Huge 8: Chris's Weekend from College

by Heatheranne

Copyright© 2005 by Heatheranne

Incest Sex Story: Chris, our well endowed hero, goes home from college for the weekend. He's not too happy when he's coerced into meeting his mom's boyfriend. But Chris cheers up when he gets to "meet" the boyfriend's daughters and ex-wife.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Incest Mother Son Size .

Chris, our well endowed hero, goes home from college for the weekend. He's not too happy when he's coerced into meeting his mom's boyfriend. But Chris cheers up when he gets to "meet" the boyfriend's daughters and ex-wife.

Chris checked the mileage sign alongside the interstate. He was twenty miles from home and running right on time. Assuming that his mother, Heather, wouldn't be late, he should arrive home at about the same time she got there from work. Chris had been at college for several weeks and this was his first trip home since the school year had begun.

He reached down and adjusted his oversized cock into a more comfortable position. Every time he thought about his mom his cock would surge with hot blood. "Take it easy, boy," he said to his dick, "we'll be there in a few minutes. "

Thirty minutes later, Chris grinned as he pulled his Jeep into the driveway. His mother's car was there; she was already home. He hoped that she wasn't cooking, cleaning, on the phone or something, because he was horny as hell. Oh, he'd been getting plenty of sex all right. His fellow student, the beautiful, blonde Cameron, had seen to that. But it had been almost two whole days since Chris had nailed Cameron's tight pussy or since he'd relieved his sexual tensions in the shower.

Chris grabbed his bag from the back of the Jeep and headed for the front door. He entered the house and as he closed the door, his mother swept into the room. "Holy cow," said Chris reverently. His mother was dressed in a sheer, lacy, cream colored gown. Her dark hair flowed over her shoulders and generous breasts. The fleshy orbs threatened to overwhelm the gown's shirred cups and spaghetti straps. One shapely leg was exposed by a side slit in the gown that ran all the way to her waist. The tiniest of string panties covered her shaved pussy. Heather was only in her mid-thirties. Chris had been born when Heather was sixteen, and she could still be described as stunning and gorgeous.

"Oh, do you like this?" she asked innocently as she ran a fingernail down the exposed skin of one luscious breast and across its barely concealed nipple.

In answer, Chris dropped his bag, crossed over to his mother and put his hands on her waist. "You look fantastic, as usual," he said. He kissed her lightly on the lips, and then drew her closer into his arms. He pressed his lips solidly to hers and slipped his tongue in her mouth.

Heather responded by twining her slim arms about his neck and kissing him back just as hard. Her breasts pillowed on his chest. They kissed hungrily until they were both breathless. Chris stepped back and tore at his clothing without taking his eyes off his mother's enticing figure. Heather smoothly removed her gown and panties as she watched her son's body reveal itself. Chris was tall, good looking and athletic. He was always playing one sport or another and he had the physique to prove it. His broad shoulders and well muscled torso led down to a narrow waist and then onto sculpted thighs and calves.

But it was hard to appreciate his big muscles and practically zero body-fat when Chris' huge cock was in view. It jutted from his groin in an obscene display of masculine power. He moved to his mother and, supporting her back in his arm, he bent her over and kissed her mouth hard. Sliding his free hand across her stomach, Chris dipped his finger into her pussy. She was already wet and more than prepared for his cock, but he was willing to delay his pleasure for a bit. He withdrew his finger and used it to massage the stiff little lump that was her clit. Heather moaned as her hands grasped at the hard muscles of his back, chest and arms. Her fingernails raked at his skin as she shuddered in orgasm.

Heather was still quaking with her cum when Chris grasped her firm buttocks in both hands and lifted her into the air. "Chris!" she shrieked in surprise as she scrabbled at his shoulders in fear of falling. She pulled herself forward and buried his face in her tits. With her legs spread around his hips, Chris eased his mother onto his cock.

Heather was hardly a small woman, but Chris held her aloft and pounded her cunt as if she were an inflatable doll. "Yeah, fuck me, baby," she said as she maneuvered to stuff a nipple into his mouth.

Chris' body was beginning to glisten with sweat when his overheated cock erupted up into his mother's clasping pussy. The hot blast of cum triggered another orgasm in Heather as mother and son clung to one another.

Chris heaved his mother off his still hard cock and swept her up in his arms. He carried her into the bathroom and put her on her feet on the tiled floor of the shower. His prodigious cum output was oozing down their legs.

"Well I won a little bet that I made with myself," Heather said as she turned on the water.

"What's that?" asked Chris.

"I bet that we wouldn't make it out of the living room before you had your way with me. I'm just glad that you got the door closed first," she said laughing.

"You shouldn't be wearing lingerie in the middle of the afternoon if you don't want your sex starved boy to act that way," he said.

"Oh, I got the reaction I wanted," she said as she took a generous amount of liquid soap and lathered up Chris' still rampant cock. "But what do you mean, sex starved? I bet you've been nailing coeds left and right." She emphasized her words by clamping her hands hard around his massive meat.

"Maybe one or two," said Chris. He took advantage of his mom's hands by swinging his hips so that she was rubbing his sensitive cock head. Heather bent over a bit and trapped Chris' dick between her firm tits. He loved the soapy silken feel of her skin on his cock-head. He had to be careful about his stroke; he didn't want to bang his dick against his mom's chin. The sap grew hotter in his groin, but instead of accelerating the motion of his hips into another gushing cum, Chris grew still so that his cock-head was engulfed by his mom's luscious breasts. "Jiggle your tits, Mom," he urged her.

Heather laughed. "We haven't done that in a while," she said, looking up into his eyes. She placed her hands on either side of her generous tits and began to work them in opposite directions. She alternated jiggling with grinding and short, soft stroking. She watched as Chris closed his eyes and bit his lower lip. She loved putting her son through this sexual agony.

To Chris, it felt as if his dick were being pressurized with hot cum. The tingle at the tip of his cock grew and faded depending on his mother's whim. But the teasing couldn't go on forever. Soon, his cock exploded in a fountain of cum. The stuff shot in spurts from Heather's cleavage. She laughed and giggled as the creamy stuff sprayed her face and neck.

They truly showered clean at that point. After drying one another off with fluffy towels, Chris and Heather went to the kitchen. Chris snacked on a sandwich and a glass of milk as she sipped on a diet cola. "So how's it going with Dr. Don," asked Chris around a mouth full of turkey and bread. She had been dating a medical doctor named Donald Czelosonkowski. Chris was a little jealous, but he knew that he couldn't expect his mother to put her personal life on hold for him for ever.

"Don and I are doing just find, thank you," said Heather. "In fact it's time for you to meet him and his family. He wants us to come to his home for the weekend."

Chris rolled his eyes and stuffed the last of his sandwich into his mouth.

"Oh come on, honey. Both of his daughters will be there. Faith's a sexy little thing, but I haven't met the older girl yet," she said. "Who knows, it might be a chance for you to actually woo a girl instead of jumping right into bed with her."

Chris washed down his turkey with a large gulp of milk. Leaning back in his chair, he belched loudly. He grinned at his mother's look of disgust and said, "Well, I might be persuaded, as long as you guarantee that the good doctor has a couple of babes for daughters."

Heather arose and dropped the towel that she had been wearing since their escapade in the shower. Chris hadn't even bothered to cover up. As Heather approached, his cock reared up from between his legs, fresh and eager as ever. She straddled her son's thighs and eased the bulbous head of his cock between her pussy lips. "The younger daughter is very cute, and I'm sure that the older one is as well," said Heather. "And let me give you a tip. It's bad form to talk about other women when you've got your big cock sunk into a hot pussy."

"Yes ma'am," said Chris with a grin as he shoved long inches of hard meat into his mom.

They left for Dr. Don's house the next morning after a light breakfast. He lived outside of town in a rural area. They took Heather's Lexus and set out on the four-lane out of town. Soon, they were on a wide two-lane road through the suburbs, and then after driving miles on a narrow country road Chris turned onto the doctor's drive. He and Heather went up Don's driveway, which ran beside a small stream for nearly a half mile, until the pavement widened into a parking area. "He must own a lot of property," said Chris, maneuvering the Lexus into a parking spot.

"Several hundred acres," said Heather. "It's been in his family for years."

Chris had stopped the car in front of a sizable home. Its architecture reflected the mountain that it fronted. The building had a rock walled first floor, and a wood shingled upper floor with a deck that stretched outward from a glass wall. Chris saw the good doctor arise from a chair on the deck and disappear from view. A few seconds later, Don was striding across the parking area. The doctor was a slim man, slightly above average height, with dark hair that had a hint of gray. He had sharp features and tight lipped smile.

"Hello, how's it going?" Don asked as they emerged from the car.

"Fine," said Chris, exchanging a firm handshake with the doctor. "You have a heck of a house."

"Thank you," said Don. "My great-grandparents bought this entire mountain, years ago." He gestured to the tree covered land rising behind the house. "The house was originally a hunting lodge. Of course, it's been remodeled a few times since then."

Chris and Don pulled the bags from the car. They entered the house through the downstairs entrance. Turning down a hallway, Don said, "One good thing about this place is that there's no lack of guest rooms." He gestured to a door on his right. "Chris, you take that room, and Heather, you can stay down here." He took a few steps down the hall and turned into another doorway.

Chris entered the small guest room. It was just big enough for a bed, a dresser and a wardrobe. Chris threw his bag on the bed. He heard Don's voice from the hallway. "Chris, when you're ready, we're going to have some rolls and coffee on the deck."

"OK," said Chris. He went into the utilitarian bathroom to relieve himself. The door to the bathroom was sprung, and after a couple of tries to close it, he just left it partially open.

Leaving his room, Chris went down the hall and then up a broad flight of stairs to the upper floor. There was a huge open space here. To his right was a large fireplace, surrounded by chairs and sofas. Straight ahead there was a dining table large enough for twenty people, and beyond that was a glass wall with a sliding door that led onto the deck. To his left was a kitchen where Don and Heather were loading up a couple of trays with coffee and plates of pastry. Chris followed them onto the deck and helped himself to the food. Sitting on a comfortable old wooden rocker, he took in the view. He could look right down into the valley through which he and his mother had driven to get here.

The trio made chit-chat for several minutes until Chris heard some footsteps and a young lady appeared in the doorway. Chris perked up immediately. The girl had dark, straight hair that fell almost to her shoulders. She had dark eyes and full lips and a deliciously compact body with full breasts and well muscled thighs. She was showing it all off as well, by wearing a skin tight top and shorts.

"Well, well, look who's up before noon," said Don in a mock-surprise voice.

"Oh Dad," said the girl, rolling her eyes. "Hi, Heather," she said to the older woman.

"Morning, Faith," said Heather. She gestured to Chris. "This is my son, Chris."

Chris stood and stuck out his hand. "Hi," he said.

Faith took his hand and gave Chris an appraising gaze. "Hey, how's it going," she said.

Faith wolfed down a couple of cinnamon rolls and a cup of coffee while the small talk continued. When she was through eating, she turned to Chris and said, "I'm going cycling to burn off some of this sugar and calories. Want to come along? I'm sure the old folks want us out of the way." She smiled slyly at her father and Heather.

When the outraged protests from Don and Heather died away, Chris said, "My bike riding skills are a little rusty, but it sounds good to me."

Faith led the way down the steps from the deck to the driveway. She stopped in front of a long garage and punched a sequence of numbers on a keypad. The doors of the garage rumbled open, revealing several cars. Chris' eyes widened in appreciation. The good doctor owned a Mercedes as well as a Porsche and a military Humvee. In fact, it was the first civilian Humvee that Chris had seen that looked as if it was actually used off-road. In contrast to the pristine cleanliness of the other two cars, the Humvee had muddy tires and the bodywork was dirty and scratched.

Faith followed his gaze and said, "We drive ol' Nellybelle on the mountain. It's hard to keep clean."

"Nellybelle?" asked Chris.

"Dad told me where that name came from but I don't remember," Faith said. She had stopped in front of several bikes that were racked neatly on the wall. She heaved a trail bike off its perch and put it on the ground, pushing it at Chris. "One for you," she said. She pulled another bike off the wall for herself and then took a couple of helmets off a shelf. She handed one of the helmets to Chris. When he fumbled at the buckle, she said, "Let me help you with that." She settled the helmet on his head and reached upward to fasten the strap under his chin.

Chris thoroughly enjoyed her scent as Faith worked. When she finished he gave her a sincere smile and said, "Thanks."

They locked eyes for a moment and then Faith proceeded to show him how to adjust the seat and how to shift the gears on the bike. They coasted down the length of the drive and stopped at the public road. Faith pointed to her left and said, "We could go this way and take a couple of back roads. It's pretty flat." She pointed to her right. "Or we could go up the mountain and come back down on our property. It's a tougher ride." She said the last part with a smile and a challenge in her tone.

Chris couldn't resist that of course. "I could use a good workout. Let's go up the mountain."

"OK," said Faith, and she pedaled off.

The road rose on a gentle grade for a mile, but then it took a sharp curve and steepened considerably. Chris had to hunt for the proper gear and by that time Faith had pulled in front by twenty yards. Chris stood up on the pedals in order to pull even. He rode beside Faith for a while, and then the road became steeper once again. Once more, Chris had to hunt for a lower gear. Faith had moved up the road and Chris was beginning to feel the strain. He was in good shape, but he wasn't used to cycling. He had to ignore the burn in his leg muscles and the sweat that was beginning to soak his tee shirt. He locked his gaze on the muscular sway of Faith's shapely ass as she pedaled along. No longer trying to catch her, he settled for simply maintaining the distance between them.

Just when Chris was convinced that his thighs were going to melt down and that this little slice of hell would never end, Faith pulled off the road onto the gravel verge. He stopped beside her, breathing heavily. Exposing his well muscled torso, he pulled up the end of his shirttail and used it to wipe the sweat off his face.

"Congratulations," said Faith. She sounded a bit winded herself.

"On what, staying alive?" asked Chris. He couldn't help but notice that she had sweated through her top. He could clearly see the outline of her bra through the damp material.

"I think you're the first guy I ever brought up here who didn't have to stop, or didn't whine about the pace all the way," she said with a laugh.

"At least it'll be an easy ride back down," Chris said, looking back over his shoulder at the sloping road they had just covered.

"Don't bet on it," she said with a mischievous grin. And with that she turned her bike and plunged off the road and into the woods.

"Oh shit," mumbled Chris as he pushed off in pursuit. Despite its steepness, the ride down the mountain wasn't much faster than the exhausting ride up had been. He followed Faith along a barely discernable trail, slipping and sliding in the dirt and the leaves all the way. Finally they turned onto an old logging road that was little more than a couple of ruts carved into the side of the mountain.

After a while Faith stopped beside a concrete box that jutted from the mountainside road bank. Water poured from a pipe that emerged from the side of the box near its top. Faith reached into a cleft where the bank and the box met and pulled out a metal cup. She rinsed it out carefully in the stream of water and then after filling the cup, she offered it to Chris.

"Spring water?" asked Chris as he took the cup and examined its contents for debris.

"Yeah," said Faith. "This box is the reservoir and this pipe is the runoff. There's another pipe underground that feeds water to a cabin just down the road."

Chris downed the cold, refreshing water in a gulp. He handed the cup back to Faith who took a drink and then offered more water to Chris. "So you have another place up here?" he asked as he took the cup.

"It's just a shack really," said Faith. "My dad loans it out to his buddies for deer hunting."

They remounted their bikes and continued down the road. Almost immediately they came to a nearly level clearing about an acre in size. The shack or cabin sat in the middle of the open space. The shack looked like someone had parked an old travel trailer on the spot and then built a room onto it using scrap lumber and tin sheeting. The doctor's Humvee, Nellybelle, was parked next to the rickety looking structure.

"Well, look who's here," said Chris.

"Yeah, I wonder what they're doing up here?" said Faith as if she knew that Heather as well as Don were both here, and she knew exactly what they were doing.

"I guess we could go take a peek," said Chris. They rode their bikes closer to the cabin, quietly walking the last steps. Faith looked in a window and gasped in surprise. She motioned to Chris and he looked over her head into the window. Heather and Don were completely nude and happily humping away on an old metal-framed bed. Heather was on her back with her legs spread wide. Her hands were on Don's ass, urging him on as he pumped away.

"Wow, look at that," whispered Faith.

"Yeah," agreed Chris. He put his hands on her shoulders and stepped close enough so that his rapidly filling dick nudged her ass.

Don suddenly sat up on his knees. His thick dick waved around in the air. It was nowhere near the size of Chris' equipment, but it was pretty impressive nonetheless. For a second, Chris thought they had finished, but then Heather turned over onto her knees. Her plush ass waved invitingly and Don plugged right in. He grabbed Heather's hips and resumed ravaging her steaming cunt. Heather's breasts jiggled and bounced in time with his thrusts.

Chris felt a pressure on his dick and realized that Faith was pressing backwards. He began to grind his hips against her ass and his cock started to ache, filling with hot blood and desire. He wasn't sure how Faith would react, but it quickly became clear that Faith knew exactly what was going on. In fact, she looked over her shoulder and gave him an encouraging grin. Chris grinned right back and decided that he would take advantage of the situation. Pulling out his lengthy cock, he spread his legs wide and lowered his crotch, sliding his cock between the silky smooth legs of Faith's shorts. She gasped when she saw his dick emerge from her crotch. The thing was huge. She had seen a few dicks in her young life, but none of them approached this size, and this was just the length of meat that was protruding from between her legs, never mind the part she couldn't see.

Faith wrapped her fingers around Chris' cock. It took both hands order to completely encompass his girth. At that point, he drew his cock back and then thrust it forward once again. Faith got the idea immediately and began to move her hands in time with his plunging dick. Her experience with boys told her that it wouldn't be long before he would loosen his load. And she certainly didn't see anything wrong with taking care of herself either. She angled her hips so that Chris's cock was pressing the material of her shorts and panties against her clit.

Chris swung his hips in an easy rhythm. This had to be his strangest sex act ever. Here he was, watching his mom get nailed by her boyfriend, while the boyfriend's daughter jerked him off from between her legs. And judging by the way she wallowed about on top of his cock, it looked as if she was enjoying things too.

Thick drops of clear, slick liquid pulsed from the end of Chris' cock. At first Faith thought that he was cumming, but the stuff didn't stop, and his cock was certainly stiff as ever. Then she recognized that the stuff was actually pre-cum. He was making a steady stream of the oily fluid. In fact her hands were bathed in it. She quickened her hand-dance and pulled Chris' cock-shaft even tighter against her clit.

"Fuck me, Don. Come on, baby, pound my cunt," Faith heard Heather cry out from inside the cabin.

Yeah, fuck her hard, daddy. Fuck her brains out, thought Faith. The smack, smack, smack of their steady screwing came through the window. She bent over so as to get even more pressure on her clit. She felt the hot waves of pressure build and recede in her pussy. A few more frantic hip grinds and there it was. The wave that built until it crashed over and she was cumming hard, her hot breath fogging the window only inches from her face.

Faith was still feeling shudders from her cuntal spasms when she heard Chris draw a long breath. He seemed to hold it forever and then she felt a warm blast of moist air on her neck. She looked down to see a long rope of semen erupt from his cock. The head had swollen until it looked positively angry. Another rush of cum jetted from his cock and landed with a splat against the side of the cabin. She milked at his streaming penis with both hands. After more cum than she thought possible, Faith finally saw a last thumb sized glob of the milky stuff drip from Chris' cock-head and fall to the ground.

A minute later the two lovers were quietly back on their bikes and headed on down the mountain. Chris saw why the Humvee was needed. The road was mostly a series of washed out ruts, boulders, mud and loose rock. There was no time for conversation as he fought to remain upright on the ride back to the house. But at last they arrived at the garage. He was putting the bikes back on their racks when Faith said, "You know, you're just huge, aren't you?"

Chris smiled as he removed his helmet and ran his fingers through his thick hair. He assumed she wasn't talking about his height. "Yeah, I've been told that," he said.

Faith was about to say something else when there was the sudden clattering roar of a diesel engine and the Humvee, bearing Heather and Don, pulled into the garage. Heather stepped lightly from the vehicle and smiled at Chris and Faith. "Have a good ride?" she asked.

"Yeah, very revealing and... uh... invigorating," said Chris. Faith only giggled.

Don gingerly climbed out of the driver's seat. He arched his back and shrugged his shoulders as if he was setting his body parts back into place. Apparently, Heather had really worked him over. "Well, I'm starving," he announced. "I hope everyone is ready for lunch."

After everyone cleaned up, Heather and Faith made sandwiches. They all went back onto the deck to eat. When they finished lunch, a sort of general lethargy set in. Faith went to her room, while Chris, Heather and Don stayed on the deck in the afternoon sun. Heather and Don were having a low voiced conversation, and Chris had taken to a lounger for a little nap when someone drove up and parked beneath the deck. "There they are," said Don. He stood and walked to the top of the stairs that led off the deck.

Chris was drowsy and comfortable where he lay, but he stood politely as he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. There were cries of greeting from Don and then a young couple stepped onto the deck. She was tall and slim with dark blonde hair and an engaging smile. Heather exchanged a brief handshake with the girl. It was evident that they had never met before. She shook hands with the guy as Don introduced him. "And this is Heather's son, Chris," said Don as he gestured at Chris.

It was all Chris could do to keep his mouth from falling open and his eyes from popping out of their sockets. The girl was Cameron. She was the girl from college that he had been banging on a regular basis. "Chris!" Cameron squealed as she bounded across the deck and wrapped her arms about his shoulders in a hug.

"Hi," Chris said, thoroughly confused. He gave her an awkward pat on the back.

"I knew that Heather had a son, but I had no idea that it was you," Cameron said, grinning.

"Your last name certainly isn't," said Chris, trying to sort out his confusion. As far as he knew, her last name was Daily.

"Czelosonkowski's too awkward for someone who wants to get into show business. I use my mother's maiden name, Daily."

"Well, why wouldn't you use it everyday?" asked Chris mischievously. That got a groan and shot to the arm from Cameron. After everyone marveled at the coincidence that Chris and Cameron knew one another, but not that they knew their mother and father were dating, Chris was introduced to Cameron's fiancé. His name was Fred Porter.

Immediately, Chris wondered what Cameron saw in this guy. He looked like a nerd who was uncomfortable without his business suit. He was maybe an inch shorter than Cameron. His dark hair was cut and combed to perfection. The navy pinstripe in his button down shirt matched his blue slacks. Even his belt and loafers matched.

"Nice to meet you," said Fred as he gave Chris a handshake that lasted a bit too long. "Cameron mentioned that you and she had worked on a project together at school."

"Yeah, that was exciting," said Chris. Everyone took a seat and he and Cameron recounted that little story. He had been the unsuspecting dupe in one of those TV ambush shows. Cameron had been in on the production. The whole thing had very nearly ended badly when Chris had to be stopped from beating a man to death. Chris had thought that the man had slit Cameron's throat. Of course it was all faked and in the end, Cameron had seen to it that Chris was well compensated for his trouble.

Later, after a huge dinner and more polite conversation than he thought he could bear, Chris found himself alone in his room. It was only a bit past eleven, and he wasn't feeling sleepy. He turned on the small television set that sat on the dresser across his room and proceeded to flick through the channels. Stopping at one of the movie channels, he watched as a teenaged couple groped one another in the backseat of a car. In between wet, sloppy kissed, the boy managed to undress the well endowed girl down to her bra and panties. His hand was slowly creeping up her naked inner thigh when they both froze at some mysterious sound. Well, you're dead meat, thought Chris. No doubt some monster or maniac was about to attack.

He surfed to the next channel, but his mind was still on the hot teens. He began to feel a rise in his jeans. "Not a good time to get horny," he told himself. There were three perfectly good pussies in the house, but it wasn't a good idea for him to make a move toward any of them. His mother had probably sneaked upstairs to be with Don. Cameron would likely shack up with Fred, despite the fact that her father had put them in separate rooms. And Chris wasn't entirely sure where, in the huge, rambling house, Faith's room was situated, and he didn't want to go stumbling about in the dark to find it. He was about to settle on a date with Ms. Palm and the Finger sisters, when there was a soft tap at his door.

"Come in," he called out. His door opened and his mother entered. She was wearing a demure cotton nightgown that buttoned at the throat. Locking the door, she walked over to the bed where Chris lay.

"Well, hello," said Chris. "I thought you might be with your boyfriend."

She shrugged. "I was with him early this afternoon. In fact, I was with him so much, I think he'd be pretty well useless tonight."

"Oh, so I'm your backup guy," teased Chris.

Heather walked over to his bed. She lifted one foot and sat it on top of the mattress so that her gown swept open behind her upraised leg, revealing that she was wearing absolutely nothing underneath. "I didn't think you'd mind," she said seductively.

Chris could see his mother's vaginal lips were already puffy with desire. He reached up and sunk his middle finger into the sultry wetness of her love canal as his thumb swished back and forth on her clit. "No, you know I don't mind," he said with an evil grin.

Heather felt her legs going weak with passion. She was only a second away from joining her son on the bed when there was a knock at the door and someone tried to turn the knob.

"Who's there?" asked Chris, reluctantly withdrawing his digit from his mother's pussy.

"It's Faith," came the reply in a stage whisper.

Heather looked at Chris in a half surprised, half amused way. He could only give her an exaggerated shrug of the shoulders. "I'll hide in the bathroom," she said in a whisper that couldn't carry through the door.

Just as Chris had found earlier, she couldn't get the bathroom door to close. Chris waited until she was situated in a darkened corner before he opened the bedroom door. Faith entered the room and looked around. "Hey," she said. "I thought I heard voices."

"Mmm... I guess it was the TV," Chris said, leaping at the obvious lie. He noticed that she was wearing a night shirt that looked like an oversized football jersey. She certainly wasn't wearing a bra. That was evident from the way her pert nipples punctuated the numbers.

She smiled shyly at Chris. "I thought we might hook up, you know. That was pretty hot this afternoon."

Chris smiled right back. These Czelosonkowski girls were nothing if not direct. He closed and locked the bedroom door. There was no reason to risk someone else joining the party unexpectedly. He knew that his mother was probably peeking into the room, about to enjoy herself immensely. "Sounds cool to me," he said.

Pulling Faith by the hand, he sat on the edge of the bed and drew her onto his lap. They kissed gingerly at first, but as they began to figure who was doing what, the kisses gained in intensity. After a couple of minutes their tongues were entwined, and their breath was hot and heavy as they frenched. Chris' cock began to balloon. It felt as if he was actually lifting Faith higher in his lap. "I think you're getting a boner," she giggled.

"You know it," said Chris. He cupped her tit and rubbed the material of her sleep shirt across her distended nipple. She moaned softly and nipped at his lower lip.

Chris' hands grew bolder. He slid his fingers up her inner thigh, and she responded by spreading her legs. In a second his middle finger was worming its way past her vaginal lips and stroking her tight pussy. He made sure the heel of his hand ground against her clit.

"Oh yeah, that's good," moaned Faith. She leaned back against his muscular chest and let Chris bring her to a surprisingly quick orgasm.

The more Faith squirmed around in his lap, the more Chris became aroused. He brought her to another orgasm, his fingers positively dripping with her secretions. "I think you're ready for a hot fuck," Chris murmured in her ear.

"Mmmm..." Faith agreed.

Chris pulled her shirt over her head and laid it on the bed. Naked, Faith moved off his lap and shook her sweet ass at Chris from atop the mattress. He quickly dropped his shorts to the floor, and his cock sprang into view, leaking pre-cum from its swollen head.

"Oh my God, Chris, it's too big," Faith said in awe. Despite what they'd done earlier in the day, this was the first time she'd seen his cock in its entirety.

"Don't worry, we're both lubed up," he said, rubbing the clear pre-cum over the head and down the shaft of his cock. He pulled Faith up on her knees, and then bent his dick down until its head nestled against her pussy lips. Moving gently, Chris eased less than half the length of his shaft into Faith's deliciously tight vagina. He began to fuck her with a quick, short stroke that brought her to orgasm almost immediately.

A minute later, Chris had her cumming constantly. She buried her face in the bed clothes in order to muffle the sounds of her moaning and whimpering that escaped her full lips. He felt a full blown charge of hot semen beginning to boil in his balls. In a few seconds he was going fill her hot little pussy with all sorts of milky stuff. That was when someone knocked on his door.

In a flash, Faith was off Chris' cock and cowering at the end of the bed. "Oh fuck, it's my dad," she mouthed silently at Chris.

"Who... who's there," Chris managed to get out. He tossed Faith's shirt to her, and she immediately began to struggle into it.

"Cameron," came the soft reply.

"Just a second," Chris said. He pulled his shorts back on, trapping his still stiff member under the waist band. He arranged his tee shirt so that it loosely covered the inches of cock left exposed.

Faith came to his side and whispered. "She's just as bad as Dad. She'll run and tell him that I was in here. I'll hide in the bathroom."

"No," whispered Chris urgently. He grabbed her before she could find his mother hiding in the bathroom. He pulled her to the wall next to the door to the hallway. Putting his mouth to her ear, he said softly, "I'll distract her and you sneak out." She nodded in understanding.

Chris opened the door, hiding Faith in the process. "Hey," he said as he put his arm around Cameron and pulled her into the room. He turned so that she would have to put her back to the door. "What's up?"

Cameron didn't say anything to that. She just put her arms over his shoulders and proceeded to stuff her tongue halfway down his throat. Chris held her close and opened one eye just in time to see Faith's back as she crept away. After a long, sloppy kiss, Cameron pulled back and said, "Oh yeah baby, I've wanted to do that ever since I saw you on the deck this afternoon."

"I think good old Fred would have taken a dim view of that," said Chris. "And speaking of your fiancé, how do you know that he isn't pecking at your door right now?"

Cameron sighed. "He won't touch me while were in Dad's house. He says it isn't right. And besides, when we're here, he and Dad spend most of their time huddled up together talking business."

After closing and locking the door once again, Chris walked Cameron over to the bed. He was suddenly curious. While Fred had been a figure that was far away from the campus where he and Cameron went to college, Chris hadn't given the guy much thought. And he had assumed that Cameron had thought of him, Chris, as just a fling to be stopped when it became inconvenient. But here she was, eager and willing.

"Look," said Chris. "Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy our relationship, but what's up with you and Fred?"

"Do you mean, why am I so hot to cheat on my intended?" Cameron said pointedly.

"Yeah, I guess."

Cameron took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Fred's almost ten years older than I am. It seems like he's always been around. His family knows my family and all that bull. He's rich and connected politically and now that Dad's thinking about running for office, Fred's political action committee is really involved." She ran her fingers through her hair. "I had a real crush on Fred when I was younger, but of course nothing came of it. But when I had a really bad breakup with a guy about a year ago, Fred was suddenly there for me. He was really sweet and kind and so when he asked to marry me, I said yes more out of gratitude than anything else. Dad's been just been over the moon about the engagement."

"But you're having second thoughts," said Chris.

"Second, third and hundredth thoughts," said Cameron. "I'm afraid that if I break it off, then all of Fred's political clout and money will disappear with it, and that would so disappoint Dad."

"You can't sacrifice yourself like that," said Chris. "And I can't believe that your dad would want you to."

"It is complicated," she said. "But we're getting off topic." She rubbed the head of his cock through his shirt. "You must be glad to see me."

Chris realized that she must have felt his erection when they kissed.

"Just what have you been up to in here all by yourself?" she asked with a quizzical smile.

"Dreaming of you?" said Chris.

"That's sweet," she said as if she were simply moving things along, which she did when she resumed playing tonsil hockey with her tongue.

Chris' cock was an aching mass of manhood. He figured that if she so much as touched his dick that it would explode. He decided to help it cool off by taking charge. Cameron was wearing a loose fitting pair of satin pajamas, so he disrobed her while they continued their deep, wet kisses. He pushed her back on the bed and proceeded to kiss and tongue his way down to her very erect nipples. He kissed and nipped at the rough nubbins as his finger found her pussy and clit.

"Oh baby," cried Cameron when her first orgasm shuddered on his fingers.

"Just a good start," said Chris. He positioned himself between her smooth thighs and went to work on her clit with his lips and tongue. He found the little cleft of her g-spot and massaged it lovingly.

"Mmmm... ohhh," moaned Cameron. She played with her nipples as her hips heaved about on the bed and she enjoyed repeated orgasms.

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