The Burglars

by Frank Noir

Copyright© 2006 by Frank Noir

BDSM Sex Story: Two masked men break into the home of a young couple and make the man watch as they sexually assault his girlfriend. Eventually, it becomes a hot sexual experience for all four of them.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Mult Reluctant BiSexual Heterosexual Slut Wife MaleDom Gang Bang Interracial Black Male White Male White Female Oral Sex Voyeurism .

Sonja and Matt were fast asleep. They lay naked in each other's arms in the warm double bed of their suburban home. They had no idea what a strange night it was going to be.

It all started around 2 a.m. The sound of the car could have woken them up - but didn't. Neither did the slamming of two car doors or the footsteps hurrying towards the house. But suddenly, there was a loud crash of a window breaking.

Startled, Matt sat up in bed, looking around the darkened bedroom in confusion. Everything, seemed normal, which meant that the window breaking must have been...

"What is it?" Sonja moaned quietly, just waking up.

"I don't know," Matt whispered. "I'll go and see."

Matt slipped out of bed, wrapping his bathrobe around him.

"Be careful," Sonja mumbled, already drifting back to sleep.

Matt smiled. Yeah, it was probably nothing - some crazy kid throwing rocks. But still...

Matt sneaked into the living room. Yes, the window was broken, splinters of glass scattered over the couch, gleaming in the moonlight. But no-one was there. Okay.

Relaxed, he checked the other rooms in the house. No- one anywhere. Good. Nothing to worry about, just...


Matt heard the panic in Sonja's voice, crying out from the bedroom. He hurried back, but froze in the doorway.

There were two of them: Two men dressed in black, wearing ski masks and leather gloves. They stood around the bed, watching. And in the soft lamplight Sonja clutched at the bedspread covering her naked body.


The burglars turned their heads at the sound of Matt's voice, and one of them pointed a gun at him.

"Don't move," he barked, "don't you fucking move!"

"Please," Matt whispered, "don't hurt her."

"Hurt her?" the other burglar said. "We haven't even seen her yet."

The burglars laughed, as the second one grabbed the bedspread and pulled it away, exposing Sonja's beautiful body. Matt closed his eyes - he couldn't watch this.

"Please..." he whispered again.

"Open your eyes," said the burglar holding the gun. "We want you to watch."

Matt opened his eyes, as the second burglar grabbed Sonja's legs and pulled her towards him, until her ass rested on the edge of the mattress.

"Oh! No!" she cried.

With his wet tongue sticking out of his ski mask, the burglar squatted between her thighs. Matt watched in horror, as he buried his face in Sonja's pussy and slowly started licking her clit. Sonja twisted and turned on the bed, sobbing quietly. But the burglar spread her thighs apart with his gloved hands and licked and sucked her pink slit.

"Yeah," the first burglar sneered, "he's eating your girlfriend's pussy. How do you like that? I bet you love it. I bet it makes you hard."

"No," Matt sobbed. "Please stop."

He heard the wet sounds of the burglar sucking Sonja's slit and carefully licking her moist labia. Sonja felt his wet lips and tongue teasing her clit, sending shivers of guilty pleasure through her body.

Oh God no, she thought, biting her lip, trying to fight the lustful sensations. This was all wrong. She wasn't that kind of girl. Not the kind who got turned on by a masked stranger assaulting her pussy. And with Matt watching. It wasn't right.

But it was no use: It did in fact turn her on. And as the masked burglar licked her pussy, her excitement grew, and the love juice flowed from her hungry slit.

Sonja threw her head back, panting rhythmically and grabbing at the sheets with both hands. The burglar lifted his head, revealing a wet patch around the mouth of his ski mask. Slowly he inserted one of his gloved fingers into Sonja's pussy and started sliding it back and forth, in and out of her juicy slit.

"Unnnh!" She moaned loudly as the leathery finger poked her, massaging the tender insides of her pussy. Matt started at them in amazement as the gloved finger slipped in and out of his girlfriend's cunt, wet and glistening as her juices flowed around it. Sonja started thrusting her hips against the burglar's hand, her pussy getting wetter every second.

"Sonja?" Matt called.

"Yeah, she likes it," the burglar grunted as he started poking not one, but two fingers into Sonja's soft flesh. "Don't you? Don't you just love it, you nasty little slut?"

"Oh, yes," she gasped, massaging her clit as the burglar's gloved finger fucked her pussy. "Oh yes. It feels so fucking good, I'm gonna come."

Matt felt his cock getting hard, as he watched Sonja masturbating, the wet leather fingers poking her pussy.

"Alright" the burglar holding the gun said. "Now fuck her, man!"

The second burglar pulled his fingers from Sonja's cunt, her juices dripping from the leather glove, Then he stood up and started undoing his black pants.

"Look at me," he ordered. And Sonja looked up at the stranger, looked at his masked face - and at the stiff cock protruding from his pants. She gasped. The burglar grabbed the shaft with both hands and slowly began jerking off, as he looked her in the eyes.

"Yeah," he whispered, "I'm gonna fuck you now. How do you like that?"

"Oh yes please," Sonja moaned, softly stroking her pussy, "fuck me."

Now Matt could hardly conceal his erection beneath his bathrobe. The hand of the burglar holding the gun was shaking visibly as he waited for the fucking to start.

"Come on," he shouted. "Show that randy little bitch what a real cock feels like. Shove it inside her pussy and fuck her. Fuck her real good."

He turned to Matt.

"And you just watch. He's gonna fuck your girlfriend, and you're gonna stand here and watch every fucking second. You like that?"

Matt felt his hard cock throbbing wildly. God, this turned him on. He could hardly control his urge to jerk off right then and there. He took a deep breath, trying to compose himself.

The other burglar stood over Sonja, stroking his stiffened member with his gloved hand, his eyes exploring her gorgeous body. She lay there, her legs spread wide, moaning with anticipation as she softly caressed her tender clit,

"I bet you love it," the burglar with the gun snarled. "I bet you just love watching anyone fuck your little girlfriend. You'd like him to fuck her brains out. Wouldn't you?"

Matt was out of breath with excitement.

"No watch this," the second burglar said. And grabbing his cock around the base of the shaft, he plunged it into Sonja's soft minge with one powerful thrust.

"Aaahhh," she cried out as the entire length of the burglar's bone-hard member penetrated her juicy slit.

Now Sonja felt his gloved hands grabbing her hips as he started pumping his cock rhythmically in and out of her pussy. He fucked her in a fast and unrelenting rhythm, withdrawing almost completely with each stroke and then thrusting his raging member into her again and again and again.

"Ohmigod," she panted. "Yes. Fuck me. Ohmigod. Fuck me hard."

Matt watched the burglar's cock pumping like a piston in and out of his girlfriend's pussy, getting wetter and wetter with each powerful thrust, all shiny and dripping from Sonja's love juices.

She dug her nails into the burglar's ass and pressed her pelvis against his, moving in time to the rhythm of his fucking.

"Aaahhh," he yelled, slamming into her again and again. "Yeah, grab my ass, you randy fucking bitch! You like this cock? Huh? You like it?"

"Ohhh yes," Sonja panted in a deep, husky voice, "ohhh yes, I'm coming. Aaahhh!"

She felt the burglar's hard cock still pumping into her, but now she felt the woolly material of the ski mask scratching her breast, now the wet heat of his panting mouth, and finally the sharp pain as he bit hard into her erect nipple, pushing her over the edge. Her entire body stiffened as she climaxed, and she cried out in ecstasy.

"Aaahhh! Yeeesss!"

"Get your cock out," the burglar fucking her gasped to his partner. "Now!"

The other burglar put the gun away, unzipped his fly and pulled out a long, chocolate-brown, half-erect cock. As he grabbed it with his gloved hand and started masturbating, it stiffened and grew to its full length. At least ten inches, Matt thought.

"Get ready for my cum," the burglar fucking Sonja gasped. "I'm gonna shoot that load all over your pretty tits. How do you like that, you randy little slut?"

Seeing one masked burglar fucking his girlfriend and his black partner stroking his giant cock, Matt just couldn't control himself any longer. Throwing off his bathrobe, he stood stark naked in the middle of the room. Then grabbed his throbbing cock and started masturbating.

God, it felt great to touch himself. He was so hard he couldn't believe it. Matt saw the surprise in Sonja's eyes as she saw the length and stiffness of her boyfriend's erection. She just loved the sight of Matt, naked and shameless, jerking off in front of her.

And at the same time, the burglar pulled his cock out of her sore pussy and grabbed it with his gloved hand as he started to ejaculate.

Long jets of hot creamy sperm shot out of his cock, hitting Sonja's breasts, her belly, her cheeks, her thighs, as the burglar threw his head back, grunting like a beast.

"Unh, unh!" he muttered through the ski mask. As his orgasm subsided, he jerked off, his gloved hand forcing a few more drops of thick, white semen out of his cock, dripping it onto Sonja's belly,

"Oooh yes," she whispered.

"Now you," the white burglar gasped to his black partner, as he stumbled unsteadily away from the bed, collapsing in an armchair in the corner of the room. Without thinking, Matt patted him on the back, like he was congratulating him with a job well done.

With his long, stiff cock sticking out in front of him, the black burglar stood in front of the bed. With a gloved finger he wiped a glob of cum off Sonja's breast, then put the finger to her lips.

"Lick it up," he ordered. And with her wet, little tongue, Sonja obediently licked the sticky semen off his gloved finger.

"Yeah," he said, forcing the leather finger into her mouth, "you eat the fucking cum, you bitch."

And with a wet, slurping noise, she sucked the finger clean.

The burglar stroked his long, hard cock with one gloved hand while wiping the other burglar's cum off Sonja's body and feeding it to her mouth with his other hand. Matt watched them, masturbating, savoring the sight of his beautiful girlfriend subjected to the sick desires of this masked stranger.

"Yeah, you like it, don't you?" the burglar said. "You just love the taste of sperm, don't you, you randy little slut?"

"Mmmyes, mmm, yes," Sonja purred, licking and sucking the cum off the leather glove, again and again, until she had swallowed every drop.

The burglar then placed Sonja on all fours in front of him.

"Now play with your pussy," he commanded, still stroking his long black cock. "I wanna watch you masturbate, like the dirty little slut you are."

Sonja was so excited now that she didn't even object.

"Yeah," she whispered, amazed at the depraved sound of her voice "I'm a fucking whore. You just watch me."

And Sonja reached between her legs, stroked her wet labia and started massaging her little, pink love button.

"Open up that pussy," the burglar said. "I wanna look inside that little, wet hole as you jerk yourself off."

And spreading her legs wide, she parted her pussy- lips with one hand, exposing the wet, pink inside of her soft slit, while she rubbed her stiff clit with her other hand.

"Unnnh," she moaned, bringing herself ever closer to another orgasm. Her juices trickled down the insides of her thigh.

The burglar grabbed his stiff, chocolate-brown member with his gloved hand and slapped it hard against Sonja's ass-cheek with a loud smacking sound. And then again. And again, leaving dark pink marks on her ass and stiffening the burglar's cock until it was hard as steel. He grunted with pleasure inside the ski mask.

"So, bitch," he said. "I'm gonna shove my cock into that randy little cunt of yours. And then I'm gonna fuck you." He slapped his member against her ass again. "Fuck you real good. You hear me, bitch? Now get ready for my fucking cock."

Matt held his breath as he watched the burglar place the dark, swollen helmet at the entrance to Sonja's pussy. Then, with a loud "aaah" he thrust forward, driving his erect cock into her wet slit, though still leaving several inches of the shaft outside. He then grabbed her hips with his gloved hands and tried forcing even more of his huge member into her, making her whimper.

"Aaah," he grunted again and looked down at his cock. Only a few inches still remained outside her swollen pussy-lips. The burglar grabbed Sonja's hips harder, getting ready for another thrust.

"Oh, no, please. I can't," she sobbed, impaled on the black burglar's giant cock.

"You just relax, bitch," he shouted. "You just open up that cunt for my fucking cock!"

And finally he rammed the entire length of the hard shaft into her, making her scream out loud.

"Yeah," he said and started to fuck her, sliding his long cock slowly in and out of her wet pussy.

Sonja felt every inch of his huge cock probing the depths of her love muscle and then receding, back and forth, in a slow, gentle rhythm.

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