No Secrets Between Mum and Son

by incestuous angel

Copyright© 2005 by incestuous angel

Incest Sex Story: A fantasy about how a loving mum could please her own son, actually she was pleasing herself tasting her son's semen for the first time

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Consensual Incest Mother Son Oral Sex Anal Sex .

The thought of sucking my own son's cock had my pussy juices simmering. That scene had haunted me for so many nights. I never thought of having bedtime with my own son, only to suck his beautiful dick.

I caught him stare as my cleavage was in sight (intentionally!), I could see the tent pressing in his jeans. And one thing led to another; he came to my bedroom...

My son moved, nervously climbing up on the bed. I lifted the blanket for him to slip underneath.

"You would more comfortable under the blanket baby?" I asked as he lay his head down and turned to face me.

Lying on my side and facing my son, I allowed my hand to move toward his crotch. I watched his eyes widen as he looked at me, knowing where my hand was going. My fingers wrapped themselves around the hardness of male flesh

He moaned softly and I studied the look of absolute pleasure that filled the child's face. His cock was red hot and throbbing.

"Oh, do you like this?" I asked innocently as I ran a fingernail down the exposed skin of one luscious breast and across its bare nipple.

"You want mama; you want mama to be your bed partner?" I whispered as I slowly pulled the cute dick tightly to the top and then brought my hand down slowly

"Oh, yeah, mum, that's right..." His eyes pushed to the back of his head for a moment.

He reached down and adjusted his oversized cock into a more comfortable position between my eager hands, Every time I thought about my son my cunt would surge with hot juice. "Take it easy, boy," I said to his dick, "you'll be there in a few minutes.

"I know, sonny. I know... You've thought of mum... and I've thought of you, baby." I was slowly stroking his pecker now. "Haven't you sonny? Thinking of me for long.

"Yeah... yeah mom"Stroke.Stroke. "Nice... I... oooo... Since I first learned... OHH that's nice. Can I... can we do it mom?"

I couldn't stand the desire anymore. I threw the blanket off our naked bodies. Eagerly my hand raced right back onto the boy's thick cock. I wanted to put it in my mouth. I wanted to show him how good I was with my mouth, as any good mother has to do to her lovely son. I talked on my son's quivering belly as I kissed my way downward on the baby-soft skin. At the same time, my fingers continued working on his rock solid cock.

"You want to put this in your mama, don't you? Tell me baby. Tell me what you've wanted to do," I prodded as my mouth reached its destination.

My eager fingers clasped lustily at the bottom of the shaft to hold the wonderful looking meat steady. I pursed my hot, full lips and brought them hungrily to the tip of his twitching, throbbing cock. Slowly I opened my mouth to take the shivering mass in me.

"mmmmmm... ohhhhh, that's... that's good, mum." I heard him gasp and then groan"ohhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmm, ooo!" he was fighting to catch air" now, mummy, I want your pussy now" I heard his words and my mind swirled. I couldn't believe that my son was so familiar in our new relationship.

I allowed my mouth further movement up and down on the smooth spear. I temporarily slid my lips all the way off and my tongue licked first around the yummy head and then around and about the throbbing shaft.

The loyal twitching that my semen- thirst mouth and serpent-like tongue was causing was heating up my lustful urges. I could feel the tip of my son's prick at the beginning of my throat and then I pulled upward, slowly, and tantalizingly. The thrilling cock-flesh passed smoothly within my lips. My mouth was sucking forcefully. I could feel his body trembling, as he pushed up to meet me and I moved my mouth back down. This was something that I only now recognized that I had wanted from the time that I first realized that my son had a grown-up-cock.

His knees was quivering against my big, soft breasts, He was about to cum. I held his buttocks tightly and moved my mouth all the way down on his rod. He continued groaning and moaning as he pushed his hips upward with greater urgency, and velocity. I felt the first blast of male-milk squirt forcefully deep into my tube throat. I pulled my cave-like mouth back somewhat as the second spurt blasted out into my mouth, saturating my swirling tongue with that sweet, thick fluid.

My son was rubbing my back, mmmm, that was like heaven, I felt his hands caressing the crack between my ass cheeks, he kneaded my buttocks with his fists.

"Harder, son, harder!" I yelled, and he did. His fingers were searching for the little brown rose, he fingered me like a real clever lover, and then he held my head tightly as the final couple of squirts flowed into my mouth. With the dedication of a professional, I drained the thing clean, sucking and gently scraping upward with the edges of my teeth. His moaning was finally subsiding.

"Oh my gosh, mum, that's hell!"he gasped. I moved my hand down to his flaccid, poor cock, gliding over its wetness so that although I was pulling on it, my hand was only sliding, not grasping, up and down the softened column. I did this a few times while my face hovered about few inches above his. As I moved my hand, I felt his body begin to shiver. He was quickly becoming solid again.

"oooooo, mama, mmmm, you are good!" he complimented.

Even though I had swallowed quite a bit of semen my son had thrust so much that I still had a mouthful. I moved up on my son's still-heaving body, mouth closed but with jism seeping at the sides. I saw his eyes widen as he followed my approach. It had to take a lot of courage for him to stay there, seeing me coming close. Then I was above him. He was breathing heavily, trying to catch his breath from the excitement of his first blowjob. I watched with amusement his confusion as he realized that I had a mouthful of his cum.

We kissed hungrily until we were both breathless. My son went back without taking his eyes off his mother's enticing figure. I smoothly rubbed my tits as I watched my son's body reveal itself. He was tall, good looking and athletic. He was always playing one sport or another and he had the physique to prove it. His broad shoulders and well muscled torso led down to a narrow waist and then onto sculpted thighs and calves.

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