Stay Here With Me

by Losgud

Copyright© 2008 by Losgud

Erotica Sex Story: The first new Losgud story in many years. While once a stalwart member of the old ASSM community that initially populated fondmiloserdie.ru, I've been moribund for ages. I hope this helps rectify the situation. It's a story of love-gone-wrong that, drawing closer to home, becomes one of love gone absolutley right. Including the Losgud trademarks of smart writing, hot sex, and the bit of humor at the whole situation. Hope you all enjoy!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Consensual Romantic Cuckold Incest Brother Sister Slow .

Generally I work out of my apartment, on the computer, but I'd had to spend the morning downtown with a major client finalizing the details of the design work I'd been doing for them. They were very happy with my presentation, which made me very happy. I was glad not to have to tinker anymore with the shit I'd done for them. And happy in the knowledge of the big fucking check I'd be getting for the month spent working up the designs to their exacting specs.

Mostly though I was working hard to keep my cock from getting too noticeably hard, at least until I managed to escape their offices. All my focus was on the long weekend ahead, to be spent in a romantic trip to the cabin in the woods with my girlfriend Linda.

I wasn't in a monkey suit, though I'd dressed up for the occasion of the meeting. It was that casual formal attire: pressed chinos and the only button down shirt I owned. I really wanted to go home and change, but I figured I could just endure and swap out when we got to the cabin. I wasn't going back home. My bags were all packed and in the trunk of my car.

Once I left downtown and began the short drive to Linda's place I let my boner get the best of me, filling out the front of my pants. I was more than ready to start panting, though I knew Linda would make me wait until we were actually at the cabin.

I got to her place, rang the bell, and she let me in while wearing the sweetest smile. I was so ready to jump her right then, but knew that would be the wrong thing to do. She had me well trained.

"Packed and ready to go, babe?" I inquired. I gave her a nudging look. "Let's get the show on the road, so we can get the show on the road!"

Linda was extremely excited, full to bursting with something she just had to share. "This is so great! I have such exciting news! Pamela called earlier today, and when I told her we were going up to the cabin for the weekend, she asked if she and Steve could join us!"

Instantly the front of my pants began deflating. My lack of enthusiasm upon hearing the news was quite visible. "But," I sort of whined, "I thought this would be our romantic weekend."

"But it'll be so much fun," Linda continued, flashing a big fat fake smile. "Besides," she shrugged, "what could I say? It's your sister, and it's her cabin as well."

This was true. Pam and I owned the cabin jointly. Our dad had built it, and we both had fond childhood memories of the place. Cabin was perhaps too rustic a term for the place. Though it'd started out on that level, he'd improved on it every year to the point where it was totally modern. It even had cable t.v. Pammy and I came to share it when we'd become orphans in our early twenties. Mom and Dad had taken early retirement and moved to Florida, only to be promptly terminated by being T-boned in an intersection by a drunken cop ignoring the red light.

"Besides, Steve is your best friend. This'll be such a fun weekend."

Steve and I had been best friends for years. Then we'd both pursued Linda, and why she chose me I'll never know. It was like he'd hooked up with Pam as a sort of consolation prize.

I hated what was going to happen, but then it happened again, just like it always did. Linda started rubbing me. "Please," she whispered. My cock had no conscious, swelling under her touch. It was only a month or so after we'd become a couple that she let it be understood that she intended to continue hooking up with Steve as well.

After the first couple instances I'd made a little joke that maybe I should find myself a little fuck buddy too. "No!" she'd actually stomped her foot. "Me and Steve, that's different. We have a connection. What you're talking about--you'd just be whoring around." And that was that. End of discussion.

Linda unzipped my pants and fumbled my hardening cock out into the open air. She took the tip of me into her mouth, then backed off with a smile. She pulled her shirt off and undid her bra, revealing her big appetizing rack.

As she began to suck me, I reached down to fondle her breasts, but, as usual, she brushed my hands away. "Stop it, Daniel! You know they're too sensitive, and I don't like them to be touched."

So as usual I settled for looking at my girlfriend's tits while she sucked my cock. I stood there as she kneeled before me feeling like the most pathetic guy on the planet. Linda disliked oral sex, either end. I'd tasted her pussy only once, until she'd pushed me away, proclaiming such an act as yucky. She only sucked my cock as a rare reward for getting what she wanted. Even as she did it I could always tell it was a chore for her. And, really, she was pretty mediocre at the job.

I felt so terrible, getting so hard for such awful action, but there I stood, grateful enough for what I was getting. As usual, once I started getting close, Linda pulled her mouth away, jacking my shaft roughly until I shot all over her tits.

As usual she got an immediate look of distaste on her face. As usual, as I was still gasping, she demanded, "Go get me a washcloth. Get it warm, but not too hot." As usual, she refused to let me be the one to mop the come off her breasts. While she did that, I went back to the bathroom and quickly washed my cock, alone, per the usual.

Once all that was settled, we each got dressed, then placed Linda's bags in the trunk, and got ready for the drive. While she was in the bathroom for a quick last pee I stole into her bedroom long enough to check the drawer of the bedside table. Her battery-powered dildo was absent, obviously packed in her luggage.

We got to the cabin first and aired the place out. I was starting to feel feisty again. I grabbed Linda in a backwards hug, pressing my stiffness against her ass, thinking a quickie might be in order. Instead, she shrugged out of my embrace, "Stop. They might be here any minute."

It was an hour. The time didn't matter. I'd given up.

There was all the hullabaloo when they did arrive. Pam and I hugged lightly. Linda and Steve, I thought they were going to start rutting right there in the gravel.

We all joined in to fix a nice late dinner, then retired with some beers to the main room. I got the fire going good, while Steve flipped through the channels on the t.v. Finally he settled on a slightly risqué channel. There was some movie I'd seen ages before. Something about a bunch of friends meeting up for a long reunion weekend at some manor house. Things happened. I'd forgotten the plot because there wasn't much of one. It was very sof-core. Old issues were addressed, and then resolved. The sex involved lots of breasts, some butt shots, but not much else. R-rated porn. Just the thing, I supposed, to get us all in the mood for the depths of the night ahead. But the first few sex scenes were all just the women oohing and ahhing, faking the sounds of pleasure. It reminded me exactly of being in bed with Linda. Except the vibrator never made an appearance.

We'd all changed into our sleepwear. I normally slept nude, but was happy to swap my downtown clothes for a pair of sweatpants and hoody. Linda went for some frillies that left her cold. Even though we sat together on the sofa, she didn't snuggle, instead pulling a large afghan over her. Steve was likewise lightly attired, sitting on the other end of the sofa, slightly shivering, so Linda shared the cover with him. I was wanting a little myself, but when I tugged at the corner Linda batted my hands away. "Go get your own," she hissed.

Pam was sitting by herself in the big overstuffed chair. She was wearing just a pair of short boy jammy bottoms and a sleeveless ribbed wife-beater top. She sat hugging her knees to her chest, but I knew that was just the way she was sitting. She was a few feet closer to the fire, but I knew that didn't matter. My sister had always been the kind of girl who was never bothered by the cold. Though Pam was probably half a foot taller than Linda, she appeared to be much more petite. Linda had all the womanly curves and padding of her Mediterranean extraction, but it was my pale thin sister who was always tossing off instead of hogging the covers in the dead of winter.

What I didn't get was why Steve wasn't over there. Sharing the big chair with her, or holding her on his lap. Not that I didn't understand. The way the afghan kept moving, it looked like a tribe of moles inhabited the cover between my girlfriend's and my sister's boyfriend's laps.

At that point I surrendered all hope.

The fire was starting to die down and there weren't anymore logs left in the holder. We'd depleted the stack on the porch, so it was out to the woodshed. "Looks like we need some more firewood," I stated standing up. "I'll be right back." I grabbed a pair of leather palm gloves beside the holder, then slipped on my coat.

"Sorry we can't pause the movie," Steve grinned at me.

"Don't worry, dude, I'm sure I'll be able to follow the plot when I get back!"

I was just to the door when Pamela bounced up, "I'll help."

"No no," I waved her back, "you're not dressed for the cold."

She just shrugged and slipped past me, first out the door. I had to go outside just to catch up with her. "Pam, are you crazy? You're gonna freeze out here!"

"No I'm not," she laughed back over her shoulder. "I've got a fucking furnace burning inside of me."

I was slightly shocked. My sister rarely used profanities in her everyday speech.

She stayed ahead of me, and as I watched her ass twitch so cutely in just her thin boy jammy shorts, I wondered why the hell Steve couldn't settle for just that.

Once in the woodshed Pam started loading up the wheelbarrow with already split pieces while I took the axe to a couple more big boys. Our labors didn't take but ten minutes. When I was done with the axe, my stupid sister stepped over and squeezed my bicep, cooing the mockery, "Ooh, you're such a man."

"Shut up, you weak bitch," I pushed her away. The exchange was joking. I made her heft and trundle the wheelbarrow back to the porch. I'd never been a muscular guy; my frame weighed against it. But I could wield an axe and split some goddamn lumber. Trailing Pam, I rather enjoyed the reprise of watching the way her ass worked as she walked, under such thin material. But then the sight fired a memory of great shame, of the one time I'd pressed myself against that lovely cushion, when we were much younger, when she'd stayed thankfully asleep.

We unloaded the wheelbarrow on the front porch, and then Pam helped stack my arms for inside. Once inside, she left to hit the bathroom, to wash her hands, leaving me to carry the logs into the livingroom where, no surprise, the sofa was empty. I stacked the wood and put a few more pieces on the fire, then discarded the gloves. With the blaze rising I shucked my coat.

I wasn't surprised that the room was empty. I tried to pretend that Steve and Linda were off in the kitchen whipping up a snack. But my ears told me otherwise. They were whipping up a snack, but not the kind that came from the kitchen. It was a weird stereo disconnect. The movie was still playing, with all its scripted moans in one ear, while in my other ear were the off-the-beat sounds from the bedroom. Steve's sounds were of course genuine; Linda was faking it as usual. It was a shitty fucked-up situation, but my cock didn't seem to care, growing with every groan.

Then Pamela entered the room, hearing what I was hearing. She stood still for a minute, finally believing her ears. Then she stomped a foot and snorted, "God, I hate it when this crap happens. Every dang time."

I shrugged, because how else could you respond after this many times?

"I mean," she continued, "a girl gets all wet thinking about a romantic weekend, and then this."

I tossed my hands in the air, then quickly brought them back down as cover. My demon cock didn't care about context; it was hearing sex in the air. I really wished I was wearing underwear beneath my sweats. It was bad enough with the t.v. moving into a hot scene on one side while the bedroom sounds accelerated on the other, but to have right in front of me Pam's perky nipples still poking out her wife-beater from the cold. My cock, obviously, had no conscience.

Pammy reached over and turned off the t.v. Then there was just the sounds from the bedroom. She stared at me. "She's obviously faking it, so why does she do it?"

I really had no answer. So I just ventured the truth, "Welcome to my love-life."

"It's all your fault," she scolded. "Why the heck did you call up Steve and invite us along for the weekend anyway?"

"What?" I answered, astonished.

"Why did you invite us along, knowing how it'd turn out?"

"Well," I shook my head all around, "my understanding was that Linda was talking to you, and when she mentioned our plans, you invited yourselves along!"

"God! We've been had once again."

We stood there like that, a pair of sadsacks staring at the floor. Then Pamela looked up, straight at me, with a glint in her eyes. "Well, I've got an idea."

"Oh yea?" I answered as she swayed towards me.

"Mmm, hmm," she said. She stopped right in front of me. Our noses nearly bumped as she whispered, "What do you think?" Then she reached down and touched me. Lightly stroking my bulge through the fabric. "Why should they have all the fun? Hmm?" She reached up and licked my lips lightly. "Feels like you have what I want. Do you think maybe I have what you want?" I slipped and fell.

This all came so quickly out of nowhere I had no traction to resist.

Our lips met then, and we were kissing with a passion I'd never known. Her tongue slipped into my mouth with such great wanting I went nearly breathless. When I returned the motion, she sucked on my tongue as though a promise of what she would do with my cock in her mouth. Our hands went wild, kneading each other's asses as we ground our cloth covered crotches together.

"My god," I took a breath, "what are we doing?"

"Making out like crazy," she whispered back.

Soon enough I took a hand off her ass and snaked it up to cup one of her breasts. Pam responded by pushing me away just long enough to reach down and pull the shirt up over her head. I touched both breasts lightly, stroking them upwards then slightly tweaking the nipples. She gasped in response.

"I know they're pretty tiny compared to Linda's," she apologized.

"No," I said, bending down to kiss, lick and suck on both of them briefly, "Mmm, they're so sexy, so perfect."

Then I straightened up, tugged my shirt over my head, and then held my sister so close her hard little nipples grazed my chest as we continued kissing. Finally I got so bold, emboldened as she resumed stroking my erection through my pants, to slip a hand down the front of her bottoms. I didn't stop until I slid past her hairs, my middle finger parting her labia and finding a wonderful wetness.

"Hmm," I said, nibbling her ear as I fingered her, "you weren't kidding about being wet."

"Oh yes I was kidding," she answered, nearly gasping. "I wasn't at all wet. But once we began kissing, my juices started flowing like crazy."

I slid a finger into her, in and out and in and out, and then I let it trail out and upward to find her little bump. Within ten seconds I was holding Pammy up as her legs buckled and she orgasmed like crazy. It was the most erotic moment of my life. The designation was soon to be usurped.

She recovered quickly, grinning and giggling, stripping us of our remaining clothes. "Come on," she said, "those guys got a head start. Let's skip anymore preliminaries and get straight to the good stuff."

Grabbing my cock like a handle, she pulled us over to the sofa, where we sort of tumbled down. Pam went down first, on her back, her thighs spread wide, and I followed down lightly on top. She took my cock and held the head against the open lips of her cunt, rubbing it up and down, dipping it in and out in a maddening tease.

"Okay," she murmured, "time to give this big feller a new home."

I sank in slowly and she gave out sounds I knew meant she was crying out the truth. I felt so proud. Once I was full inside her, she looked up at me with stars in her eyes. She gave a little chortle. "You made me come just by sticking it in!" Her eyes were wide and glistening, just like her cunt. I totally went for it. Her hips were well into what we were doing, wriggling around and bucking back up against me. The sensations were so different from what I'd come to expect, from what I'd learned to reconcile myself with Linda. With every stroke, Pamela responded, going crazy, loving the cock plunging her depths. My sister was a real live woman on fire. Sex with Linda, I suddenly realized, verged on the act of necrophilia.

There was a big masculine groan in the bedroom, which waned and was replaced by a distinct buzzing sound. Pam nearly laughed. "What the heck is that?" she whispered up at me, eyes wide, glittering.

"The only way she can get off."


I took her hand and reached it between us, withdrawing from her cunt enough so I could form her hand in a grip around the base of my cock. "You know, bzzzzz," making her mime my staff as a vibrator.

"No, I don't know," she giggled. "I get all the bzzzzz I need from the real thing."

Then there were noises like Linda had a bad case of the hiccups.

"Is that how she sounds faking it?"

I gave a quick nod.

Pamela slid her hand from between us, joining her other to grab my ass and pull me back fully inside her. "I never fake it. Though maybe I should learn how, considering Mr. Two Pumps and a Squirt in there. Or maybe I should just forget about him."

"Fuck them," I said moving again, "let's concentrate on our own fuck."

"Let's do just that," she agreed, bucking her hips up to meet my thrusts.

Pammy looked up at me with such wanting eyes I was on the verge of exploding deep inside her, when instead the cabin got quiet around us and there were footsteps in the room.

"What the hell are you doing?" Linda screeched out.

"About to come our brains out," Pammy shouted back, "you got a problem with that, you stupid faking frigid bitch?"

I was, I confess, starting to melt a little at the interruption.

"That is so wrong," Steve piped up.

"But regularly fucking your girlfriend's brother's girlfriend is somehow okay?"

Linda was indignant. "Me and Steve, that's different. We have a connection."

Pam was having none of this duplicitous bullshit. Even though my erection was starting to fade, she went banging up against me, grinding her pubis against mine until the quiet of the cabin was filled by the shrieking groans of her orgasm.

"Why, I never... " Linda began.

"That's what Danny's told me," my sister panted. "That you never. Not with a cock, anyway."

"This is perversion. Come on, Steve, let's get out of here."

My impulse was to get up and try to smooth things over. No matter how ridiculous I would've looked standing up naked with a half-limp cock.

Pamela locked her arms and legs around me. "Don't," she gazed at me. "Let them go." I would've been disinclined to that, but suddenly cunt muscles I didn't even know existed started tugging me back to life. "Stay here with me," my sister whispered. "I'm so much better for you, I promise."

The door slammed shut, and then there was the screech of gravel as Steve's 4x4 roared away.

And then there was nothing but silence in the cabin, save for the slight popping and whistling of the wood burning in the fireplace. Me gazing down at my lovely sister as her sweet pussy milked me back to full firmness. I leaned down, grasping her breasts as I started slowly plunging back into her. Pam soon succumbed into what seemed like an unending orgasm. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen, my own sister slowly whining, then gasping, then going speechless as the powerful spasms wracked her arching body. God, I felt so proud, looking down on her powerful pleasure, knowing that I was the one who had helped deliver it.

When she finally recovered her senses, she began humping up at me like crazy. "Do you love me?" she asked. She reached down between us and started fondling my balls. "Mmm, so big and full, so ready to burst. Do you love me enough to fill me full of your come? Because that's what I want. I want to make you feel as good as you've made me feel. I want to feel your cock explode deep inside me."

Between her hand and her cunt, my lust was fast sent over the edge. "Oh my god Pam," I groaned, "I'm going to come inside you!"

"Yes yes yes," she hissed in encouragement, her hands gone to grip my ass and pull me tighter against her, and then when I felt her pussy spasming, I was totally done, my balls unloading, my cock pumping a huge load of sperm deep into my sister's willing cunt.

We lay there on the sofa in the afterglow forever. Eventually my cock shrunk enough it popped out of her pussy. Pammy gave a little sigh at that. With that I moved off her, and we lay side by side for the longest time, arms around each other, lightly stroking, kissing lightly.

Finally Pamela broke the silence. "Hmm, why I am I not surprised that the best sex of my life would be with my brother?"

I smiled and looked Pam in the eyes. "Why would I want a girlfriend, when I have my sister?"

She sort of shuddered. "Really?"

I nodded completely. "Really!"

The light touching and stroking slowed then faded. I was just following my sister's example. I loved looking at Pamela's face as she drifted into slumber. The sight was somehow even sexier than watching her orgasm. She fell asleep beside me because she felt so secure in my arms. Maybe my just having fucked her lights out helped. I was thinking about that when I suddenly slipped from consciousness. I was behind Pam, an arm under her and slung up so I could hold and fondle both her breasts. My free hand wrapped down off her hip, and between her thighs, cupping her cunt.

We sort of stirred when we finally stirred. Pam rolled over so that we could quietly kiss, between staring at one another with our deeply satisfied eyes.

Eventually I started touching my sister between her legs again. I was feeling a stirring between mine. But then even with my wittiest fingers I couldn't get her juices flowing again. I was proud how quickly I recognized that fact, removing my hand slowly, with great regrets.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I do want you. And feel free. But I am thinking of bed. It's been a long day for me. Not to mention. It's been a long and deeply satisfying day for me."

"That sounds fine," I whispered, giving her shuttering eyelids butterfly kisses. We did that until we were both about to fall asleep again. Then we woke up again.

"What do you want to do?" I asked.

"I want to be in bed," she purred, "with my brother."

Then she got serious and sat up. "But I don't want to sleep in there," she tossed her hair. "We'll burn those sheets in the morning."

I was in agreement.

"I'll go find some clean sheets and pillows. Why don't you pull the futon off the couch and spread it on the floor in front of the fire? Toss on another log or two. Like when we were kids, except without the sleeping bags."

I did exactly as instructed. I didn't want to fuck up a single second of this good shit. Even if we did nothing. Of course we'd do something.

I had the futon spread on the floor before the fire. Which, I might add with pride, was blazing brightly. She came out of the bedroom and tossed me naked pillows, and sheets folded into squares, smelling like cedar. She followed with a wrapped blanket and quilt. Again tossed at me and my endeavor. I made up our bed, and then Pamela again returned from the bedroom.

Still naked, she came bearing luggage, all the bags not our own.

"What are you doing?"

She just smiled at me and continued on her mission. Pam opened the front door and set all the stuff out on the porch. She shut the door and locked it up all nice and tight, then took a few steps back into the room, looking at me.

Pamela dusted her hands clean. "Good riddance to old trash," she called brightly. "That way, if they come back for their stuff, they can get it, without disturbing us."

I lay there on the bed I'd just made, just as naked as Pam. The way my sister looked at me made me start thickening already again.

"What an inviting bed," she murmured. "Why don't you stoke the fire while I finish battening down the hatches." She turned and swayed away. Better believe I was watching every twitch of her ass. Just like she wanted me to be doing.

Pam stopped and giggled aloud, an arm sliding a hand down her hidden front.

"What's so funny?" I insisted.

"Nothing, really," she called back. "Just it tickles. To have my brother's semen trickling down my thighs.

She brought her arm back up, and showed me how she turned her head. She drew up and showed me a tight pair of her fingers cradling a gathered slug of my jism. She popped it in her mouth, and sucked both fingers clean. "Mmm, you taste so good."

Then the tease turned away.

I positioned another pair of logs on the fire, got them just right. While my sister drew down the blinds. Which were the genius of our father. Every window had a slab of plank lid. Operated with a crank and latching from the inside. Up they'd keep even the heaviest rain just a landscape from the window screen. Or you could wind them down and lock 'em. Keep the elements and stray vandals from breaking the panes.

Pamela returned from the closings, flipping off the lights as she returned. She was sashaying her figure for my benefit. As she approached me, she murmured, "I don't want rocks through the windows spoiling my honeymoon."

I was lying there atop our bed, my dick sticking straight up.

Down to firelight, my sister sunk down to her knees on the futon, and slowly straddled my thighs. "I know what to do with this," she whispered, slowly stroking me. "Your innocent little sister isn't so innocent after all. Mmm, I know what boys like." She kept stroking me, while denying me entrance, teasing me as she stared down into my eyes. "This is really nice, but here's what you really want," she said, moving forward then settling back down on my cock, sinking me deep into her wetness.

As usual, my sister was not wrong.

"God, I love it like this," I moaned, "the way I can reach up and caress your breasts, or reach around and squeeze your ass."

"I love it when you squeeze my ass. Makes me get even juicier."

To which I can attest, as my crotch was suddenly totally soggy.

There we were, dripping and going at it again. Pam bent down, pinning my arms and pressing her breasts against my chest as she hunched and rubbed her clit against my pubic bone. "Oh, oh, oh god," she groaned, her cunt clutching me as she bathed us in more wetness. After recovering from that little orgasm she sat back up straight, totally enveloping me in her sweetness. She stayed like that, moving her hips just incrementally. She reached down and found my hands on her hips, loosening my grip and sliding them up her front until they covered her breasts. I responded instantly, lightly kneading the soft orbs, tugging on the stiff little nipples.

Pam gave a gasp so I paused in my handiwork. "Too rough?" I whispered.

"Too good," she panted. "Mmm, don't stop." Then she giggled.


"Just thinking about Linda and her big boobies--what a waste of natural resources. I don't get that. I love being fondled. That's what tits are for: kissing and licking, and touching and sucking."

On that note my sister moved up. Barely the tip of my dick remained within her clutching lips, but I could barely care. She put her hands under her breasts and lifted them up, feeding me one then the other then back again, finally squishing them together, murmuring all the while a cadence of suck me! suck me! suck me!

I didn't have to be asked even once. I was loving every second of loving on my sister's tits. I kept my hands on them, tweaking the taut nipples, when she pulled back to seriously hump my cock. I was hoping I'd come, just so I'd go soft, because stiff like this I was afraid that in her enthusiasm my stiff dick would wind up getting broken off inside her!

Pam came like a banshee, crashing down upon me. I held her tightly, stroking her, babbling words of hotness in her ear as I continued slowly pumping her. I'd nearly lost it in her frenzy, and now enjoyed cooling down a bit, readying myself for more.

Eventually Pamela pushed my encircling arms away and rose up again to sit up straight. Still cock-impaled, mind you. She brushed her hair out of her face, and then smiled down at me. I was completely mesmerized. The glow of her in the light of the dwindling fire. I had to shake my head. "Pammy, you look like a goddess, the flame gold of you rising above me."

She swiveled her hips to remind me of who had control of my cock. Pam gave a rather fetching toss of her hair, and then laughed at the gesture. "I am a goddess... your goddess."

I figured that next was the final fast run where she'd make me come. But she had another narrative going on. "This is the way it was supposed to be," she stated. Her cunt was doing things to me that I'd never known, so I wasn't about to contradict her. "Mom and Dad in the bedroom doing their stuff, while out here we had a little private party of our own. Mmm-hmm?"

Pam rode me until I thought I was done, but then she pulled us back from the edge. "Daddy, Danny's molesting me again, but I'm learning to really really like it." I was fast back at the edge. "Mommy, if Danny wants to shoot his sperm into my womb, is it okay if I want it too?"

That was it. My cock swelled and Pam came like crazy as I pumped another load deep inside her. We totally melted together after that. Too soon for me she was making motions to roll of me. I held her tight. "I feel like I'm crushing you."

"But I love the feel of you crushing me."

Pamela stayed collapsed atop me, long after I grew soft and small and slipped from her cunt with an audible plop we both grinned about. In fact, she seemed to fall asleep, and then I started drifting as well. At some point we slipped around, both of us sighing nicely as we settled into a delicious spoon.

My lower arm snaked up so I could hold at least one breast. My soft cock was pressed firmly between the pillows of her ass. My free hand cupped her cunt, a rogue finger or two touching her indecently until the curtain of sleep came down.

Next thing I knew it was completely dark and I sort of stirred. The only thing that'd changed was that the fire had died down to barest embers, so I knew a few hours had evaporated from the night. Otherwise we remained exactly as we'd fallen asleep, my arm around Pam, holding her, though now hanging loose across her breasts. The warmth of her soft ass was still pressed firmly against my crotch, and indeed, within a few minutes my cock stiffened in the crevasse between those lovely cheeks.

I thought sleepily of the last time we'd slept like this, on the very spot, sharing a bedding of sleeping bags, back when we were young teens. Ever after that night, I'd always insisted one or the other of us sleep on the sofa. Because I was so ashamed of that late deep night I'd woken up in just this entanglement, and I hadn't been able to stop myself. My young cock had been so hard and needy that despite the barrier of our sleepwear I'd slowly humped my sleeping sister's ass until the inevitable eruption.

Now, though, the situation was different. We were nude, and my cock was still sticky with her cunt sauce. I fondled her breasts for a few minutes, then slid my hand down between her thighs. I wanted more of my sister's sweet pussy, and whether I woke her up or not was almost incidental. My finger found her slit, stroking her; quickly her lips swelled with moistness and my finger easily slid into her willing cunt.

Pamela's ass started moving back against my cock. I still thought she was asleep until her voice murmured, "Mmm, I love slow sleepy sex."

With that vote of encouragement, I continued!

"It's like that night," she added.

"What night?"

"Hmm, that night like this before you started always sleeping up on the sofa." Pammy gave a giggle. "You remember. That night you humped my ass until you made a big mess in your jammies."

"My god," I hissed, "you were awake?"

Pam rolled over onto her back, leaned up to kiss me, then said, "Awake, and hoping for so much more. Why did you stop and pull away?"

My mind was roiling. "Because I felt so ashamed. Of my feelings for my own sister."

Pam spread her legs and started tugging me over. "Do you feel ashamed right now?"

"Not at all," I replied, moving over her leg to settle between her.

"Good," she cooed, "because I want you to make your boy mess deep inside me." With that, she guided my cock to her opening, and I slipped in with ease. And we had loving slow sleepy sex until we were both spent and exhausted, completely satisfied, arms and legs wrapped around one another until we rejoined the night.

Next I knew I was having a really sexy dream involving my sister. It was so on the verge of turning into a wet dream that my eyes popped wide open. I had no clue of the time, except the room was bright with the day coming through the skylights. Pamela was kneeling between my legs with wet washed hair, sucking on my dick. She rose up when she saw my eyes open, grinning down, her hand firmly jacking my shaft.

"Are you sucking my dick?" were the only words my jerked-from-sleep mouth could muster.

"I'm not sucking your dick. I'm worshipping it. Hope you don't mind."

As if.

She giggled, continuing to tease me with her hand. "I was just thinking about ancient art, and how the big hard phallus has always been regarded as a matter of fertility." She gripped me even firmer. "I think that interpretation is bullshit. I think such icons are all about absolute pleasure, not fecundity."

Pam bent down and started tonguing me again. "Mmm, I think it's all about how some girls like to show their appreciation. To the object of their affection." She started sucking me again, pausing only to remark, "how some girls love to swallow."

It only took my sleepy self a few minutes to shoot a gusher of sperm into my sister's willing mouth. And yes, she swallowed every goddamn drop of my offering. Then she rose up, still on her knees, and began shuffling up my torso. "Oh my god," I cried as Pammy's dewy cunt came ever closer to my face. Other than her crappy please blowjobs, Linda had no interest in any sort of oral sex. "Linda never," I moaned.

"I'm not Linda," she lowed, lowering her dripping slit to my face. My tongue, my lips, myself, had never been happier.

"Is this comfortable for you?" Pammy asked.

I looked up in wonder. Barely an inch from me was my sister's lovely sex. Her outer lips were swollen and flushed, dewy with her juices. I traced a finger between them, opening them even further, showing the coral colored delights within. "My sister is about to sit on my face; what could be more perfect?"

She responded by lowering herself completely. The source of the maddening scent that'd been driving me crazy for the last twelve hours was suddenly just a lick away. And lick away I did. Slowly at first, gently. My tongue parting her as she ground down, my hands reaching around to squeeze her ass cheeks, making her--as she'd noted--get even juicier. I lapped it all up, pausing only to slip my tongue up inside her.

"Oh my god," Pammy moaned, "my brother's eating my pussy, and making me go crazy."

Eventually I left my hands off her ass, reaching up to squeeze her tits. Then one hand snaked down, a finger then two slipping up into her sodden cunt as my tongue swept up her slit to seek out the stiff nub of her clit. My fingers inside her massaged her delicate spot while my tongue began teasing her nub.

"Go Danny, go--right there!"

I knew exactly where right there was.

I started out licking all around Pam's clit, then zeroed in, tonguing it directly. Then I pursed my lips and sucked it. Pammy went nuts, humping my face and coming like crazy. I was bathed in her juices. Finally it was too much for her. She pulled herself up, then scooted down, laying herself pressed against me.

She kissed me lightly, cooing, "I love tasting myself on you."

"Mmm," I murmured, "I love tasting you on me, too."

I was on the verge of drifting when Pam sparked up, giving a little laugh. "It's funny," she remarked. "When boys come, they get all sleepy. When girls come, well, I feel really energized." She looked down at my lowering lids. "I've worked up a real appetite. Why don't you rest a bit more, while I go rustle us up some breakfast?"

I had no disagreement with that.

Pammy grinned. "I want to feed my new lover. Charge you up for more. I'll come nudge you when everything's ready."

Next I knew I was waking up to the smell of bacon. And potatoes frying. I stirred from the soiled sheets and slipped on a pair of boxers. Then I stood up and followed the smells into the kitchen.

Pamela was working the stove. She looked at me with a big smile. "Hello, sleepyhead."

She looked so cute, standing there, dressed in my work shirt. She had the sleeves rolled up above her elbows. The tail of the shirt rolled

down lusciously over the curve of her ass. I really needed to move past her on into the bathroom to take a wicked piss, but I paused long enough to lift the fabric. She was wearing nothing underneath. I gave her bare butt a squeeze. Pammy sort of squealed, "What are you doing?"

I nuzzled her neck in response, "Mmm, just appreciating the lovely view."

In the bathroom I had to sit to pee, coaxing my cock down to perform the regular task without splattering urine all over the place. Once that was done, I started swelling anew thinking of returning to my sister.

She'd just finished removing the final pan of bacon to drain. Everything else was ready. She looked at me as I stared at her. I turned off all the burners. I had that look in my eyes.

"Time to eat," she chirped, "don't want the food to get cold!"

I advanced upon her. "Everything will stay warm enough. But first I want something really hot."

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