The DARK Lord of the Sith

by Stormbringer

Copyright© 2005 by Stormbringer

Sex Story: It wasn't Carrie's husband wearing the Darth Vader costume.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft Cheating Interracial Black Male White Female Oral Sex Anal Sex Exhibitionism Size .

Copyright© 2005 by Stormbringer

"Your wife must really love you," said Tony shaking his head while he brought up files on his computer.

George grinned. "I don't know what I did to deserve her." He looked over at the big black man. Tony Daniels was a former pro football player thanks to a busted knee.

"Hot babes like Carrie do not belong with a geek like you."

"Oh there's more, Tony, but I shouldn't say anything." George picked up the hard plastic Darth Vader mask. He glanced at the full Vader regalia hanging on the back of their office door.

"What's that there, buddy?"

"I shouldn't say, but I will. Under the Leia robe, Carrie's gonna wear the slave girl outfit from Jabba's barge. What do you say to that?"

Tony shrugged. "What should I say?"

"Did you even see Return Of The Jedi?"

"Yeah, bro. That's the one where Kirk fought the Klingons."

"Aaargh," screamed George in frustration.

Tony's deep voice chuckled. "I know the outfit. It's one of the few things that I remember from Star Wars. Thinking of your wife in that outfit makes me jealous."

George grinned. Women lined up for a date with Tony. He was handsome, muscular, rich, and semi-famous. George could best be described as completely nondescript. People looked past him and forgot him moments after meeting him. He did come off as open and honest. He worked for ten years to get where he was in the consulting firm. Tony's charm and fame had him rising (and rumor had it soon surpassing) to George's equal. It was George's realistic nature to both understand and accept the situation without any bitterness. The only way George had landed a hot babe like Carrie was the fact that his wife was one of those rarist of creatures, the sexy female geek. They had both gone stag to a Star Wars midnight marathon. They kept staring at each other until Carrie got up and joined George. Their first date was a midnight opening of episode one and their wedding night was spent at a midnight showing of episode 2. "Tonight wil be the best night of my life."

Mr Harrison, the vice president stuck his head in the door. "Gentlemen. We got trouble with the Portman account. Prowse I need you in Chicago yesterday."

"Me? But..."

"I'd send Tony, but Lucas Portman doesn't care for blacks. Sorry Tony."

"No problem, boss."

Harrison pulled car keys out of his pocket. "Take the Ford, it's the fatest car in the city."

George slouched back in his chair after Mr Harrison left. "Shit!"

"Sorry, bro."

George glanced at the clock and quickly pressed a button on his phone. The phone dialed his house. He let it ring five times before hanging up. "Damn! Carrie must be on her way here already."

"I'll explain to her what happened."


"Prowse why are you still here?" yelled Mr Harrison.

"Leaving now, sir." The harried man grabbed his laptop. "Tony, if I'm not back by Monday, take my costume back will you?"

"Sure. Have a safe trip." Tony picked up the Vader mask. The thing even had a voice masking device in it. Suddenly, the large black man grinned.

Carrie walked inside O'Briens, the Irish pub on the ground floor of her husband's office building. A banner above her read; ninth annual O'Brien's Halloween costume party tonight.

Carrie resembled Amidala more then her namesake. She had long curly brown hair, dark eyes, and a beauty mark above her lips. However, where Amidala was almost too skinny, Carrie had the body of a calendar pin-up girl. She'd tied a black belt too tightly around her white robe so that her costume stretched out over her large bosom. The male patrons at the pub all turned to look at her, every pair of eyes moving from her pretty face straight to her breasts.

Carrie had her hair tied up in buns and carried a toy Star Wars blaster from Wal-mart. She didn't see her husband yet, so she headed over to the bar for a beer. Carrie scouted out the competition. Three guys were dressed as the three stooges. There were some zombies, ghosts, and witches. There were two sexy women present. One was a genie and the other the modern Halle Berry catwoman though it was a white woman in the costume. Both women were attracting a lot of male attention even though catwoman was with a tall dark figure. Carrie thought it might be George, but when the man turned she saw batman ears on the mask.

Carrie turned back to her drink and was taking a sip when the deep voice behind her said, "Inform the troops, lord Vader has arrived."

"You've been practising the voice, I see," she said turning around. Carrie felt a shiver go through her when she saw her husband, Her face reflected back at her from those dark reflective eyes. The Darth Vader costume, made him look taller, powerful, more imposing. She wanted to take him home and make love to him right then and there. "Want a drink?"

"No. I'm keeping the mask on."


"I ate."

"You look incredible."

"You too, princess."

"Wait till you see me out of this robe."

"I can't wait." The voice changer in the mask also made Vader breathing sounds.

"But you're my father," said Carrie in mock indignation. She turned to the bartender and ordered some broccoli bites. "I'll let my hair down at home and switch to Amidala for the sex. Where's Tony?"

"Not his thing. He's off to Chicago.


"Good? Why is that good, princess?"

"You know I don't care for Tony, George. He walks around with a swagger like he's god's gift to women and he seems to prefer white women."

"They don't seem to complain."

"Whatever! The races shouldn't mix. Plus he's taking your promotion. What took you so long anyway?"

Sorry, we had to work late."

"That's fine, Lord Vader. We don't have to wait much longer for the costume contest."

Not long after Carrie had finished eatting, O'Brien stood up on stage and announced that the contest would began. Costumed patrons lined up beside the stage. Most of the patrons weren't dressed and remained at the bar or at tables. "The three stooges," said O'Brien. The three men were good, doing a stooges routine. They got a spattering of applause. Not surprisingly the sexy genie and catwoman each got a lot of applause. "Darth Vader and Princess Leia." Carrie climbed on stage and fired at the crowd with her toy blaster. George activated his light saber. It was a plastic collapsable toy. The red plastic shot out and he turned the flashlight on. It even made light saber noises. The crowd was unenthused, but some of George's coworkers applaused loudly.

"Thank you," said O'Brien. "I'm going to call our finalists up. The winner of our contest will get $200 in gift certificates. First, Jeannie-and I will be dreaming of her tonight." The pretty blonde in the genie costume crossed her arms and made like the tv character did when using magic. She got a lot of applause. "The three stooges". The three guys returned to the stage, but their reception was poorer then the genie's. "Batman and catwoman." Catwoman cracked a toy whip. The woman was very sexy and the men cheered loudly for her. Batman took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. Batman's hands squeezed her leather clad ass. "Get a room," said O'Brien. "Lastly, Darth Vader and Princess Leia."

George's coworkers were less enthused this time. Vader surveyed the room.

"I think we have our winner. You may step down," said O'Brien.

"No," said Vader. He reached his gloved hand behind Carrie's robe and found the zipper.

"Ah George, what are you doing?" Carrie was facing the bar crowd. Everyone in the bar was staring at her and the looming figure in black behind her.

"This crowd wants sexy and we're going to give them sexy," whispered Vader in Carrie's ear. He unzipped the robe and pulled it down while skillfully removing her belt.

"George don't..." but it was too late. The noisy bar turned silent before the robe even fell around Carrie's feet. Carrie's face turned red. The slave girl outfit was several sizes to small for her breasts. The brown material resembled hide with several straps wrapping around her back. Hide curtains hung from a belt around her waist coverering her crotch and her ass, but leaving her legs completely bare. A collar with a chain hung around her neck. She froze horrified before bending to remove her boots and giving the crowd a view of her cleavage.

Then the stunned male crowd broke out in applause. Men whistled. One cried, "I'd like to Leia her." One of George's coworkers shouted, "Way to go George."

Carrie stepped out of her boots. George grabbed her clothes before she could get them. "Yes, we definetly have a winner," said O'Brien oggling Carrie's belly. "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of O'Briens ninth annual Halloween costume party is Darth Vader and Princess Leia." The men continued to applaud. "You going to take off that mask, George?" asked O'Brien handing him the evelope full of gift certificates.

"I would, but I'm horribly burned and disfigured underneath."

"O'Brien chuckled. "Always in character. "You're a nerd, but a damn lucky one." The pub owner stared at Carrie's sexy body.

Carrie walked barefooted over to the bar and downed the rest of her beer. She immediately found three shots in front of her. Men were buying her drinks and holding up their beer bottles to salute her.

Tony strode up behind her in the Darth Vader costume. He was as shocked and awed as the rest of the patrons. Carrie looked fabulous. "You going to let me dress?" she asked.


"I'm surprised you did this, George. You don't even like me wearing a bikini to the beach."

"I'm proud my wife is so sexy."

"I've never felt sexier. Having all these men stare at me has me horny as hell.

A hairy drunk man walked over with another shot. "How about a kiss, Leia?"

Carrie looked at him and without missing a beat said, "I'd sooner kiss a wookie though you could be a close cousin."

The man laughed completely ignoring the looming Vader standing over him. "What kind of material is this?" He grabbed her skirt.

George stop him..., " but it was too late. The drunk pulled the skirt away. Carrie wasn't wearing underwear. A dozen men got a glimpse of her trimmed pubic hair.

"Take your hands off my wife," said Tony.

"Gawddamn," groaned the man still holding the skirt away from Carrie's crotch.

Tony's gloved hand grabbed the drunk's wrist and yanked it away from Carrie. The man struggled, but couldn't break free as Tony tightened his grip. The drunk grimaced in pain and started to collapse to the floor until Tony released his arm.

"Lets get out of here," said Carrie looking in shock at the drunk holdling his injured wrist. The couple walked out on to the street. Pedestrians stared at Carrie's scantily clad body. "George, I didn't know you had it in you."

"The dark side gives me strength." He held his thumb and finger up like he was using the force to strangle someone.

Carrie laughed. "You are so getting laid tonight, mister. Let me get home before those shots kick in."

"I'll follow you."

Carrie was already laying in bed when her husband arrived home. She was still in costume. The bedroom was dark, but she had lit some candles in the corners. She could hear George's footsteps on the stairs. Her thighs were wet with anticipation. She'd drank more then usual which always made her horny. Plus having all those men stare at her in the slave girl outfit had been the biggest turn-on of her life.

Carrie felt like such a slut. The first hint of her arousal had come when the drunk exposed her crotch to half a dozen surrounding men. Then George had grabbed the drunk's wrist. She'd never seen her husband like this. The Vader costume had given him more confidence then he possessed without the mask. He'd protected her and she'd reward him with the best fuck of his life. And given her level of arousal, Carrie half expected to have a rare orgasm.

Carrie heard the breathing before her husband entered the room. "Now you will feel the true power of the dark side of the force."

"Release me lord Vader. The Senate will never stand for this.

Tony pointed one dark gloved finger at Carrie. "You will give me satisaction, princess, or I will get satisfaction from your body."

"Never," she cried.

"Remove your top, princess."


Tony searched his mind for references from a movie he hadn't seen in ten years. Finally he waved his hand at her. "You will remove your top, princess."

"I will remove my top," replied Carrie.

Tony watched her breasts come into view. They were maginificent. The light was dim so he extended his red lightsaber out and turned it on. He set the toy down on the edge of the bed. Carrie's lithe body was bathed in a reddish glow. Her D-cup breasts were impressively firm with large upthrust nipples. Her areola weren't very big around, but the actual nipple was quite thick and nearly three quarters of an inch long. Both nipples were swollen, evidence of her arousal.

"Bring them to me." The voice was a perfect imitation of James Earl Jones.

Carrie kneeled on the bed and thrust her breasts up towards the imposing dark figure. Her husband's gloved hands reached out and squeezed her breasts. She grunted as he was much rougher then usual, but she liked his forcefulness. The gloves made his hands look bigger then usual. She wished he had removed the gloves. His bare hands would of felt better, but George seemed to be enjoying the Vader role, as was she.

"Enough," cried Vader. "Now remove the rest of your outfit."

"I will remove my clothes." Carrie untied the leather strips holding her skirt on. She pulled the fabric away from her crotch and found herself breathing with excitement as she revealed herself to her husband. The flickering candles cast Vader shadows about the room as her crotch glowed red from the flashlight lightsaber.

"You will masturbate for me."


"Silence!" Tony shook his fist at her. "There is no escape from the dark side of the force. You will masturbate for me."

"I will masturbate for you." Carrie spread her legs. Her hand slid down her crotch, spreading her labia wide. This night was certainly taking their lives in a new direction. Her husband had displayed her body to strange men in a bar. Now, she was sliding her fingers into her vagina as he watched. Rarely had he even seen her nude as they always had sex with the lights off. "Ah ah," she couldn't help moaning as her fingers teased her clit.

Tell me what you want."

"Ah Ohgawd. I want your penis in me."

"Call it a cock."

"Oh yes. I want your cock in me."


"I want your cock fucking me."

"My cock will fuck you, but you must show me that you want it."

"I want it, damn it. I want it in me now."

"No. You must show me. Cum for me, princess. You will cum for me."

Carrie was rapidly humping her own fingers now as she stared at the black mask. "I will... I will show you I want it. Cumming!" For Carrie, orgasms were rare, but the strange situation had her cumming with the biggest orgasm of her life.

"Slide back."

Carrie was still panting from her powerful orgasm, but she moved back on the bed as Vader climbed on and kneeled between her legs. He fumbled between his legs. She wanted to laugh when he pulled his penis out. The dim light made it look huge and her husband had even sheathed it in a black condom. Carrie rested her head back as George pulled her legs open.

George's cock felt bigger too. It was like he was trying to force a golfball past her labia. Rarely was her husband this hard. George must really be turned on. "George, it feels so thick." Carrie moaned with delight as it pushed inside her. Her vagina tingled as it hugged his shaft. She began to wonder if might be possible to have two orgasms in one night. "Oh, it is big!"

"It is enhanced by the dark side, princess. Does it feel better then usual?"

Carrie felt trapped. Would it hurt George's feelings if she said, yes? She decided that was what he wanted to hear. "Yes, it feels much better. How is this possible?"

"I borrowed a viagra from a co-worker."

"Borrow more then. I'd fuck this big cock every night. Aaah... oh George."

"Lord Vader."

"Lord Vader, you're in me so deep. I thought viagra just made you harder not twice as long."

"My cock wasn't living up to it's potential. Now it is swollen with the power of the dark side. Admit it. Dark cock is better."

"It is better. I'm glad you aren't upset with me for suggesting that you try viagr-AH! Ow, that's my cervix. You must be ten inches long."

Tony snorted. He hadn't known that George was looking for viagra, he was just using it as an excuse for the size difference. This poor woman had apparently been looking for a good fuck for a long time. Tony was about to give it to her.

"Oh this is so kinky." Carrie stared at the Darth Vader figure between her legs.

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