Robin Part 3

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2011 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: Robin's adventures continue as Jason gives her to the yard boy, who uses her and then takes her as entertainment to a barn full of friends, and one dog.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Consensual Slut Wife MaleDom Gang Bang Interracial Black Male White Female .

They had been home from the trip for about a week, and they found that during that week the conversation between them constantly returned to Robin's adventures at the hotel and in the park. It became the constant prelude to many of their bedroom adventures.

The memories were extremely strong in Robin's mind. She realized that it had been a combination of things. She had long harbored the desires to give in to such lovely, dark and delicious fantasies, to be taken over, ordered, almost forced to do things. These were her hidden fantasies, and the discovery that Jason also enjoyed them, enjoyed at times watching and always hearing about these adventures simply ramped up their importance for Robin. Plus they made the eventual time, alone time, with Jason that much hotter for both of them.

The thing that singularly surprised her, and she talked to him about this also, was her enjoyment, the physical pleasure of the pain that had been such a real part of the time in the woods with the girl calling her 'chica' and the guys in their severity.

That surprised her more than anything else.

"I never expected that," she said to Jason one dark night, each of them looking at the other from their pillows.

"Growing, is what I guess," he said.

"You think, honey?" she asked.

"Yeah, I do," he answered, "It has never been a part of our relationship, how were you ever to find out about that kind of thing?"

"Gee," she said, "I guess you're right. It just took me by surprise, I mean the down right dirty heat of it. Who would have thought, I mean, reacting that way to having my ass beaten!"

She let out a giggle as she said this.

"By the way," he said softly next to her, "I have asked someone to come around to do the yard work. I have another short trip to make early in the week and it won't get done, if I don't get someone."

"Who?" she wanted to know.

"His name is Marcus, Marcus Williams; black kid. Very nice."

She thought about all of it for a minute and said:

"I've become such a whore, Jase!"

"Well maybe not 'whore'," he said, "After all, I haven't sold your ass to anyone."

She giggled and he said:


And she shrieked, burying her face in his shoulder.

"Okay, maybe a slut!" she said, when her fit of giggles and noise had passed.

"And whore to be!" he added, and she buried her face against him and started her shrieking again.

"You're going to have the police here!" he said to her laughing.

"Will they pay?" she wanted to know, continuing the mirth.

"Gee, I doubt it!' was his answer.

"Have to put off my professional debut!" She laughed then.

"Exactly!" was his response.

She got a little serious then and said:

"Seriously, Jase, what if I 'like" this Marcus?"

"Honey, we'll deal with that if and when we need to, and we both know who you're with in bed, naked at the end of the day. And your adventures thus far have turned me on!"

"Ohhhhh!" she sighed, and got out of bed.

"What?" he said.

"I have to get something!" she replied.

She came back in a few minutes with a few old neckties. She was smiling at him, and drew the curtains of the room closed. She put the lights on and said:

"I want to say 'thank you' for being the way you are."

Then she shook the ties at him and said: "Thank you time for Jason! Let's play!"

He got up and reached for the ties.

"I want to be tied up and completely at your mercy for a blow job!" She said earnestly.

"Nasty and nice!" was his response.

He turned her around and tied her hands behind her back, pushing her then to her knees. He also tied her ankles together, rendering her helpless.

She was staring at him with bright eyes, as she got ready to suck his cock. But instead he began a different way. She'd been wearing a pair of rubber shower floppies. Jason hauled her up and propelled her onto the bed, so that her ass was sticking up in the air.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh!" she cried, but her cry of surprise was cut off by the first stroke to her ass of the shower sandal.

It made a loud noise and she cried out into the light quilt on the bed.

He hit her three more times, getting the same response from her. Then he switched to one of his belts and her cries were louder and more sustained Robin found herself once again transported to that area of her existence where she harbored and adored such fantasies. The heat of the spanking was spreading throughout her system, and she, through tears now, was uttering a series of fervent cries of: "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!"

He finally broke off from the use of the belt and hauled her back onto the bedroom floor to kneel there.

Here eyes ran with tears, and she was shaking.

"I love you, Jason," she said softly, "I'm here to be your cock sucker! You just use this girl! You just use her now!"

With a growl he got his stiff cock out of his pajama bottoms and fed it into her mouth. He wasn't right then, in the heat of their moment, ready to be gentle and pushed the cock to the back of her throat.

She kept her mouth open wide for him and received him. The trip, the guys at the hotel and in the woods had given her ample opportunity to practice, and she took the cock easily, clamping her mouth around it's girth and taking its length.

"Fuckin' know how to do this now, Robin!" he said.

"MMMMMMNNNNNGGGHHHH!" was the only sound she could make with the cock in her mouth.

He was straining his hips forward, in effect fucking her throat and he suddenly pulled his cock out.

"Noooooooo!" she wailed but he slapped her ass and growled:

"Shut up, slut!"

He threw her onto the bed again and now pried her ass cheeks apart and in one movement of his slimy, wet prick, sunk it into her asshole.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh!" she wailed as he fucked her ass.

He reached around and started to play with her pussy at the same time, bringing her to an orgasm that had been building through the heat and fury of the spanking and the blow job.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Jaaaaaaasssssssooooonnnnn!!!!!!!!" she wailed as she came.

He shuddered and came next, landing then on top of her.

He released her and she said, as they lay together on the bed entwined:

"Thank you, my Jason! I'll really try not to disgrace you."

Marcus Williams didn't disappoint at all. He showed up that morning. He was athletic and well built, solid. He wore a tee shirt and a pair of bicycle type shorts that clung to his thighs and ass.

Robin was transported. She'd decided to be naughty and hoped that Jason didn't mind. She put on a pair of tight, white shorts that day that showed her pink panties clearly, when she moved or bent over, and she intended to both move and bend over, when Marcus was there. She wore a red tee shirt and a soft bra that let her nipples play 'hide and seek' with the world.

Jason greeted the young man with familiarity and introduced Marcus to Robin. She smiled and said that she was pleased, and Marcus gave her a huge grin.

"I've got a few things to do here, Marcus," Jason said. "Robin will show you where the stuff is and what we want done out there."

Marcus mouthed to Jason the word "Wow!", after looking at Robin, and Jason just grinned.

She walked ahead of Marcus, swinging her ass cheeks for his benefit. There was a slight lingering thought about whether Jason would mind or not. But her pussy was making decisions for her that morning, it seemed. Marcus followed with a grin growing on his face. She went into the shed, and as soon as he was there with her, she launched herself at him for a kiss.

He backed away indignant and said in almost a growl:

"What the fuck you doin', white bitch?"

It stopped her, and before she could recompose herself, he slapped her face.

"Takin' fuckin' liberties!" he almost yelled, and slapped her again, bringing tears to her eyes.

She was now cowed and disoriented, not knowing what to do. But Marcus took over:

"Get on the floor, bitch! Get down there!"

Robin sunk to her knees, having suddenly the very same reaction that she'd had in the woods to the hispanic workers from the hotel. She was trembling and unsure of herself and just waited to be directed by him.

She had a thought, knowing that Marcus had taken charge and said:


"Wake up, woman, fuckin' Jason's my man! He gave your ass to me! He be here in a bit; you just do what you're told. Do you understand or is it bitch slappin' time again?"

Robin held up her hands, as thoroughly cowed now, as she had previously been with the hispanic guys. Even more turned on by what Marcus said about Jason. Jason's attitude was part of Robin's turn on; he was still the calm port that she returned to and she was determined to deny him nothing at all. But his participation ramped up the heat for her now.

She tried to find her way into what Marcus wanted. She reached for the front of his bicycle type shorts and said softly:

"Can I suck your cock?"

"Say what, woman?" he said almost with disgust in his voice.

She was surprised, and he continued:

"Fuck no! Woman you haven't earned suckin' my cock status yet, not by one long fuckin' shot! Look at you: Prime pussy but you still too dumb to even have your clothes off!"

Robin got the message clearly and scrambled. Marcus watched with a grin on his face, as she stripped of the tee shirt and then the bra.

"Big tits, Momma!" he said.

She smiled and put her hands under her huge tits and held them out toward him. He slapped her right tit and said roughly:

"Still got those fuckin' shorts on, bitch! Don't you have sense?"

"Sorry, sorry," she wailed and slid the shorts down her legs and off. She made a show then of dropping the shorts and turned to retrieve them from the floor to fold them, showing him her ass, gleaming beneath the think, pink nylon of her panties.

"Fine ass, woman but you need to get naked! Do it, white bitch!"

Marcus had picked up a piece of wood from the work bench and slashed at Robin's ass with the wood. She stayed in place, hoping that it was what he wanted. He hit her ass about five more times, and then he simply said gruffly:


The panties were taken off then. She faced him, now naked, and with tears in her eyes. He had her turned on, and confused. It was just the way that he wanted her.

'Give me the fuckin' clothes," he said, "And get yourself on that floor again."

Robin handed him her clothes and sank to her knees, where he wanted her. With the clothes in hand, Marcus went to the door of the shed and, opening it, threw the clothes outside in a pile.

"There!" he said.

"Ohhh!" was her reaction, realizing that now Jason would surely know but no longer caring, especially after what Marcus had said.

"Now you want to be my cock sucker, white bitch?" he asked her softly.

"Yes, Marcus, sir!" she said, "I want to be your cock sucker!"

"Think you've earned it yet?" he asked.

Robin realized that just because he asked the question that way, meant that she probably had not. She answered:

"I don't think I have, sir!"

"Good girl," he said, "Gettin' it at last. You just get your face down here and clean Marcus's shoes. Clean them with that white tongue of yours. Stick that big fat ass of yours in the air, and get your face down here to lick my shoes!"

"Ohhhhh!" she groaned, getting more and more lost in the heat of what he was demanding, and realizing, with no great surprise that she was sinking into these fantasies more and more quickly.

She moved and did as she'd been told. She had her ass in the air, and her head hovered just above his running shoes. She stuck her tongue out and heard Jason's voice.

"Marcus, what's happening here?"

Robin looked up and caught Jason's eye; he smiled at her and the smile gave her both courage, and the will to see this through.

"Jason!" she rasped, not even knowing why she said it. But Marcus intervened.

"Don't you be calling 'Jason', you pig; you get down on the floor where you're supposed to be and you do your work before you get your sweet! You do that; ain't Jason gonna help you out here. He gave you to me for this time; he did."

Then he spoke to Jason:

"Fuckin' bitch thought that she had a right to suck my cock! She's gonna earn the right now. Gonna lick my shoes, the bitch is!"

"Good!" Jason said.

"You watch, man," Marcus said, "You be proud of her by the time I'm done with her."

"Get cleanin' and washin', woman!" He shouted at her then.

And Robin began to lick the tops of his shoes. She applied her tongue to the surface and concentrated on doing the best job possible for him, especially with Jason watching. She licked the whole surface of one shoe and then the other. When she was done with the surfaces, she looked up hopefully at Marcus.

"Think you're done, woman?" he asked softly.

"Don't know, sir!" she said.

"What say, Ja? Think's she's done?" Marcus asked.

"Didn't see her do the bottoms!" Jason said.

"Hear that, bitch?" Marcus demanded.

"Yes, sir," she said, and bent her head immediately, as Marcus raised up first one foot and then the other.

Robin was no longer surprised at herself, and the slavish way that she reacted to being in this kind of submissive situation. The trip away had taken the edge off of that kind of surprise. It was rather with a kind of contentment that she began to actually lick the bottom of Marcus's shoes, until she'd finished with both of them.

She sat back then and smiled at Marcus.

"Finished, now, slut? What about Jason? He's your main man, I'm the guest; he give me you as a favor. You get to maybe suck my cock but he's the one gonna fuck you, when you're done with the cock sucking! Understand that?"

"Yes, sir, Marcus," she said and turned to Jason, who was lounging in the door way and smiling.

"I'm so sorry," she said, crawling to Jason in the doorway, and bending her head to kiss the toe of his shoes. "I didn't mean to ignore you, sir, while I was working on our guest! Forgive me!"

"Of course, sweetie!" he said, and she proceeded to lick clean Jason's shoes in the same manner that she had previously done Marcus'.

She finished that cleaning job off by licking the bottom of Jason's running shoes also. Then she sat back and waited.

"Why you doin' this, woman?" Marcus asked. "Get it right now!"

Robin thought just a few seconds and said:

"To please my master and his friend, my master also!"

"Good girl," Marcus said to her.

"And why do you want to please me?" Marcus asked.

"So that I might have the privilege of sucking your wonderful cock!" she said right away.

"Yes," he answered, and then:

"Well, still two things that you need to do here to earn that privilege, and then get that pussy of yours fucked."

"Please tell your servant," Robin said, "And she'll do them."

"First is that next Saturday I have a get together with some friends and I want you there to help out entertain!"

That sent a jolt through Robin's system. The dark dirtiness of this scene was suddenly expanding and it made her wet immediately.

"I certainly will, if Jason lets me!" she said, hoping it was the right answer.

"Good girl," Marcus said to her again, "You make sure you ask your man!"

She turned to Jason and asked: "Jason, sir, may I do it?"

"Yes, sweet love," Jason said and she grinned at him, crawling to him and kissing his feet again.

She looked at Marcus expectantly then.

"One last thing, bitch!" he said, She reacted to such dirty names immediately. She got goose bumps and shivered a bit.

"Like that? Like the name?" Marcus asked.

"I like what ever I'm given!" Robin said, never even thinking a bit about the kind of position she allowed herself to be in and the depth of this present situation of serving.

"Hands and knees!" Marcus snapped at her and she went to her hands and knees.

"Know what you look like that way, our Robin?" Marcus asked.

"Not unless you tell me, sir!" she said softly.

Jason chuckled, he knew what was coming.

"You look like a cow with your big ass in the air and your udders down near the ground!" Marcus said lightly.

The thought struck Robin and she perversely enjoyed being called a 'cow' and having him talk about her 'big ass' and her 'udders'. Almost instinctively she let out a long low 'moooooo'!

Both men laughed in delight and Robin mooed again for them, now with a positively radiant look on her face.

"Okay, bossy," Marcus said, "Next thing is you go around the back yard and 'moo' as you go and then we'll get to the main event here!"

"Thank you, sir!" Robin said and set out to crawl around the yard, it was a private yard, and she made the 'mooing' sound as she went.

She wasn't self conscious about what she was doing; she had gotten to a place where the paramount thing was to please, and do what she was told. It as all that was important to her just then.

She got back to the shed and Marcus, in the mean time, had taken his clothes off. His large chocolate colored prick was standing out in front of him.

She looked at him and gave him a hungry look that was completely obvious. She spoke softly:

"Tell me what I have to do! Please!"

She thought just a moment and turned, knowing then what was required. She spoke to Jason, who was watching her with unfeigned pleasure on his face:

"Please, honey, Jason, sir, may I do this? Please? I promise, promise to be good and do what I'm told!"

Jason was tickled with this new side of Robin, that had been developing for a while with all of the activities on their trip.

"Yes, honey," he said, "I know that you'll be good. You just go and please Marcus, then it's my turn!"

"Yes, yes," she said in a greedy voice, "Then it's your turn and all of it with wonderful men is my turn!"

Jason laughed.

"Come and get it, bossy!" Marcus said to her then.

She approached him, mooing all the time, and said:

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, sir!"

And she licked his cock up and down and then she turned, just before she put his cock head in her mouth and said to Jason, who was watching:

"Thank you too, sir!"

He nodded and Robin very contentedly began to suck Marcus's cock. She held it and began to move her head into position to take more of it into her mouth.

Jason barked at her: "Hands!"

She dropped her hands immediately and made a show of holding her hands out and above her head to demonstrate that she wasn't using them again. Jason stepped up and grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her back. He quickly fetched a small cord from the work bench and tied her hands behind her back.

Robin's response was to mewl deep in her throat, the fact of having her hands tied made her hotter and wetter. She began to bob her head up and down on the prick and each time took a little more of it into her mouth, and throat.

"Fat assed, white lady cock sucker!" Marcus said to the scene in general.

"Looks good doing it too," Jason said.

Hearing that pleased Robin, and she took time from the sucking to turn her head and say: "I love you, Jason!"

He smiled and said: "I love you too, babe!"

"Even when I'm sucking someone else's cock?" she asked, licking at the cock head, while asking.

"Especially when sucking someone else's cock!" he affirmed.

She gave him an air kiss and put her lips around the prick head again.

Each time she pulled her head up she tightened her lips around the skin on his cock, pulling the skin with him, jerking him off with her lips. For her it was series of deep breaths and then another plunge that took more and more of the cock into her mouth. She got it almost all the way down her throat and felt hands on the back of her head. She knew they weren't Marcus' hands; she could see them. It was Jason standing behind her and holding her head in place on Marcus' cock.

"Thanks, man," Marcus said.

"Just helping my little cock sucker out here," Jason said.

Now the starting point for every thrust of Marcus' cock was a place where the cock was deep in her mouth. Robin fought to use her nose for breathing. She was determined to make Jason proud of her. She didn't try to move her face off or back.

Then he came. Jason's hands went away and after the first two spurts of cum down her throat, Marcus pulled out and sprayed her face, her hair and down her front, on her tits, on her stiffened nipples.

He groaned into his finish and just smiled at her.

She looked at him thankfully and waited to be told what next to do.

Marcus moved then. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet and pushed her against the work bench. He pushed on her back and had her leaning over the work bench. Then he stood away.

She knew that the next cock coming into contact with her pussy now was Jason's. She sighed. She liked this; liked this very much; liked this a whole lot! Those were the words that were running and coursing through her head, as she moaned as Jason's prick invaded her pussy. He increased his thrust and she squealed with the delight of it.

"More like a pig now than a cow!" Marcus said.

Jason began to move and he brought her right with him. She moved with him. She was his to fuck! It's all she knew right then. His to fuck, just his to fuck. It was like a mantra for her, an item of belief. Robin wasn't only changing due to the young hispanics at the hotel; she was becoming a totally new woman, and there was almost a fierceness to her liking being this way:

"Right here, right now, naked with two men because my Jason wants it that way!"

The words ran through her mind and she embraced them and held on to them.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned as he fucked her, and then she was cumming and it was as if the world had exploded all around her.

He stopped, and his cock slipped out of her but she was determined for one last little bit of a message. She struggled to her knees and looked up at him and only said:

"Please, honey!"

He grinned and she opened her mouth to take his slimy cock into it and then she cleaned it. She licked it. She washed it. She kissed it. She loved it. She was captivated by it.

Marcus was leaving then. He said to her:

"Saturday. I'll be here 6 PM."

"Yes, sir!' she said.

Then Marcus said:

"You'll go, Ja?"

"Wouldn't miss it!" Jason said.

And Marcus was gone and Robin was exhausted. Jason untied her and took a cloth to wipe her face, tits and nipples. She smiled at him all the while.

"Shower for you, love!" he said.

"You take such good care of me, honey!" she mentioned, as she walked away with him, after he gathered up her clothes.

Robin thought about her 'date' that following Saturday during the entire week, with mixed emotions. She talked with Jason frequently about it, and those talks usually led to sex between them. When she had a chance to vent like that, her feelings usually ended getting the better of her and simply turning her on at the prospect of another scene like the one with the young hispanics in the woods near their hotel.

She was certainly worked up about the possibilities by the time Saturday rolled around. Jason drove her to the site that Marcus had mentioned. It was a fairly well lighted barn off of a country road. The accompanying house was dark and in great need of repair. There were cars around the barn entrance and, when they stopped, Jason and Robin could hear talking.

"You okay?" Jason asked, as he turned off the engine.

"Excited!" she said, "You?"

"I'm fine," was his answer.

"Thanks, honey, for bringing me and being with me; it must be difficult with what I get up to!" she said, moving toward his part of the car.

"It excites me, babe," he said.

"Good," she crooned, unzipping his pants. "It excites me too. Let me show you."

Robin lowered her head then and took his cock out, already getting stiff. She licked the piss slit and then swirled her tongue around the head.

"Oh, nice!" Jason said, as she began to suck his cock in earnest.

Then the car door opened. Robin looked up to see Marcus grinning and looking down at them.

"Practicing, slut?" he asked.

"Yes, sir!" Robin said softly.

"Blowing my master," was her next statement as she went back to giving head to Jason.

She worked frantically, with her head bobbing up and down on the cock, keeping her lips locked around it to move the skin with each head movement. He reached for the back of her head, as he began to cum and pulled her head down and held it there with her lips agains this stomach, and his cock all the way in her mouth and throat.

"Awwww shit!" he moaned, as he came in his wife's mouth. She lifted her head with a distinct smile on her face and said softly:

"I love you, Jason!"

"I love you too, Robin," he said to her.

Then Marcus intervened, and said with a laugh: "Okay, enough mushy stuff; entertainment time!" He helped Robin get up from her prone position and away from Jason's lap, as he said it.

When he finally had her standing outside of the car, he said to her:

"Let's get you ready, slut!"

Robin reacted to the name he called her by smiling at him and leaning forward to brush her lips along his.

"I think you'll like what happens tonight," Marcus said. "And remember that Jason and I are with you."

"Thank you, both of you," she said, and then continued: "Are we ready to go in now?" indicating with her head movement the barn, where a bit of noise could be heard.

"No," Marcus said, "Take your clothes off; you need to be naked, when you go in."

"Ohhhh dear!" she said a bit surprised. "Naked!"

"Right, naked!" Marcus repeated, "Problem, Robin?"

"No, sir," she said quickly, looking with a smile at Marcus and at Jason, who'd come around the car by then.

She proceeded to lift her tee shirt up and off, giving it to Jason. Her large bra was a lacy one, which she took off next, smiling at the men, as she did. Then she went for her jeans, and unbuttoned the waist band and skinned them down her legs and off. It left her wearing only heeled sandals and pale blue panties. The panties went next and she looked at Marcus, wondering about the shoes:

"Shoes?" she asked.

"I've got something for you here," Marcus said, and Robin shivered as he retrieved from the car a pair of black shoes with 6" 'fuck me' heels, which he gave her to wear. She put them on and walked around a few steps to get used to them.

"Sexy!" he said, and she smiled both at Marcus and at Jason for their appreciation.

He put the clothes in the car.

Marcus then produced from his pocket a dog collar, which he fixed around Robin's neck. It got an immediate moan from her. The whole procedure with these men, one whom she loved and the other whom she instinctively obeyed, had her wet with anticipation of how she'd be used that night.

When Marcus had the dog collar in place, he produced a leash from his pocket next and affixed it to the dog collar. He pulled on it a bit and Robin staggered forward, the 6" heels making it difficult to walk on a leash. It made him smile and also brought a smile to Jason's face. Robin simply let out a kind of whimper. She was half way between fear and the greatest lust she'd ever felt.

"We're ready, cunt!" Marcus said.

"Yes, sir!" was Robin's meek answer, as they went toward the entrance to the barn, with Marcus holding the leash and leading her.

Robin was the very picture of sensuousness and sex, as she reached the entrance to the barn: tall, naked, wearing 'fuck me' heels, and being led by a leash attached to a dog collar. It made her wetter with ever step. When she arrived at the entrance to the barn, there was silence at first, when the guys in the barn, six of them saw her at the doorway with Marcus and Jason.

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