering body. He hadn't even had time to put on a shirt. He only wore his wet board shorts.

"I don't know what it was. It wasn't a shark. It was something else," Elton murmured.

"Don't tell me ... a mermaid," the one tall cop said mockingly.

Elton glared at him. "I said I don't fucking know what it was!" Elton snapped.

"Ok, ok buddy, no need to be rude," the red headed officer said calmly.

"Will you two quit interrogating me and go and find them!" Elton shrieked.

"We got some men working on that right now," the red head cop assured. He offered Elton some coffee which Elton refused.

"Just wait here young man," with that, the two officers left him in an office. Elton sobbed. Maybe they'd find Brandy, James and Lily and they'd all be ok. Maybe a strong tide pulled them into the ocean? Who was he kidding! There was something in that water. Why didn't it take him too and let him be with his loved ones?

She coughed up the ocean's water. She began to shiver from the cold California night's wind. The rough sand stabbed her skin. She moaned. Her eyes fluttered opened. The moon's light shined on her face.

"Oww," she said when she tried to move. Her entire body hurt. The roar of the ocean's wave and the soft wind was all she could hear until she heard a slurping kind of sound.

She quickly sat up with pain and all and spotted a long haired creature, a woman sitting at the edge of sand. Brandy looked around and realized she was on an island. Very small island.

"Hello?" Brandy called out softly.

The woman raised her head but didn't turn around.

"Um ... who are you? Do you know where we're at?"

The woman said nothing.

Brandy struggled to sit upright. "I'm Brandy. Who are you?" She said trying to engage with the woman.

The woman was breathing loudly.

"You ok?" Brandy asked desperately searching for the woman's face.

The woman slowly turned to face Brandy. When she did, she had an eyeball between her teeth as she flashed Brandy a smile. Brandy began to shake and screamed when she saw the woman was holding James' head in hear hand. His face was gone and now she was chewing on his eyeball. She swallowed it easily and began to crawl ... no, began to waddle! Holy fuck!

Brandy yelled at the top of her lungs. "Help! Help! Ahhhhh!"

The woman waddled towards Brandy. Brandy could see her bloody teeth and huge fish mouth smiling at her.

"Please don't kill me. Please! Leave me alone! I didn't do anything to you!"

The woman sniffed Brandy. Brandy squirmed and trembled feeling the woman's cold breath all over her. The woman screeched loudly making Brandy cover her ears.

"Please leave me alone. What are you?" She asked in a shaky voice. Just then she spotted the woman's fish tail. "Mermaid," Brandy barely whispered. It was the last word she said before she felt the mermaid's teeth tear into her face.

Elton must have fallen asleep because when he opened his eyes, it was morning time. Early morning. The bright California sun slipped through the blinds.

"Good, you're awake," The two cops from last night walked in frantically.

Elton stood up holding Brandy's blanket around him. "Did you find them? Did you?" He asked anxiously.

The two cops look at each other. "We did."

Elton felt relieved. "Thank God! Can I see them? Are they ok?"

The cops looked away. The red head cop cleared his throat. "They're dead."

Elton's heart sank. "Dead?"

"Yes son, I'm sorry," the other cop said sounding quite apologetic not the jerk he was the night before.

"No ... you've got to be wrong. They can't be dead! They can't!" Elton ran out the cop's office. The redheaded cop caught up to him and held him back. "Son, you've got to calm down. This isn't easy for anyone but please you cannot leave. You're in no shape to drive. Let one of us drive you home."

Elton's bottom lip trembled. "I want to see. I want to make sure you're not lying to me!"

The redheaded cop hesitated but the tall cop said, "You really don't want to see it Elton. They are unrecognizable."

Elton gulped. "I want to. I need to. I'm not assured that it's them!"

A few minutes later, they took Elton to the lab where the bodies were for examination. He should have listened to the cops because as soon as he saw the bodies, he knew it was indeed them. He fainted from the horror.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Morris. Mr. Morris." Elton went to hug Brandy's parents.

They were at Brandy's funeral which was closed casket. Brandy's bones were the only thing in the casket and Elton didn't dare want to see that. No one did.

"Elton, I miss her already. I miss her so much," Mrs. Morris cried into Elton's shoulder.

"Me too. I miss her," Elton cried along with her.

The funeral service was somber and quick. They buried Brandy near her grandfather's grave. Elton left before everyone because he couldn't bear to stay there a minute longer. The sad thing was he then had to attend James and Lily's funeral too.

He drove home in his jeep and watched the ocean as he drove along the coast. The water so beautiful and blue. The water was home to the fierce creature that killed people he cared about. He angrily hit the steering wheel and looked away from the ocean. The ocean had once been his playground, now it was a death trap. He vowed to stay away from the ocean forever.

She'd been swimming and swirling the waters for days? Weeks? Months? It seemed like forever and he had not shown up.

Where was he? She'd made sure to get rid of the yellow haired girl and his friends so she could have him all to herself. Now they could be alone she just need to have him be alone to capture him and live with him forever.

She got excited every day hoping she'd see him and grab him but it'd been so long she she'd last seen him. She was starving but had held off on human feed for a while. She'd seen the blue and red lights and every time she saw those lights that meant the humans stayed away. The ocean had become a deserted sanctuary.

Even her fish friends were living more. None were being captured by the nets or lured into sharps hooks and taken away from the ocean. They were content but SHE wasn't. She missed him. As hungry as she was, she was going to hold off on the humans. Maybe then, the humans would come back and she'd have a feast.

She was heartbroken and not thinking right, because she failed to miss the fin that usually followed her. The sea creature banged its sharp nose against her pushing her across the ocean. She shrieked in pain.

The sea creature looked at her with piercing eyes. She was angry because she was hungry. She was sad because her human love interest was no where to be found. She was mad as hell because she felt alone and now this fucker was trying to push her around.

Her heart that was part human thumped loudly. She turned her hands into fists and felt her teeth get sharp. She would make him her meal. Instead of swimming away from him like she usually did, she rushed towards him and he rushed towards her. Just before she reached him she turned and hit him hard with her heavy fish tail knocking him down into the ocean floor.

The big sea creature growled in his own way and went after her. She used her powerful hands grab him. The creature struggled against her hold but she was too angry and powerful for him. She held him down with this mouth closed. He continued to struggle. She bit down on his nose and felt him move violently. He managed to turn and hit her with his tail. She went flying across the water and hit her head with a sea stone.

She cursed silently and rubbed her head feeling a bump had already formed. She growled and breathed the water in. She moved towards the creature again and managed to bite off a piece of his skin. The creature snapped his teeth at her. She felt him bite into her fish tail. She screeched with pain. Green blood trailed into the water. She huffed and went to bite another piece of his skin. She bit down on a spot near his pectoral fin, biting on a gill and felt the creature surrender somewhat.

She bit down again and again. Even after the creature had stopped moving, she continued to bite until she shed a big piece of flesh and ate it up happily. The sea creature drowned in the water and fell onto the ocean's floor. She left him there, dead and gone. She had defeated the big sea creature. Now she could finally concentrate on her human love interest.

Elton opened up the shop early. They'd been closed for three weeks now. Elton was co-owner of a bike shop near the beach that rented bikes to tourists and locals. His cousin James had been the other owner.

The shop was empty due to it being a Monday and it was only nine in the morning. Elton dusted off a few bikes and prepared the register. The sound of the ocean was calling him. He cursed for having a shop right near the beach. He could look outside and see the alluring blue water calling out his name. He stared at the ocean with sadness. He missed the water so much but he was mad because the water had taken away everything.

He saw a few guys surfing and felt almost jealous. Ever since Brandy, James and Lily were killed, there hadn't been anymore incidents, but then again not many people went to the beach anymore.

Whatever killed the people he loved was probably gone right? Would it be ok to go out there? No! He shouldn't! But he missed it so much. He touched his sharks tooth and remembered when Brandy bought it for him on their senior trip to the aquarium. He saw it and she noticed instantly that he liked it.

"You want it don't you?" Brandy had asked.

Elton had nodded silent. "Yeah, but I don't have any money."

She grabbed the necklace from the display and went over to the cashiers to pay for it. Elton watched in awe and she came back and put it on him. "There you go. I know if you hadn't bought me lunch you probably would have had the money to buy it. Besides, with the way you swim, I think you're half shark." She winked at him.

Half shark... At that moment, Elton had felt a memory begin to hit him but was too mesmerized by her smile.

Elton remembered that day like it was yesterday. Brandy looked happy giving him the necklace. He remembers pressing it against his chest. "You're the best," he told her. She blushed and for the rest of the field trip, they held hands.

As he remembered the moment, his eyes pooled with tears. He'd never take off his necklace, that way he'd always have Brandy near his heart.

-Five months later-

Elton took a deep breath before he dove into the water with his surfboard. He climbed on his board and paddled with his hands. The water was perfect. He felt exhilaration as a wave came rolling towards him. He stood up on his board and rode the wave feeling free again.

It hadn't been easy going back to the ocean. He'd pondered so many times about his return but in the end, he couldn't stay away. The ocean was what he loved and he knew Brandy's soul was somewhere in the ocean. Maybe this way he could still be with her somehow.

No other reports had been heard about people being killed for more than three months. Two months after his loved one's deaths, Elton heard of a group of fishing buddies that got killed, but that was the last death ever reported.

Elton loved the sun hitting him and the waves that were so high he felt he could touch the sky if he just reached up. The beach was starting to be alive again. More people laid out in the sun, surfed and some fishing.

The seagulls above him chirped loudly and the cold water sunk into his skin. He hadn't felt this happy since Brandy told him how strongly she felt about him.

She spotted him! It was him! Her human love interest! She gurgled happily in the water. She poked her head up above the water for another few seconds to see him. Yes, his body was taut, his hair a wet mess, and his smile was there. She'd missed that smile! Her heart pounded with anticipation.

This would be her chance to get him! He wouldn't mind if she kept him would he? His yellow haired love interest was gone for good. There was nothing to stop him from loving a sea creature was there? Would he find her interesting? Or repulsive? She suddenly feared taking him with her. What if he didn't want her? What then? She almost stopped herself until she saw him fall off his board. He quickly raised himself up above water and laughed. She loved his laugh! It was a deep and soothing laugh.

She could feel his love for the ocean. She wanted him to be somewhere he loved and she was going to make sure she made his dreams come true. She swam towards him happily and ready to lure him away from the human species.

Elton struggled to climb onto his board again when he felt something or someone grab his feet. He gasped and was pulled underwater. He fought hard to swim, but this thing pulling him was much too strong.

As he was being dragged underwater, Elton felt useless struggling against this creature that was ready to kill him. It had killed Brandy, James and Lily. He didn't care if it killed him too. At least he would die in the same place his loved ones did and he'd die in the ocean, his favorite place on earth. He fought to keep his head above water. He kept swallowing the ocean as he was roughly dragged.

He remembers taking a breath and coughing up water as he was thrown on the sand. He sat up and coughed frenziedly. The sand felt hot on his skin. He looked around. He was filled with a huge body of water around him.

"Where the fuck am I?" He said out loud.

He looked everywhere and saw nothing but ocean blue water. His whole body hurt. His lips felt dry. As he studied his surroundings, for a moment. He gasped and stood up. He spotted a finger on the sand ... a finger with the same opal ring Brandy wore. Holy fuck! He was shaking He stared at Brandy's finger, feeling saddened and very angry all of a sudden. Whatever had brought him to the island was the thing that had killed Brandy! He knelt down to try to grab the finger but all of a sudden he heard a loud splash. He jumped up holding his hand towards his heart and felt his shark tooth necklace. At least he still had that to remember Brandy.

He saw something swimming but squinted to see and then it was gone. He knelt down again to get Brandy's finger. He grabbed the lifeless finger and held it. He removed the Opal ring slowly and began to cry. He kissed the ring and held it up to the sky.

"Baby ... I love you. I would have married you," he spoke sadly and tried to fight his tears.

He sat back down holding Brandy's ring in his hand and tried to think of a way to escape this little island in the middle of no where but was clueless. His surf board was gone. He didn't have a boat only his swimming skills. He dipped his foot in the water and slowly started to dip his whole body in when something pushed him back up on the island.

Elton jumped up and stood looking at the water. Slowly he saw her emerge from the ocean's water. Her hair was a mess of long curls. Her skin was milky white and her breasts ... oh damn! But her face ... that was another story. Her eyes were a pale gray color looked zombie like. Her mouth ... her mouth was a fish's mouth. Her lips were big and wide. She was nothing like he'd ever seen! As she lifted herself up more she began to waddle towards him. Mermaid. She was a fucking mermaid! The man on the boat who lost his friend was right! Shit!

"What the fuck?" Elton moved away from the mermaid. She looked up at him with wandering eyes. She waddled closer and Elton freaked.

"Get away from me!" He yelled.

She blinked and stopped. Close up he was even more interesting. Her heart pounded with excitement to have him so close.

Elton moved further towards the edge of the island. He was going to dive in and swim as fast as he could to get away from this horrendous creature.

"Stay away! You fucking murdering bitch!" He shouted. She inched closer.

He leaned down and grabbed a handful of sand. He threw at her hitting her on her face. Then he jumped into the water and started to swim for his life. He was getting away, or so he thought until he felt something hit him hard. He sunk into the ocean and felt something carry him away. He realized he no longer had Brandy's ring.

She'd managed to catch him and take him back to the island. She angrily threw him to the sand and waddled closer. Elton was panting and scooting away from her. She narrowed her scary eyes at him. Then before he could try to escape again, he felt something hit him across the face. She'd hit him with her fish tail and his entire world went black.

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