by StangStar06

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Incest Sex Story: I found out that my fiance was really only after my money so I dumped her and ended up in the weirdest love triangle ever

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Consensual Romantic Reluctant Paranormal Were animal Cheating Incest Brother Sister Gang Bang Bestiality 2nd POV .

Hi folks, I wanted to do something that was a little bit off of the beaten path this week. I wanted to get a little bit wild and furry. this will probably be the most unusual love triangle your read about this year. You are reading the complete version of this story and I believe the best. This is not the truncated, stunted version we posted on that other web site. My thanks as usual to the imcomparable Mikothebaby for editing both versions. Feel free to email us or leave your comments on the story we'd really like to know how you feel about this one.SS06

My name is Jack Silver and I'm not what you think I am. Events over the past few years have forced me into a war that I never wanted. I spend a lot of time now looking over my shoulder. When I started all of this, I was looking ahead. What do I see? That's a damned good question because life is full of interesting things. I guess for me, life always boils down to primary shapes. Primary shapes, for those of you who don't remember kindergarten, are things like the circle, the square, the triangle, the diamond and the line.

Right now I'm hoping that my life is like the line. When this all started out, I foolishly believed that my life was a line, when in fact, it was a triangle. That triangle led to another triangle which morphed into a diamond. I destroyed the diamond and I've gone full circle and brought myself back to a line.

I'm sure that by now you're wondering what the fuck I'm talking about, so let's get to it. I have to warn you though that this story is strange. Some of you won't believe it. Others of you will feel deep down in your bones that I'm giving you the gospel but will still deny the possibility that I'm telling you the truth. But don't worry; I know that you're only doing that because you hope that by pretending that I made all of this up, you'll be able to sleep at night. By pretending that bad things don't exist you'll be able to walk past dark alleys and lie down without checking the closet or looking under the bed. I understand. I started out just like you.

As I said my name is Jack Silver. When all of this started, I was twenty four years old. I was on the cusp of my twenty-fifth birthday. I lived with my girlfriend Andrea, whom everyone called Drea. I'm nothing to look at. I'm five ten, I weigh a hundred and seventy five pounds and I have brown hair and eyes. At least back then I had brown hair.

Drea, on the other hand, was a walking wet dream. She was five foot two and I guess the best word to describe her would be jiggly. She barely weighed over a hundred pounds and most of that was ass and chest. Her eyes were the clearest blue you'd ever see and her lips were the reddest red. If you think blond cheerleader, Drea is what pops into your mind.

I was working midnights as an assistant foreman in an auto parts warehouse to pass the time. I say pass the time because after my twenty fifth birthday, I was due to inherit somewhere between four and five million dollars. My grandfather had left me the money, but he wanted to be sure that my life was right if I was to inherit it. His will was very specific. I had to have graduated from college with a degree; check. I needed to have been gainfully employed for at least two years; check. And I had to be unmarried; check. I'd been with Drea for three years. We met during my last year in college. She was working as a waitress in one of the bars I frequented with my buddies back then. After college, the two of us had begun seriously dating and if it weren't for the money, we'd probably already be married.

I loved Drea and I was sure she loved me. A lot of the other women I'd dated looked at my situation as something of a challenge. I guess they figured that if I really loved them, I'd forgo the money and get married anyway. I suppose they thought that would prove something. Maybe it was supposed to mean that they were more important to me than the money or something like that.

I guess I can understand that. Money can't buy happiness after all. But realistically it makes being unhappy a hell of a lot more fun.

I've always been the conservative type. I've always been the type of guy who does the best he can at everything he does. When I do something well or finish a difficult job, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Drea, on the other hand, just took life as it went. She'd been a wild child before we got together. I's heard stories of her leaving the bar with a different guy every night and sometimes more than one. Her entire family is best described as semi quasi legal. I think that a lot of that is over blown. She grew up poor and in a bad neighborhood, so sometimes they had to scuffle to put food on the table and keep the wolf away from the door.

When you grow up on the wrong side of the tracks, you have to make questionable decisions sometimes just to survive. Drea grew up on the God damned tracks so she got it from both sides. If she wasn't as pretty as she is she'd probably have ended up dead. She was one tough cookie. So I didn't really pay very much attention to the way she was before we got together. Let's face it, I hadn't been a virgin either, so why should I expect innocence or purity from her. The way I figured it all of things that she did to me that I just loved, she had to have leaned somewhere. I got the benefit of all of that experience.

Drea was just completely off the wall. She would sometimes meet me at the doorway when I got home from work. She'd be completely naked, down on all fours with a rolled up newspaper in her mouth, like those cartoon dogs on TV. She'd get up on her haunches in that begging motion and start barking.

"What do you want Drea?" I'd ask. "Speak girl," I'd say. She'd bark like a dog and then turn around exposing her heart shaped ass with that pink pussy just staring at me. She'd go over to the thick rug that we had in front of the fireplace and lie down on her stomach sticking her ass up in the air.

No matter how tired I was, no matter how hellish my day at work had been, she never failed to get me up. Sex with Drea was an endurance event. After living with her for six months, I realized that we'd never turned the TV on. All we ever did was sleep, eat or fuck.

Now I know a lot of you guys out there are thinking that I was a dumb ass. Leopards don't change their spots do they? Well, two things in my defense. Drea had a sister who is just as pretty as she was. Her sister, Molly, has been married since she was twenty and has two great kids and a husband who loves her. Molly was just as wild as Drea before settling down.

I thought that, well, I hoped that Drea would be the same. But at the same time, I'm really not a dummy. I had friends go by the bar every so often to check on her. I even had a few guys that I was sure she didn't know take a run at her occasionally and she never bit. She told each and every God damned one of them that she had a boyfriend.

So how did this happy romantic tale hit the rocks? The same way it always does. We had an accident at the warehouse. One of the hi-lo drivers went after a crate on the highest shelf. He thought he had it and ended up dropping an entire crate of F-150 steering knuckles. Now that alone wasn't a problem. We later found out that none of the parts had been damaged in the fall. The problem was where the box fell. It fell right on top of the electrical box that housed the circuit breakers for the entire warehouse. It took our electricians almost two days to repair everything so we got off very early that night and had the next day off.

So instead of me working from midnight to eight a.m. and getting home at eight thirty or so. I got to our building at about one a.m.

The curb in front of our building had about eight or nine motorcycles parked in front of it. There was loud music playing and I wondered how the neighbors could stand it. I was even more shocked that it was coming from my floor. I was sure that when Drea got off from work at the bar that she'd raise hell if that music was still playing, especially if it was near our apartment.

As I rounded the corner I noticed that the music was not only near our apartment it was coming from our apartment. As I pushed my way into the apartment all I heard was laughing. There were at least five or six guys standing in my living room watching something going on in the other room. They were rough looking guys but I was too pissed to care. They were screaming and laughing and one guy handed me a beer.

"Hey bud, drink this," he said. "But you're going to have to wait your turn. Don't worry this bitch can go all night. And her poor, pitiful boyfriend won't be home until morning. By the time he drags his ass in here, she'll be all cleaned up and ready for him. What a slut, she even fucked her own brother earlier tonight."

As I got closer to the bedroom, all I heard was grunting from a male voice and a hoarse female voice yelling, "Fuck me, baby." I pushed my way into the room and saw her there on our bed. The very same bed that we'd searched through at least ten furniture stores to find because she had to have the perfect combination of both of our tastes.

Her legs were spread and she was thrusting her hips rapidly against some guy whose face I couldn't see because of the angle they were at. Her hands were clawing at his back as if she couldn't get enough of him. "Ooh baby, you're the best. You hit it like no one else," she crooned. "Fuck it harder."

I turned away from the bed and went straight for my dresser. I grabbed a bunch of my clothes and opened the closet and grabbed my laptop.

A guy grabbed my arm and tried to stop me. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" he screamed. "We're not letting you rob this bitch or take her stuff."

"Get your greasy assed biker hands off of me or I'll call the police so fast your..." I began. Even as I spoke he pushed me. I staggered back from the push. The guy was bigger than me and outweighed me by about fifty pounds.

I landed on my back against the wall and the guys in the room started yelling. The guy who was fucking Drea looked over and saw me. I recognized him too. It actually was Drea's brother. His name Augustine, they called him Gus. He went white as a sheet when he recognized me.

I'd landed near someone's clothes. As the guy who'd pushed me leapt for me, I picked up a bike helmet and swung it as hard as I could at his head. I was sure I felt something crunch when it made contact and he landed next to me, almost on top of me. He was unconscious before he hit the ground. I was still holding onto the helmet. I re-secured my laptop and my bundle of clothes as I got to my feet.

"Oh shit," screamed Gus. "Drea..."

Drea turned to me and our eyes met. "Jack," she screamed. "Noooo ... Jack." I got to my feet and left the apartment. When I got to the hall and started down it. I heard someone say, "Go bring him back here. She needs to talk to him." I took off down the stairs as quickly as I could. When I got outside, I did something I'd always wanted to do. I knocked over the first bike in the line. It wasn't nearly as easy as I thought it would be. I had to raise the kickstand and let it fall. It did knock over the next few bikes in the line but after that there was too big a separation between them.

I got into my truck and drove away. Was I shocked? Was I hurt? Did I feel stupid? The answer to all of the above is yes. I was shocked. I hadn't really considered myself to be that naïve. Was I hurt? Fuck yeah, I really loved Drea and I thought she'd felt the same about me. Did I feel stupid? Yep, I really did because all along I guess I'd known. I mean why the hell would a girl who looked like that and had been that wild, really settle down with a normal guy like me, it just didn't make sense.

I guess all of my hopes that she was like her sister were in vain. I cruised by the warehouse to see how the repairs were going. The entire building was still blacked out. I spoke to the foreman of the electricians and he told me that it would definitely be at least another day before we were ready to go back to work. I had nowhere to go so I drove around for another hour or so.

I did see bikers a few times. Usually there would be two or three of them together. I wasn't afraid of them. I figured in the worst case scenario I'd just run them down. My F-150 4X4 would roll over those bikes without much trouble.

My phone started ringing about that time. I looked at the screen and saw the apartment's phone number on it. I let it go to voice mail. Drea must've been desperate because she called me right back five or six times in a row. By six a.m., still a couple of hours before I'd have gotten off work normally, I was really hungry.

I drove over to the small greasy spoon café near the warehouse. I often ate there before work or sometimes afterward. Drea usually cooked for me. But if our schedules didn't allow it, which was pretty often considering that I worked from midnight to eight and she worked from six p.m. until two in the morning, I ate at the café.

I sat down at a table far enough away from the window for me not to be seen from outside but close enough to the door that I could still see if anyone was coming in. The bikers were definitely looking for me, but I didn't know why. They may have been simply trying to take me back to Drea. On the other hand, they may have been pissed about the guy who I hit in the face with the helmet or because I knocked over all of those bikes when I left.

Before more than a couple of seconds had passed, a waitress stood in front of me. Looking at her, I smiled. If body language was indicative of anything, this was her first night on the job and her feet hurt badly.

"Hi," she said bravely. She wasn't exactly pretty, but she was attractive. Her hair was cut short and rough. It stuck up at odd angles in some places. Her nose was a bit long and her teeth seemed sharper than they should. Her canines were especially pronounced. All in all, it was an odd face. She wasn't ugly though. Despite all of her bizarre features, she really was attractive. I think maybe it was the eyes that put her over the top.

Her eyes were an exotic grayish color that seemed to draw all of the attention always from the other features and towards themselves.

She was on the thinner side. Her arms and legs were thin but they seemed to be strong. I guess if we were talking about a guy, I'd call him wiry. I've always been extremely pragmatic. I guess at that point in time my mind had already made its decision as to the disposition of my relationship with Drea.

As far as I was concerned, Drea was history. There was no need for us to talk about things. There was no need for her to apologize or ask for a second chance or explain or any of that shit. It was my fault. I was the one who'd screwed up, not her. It was my fragile male ego and the Madonna/whore syndrome.

Most men wanted their women to be a lady in public and a whore in the bedroom. I was no different. The problem was that I went further beyond that. I only wanted Drea to be a whore in the bedroom when I was the only one there. There was no chance in saving our relationship. She'd gone from fiancé to some girl I used to know in the time it took her to scream, "Fuck me, baby."

I planned to have my name taken off of the lease for the apartment and find someplace new to live during the next day. Luckily, Drea and I still had separate accounts when it came to banking. I often gave her money or wrote checks for her but I hadn't given her access to my accounts yet.

Anyway, at that moment in time, I was imagining myself between those thin legs, pumping everything I could into her. I could feel those arms wrapping themselves around me pulling me deeper into her depths. There was something almost primal about the fantasy. It was as if I was imagining something that had either already happened or something that definitely would at some time in the future.

Then in the weirdest thing ever, she looked at me and smiled sheepishly and closed her legs. Somehow it was as if she'd had the same nasty vision at the same time I had. She was slim hipped and small breasted but at that point in time she was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. It wasn't like me at all. I'd never been the type to go after random encounters or casual sex. Maybe it was a reaction to having my heart ripped out. It might have been some kind of subconscious male ego response. My woman had been taken by other men so to prove that I was still a virile male specimen my body wanted to mate with the nearest female to assure itself that I was still capable of reproductive function. I guess coming from a first year psyche 101 perspective that may have made sense, but it just seemed like there was more to it.

"Can I take your order, sir?" she asked. She'd asked the question while I was still imagining fucking her.

She'd caught me by surprise so I wasn't fully aware that I was talking. In any respect my brain wasn't fully connected to my mouth so what I was thinking came out instead of what I should have said.

"God those are beautiful eyes," I mumbled.

"Is that what you want to eat?" she said in surprise. She'd begun writing it down and when she looked at it she smiled again. There was definitely something between us. That too was unusual. This was all happening too fast. I was the kind of guy who while I'd had relationships, simply wasn't the Casanova type. When I broke up with someone it was usually months before I found someone again.

"Sorry," I said. "I didn't mean to say that. It just came out."

"Your mate would probably not be very happy with either of us right now," she said. "Sorry, I mean your wife."

"I don't have a wife," I said. "I never have."

"I've never had a wife either," she smiled. "I mean I don't have a mate, uhm a boyfriend."

"I'll have the breakfast special," I said, looking down. Then I looked back up at her. "Are you new here?"

"It's my first day," she said. She left to get my order and I swear her shoulders tightened as she walked away and it made those slim hips swing just ever so much more. She turned and looked at me as she got to the kitchen as if she was checking to see if I was looking at her ass. She smiled when she saw that I was and disappeared into the kitchen.

She brought my food to the table a few minutes later and sat watching me eat from a stool across the café. Every time I took a sip or two she refilled my coffee cup. She checked on me every five minutes it seemed. Her smile broadened throughout the time I was there. When I finished, she rushed over to me. "Would you like more to eat?" she asked. "Do you eat here often?"

"No and Yes," I said. She looked puzzled and then understood what I meant.

"I'm probably going to be eating here a lot more often now," I smiled. "May I have the check?" She smiled and looked down.

The breakfast special was four ninety nine. I gave her two fives. She grabbed my arm in a surprising display of strength. "You gave me too much money," she smiled. She was still holding onto my arm as if she didn't want to let go of it. I rubbed the back of her hand and thought that her eyes almost rolled back into her head. She did let out an audible sigh. There was definitely something going on with us.

"That's your tip," I said.

"Oh," she smiled again and her teeth flashed. Those eyes and those too white teeth had me going. I couldn't figure out what it was. Her fingers were odd too. The nails were broken and ragged. It was almost as if she'd been biting her nails or working with heavy tools. I looked at her again as I turned to leave. Her face, with a bit of makeup, could be really attractive. Her eyes alone could get her almost any guy. Her hair was terrible. If she let it grow just a bit and then had it styled she could be beautiful. And her body, although not what I was used to, was toned and fit. She also had the benefit of a slim build that would look better far longer.

The more voluptuous women almost always became real fat asses in their middle and later years, while the slimmer builds seemed to stay attractive well into the twilight of their lives. The funny thing about it was that despite her flaws, I wanted to ... I was almost yearning to fuck this woman. It was the strangest thing, it was almost as if it was some kind of genetic predisposition. Maybe it was some type of pheromones.

"When will you be back?" she asked. I got the feeling that if I told her I wasn't coming back she'd ask to come with me.

"Either lunch or dinner," I said. "I have to find a new place to stay, so I may not be back by lunchtime."

"What time do you eat dinner?" she asked.

"When I get hungry," I laughed. "I promise that if I miss you at dinner I'll be here tomorrow morning for breakfast."

"Okay then," she said cheerfully.

I got back into my truck and found that the wind was leaving my sails. It was about this time most mornings that my shift usually ended. If this had been a normal morning, I'd have been on my way home. I'd have slipped into bed with Drea. She'd have awakened and we would have had sex and then fallen back to sleep. Now I found myself wondering how many times she'd been exhausted not from working at the bar but from working in our bed without me.

I picked up a morning newspaper and looked at the classified ads. It was too early to try calling any of the buildings that had ads so I checked into a motel for the day. I slept for about four hours. It was a little after noon when the chime on my iPhone woke me up. I called three of the ads and made afternoon appointments. I showered and got into my truck and drove over to my old building.

The building manager seemed to be glad to see me. "Sorry about the trouble you had last night," he said. "Your fiancé assures me that it won't happen again. The one guy who fell on the steps and broke his jaw, how is he doing?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about," I said. "I came home unexpectedly and Drea was entertaining some friends. We got into a disagreement. We've broken up. She's keeping the apartment so I'd like my name taken off of the lease."

"Well, let me call her," he said. "If she okays it there's no problem."

"Why do you have to call her?" I asked.

"Both of your names are on the lease," he said. "In order for her to be held liable for the entire lease she has to agree to it."

"I'll tell you what then," I said. "Our lease runs out in another month anyway. We've already paid for this month. I'll write you a check for half of next month's rent. That way we don't have to tell her anything."

"Well, I'd still need to speak to her," he said.

"You can just give me a receipt for the payment," I told him. "I'll fax it to her. That way she knows that all she's responsible for is half of next month's rent. At the end of that next month if she wants to renew the lease she can do it alone."

"Okay, let me get my receipt pad," he said smiling. He left the room and seemed to be gone for longer than necessary to find an object that he probably used often.

When he came back in the room he didn't have it. But he sat down and smiled. I held out the check. He reached for it.

"Where's your receipt book?" I asked.

"I'll have to get it," he said. That struck me as funny but I let it go. He seemed to be taking his fucking time finding it so I got up and walked towards the door.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"There's something going on," I said. "I think I'm going to visit your boss at his office and tell him what I want. It's better to speak to the owner sometimes."

"Please don't do that," he cried. "She promised me a hundred bucks."

I bolted for the door. I got it open just in time to run into Drea as she tried to knock on it. I pushed past her and she grabbed me.

"Drea, get your hands off of me," I said.

"Jack, we have to talk about this," she said. "I'm sorry, they got me drunk and you know how much I like sex. You have to forgive me. I love you."

"Oh, okay Drea," I said. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her to me turning us around as I did.

"So you'll forgive me just this once?" she asked.

"Yep," I smiled. " ... But only this once." I turned and walked out of the door.

"Where are you going, Honey?" she asked. "I think we need to go upstairs to our apartment so I can prove something to someone."

"I'll be right up," I said. "Take your clothes off. I need to get my stuff out of the truck."

She smiled and kissed me and headed back down the hall. "So we're okay?" asked the building manager. I gave him a cheesy smile and the thumbs up sign.

I walked out of the building whistling a cheerful tune. I got into my truck and drove across town to the first of my apartment appointments. I liked the place but it turned out to be owned by the same management company that owned the other building. I tuned it down for that reason alone.

The second place that I saw was beautiful. It was right on the waterfront. The scenery and landscaping was awesome. It was also twice my rent at the apartment I shared with Drea. The third place was a nice building but there were too many kids around the building. Some of them were teenagers and they were just hanging around looking for trouble. I have nothing against kids, but I work nights. That means that during the day I like to sleep. I need quiet for that. It also means that while I'm away from my place it's vulnerable.

In only a month or so I'd have four million bucks, why quibble over a few dollars? I signed a three month trial basis lease of the second place.

I drove by the warehouse even though I knew I wouldn't be working that night. As I pulled up in front of the place, I saw three motorcycles parked there.

I'd turned my phone off. I turned it back on then. Drea had left me six more messages just since I'd left her this afternoon. They were pathetic. They started out wondering what was taking me so long to get my stuff and ended up with her crying into the phone.

The phone rang as I was listening to the messages.

"Jack, that wasn't very nice," said Drea.

"Well, it got me out of the building without having to hit anyone," I said.

"Jack, can't we talk about this?" she asked. "I love you. I'll do anything you want, to make this up to you."

"There's nothing you can do Drea," I said. "We're done."

"But Jack, it was only sex," she said.

"Drea, do you have any idea of how stupid what you just said was?" I asked. "Of course it was only sex. What the fuck did you think it was, ballet, nuclear fission maybe? It was sex. You were having only sex with a bunch of guys, one of whom was your brother. So yep maybe it was only sex, but to me it was a deal breaker."

"You didn't do anything illegal. You and I are not married yet. So you were perfectly within your legal rights as a US citizen to go and fuck as many guys as you want. I, on the other hand, am also perfectly free to end our engagement at any time and for any reason. I find you fucking a gang of guys on our bed to be sufficient grounds to do so. No hard feelings. I'm not angry at you. This works out better for everyone. If I had found this out after we got married it might have been expensive. I do have to admit that I'm kind of hurt, because, Drea, I really have no idea of how you feel about me, but I loved you so much. It does hurt, but I'll get over it. You can keep the furniture and everything I didn't take. I won't be back."

I thought she'd hung up the phone and I was going back to checking my messages. There's a weird thing about phones. She hadn't actually hung up the phone on her end and I had my phone on speaker since I was driving. As a result I could hear her conversation. She was talking to her brother.

"This is as much your fault as mine," she snapped. "I was a good girl for over two fucking years. I only had a month or so to go and we'd have hit the gravy train. Why couldn't you have gone home and fucked your wife. You had to come over to fuck your baby sister."

"Shit Drea, you're hotter than her. Her pussy ain't as tight since she had the kids. Besides you always said I was the best and you're a slut anyway. I was just riding by with the guys. I stopped off to knock off a piece with them waiting downstairs. You were the one who said bring them all up. You always were a slut for gang bangs anyway. And it's not like this was the first time you'd cheated on him. What about last month at the hotel? What about when he went out of town on business for that warehouse he works at and you got fucked every night that he was gone? Instead of pointing the finger at someone you need to help me find a way out of this shit."

"But then, the thinking part isn't your strong suit is it baby sister?" he asked. "That's why I had to find him for you in the first place. It was me who told you about him getting the money and all wasn't it? And look at how easily he just made a fool out of you. He told you okay I forgive you and you marched your dumb ass back upstairs, took your clothes off and waited for him. It took you almost an hour to realize that he wasn't coming."

"But you have to help me get him back Gus," she whined. "He's less than a month from getting the money. And you know what? I do love him. He's the only guy I've been with that treats me that well. I should have never started fucking you guys again. I could have been rich. But you need to think up something, because if I'm not rich, I won't be able to give you any money either. And shit Gus, I'm twenty five, you know what's going to happen in a few years. If I'm anything like Momma and Molly, by the time I'm thirty my tits will be on my knees and I'll be a butterball. Only someone who loves me will stay with me then. So Jack will either have to love me or give me half of his money. Think of something."

"Yeah, I'll have the guys keep looking for him and we'll bring him in. Maybe we'll just hold him here. We'll keep the two of you locked up here together. Sooner or later the two of you will start fucking again. We won't leave you anything else to do. Maybe he'll knock you up. Then we'd get child support. Child support from a guy who has millions of dollars is more than enough for all of us to live on."

"But Gus, I want my Jack back," she whined.

"Bitch, we can't always have what we want. If you really wanted him back you should have kept your legs closed. You've probably fucked at least forty or fifty guys since the two of you got together. You were bound to be caught just by the law of averages. We're lucky you lasted this long. At least you were smart enough not to shit where you eat. If you'd picked up anyone at the bar he'd have caught you before now. We're just going to have to squeeze whatever we can get out of him."

I heard a door slam in the background and turned off my phone.

So, I thought, now I know. In a way I was hurt even more. But knowing really did help. All this time I guess I'd thought that Drea had met me and fallen in love with me, but had been cheating on me for a while. I guess I thought that maybe she was some kind of sex addict and just couldn't stop. Maybe with therapy or something she could be cured. But the situation was completely different from what I'd thought. Drea and her brother had set out to hook me from the beginning. I guess when all is said and done it always comes back to the money.

Maybe, from what Drea said, she did like me or love me a little bit. But the over-riding concern here is, was and always would be, the money. So no matter how badly my heart hurt, my brain had taken over. I'd done the right thing. I was better off without her. In a few weeks I'd be able to buy all the short fat assed blonds I wanted. They have a factory out near Vegas where they make them to order anyway.

With her brother and his biker buddies looking for me, I should probably lay low for a while. I figured the smartest thing for me to do would be to wait until tomorrow when the electrical system would be back online at work and then call in and tell them that I'd have to go out of town for a few weeks. I had a huge bank of vacation hours and sick time, so there shouldn't be any problems.

I'd take a little vacation and after I got my money, maybe I'd simply move somewhere else for a fresh start. There really was nothing holding me here.

I was starting to drift off. A nap sounded good until I realized that I hadn't eaten since that morning and it was almost five p.m. I suddenly remembered my promise to the waitress and headed out to my truck.

I drove over to the café keeping one eye on the road and the other on the lookout for bikers. I walked in and sat down at the same table I'd taken that morning. She was nowhere to be found. I looked around and didn't see her anywhere. Then she came out from the kitchen carrying a tray full of plates. She looked nearly exhausted. Waitressing was hard work and to do it for a twelve hour shift was no joke.

As soon as her eyes spotted me, her face lit up. Her back straightened out and she added an extra swing in her hips. She put the tray full of plates down on the table and dashed over to my table before the other waitress even noticed that I'd come in.

The customers at the other tables were confused. She'd just dropped the entire tray of plates on their table without taking the plates off of it or giving them each their orders. They didn't know whether she was coming back or not.

The other waitress was giving her evil looks too. She hadn't finished with one customer and had pounced on another. She smiled at me and told me she'd be back in just a second then went back to the first table.

As my waitress quickly zipped back to her first table to dispense their plates and drinks, the other waitress, a taller chunkier blond who wore a lot of makeup zoomed over. "Did Nadja wait on you this morning?" she asked.

Her voice sounded like cigarettes and hard liquor. Her breath smelled like alcohol covered by breath mints. The smell under that was definitely a uniform that was only washed every other day. Her name tag read "Flo." But she didn't seem to be flowing at all. She had that look of someone who had gone with the flow at one time and ended up stuck in the middle of the stream. Life had passed her by and now she was hoping for a miracle.

She reminded me of an older version of Drea. In her twenties, she'd probably been a really pretty, really curvy blond with an hour glass figure. She'd had a big curvy ass, some jaw dropping boobs and a twinkle in her blue eyes. She figured that she had all she needed to catch herself an easy life. So instead of studying and finding a career, she'd taken the easy path. She'd taken the easy way out in terms of her life too. Instead of looking for a lasting love with "Mr. Right," she'd settled for quick fun with a series of "Mr. Right nows."

So now in her forties, the sand in the hour glass had shifted. Her big curvy butt had become just another cellulite riddled fat ass. If you looked hard enough you could make out the dimpling through her cheap nylon uniform. Those jaw dropping boobs were just a wonder bra away from her waist line and their nipples now pointed at the floor instead of reaching for the sky.

Her twinkling blue eyes had lost their glow to too many parties, too much alcohol and too many broken dreams. All of a sudden, she realized that she'd missed out on most of the things that make life special.

For a woman who could once have had almost any man she looked at and did, often times more than one at a time, her own version of hell was realizing that at this point in her life, she didn't have even one. She went home each night calling her sister a bitch, because her less pretty sister lived in a nice split level ranch home with her boring but loving husband and three kids. Flo lived in a fifth floor walk-up studio apartment over a bowling alley.

If something were to happen to her, no one would find her until the smell of the cat shit got so bad that someone had to investigate it.

I saw all of that in the glance I took as she asked me the question.

"Uhm, yeah, she did," I said.

"Did you really give her a tip that was bigger than the bill?" she asked.

"I guess," I said, shrugging my shoulders.

"So uhm what else did she give you? It wasn't anything too kinky was it? Because look, I can do anything she did for you. And I'll do it better and cheaper. If you know what I mean," she said, looking around nervously.

Before she could say anything else, my little brown haired waitress was back and looking at her angrily. I could almost swear I heard her growling under her breath.

"Oh, hey Nadja," said Flo. "I was just taking his order so you wouldn't have to. I know you're busy with the table over there and..."

"You can take them," said Nadja.

"But they're already eating. All you have to do is get their check from them. And, of course, get your tip. It wouldn't be right. You did all of the work," said Flo.

"Mine," said Nadja, smiling at me. Flo shuffled off to the other table. I heard her mumbling about evil bitches under her breath.

Nadja stood over me smiling. The change in her was remarkable. In a matter of seconds, she went from glaring at her co-worker to smiling at me instantly. As I looked at the menu, she seemed pleased. I got the idea that if she could have, she'd have not only taken my order but gone into the kitchen and cooked it for me as well.

"I'll have the fried steak," I said, noticing that she wasn't writing it down.

"No," she said sharply, looking at me and shaking her head.

"Okay, I'll have the grilled steak then," I said.

"Unh uh," she said with the same little shake. "The meat isn't good, it's past its due date," she whispered.

"Uhm a hamburger?" I asked questioningly. I was rewarded with a smile and a nod.

"I'd like fries with that and..." I paused when I noticed her shaking her head again.

"The grease hasn't been changed in weeks. The fries all smell like fish," she said under her breath. "Yuck."

"How about soup?" I asked.

"As long as it's canned. None of that home-made stuff," she said.

"Can I have tomato soup with my burger?" I asked tentatively.

"Yes sir," she said loudly. "One hamburger and tomato soup coming up."

As Nadja went into the kitchen to relay the order, Flo headed back to my table. She kept an eye on the door to the kitchen. "Have you ever heard of the girlfriend experience?" she asked. The door swung open and she quickly turned back to pretend she was just walking past me. When she saw that it wasn't Nadja, she came back, still keeping an eye on the door.

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