The Burnt Toast Club

by Stormbringer

Copyright© 2006 by Stormbringer

Sex Story: Saturday detention with the nerd, the princess, the hot teacher, the jock, and two thugs.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Drunk/Drugged Interracial Black Male White Female Oral Sex Anal Sex Size .

copyright 2006 by Stormbringer

Corrine Hartman pulled her convertable BMW into her parking spot and put it in park. She pulled her sunglasses off and checked her eyes in the mirror to see if the drops had made them less bloodshot. 'Whoever heard of detention on Saturday?' thought the poor teacher.

Corey worked three jobs. During the week she was a high school English teacher, on weekends she bartended at a popular college bar nearby, and during football season, the 26 year old was a professional cheerleader for the Philiadelphia Eagles.

Corey was somewhat of an enigma. She believed that teachers should be stern, conservative, and provide moral examples for the students. When teaching, she wore slacks or ankle length skirts, bulky tops, and a sports bra to help supress her big D-cup breasts. It was all a joke because every student had seen her cheerleading in short shorts and the tight tops the cheerleaders wore. Corey was more liberal bartending so the shorts and low-cut bosom- plus tip- enhancing tops came out. Several of her old students were now old enough to drink and came to her bar just to ogle her.

Mrs Hartman had loved teaching at first. Soon in became obvious that her lifestyles were incompatible. She had been picked for the cover of the team's swimsuit calendar. The picture showed the young woman rising up out of the water on the beach. Her long blonde hair was wet and fell to the small of her back. The only thing she wore was small black panties. Her arm crossed her bare beasts and the bikini top dangled from the hand. Her full red lips were pursed and her blue eyes wide with an "Oops" expression. That picture was now hanging in 65% of the male student's lockers. One geek had made it the desktop background for the entire school's networked computers.

Her students had been becoming more uncontrollable and thugish without the picture. The picture made things worse. They leered and ogled her. One had grabbed her ass. Some parents had complained about her when they caught their son jerking off to her picture. Corey sighed. She had already decided to give this up soon. She didn't need the money.

Corrine Hartman was now engaged to a dashing young business executive. She held her hand up and looked at the large diamond glistening in the sunlight. It was nearly as expenisve as the bmw he had bought her. Robert was a big advertiser with the Eagles. They held ten of the best seats at the stadium. If Robert said, he wanted four players to meet his clients, the owners replied, "which ones?". Robert had decided he wanted the hottest Eagles cheerleader as his wife and Corey was unable to resist. She was about to give up everything to become a trophy wife.

Corrine sat back in the bmw and watched them come. First there was the geek. Melvin climbed out of his father's volvo. He resembled his dad, a skinny accountant wearing glasses. The small white kid looked nervously around him before heading to the doors. Melvin was in detention for putting the picture of Corey on all the computers. The little perv was on her shit list. His grades were too good to fail him, but he was suppossedly having financial trouble and was stuck going to a local comunity college instead of the ivy league school that had accepted him.

The jock was next. Marcus was a giant black man as big as any pro football player and today was his eighteenth birthday. His father, an equally giant black man cuffed him on the back of the head before driving off. The cheerleading coach had caught one of her girls giving Marcus a blow job in the girl's showers. Corey had seen the coach right afterward. The poor woman seemed in shock. Her mouth hung open and she stared at Marcus with a look of amazement on her face. Though she never talked about it.

The princess was next. Charisma Summers was the most stuck up bitch in school. Corey had never encountered a more self centered person in her life and Corey worked with professional cheerleaders. Charisma was head cheerleader and always pestering Corey about getting her an interview with the eagles. Charisma was as stacked as Corey. She wore a pink halter that strained with the swell of her breasts. A white skirt that stopped mid-thigh showed off her long legs. She was dating Marcus' best friend, the school quarterback.

The last two to arrive were the thugs. Both nineteen having missed a year. They arrived together, no fathers, the two black men walked quietly across the sports field. Why they hadn't dropped out enitrely was a wonder. Corey expected that they stayed in school to sell drugs to the students. Luthor was nearly as big as Marcus. He wore camoflouged pants and a tank top stretchd taunt against his muscles. Anthony was more leaner with a basketball players build, but all muscles. He was nearly seven feet tall. Both thugs wore reflective sunglasses and do-rags on their heads. Corey gulped. She hadn't expected them to show up. Luthor was the thug who had grabbed her ass. Rumor had it that Anthony had led a dozen black thugs in a circle jerk around her bikini picture. He had been the only one caught. He claimed he was the only one, but the picture was nearly soaked in ejaculate. "Nope, that's all my baby juice," had been his response.

Corrine sat back and waited and waited and waited some more. The school wasn't about to make her monitor detention alone. The football coach was supposed to show up. Where the hell was he? Corey didn't want to do this


Melivin gulped and sat as far from the black thugs as possible. The jock wasn't all that bad though the man's size was intimidating. Melvin opened his knapsack taking out a thermos and brown bag. The crinkling of the bag got the attention of the thugs.

"Thanks for the breakfast, dick." Anthony strolled over to Melvin's seat. He grabbed the bag and took out the sandwich inside. "My favorite. Hmmm." He crammed half the sandwich inside his mouth. The tall black teen then snatched Melvin's thermos off the table and walked back to Luthor.

"Hey give that back!" Melvin stood and walked to retrieve his drink. Luthor turned and pushed him back. Melvin nearly fell. He moved around and backed away from the black men, bumping into the teacher's desk just as Corey came into the room. Her coffee spilled all over the floor just as Melvin hit it. "Oops, sorry Miss Hartman."

Corrine sighed. "That's fine Melvin. Why don't you run on down to the cafeteria and get me a replacement out of the vending machine."

"Yes, Miss Hartman."

Corey waited for Melvin to return before speaking. She winked at him as he replaced her coffee and he blushed in response. He had also bought Charisma and Marcus drinks, probably wanting protection from the thugs. Charisma waved him off, looking annoyed. This was going to be a fun day. Corey sighed. "Alright students, I know none of us want to be here on a Saturday."

"Does that mean we can go home?" asked Marcus.

"We can all go home... in seven hours. Sit quietly. No talking. You may read, study, or do homework if you'd like." Corrine almost laughed at that one. "Sleep for all I care." Marcus raised his hand. "Yes, Marcus?"

"Where's the coach?"

"Late I guess. He should be here soon. Your detention begins now."

Corrinne sat down at the librarian's desk. The students sat dispersed amongst a row of tables. Luthor and Anthony leaned back with their feet propped up on the tables. Neither had taken off their sunglases. Corey got the impression they were staring at her from behind the lenses. Of course, Melvin and Marcus were staring too, though more surreptiously. The thugs sat up and started shifting uncomfortably.

Corrinne began to feel hot. Her nipples were expanding as she glanced at Anthony's broad muscular torso. The tight shirt he wore left nothing to the imagination. He and Marcus were as cut as any of the football players on her team. Her panties felt slightly moist. Damn, I'm getting horny, she thought. Her fiance was away on business and hadn't been taking care of her. She was getting so horny, she was pressing her pelvis down into her chair. Corey closed her eyes and tried to fight it. She wondered if she could leave these losers alone long enough to run to the ladies room and masturbate.

Corrine opened her eyes having made up her mind to go play with herself. Unfortunately, the students weren't cooperating. Luthor had disappeared. Anthony was sitting up and the pervert appeared to have his hand down his pants. The young teacher looked around for Luthor and spotted him behind some bookcases. The seven foot giant was staring at her through the gap between some shelved books. He ducked when he realized he'd been spotted. "Stay in your seats," she told the four other students.

Mrs Hartman quickly strolled towards where Luthor was hiding certain she was about to catch him sneaking some drugs. Instead, she caught him with his pants around his ankles.

"Oh my god!" she gasped.

"Fuck!" groaned Luthor. His hand was stroking his cock. "I aint stopping. I fucking got so hard just staring at you and picturing that bikini picture in my head."

"Oh my god," she said again. Luthor's penis was a monster. It was built like Luthor himself, long and taunt. The entire penis looked to be close to fourteen inches long. It was dark black and veiny. Corey had never seen an uncircumsized penis before. A knobby, serpentine shaped cockhead emerged from his wrinkled foreskin each time Luthor's hand slid down the base. His balls were huge too. Collosal testicles, each the size of her fist. She no longer doubted, that it had been Luthor alone who jerked off on her picture.

"Ever seen a cock this big before?"

"N-no. N-never," she stuttered. Strong hands rested on Corey's shoulders and pushed down. The hot teacher's knees were weak and she fell to her knees. She looked up to see Anthony standing over her. The thug released her shoulders and tried to fish his cock out of his pants. He was clearly erect and his cock resisted his attempts. When he managed to pull it out, Corey was amazed at it's size too. Anthony's cock was around a foot long and nearly as thick as her wrist. His shaft was dark brown, lighter then Luthor's, with a reddish cockhead the size of a golf ball. The sight of two such powerful cocks did nothing to relieve her horniness. Her panties were soaked now and her pussy screamed for attention, but Corey wasn't about to screw two black students. "Stop it this instant or I will scream."

"We aint gonna hurt ya," said Luthor. Corey looked away from Anthony's cock towards Luthor. He had pulled his shirt off revealing his long, muscled torso and was stepping out of his pants. "I just gotta cum. Alls I'm gonna do is jerk off lookin atcha. Fuckin cock's so hard, it hurts."

"Mine too bro."

"Jesus, they're big." Corey reached up to touch Luthor's, but caught herself.

"Don't be shy." Luthor helped her by grabbing her wrist and guiding his cock into her hand.

"So big." Corrinne couldn't help repeating herself. She didn't think her fiance pushed much past 5 inches in the prick department and here she was holding a fat foot long dick. "So thick," she added, noting how her fingers didn't meet as she held the shaft and that wasn't even the thickest part. The black cock was thicker just under the head. She slid her hand up to the thick part.

"That's it, baby. Stroke that black cock." Luthor grabbed her wrist again and moved it up and down the length of his shaft.

"Ya know, Ms Hartman. I just might cum quicker if I sees you with your top off." Anthony bent down and started unbuttoning Corey's blouse.

Corrinne was nearly in a trance as she stared at Luthor's cock and barely noticed her blouse being pulled open. She did react when she felt Anthony's hands sliding up under the back of her blouse seeking her bra clasp. She released Luthor's cock, but he grabbed her wrist and pulled it back onto his shaft. By then, Anthony had realized the clasp was in the front. His thick black hands had slipped around between her breasts quickly undoing the clasp. He cupped her DD's as they sprang free. Again, Corey moved to stop him. Her free hand came around to pull his hands off her breasts, but Anthony released her boob and grabbed her wrist. He pulled her hand around behind her to his cock. She grabbed it automatically and his hand returned to her tit.

Anthony was skillfully teasing her nipples to the point Corey no longer wanted him to release them. He pinched her nipples and tugged at them. Her own hands matched the pace on her nipples, Corrine tugged hard at the cocks in her hands.

"Oh fuck," growled Luthor. "Finally gonna cum. My dick fuckin hurts."

Corey watched fascinated as the cock she was stroking swelled and darkened even further.

She expected to see a stream of semen shoot out several inches from the head at any moment. She should have known better. Cum literally exploded from the angry head of Luthor's cock. Anthony cursed as sperm struck his hands. He pulled back, leaving her breasts free to receive the full brunt of the turrent of semen. Luthor's seed struck everywhere ruining her clothes, getting in her hair, on her face, and dripping down her belly. Corey held her mouth tightly shut to keep it out.

"Lets get this mess off you," said Anthony in her ear. Corey held her arms up as Luthor pulled the blouse off over her head. The bra soon followed. He helped her to her feet and pulled her skirt down. "Holy fuck, look at that ass."

Corey had worn sexy underwear under her bulky teacher clothes. The thong left her ass exposed. Anthony gripped her butt cheeks and Luthor bent around to check it out. They both knew how fantastic her ass looked from seeing her in the short shorts of her cheerleading outfit, but seeing her cheeks bare and in person was something else. Anthony tugged at her g-string, but she gripped her panties tightly even as he tugged some more.

Given her arousal and fascination with their giant black cocks, Corey no longer trusted herself and hoped the panties might protect her.

Luthor stepped back as Anthony moved around in front of her. Corey was amazed to see that Luthor's cock was as hard as ever even after cumming so much. Anthony stepped a lot closer lining up his round cockhead just six inches or so from her face. "Now jerk me off."

Corey reached up with both hands. "Just warn me when you get close. I don't want to get anymore on me. Ok?" She asked and Anthony nodded impatiently. Corey was almost scared of his cock. She squeezed her eyes shut and turned her head afraid it would explode in her face. She kept her mouth tightly shut until she realized, Anthony wasn't anywhere close to cumming.

Anthony began thrusting with his hips as her stroking increased. His thrusting cockhead moved closer and closer to her face. It even struck her lips and nose several times. Corey tried to move back, but Luthor was behind her. Luthor's cock was pressing against her back leaving a wet trail where it touched. She felt his hands on her breasts making her moan beween her closed lips. One hand left her tit to slide down her belly. The fingers slipped under her panties and through her brown bush. They soon found her wet slit and pushed inside. This time, Corey couldn't hold her mouth closed and Anthony's cock slipped inside her mouth.

"Mmmph," she grunted in surprise. The fat cockhead pushed deeper until she started to gag. Anthony pulled out so that she could catch her breath. "Warn me before you cum," she gasped." Anthony didn't answer and Corey didn't complain when he pushed it back in. This time she gripped the cock's base and took her time with it.

Luthor continued to tease his teacher's clit. He was soon rewarded with a soaked hand as Corrine trembled from a small orgasm. He pushed against her back until she was forced down on her hands. He switched fingers in her pussy, now finger fucking her from behind. He pushed up until Corrine raised her ass up and got on all fours. Anthony had lowered himself to his knees so that she could continue sucking on his cock.

Corrine groaned out a complaint as Luthor removed his finger from her pussy. The finger was soon replaced by something bigger pushing against the thin material of her panty. "Watch it," she protested, "but keep doing that."

The fat cockhead teased the entrance of her pussy held back by the cotton material. It felt so good, but the black youth soon stopped.

Corey wanted to beg him to push it back in, but

Anthony's cock was halfway down her throat. Still, her panty was all stretched and uncomfortable, partly stuck inside her pussy. Corey reached between her legs in an effort to pull it out. "Let me do that for you," said Luthor. His finger ran under the thong abover her ass and ran down, pulling the material free. Before she could protest, he pulled the thong out and over and his cock pushed back inside her soaked pussy and Corey trembled from the biggest orgasm of her life.

Corey couldn't believe how easily she took the huge cock. She was so wet and horny, the massive shaft pushed right in with little resistance. It was like her pussy was built for the huge dick.

Corey choked as Anthony's cockhead slid deep down her throat. The monster felt even bigger, swollen, and harder. With a jerk, cum flowed down her throat into her belly. "Cumming," he said, a mixture between a growl and a laugh as he warned her too late. Corey tried to move back, but he stopped her with the spewing head fillling her mouth. Hot black seed bulged her cheeks out and she swallowed to keep from choking. After the first taste, the rest was easy. She found herself jerking the shaft, swallowing sperm as fast as his big balls could pump it out.

Anthony pulled his cock out of her mouth when he finished and the first words Corey spoke were, "You're still hard!"

Marcus glanced around the tables noticing that he and Charisma were alone. The teacher had went after the thugs and even the wimp had disappeared. He glanced at the hot young cheerleader. Charisma was chatting on her cell phone the second Miss Hartman had disappeared. Marcus glanced at her big breasts and the firm, fit legs, running up to a skirt hem that nearly revealed her panties. His cock was already half hard and didn't need much help going to a full, painful erection. He stood to adjust his penis. "I'm gonna go find the others," he said, and Charisma waved him off.

It wasn't hard to folow the moans and groans. Marcus feared the thugs were raping Miss Hartman. He raced to her rescue, fantacizing that she would reward her hero by fucking his big black cock. Something her fit white body had never experienced, but he was wrong.

The sight that greeted Marcus wasn't a rape and if it was, Corinne Hartman might be the one doing the raping. Luthor was lying in the isles and Miss Hartman was riding his cock like a mad woman. She'd grind her pussy mound into Luthor's crotch, then ride the entire shaft loving ever inch of his cock. Luthor had his fat hands on her breasts and they were as magnificent as Marcus had dreamed. Anthony was standing behind the pair, stroking his hard cock. Anthony saw him and grabbed his pants as Marcus took a step forward. The black thug pulled a switch blade from the pocket. The blade sprung free and pointed at Marcus who backed off.

Marcus watched Anthony bring the blade down behind Miss Hartman's ass. With a jerk, he sliced and pulled out a twisted and stretched out panty.

Marcus turned, catching a glimpse of Melvin hiding behind a bookcase, watching the action. He couldn't blame the wimp. Marcus' hard cock made him limp as he returned to Charisma.

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