The Adventure of Nikki "Nipples" Nicastro
Chapter 2: Nikki Nipples Vs. The Geek

Copyright© 2008 by Stormbringer

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 2: Nikki Nipples Vs. The Geek - Frigid wife's new breasts lead to a series of erotic encounters. In part 1 she has an encounter with the paperboy and her bisexual best friend.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft ft/ft Reluctant Blackmail Lesbian Heterosexual Slut Wife Interracial First Oral Sex Masturbation Lactation Size Hairy Big Breasts

Nikki Nicastro was in a good mood as she drove to work that Saturday morning. Katy Perry's "I kissed a girl" was playing on the radio and Nikki whistled along to the tune. She had originally found the song inappropriate, but now thought it was kind of catchy. Nikki had kissed a girl five days ago. Last Monday, her best friend Jill had initiated a sexual relationship with Nikki and the two had fooled around. Jill had called Nikki several more times this week, hinting that she was ready to fool around again, but Nikki had resisted. She'd give in soon enough and though Nikki didn't feel it was as wrong as committing adultery with a man, Nikki fully believed homosexuality was a sin.

Nikki had enjoyed a satisfying relationship with her husband that week. He was delighted to discover Nikki's newly shaved vagina and immediately went down on her again. In fact, over the last five days, Alex had eaten her to orgasm twice and made love to her twice. Over the last two nights, Nikki had worn the special bra to bed and actually gotten some sleep. She felt confident she was learning to control her horniness and hoped things would go back to normal with her and Alex in a typical monogamous relationship.

She pulled her car into the parking lot of her bookstore. She had opened early yesterday, mostly because the disgusting paperboy had hinted that he would be stopping by to fuck her and she wanted to avoid him. She had a total of four customers all day and made a total of twenty two dollars and forty eight cents.

Nikki unlocked her front door and turned on the lights. Saturdays she would be a little busier. Orson would be in sometime that day. Orson was an eighteen year old pimply faced geek. He shopped every Saturday and always spent between twenty and thirty dollars on comics and fantasy novels. He tended to hang out several hours going through any boxes of books, customers had brought in to trade or he would sit reading the comics he didn't want to own. She had started carrying comics specifically for him. If she could afford an employee, she'd have hired him to watch the store several hours a night after school.

Today, Nikki was wearing a white button down blouse. Her enhanced breasts pushed the blouse out more then normal causing it to ride up off her waist and show off her bellybutton. Nikki wasn't one for showing off the midriff, but she didn't want to ask Alex for money to buy new clothes. She wore modest shorts and flip flops. Her hair was down, her long wavy lustrous locks cascaded down her back. The only make up she wore was the dark eye liner she used around her entire eyes.

Nikki went to the back storage room and opened her little safe removing the cash drawer. She did a few other small tasks before opening the store. Nikki sat down at the cash wrap and opened her book. Nikki only read Christian romantic fiction and she was just finishing up the latest Amish story by a popular Christian fiction writer. She was on the last chapter and quickly finished the book. Her Christian fiction section was small and tended to sell quickly. She had read everything in the section and now had nothing to read the rest of the day.

An hour after opening, her first customer came in. It was Mrs. Hudson, a sweet older lady who only read romance novels. She was carrying a small box of her recent reads to trade in for credit. Mrs. Hudson frowned when she saw Nikki's newly acquired ample cleavage. She didn't say anything, but continued to frown as Nikki wrote her out a credit slip for the paperbacks. Snooty old woman, thought Nikki. Every book the old bat reads had a shirtless hunk and a buxom woman on the cover, yet she gets attitude when she sees some cleavage in real life. Nikki grinned and unbuttoned the top buttons on her blouse. The old woman frowned even more when she returned to make her purchase. Nikki didn't button back up after the woman left. The cool air felt good on her chest.

Nikki leafed through Mrs. Hudson's romance paperbacks. The covers were full of hunky cowboys, Indians, and Vikings. Crap, thought Nikki, but she'd go nuts without anything to read the rest of the day. She picked up a book about a female settler who finds true love with an Indian and started to read. Nikki paused in her reading to greet several customers and ring up a few sales.

Nikki soon remembered why she avoided bodice ripper romances. They were filthy. The first time the Indian took the woman, he entered her, filled her with seed, and kept his powerful weapon in her until he stiffened up again. Once the book got going, the sex rarely stopped. He even offered his new white squaw to a powerful chief in a sex ritual that was supposed to summon the buffalo. Nikki felt her nipples hardening as she read sex scene after sex scene. Soon, her inch long nipples were pushing out the cups of her bra. Nikki found herself breathing heavily and her panties were damp.

Nikki put the book down and got up to use the bathroom in the storage room. She could see the outline of the metal cups that contained her nipples through her blouse. Not a look she enjoyed showing the public. They'd think the outlines were her actual nipples. The stupid smutty romance had made her horny. She hastily unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and pulled it open. She quickly unhooked the bra, gasping with relief when her nipples were free. They were hard and blood engorged. She made the mistake of touching one and the resulting spasm in her vagina only made her arousal worse. She thought of calling Jill, but didn't want to close up shop this early on her best day of the week. That left masturbation as her only option.

Nikki removed the bra altogether and quickly buttoned her blouse. The result was scandalous. Now it was her nipples that were visible through the blouse and they poked the cloth out considerably. There were also gaps between her buttons and you could clearly see glimpses of flesh between them. The result was scandalous, but also considerably sexy. Nikki hurried back out into the store and glanced down the aisles of book shelves. She locked her door and hung up her out to lunch sign.

Orson was sitting on the floor reading a comic when he heard Mrs. Nicastro come out of the back room. He leaned over to greet her, but his voice caught in his throat when he saw her breasts. It was impossible. There was no way. He caught a glimpse of her huge nipples through the top. He knew he should of spoken up, but instead he sat there frozen as she locked the door and spun around to return to the backroom.

Orson shook his head in disbelief. He reached into his backpack and pulled out his sketchpad. He quickly flipped through his drawings. The first were drawn about a year ago when he first started coming into the store. They were illustrations of Nikki's face or of her sitting at the cash wrap reading. Then there were drawings of Mrs. Nicastro as wonder woman. She reminded him of the Lynda Carter wonder woman series he had downloaded of the internet. There was one of her as wonder woman being embraced by a flying superman. Then there were a few sketches of Mrs. Nicastro nude or what he imagined she looked like nude. He had used nude pictures of several playboy models as a model for her body and the results were inconsistent.

Several months ago, Orson had gotten his first credit card and immediately joined several comic porn sites. He started posting pictures of his Nikki as wonder woman and gotten several positive feedbacks, but he needed to create his own character. The first draft was of a Nikki in a wonder woman style outfit, but with much larger, huge breasts. Just like the ones she had now. Orson had turned the WW in wonder woman upside down to make an MM and came up with the name "The Milk Maiden" for his character. Orson liked a woman's sexy belly so he changed her outfit to more of a metal bikini thing. Her breasts caps would lower so that her nipples could appear. The Milk Maiden could shoot streams of milk from her breasts like spider-man shot web. Powerful streams of milk could blast her enemies. She could use her milk to make a road slippery. The only flaw he saw with MM, was that he hadn't given her a weakness.

His first comic, The Milk Maiden Vs, The Cocksman was an immediate success. MM took on a suave James Bond style villain to save the world. A porn comic publisher had contacted Orson to make print versions of his comic. Orson had already sketched out ideas for the sequel, The Milk Maiden Vs. The Minotaur. His minotaur was a reverse of the classical minotaur since he wanted to avoid any hint of bestiality. The Minotaur was a massive black man with a bull's ring through his nose and curved bull horns. He had a bull's tail and a cloven bull legs like a satyr. Plus he had an overly enormous phallus that only The Milk Maiden could take.

Orson looked at a sketch he had of the Milk Maiden nude in a shower. Nikki Nicastro had become the Milk Maiden and Orson couldn't believe it. Of course, she couldn't shoot milk from her breasts. If he saw that happen, he'd think his drawings were coming to life and he'd sketch himself with a superman physique and an enormous cock. Orson was still fantasizing about his drawings coming to life when he heard moans coming from the stockroom.

Orson secured his sketches and stood up off the floor. He crept over towards the backroom. Nikki's moans grew louder as he approached. Orson approached the open door and peered in. He jerked himself back, his eyes wide with disbelief. He peeked again. This time he stared. Mrs. Nicastro was lying on her back on the floor. She had removed her shorts, panties, and flip flops. She had unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open. Her back was arched thrusting her massive tits upwards and one hand was frantically frigging her pussy. Her other hand was busy teasing one of her nipples. The eighteen year old virgin had never seen a woman masturbate before and it was the most awesome sight he had ever observed.

Orson couldn't take it any more. His dick was straining in his pants. He quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. He pulled his dick out, spit in his hand, and started stroking his shaft. He stepped closer, glad that Mrs. Nicastro was blissfully unaware of his presence. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were half closed. Orson stepped closer and kneeled between Nikki's legs. He inched closer. The head of his prick was inches from Mrs. Nicastro's pussy now. If her hand hadn't been in the way, he could have shoved his dick in her.

"Yes. That's it. Getting close," gasped the blissfully unaware Mrs. Nicastro.

"Me too," said Orson, groaning.

"Ah ah ah ... Orson!" Nikki looked up at him from between her massive breasts. She looked aghast. From her position, it must have looked like he was fucking her.

Orson watched with joy as she quickly pulled her hand away from her pussy. Now was his chance. He thrust forward, the tip of his prick touched her pussy. There was a moment of heaven when he felt a woman's heat and wetness for the first time, but then his dick blew. He watched a strand of sperm coat her genitals. Orson wasn't familiar with the female anatomy. They were just folds of skin to him. His white semen coated her long vertical folds as well as the little protrusion at the top. His dick jerked up and sent a second strand on her bare crotch. Her hand had been blocking his view of her shaved pussy and he was delighted to see the smooth skin. He jerked the rest of his semen out and watched as the final glob splattered just under her belly button. This had all taken place over several seconds. Nikki had removed her hands from her pussy and was grabbing her breasts. As Orson raised his eyes from his shooting prick, he watched as milk shot out from Nikki's blood engorged nipples. His jaw fell open in amazement.

Nikki Nicastro writhed in pleasure for a moment before recovering. She quickly propped herself up and scooted back away from the dumbfounded boy. "Orson, what are you doing here?" she asked, covering her breasts as best she could and holding her hand over her pussy. Nikki raised the hand over her crotch and looked at it with a grimace as it was now sticky with the teenagers semen. She gave up trying to cover her body and decided to wipe herself off.

"I ... I," stammered the boy. Mrs. Nicastro had prepared some tissues near herself and used them to wipe his semen off her crotch as well as the wipe down her milk coated breasts. "I came in to look at comics and saw you back here. I um couldn't um help myself." Orson stood up and sat in a nearby chair. His pants were still around his ankles.

Nikki strode over to him and leaned down so that her massive breasts dangled before him. She shook her finger in his face. "We'll pretend this didn't happen. Got it?" She waited for him to nod. "If you tell anyone what you saw, I'll ban you from the store."

Orson gulped. "I won't tell anyone. I swear, Mrs. Nicastro."

"Good boy."

"Maybe, I could watch you again sometime?"

"No way." Her expression softened when she saw the teen's rejected expression. "I'm sorry Orson. I'm a married woman."

"It was just so awesome." Orson looked downcast. "I've never been with a woman. I was hoping I could put my thing in you just once to see what it was like." Orson had blown his chance. If he hadn't cum when he did, he might have been able to push his dick in her.

"That will never happen, son. I'm a married Christian woman. I don't go around initiating teenagers into sex." Nikki was still leaning over him. "You'll find a nice girl some day."

"Would you at least touch it for me?"

Nikki looked down at the boy's penis. It was nothing spectacular. Orson was a lanky kid with acne scars on his cheeks. His penis fit his body, rather skinny. It was semi-erect. "If I do, can we move on a forget this ever happened?"

"Oh yes, Mrs. Nicastro." Whatever happened, Orson would never forget this day.

Nikki reached down and grasped Orson's prick. She squeezed it as it hardened in her hand. The boy groaned. Nikki hadn't really touched many penises. She would sometimes grab her husband, to help guide him inside her. She'd never touched the paperboy's penis. She winced as she remembered the disgusting man's semen shooting into her mouth. Nikki slid her hand along the shaft with growing fascination. No, it was nothing spectacular, but it was an inch or more longer then her husband's and harder then Alex ever got thanks to his blood flow problem.

"That feels great, Mrs. Nicastro," moaned Orson. She was stroking him faster now. Her dark eyes were sparkling as she watched her hand stroke his dick. She seemed to really like his prick. Orson looked down at the massive pair of tits dangling before his face. I do amazing work, he thought under the delusion that his art work had come to life. He couldn't resist temptation any longer and reached out to squeeze her long distended nipples. Nikki seemed to go wild at his touch. Instead of pulling back at his boldness, she leaned forward. Orson pushed one breast up so that it's nipple was pointing at his mouth. He stuck his tongue out and flickered it over the hard nipple. Nikki released her grip on his prick. She threw her arms around his head and pulled him into her breasts. She was gasping and moaning as he went to work kissing, licking, and sucking both her nipples as rapidly as he could. Nikki was straddling his lap now. His dick was sticking straight up. Fluid dripped on it. More fluid dripped on it. The tip of his penis grew hotter and then the head slid inside a woman's hot embrace for the first time in the young man's life. Mrs. Nicastro didn't pull back in horror. Instead, she humped the tip of his dick with lust. Orson had discovered the Milk Maiden's weakness. Superman had kryptonite, the Milk Maiden had her nipples. "You're letting me fuck you," groaned Orson, thrusting his prick in deeper. Nikki gasped and jumped back out of his lap. "No!" exclaimed the teenager in horror as his dick plopped free.

Nikki stood before him. Her hands were on her head and her fingers in her hair. She was gasping for air and looked wanton with lust. "What am I doing?" she said to herself. Her stance was such that her body was on display for the boy and her breasts were thrust out at him.

Orson wasn't about to let this opportunity slip by. He reached out and pinched both her nipples. "We were just about to fuck," he told her.

"No," she moaned, stepping closer to his lap again. "I'm married. Oh yes," she gasped as he took one nipple back in his mouth. Now it was her turn to stutter. "D ... d ... do you ha have a c ... condom?"

"Yes," said the excited boy. He didn't want to wear it, but it was a small price to pay. Orson reached down to the pants still around his ankles and extracted his wallet from his pocket. He was careful to keep playing with her nipples while he did so. He fumbled inside his wallet until his fingers found the condom. "Here it is."

Nikki took the condom. The wrapper was worn and creased. It looked like he had been carrying it around for years and probably had, she thought. She hurriedly ripped it open and pulled the condom out. She handed it back down to the boy. "Hurry," she urged him. "I want you in me." That wasn't true, thought Nikki. I don't want him in me, I need him in me. He kept his lips clamped over one of her nipples while he fumbled to put the condom on with both hands. She would have fumbled to. She had never put a condom on a man before. She didn't use them with Alex and didn't need to use it with Orson, but somewhere in the back of her mind, she had decided that if Orson didn't exactly cum inside her, but in the rubber, then she wasn't completely cheating on Alex.

"It's on," he said.

Nikki straddled his lap again and felt him guide his stiff prick over her genitals. She helped him guide it a little, and lowered herself over the stiff head of his prick. "Oh yes," she moaned.

"God, yes," he said, practically crying with joy.

When the head was fully in her, Nikki slammed her pussy down and the boy's prick shot into her deeper then any penis had ever been before. Nikki cried out with the pleasure of it. "I love it," she cried, bouncing in his lap.

"I love you," whispered the smitten boy. This was awesome. This was amazing, This was incredible. This was a new era for Orson Flynn. This wasn't a one time thing. Nikki would be his forever after he went home and drew some pictures of her fucking him in any position he desired. He would draw himself with a bigger cock and muscles. He would give himself the ability to fly. He would draw himself holding a winning lottery ticket. Nikki would be his prom date and wear the sexiest prom dress he could buy her. It was all too much for the teenage boy. "I'm cumming," he groaned at his orgasm came on fast.

"Not yet," begged a distraught Nikki. "I'm not there yet." She ground her crotch into his as his penis bucked in her pussy and filled the condom's receptacle with his sperm. The boy wiggled under her as the frantic woman bucked her crotch in his. She was rubbing the sensitive head of his dick and he couldn't take it anymore. "No," she pleaded as he pushed her off his lap.

"Don't worry, my love. Next time will be better," said a smug Orson.

Nikki was panting as she watched the teen unroll the condom off his penis. It had shrunk down to half it's size now and a pearl of semen had formed at the tip. "There won't be a next time, Orson." She sighed, still frustrated that she hadn't cum. Now that she had experienced orgasms, she didn't think she could give them up.

"Sure there will, baby. I might even be able to go again pretty soon if you come suck this for me." Orson held his hands out and pointed down at his penis. Interestingly, it had seemed to stiffen a little at the thought of her sucking it.

Cocky little prick, thought Nikki. "There won't be a next time and I don't suck penises."

Orson grinned. "We'll see about that."

Orson was reaching out for her nipples when a deep voice said, "What the fuck is going on here?"

Nikki Nipples Vs. The Landlord 11/15/08

Both Nikki and Orson jumped when they heard the gruff voice. They looked over at the entrance to the stockroom. "Oh no!," gasped Nikki when she saw who it was. Orson looked scared to death at the sight of the scary man.

"Running a whore house on my property," said the man. He was Nikki's Turkish landlord and the person she despised most in the world. He was holding the keys to her store and a cell phone in his other hand. Nikki grabbed her blouse and used it to cover her body from her breasts to her crotch.

Kerem Yarali was a giant of a man. He was the hairiest man, Nikki had ever met. His head was a large tangled mass of graying black hair which ran down the sides of his cheeks before turning into a large unkempt beard that reached his chest. His eyebrow grew together, making it look like he was perpetually frowning which he usually was. He was tall, nearly five inches over six feet. Kerem was extremely muscular, not fit and trim muscular, big muscular. He had a beer gut, but it appeared hard as a rock. Kerem was wearing a white t-shirt, shorts, and sandals that revealed his yellowed toe nails and brown feet. Hair coated every inch of his bare arms and legs. Like many people from desert cultures, Kerem didn't bath often and covered it up with large doses of cologne. The smell of his cheap cologne seemed to fight a constant battle with the smell of cheap tobacco. Nikki had heard from others, that Kerem was actually a pretty nice man and a wonderful father to his five kids. The problem he had with Nikki and Alex was that they were Greek. Kerem Yarali hated Greeks with a passion and had made their lives miserable since they had signed the lease. Nikki refused to deal with him and Alex was the one who always had to handle the obnoxious landlord. Luckily, Mr. Yarali didn't live nearby and his visits to his property were rare. The Nicastro's planned to move the store to a more heavily trafficked location and away from Yarali as soon as their lease was up in a year.

"Mr. Yarali, you can't come barging in here," protested Nikki.

"I do what I want on my property, Yunan (Greek) slut." He turned to Orson. "Pull your pants up and get out of here, kid." Kerem gestured towards the exit with his thumb. "I need to talk with my whore tenant alone."

Orson had dressed by now. He sprang up and ran for the door. He slowed only enough to inch his way around the burly Turk. This dude was a perfect villain, thought the teen. The Milk Maiden Vs. The Sasquatch was the title that came to mind. Orson paused by the door and glanced back at Mrs. Nicastro. Don't worry, my love, he thought. I'll give myself muscles to take on this monster and fly back to save you. Orson ran home as fast as he could intent upon starting the sketches that would turn him into a superhero.

"Mr. Yarali, will you at least turn around so I can get dressed?"

"Mrs. Nicastro, I am only going to say this once. You will speak when spoken to and only when spoken to. Do you understand?"

Nikki gasped in outrage. "I do not understand. I'm only going to say this once, you chauvinistic asshole. Get out of my store this instant or I will call the police."

"I will call them first." Kerem flipped open his cell phone. "I will tell them that my Yunan slut tenant is running a whore house from her store."

"No," pleaded Nikki realizing the predicament she was in.

"I hope that kid was eighteen."

"He was and what you saw was an accident. I'm not ... Wait! Stop dialing please."

Kerem Yarali paused and flipped his phone shut. "I believe you. I saw most of it. I'll cut you a break and not call the police."

Nikki sighed with relief. "Thank you," she said. Maybe, Kerem was not the monster she thought he was.

"I know Greek men have little honor, but your husband deserves to know what a whore he married so he can punish you. I won't call the police, but I will send him these picture I took of you and the boy." He flipped his cell phone open again.

Nikki squealed in fear. "Please don't. I beg of you."

Kerem flipped his phone shut again and put in in his pocket. Nikki stared at him in relief and then horror as her landlord started unbuttoning his shorts. "You told the boy, you didn't suck cock, but then you've never had a büyük türk çük (big Turkish cock) to play with. It's time you learned how, Mrs. Nicastro."

Nikki gasped with fear as Mr. Yarali pulled an absolute monster of a penis out of his shorts. "P.please," she begged staring at it in awe. The thing was already completely hard. It stuck out at least ten inches from a bushy mass of pubic hair. The tip was odd looking, apparently the head was covered by a mass of skin. She assumed this was what an uncircumcised penis looked like. Yarali was pulling off his shirt and stepping out of his shorts as she watched. He kept his dirty feet in the sandals. Soon his shoes and several gold chains around his neck were all that he was wearing. He was the ugliest man she had ever seen. Hair half black and half gray, covered his body. His pubic hair seemed to stretch up to his belly button, then it grew sparser on his stomach, growing bushy once again on his chest. His testicles appeared sized to match his phallus, but were nearly hidden by yet more hair. He turned briefly and she could see hair coating his back and ass. "Oh god, this can't be happening." Nikki sobbed and felt tears roll down her cheeks.

"Allah wills it, slut."

"I'm not a slut, Mr. Yarali."

"Those new tits sure make you look like a slut. Now come suck my büyük çük before I change my mind and send the pictures to your husband."

"What do I do?"

"Don't tell me you've never sucked cock before?" Kerem rolled his eyes. "Greek men are half men. No wonder their women don't obey them. Kneel down in front of me. Then kiss, lick, and suck on my cock. Your instinct will take over. Allah, be praised, it's one of the purposes he designed women for. You will like it."

Hmmm, thought Nikki, I would have thought my mouth was designed for eating, breathing, and talking. It's purpose is certainly not for sucking off sexist pigs. Nikki kneeled before Kerem and stared at his monster penis. No, cock was a better word for it. A cock was something big and hard and designed for sex ... no fucking. A cock was designed for fucking. Not that any woman could ever fuck something that big. Jesus, if she didn't get him off with her mouth, he might decide to fuck her with that monster. Kerem's cock had a slight upwards curve. It jerked with his pulse and the long pee slit would peek out of the foreskin with each jerk. The pee slit was leaking fluid which soon made the head and foreskin glisten.

"As much as I enjoy the look in your eyes, whore. I do not have all day. Get to work."

Nikki crinkled her nose at the stench of the man's cologne. He had apparently applied very liberal doses to his pubic region. Nikki closed her eyes as she leaned forward and let her tongue flicker up the head of his cock. She could taste the fluid on the end and wanted to gag. She felt complete disgust at what she was doing. She wished she hadn't been such a prude and had done this for Alex first. It felt like more of a betrayal having denied her husband for so long. Nikki did gag as she swallowed the head. It was as big as a golf ball. She sucked her lips tight as she sucked the head. Yarali was wrong. Her instinct was not taking over. If anything, her instinct was telling her that this was unnatural. It was unpleasant. He even pulled his cock out, lifted the shaft up and shoved his hairy balls at her mouth. She licked them, feeling pubic hairs coat her tongue and enter her mouth. She coughed, trying to spit them out before leaning back to suck the head again. She couldn't do this. It was all she could stand to suck just several inches of the tip and not gag with disgust. Nikki was ready to quit and let Yarali send the pictures to her husband. This was all Alex's fault anyway. Nikki had to give up, there was nothing she could do. Well, there was one thing she could do.

Nikki reached up and pinched her nipples.

A moan of pleasure formed in the back of her throat replacing the bile. She could feel her pussy leak on the backs of her legs where she was kneeling on them. She squeezed her nipples and stroked them. Her head followed suit. She started bobbing it more rapidly, taking several more inches of Yarali's massive cock in her mouth. Moans of lust escaped her lips around his cock. She released one nipple and used the freed hand to grab the base of Yarali's cock, matting down his pubic hair and holding it steady so that she could suck it more rapidly. She wondered what it would feel like to get fucked by such a monster of a cock. Nikki slid her hand up the rapidly slickening shaft and pulled his foreskin down taut so that she could run her tongue all around the bulbous cock head.

"Now you are getting in to it. Emisini benim cuk, yunan hayat kadinlariydi" (Suck my cock, Greek whore)

Nikki didn't know what he was saying in Turkish, but the words escaped his lips in a groan of pleasure. She released her other nipple and now gripped the shaft with both hands. She stroked what she couldn't swallow. She relaxed her throat now and pushed her head forward, letting his cock slide deep down her throat. Her nose was soon only inches from his pubic hair. She bobbed her head feeling nearly eight inches of his thick cock sliding back and forth down her throat. Nikki grabbed her nipples again. She was going mad with horniness, the brief sex with Orson had left her unsatisfied.

Yarali wrapped one beefy hand around the back of her head. He helped guide her as she imagined his cock was swelling up even larger then it was now. The old Turk was gasping for breath. He grunted as his cock bucked down her throat. She felt it pulse in her throat, pumping sperm into her belly. Nikki felt the disgust returning. She jerked her head back and Kerem let her, but held her head still when just the head of his cock was in her mouth. It was still pumping sperm and a lot of it. She had no idea a man's sperm was so hot. She'd inadvertently tasted the paperboy, but his semen had cooled by the time it had entered her mouth. Kerem's sperm overflowed her mouth and she was forced to swallow more. It didn't taste as bad as she would have expected. It didn't taste good or anything, but it wasn't disgusting and it filled her with pride to hear Kerem's grunts of pleasure as he came. Nikki even kept the head in her mouth while Mr. Yarali stroked the remaining sperm out of his shaft.

"I said you would like it," said Kerem continuing to stroke the thick shaft. Nikki wanted to explain that it wasn't her, it was her nipples that made her do it. Yarali continued, "Whores always like to suck cock." He was stroking his cock to keep it hard. "Whores also like to get fucked. Ready to feel a büyük türk çük in that Greek pussy?"

Nikki stared as if mesmerized at his hand gliding along the still rock hard shaft. Her pussy was soaked. Her nipples were hard and rampant, straining out from her breasts. She was horny from playing with them as well as from Orson leaving her hanging. She stared at the big ten inch Turkish cock before her eyes. "Yes," she whispered, instantly regretting it.

"Get on all fours then."

"Your not going to do me like this are you?" she asked as Kerem walked around behind her. The position was unnatural. People made love facing each other so that they could kiss and look in each others eyes. This position was how animals fucked in the wild, but then Kerem Yarali was a big animal of a man.

Kerem kneeled and lined his big cock head up with her wet slit. "This is how one fucks a whore." He moved the tip of his cock up and down her slit before pushing it in.

Nikki gasped. The head was huge and spread her wide open as it entered her. "Wait! You need to wear a condom."

Kerem Yarali snorted. "I don't wear them."

"Then we can't ... Oh god! Then you need to pull out when you cum."

"Maybe, if you're good to me. If not, then you won't be the first whore I planted a big Turkish baby in."

God, what a disgusting man, she thought. He thought she was worried about pregnancy, but she just didn't want another man's sperm inside her. His cock was bad enough, but his sperm would mean she had finally given in to any pretense of faithfulness she still had to Alex. "Aargh," she groaned as he pushed more in.

"I feel it too, Greek. This is one tight pussy. Alex must not measure up in the cock department."

You got that right, she thought and instantly regretted it. "Your cock's just too big," she groaned.

."Now you know why Turkish women obey their men. Now Bu Adim büyük türk çük." (take that big Turkish cock).

"Pig," she grunted and gasped as he smacked her ass cheek. It wasn't a hard spank, but it surprised her and he laughed.

Nikki decided she wasn't going to give him the pleasure of making her cum. Screw him, she'd rather spend the rest of the day frustrated then submit to him. She could masturbate or call Jill after he left. The problem is that he felt good. He was now deeper and stretching her wider then she'd ever been before. She estimated he still had a couple inches to give her and she caught herself pushing back into his thrusts. At least with this position, she could pretend he was Alex, but that only made her want to give in. Nikki gasped as his hairy balls slapped her thighs. She wouldn't have believed it possible, but she had taken the entire ten inches of that big cock.

"You loving this, slut?"

"No," she grunted through clenched teeth. Her wet pussy was making it easy for him to slide it in and out of her despite the fact that her pussy seemed to want to grasp his shaft and hold him in deep. Damn, it felt good. Yarali was picking up speed and really fucking her hard now and it was all she could do to fight the pleasure. Nikki would have given anything in the world at that moment to give Alex a cock the size of the old Turk's.

Nikki was fighting the pleasure as best she could, but his hard thrusts were forcing her down. Her back legs were spreading and her front was lowering as he gave her the hardest pounding of her life. Nikki's massive breasts were dangling, the distended nipples sticking out inches from the carpeted floor. After a few more thrusts, her arms slid further out and both her sensitive nipples slid along the carpet. Nikki's eyes flew open as the orgasm exploded from her pussy.

"I felt that slut," laughed the Turk as he gripped her waist and fucked her even harder.

Oh no, she thought. Nikki looked underneath her and watched the wet milk stains spreading out on the carpet under her breasts. At least I didn't have to see the expression on his face when he made me cum. Worse, her breasts were still swinging along the carpet, driving her nipples crazy. Impossibly, Nikki felt another orgasm building. She couldn't fight it and pushed back into Yarali's thrusts as the second orgasm overtook her. "Fuck me you bastard," she cried.

"You ask benim en büyük türk çük, hayat kadinlariydi." (You love my big Turkish cock, whore).

Nikki had no idea what he had said, but her words answered him anyway. "I love your big cock. I've never been fucked like this. Fuck me. Fuck me." Nikki came again and watched the wet stains on the carpet spread around her dangling breasts. She was going crazy with lust. "I'm a whore," she moaned, close to cumming yet another time.

"Now you admit you're a whore," laughed Yarali. He stuck his thumb in his mouth and sucked it to make it wet, before placing it down against Nikki's sphincter. He pushed it in.

Nikki was scared when she felt something enter her ass, but the new sensation was all that it took to push her over the edge of her third orgasm. "Oh, I love being fucked by your cock," she moaned. Having never experienced an orgasm until recently the thought of multiple ones had been foreign to her. She even sensed another building almost right on the heels of the last. She could also sense Kerem's thrusts were growing erratic and he was grunting more. Her pussy also felt like it was expanding around his growing cock. "Pull out," she begged.

"Nah. I don't think so," came his voice behind her. "Gonna fill that womb with Turkish seed and put my baby in that belly." He laughed evilly, but the laugh ended with a groan as he came.

It was too much for Nikki. Her nipples flickering along the carpet, the thumb in her ass, and the massive cock now spurting hot seed deeper in her pussy then she'd ever felt anything before sent Nikki over the edge. She had the mother of all orgasms. Her pussy clamped itself over the Turk's spurting cock and wouldn't let go. Nikki squealed in pleasure from the orgasm's intensity. The milk shooting from her breasts matched the intensity of the orgasm. White fluid continued to stain the carpet until finally the orgasm stopped and her landlord slowly withdrew his magnificent cock from her well fucked pussy. "Oh, I've never cum like that before," she groaned before collapsing her entire body on the carpet.

"You've never been fucked properly before," said Kerem. This time his tone wasn't condescending, but more matter-of-fact. "You've got a nice pussy, whore. I think I'll be visiting my property more often from here on out."

"Umm," purred Nikki. "I look forward to it." Did she just say that? This could never happen again, but there was no denying this was the most sexually satisfied, she'd ever been. She heard him move behind her and the door to her bathroom moved. She heard him grunt as he tried to force piss out of his still swollen prick. Nikki glanced over her shoulder at the urinating man. She quickly forced herself back up to her hands and knees and crawled over to his shorts. She pulled the cell phone out and flipped it open. She couldn't find the pictures button, nor even see a lens for the camera.

"There are no pictures, whore," said Kerem's voice behind her. "I have no need of a camera phone."

Nikki sobbed in horror. She should have known. Yarali was notoriously cheap. Indeed, the phone looked older then five years. "You lied to me!"

"No matter." Kerem shrugged and took his shorts from her. Nikki watched his cock disappear inside them and almost felt regret at seeing it tucked away. "Now that you know what a real man's cock feels like, I do not expect you to say no to me next time."

Nikki didn't answer him. She huddled on the floor and tried to cover herself. Ridiculous, but she suddenly didn't want this man seeing her nude any longer.

Kerem Yarali finished dressing. He turned to leave. If he noticed the stains from her milk on the carpet, he did not mention them. He turned as he neared her front door. "Oh, and by the way, Greek. If you tried opening this store once in awhile, you might make some money in this business." He walked out the front door and used his key to lock it back up.

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