Mother's Day

by baddaddy1us

Copyright© 2004 by baddaddy1us

Sex Story: IR Gang Bang

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Mult Consensual Slut Wife Group Sex Orgy Interracial Black Male White Female Size .

This is a short story based loosely upon my wife and her ever-continuing quest for big black cock. First off, you need to know a few things about my wife. She is a very small, skinny, petite white woman who stands about 5'1" tall in high heels, weighs in at about 93 pounds, soaking wet, and has very small breasts, (32A) with nipples which stand erect at close to one full inch when aroused. She is a natural blonde, has her hair on her head cut short in a pixie style cut, and closely crops her pussy, but does not fully shave her snatch. She is 44 years old, but definitely looks much younger, looking early to mid 30's at least.

I work for a major American Automobile Manufacturer, who has under their employment many black men. I work with many of these men on a daily basis and have managed to become friends with many of them. Oddly, for some unknown reason, many of these guys seem to be much more interested in my wife, and I get the distinct impression that the only reason that they have made friendships with me is so that they might get to meet my wife. I have arraigned several meetings with certain individual black men and my wife, but she has always insisted that I be present the entire time during each of these rendezvous.

Not too long ago, I had arraigned for my wife to meet Tyrone "Baby" McCormick on her birthday. Tyrone had agreed to be my "birthday present" to my wife. After that encounter, my wife had asked me to make some arrangements with several of the other black men that I worked with at the shop. When I suggested this to them one afternoon, they all readily agreed to meet her for a little Mother's Day gathering. I then made plans with my wife so that our son would be gone and finally decided that all the arrangements could be made and the gathering would take place on the Saturday immediately preceding Mother's Day.

My wife was hoping that Tyrone could make a return call, but unfortunately Tyrone could not make the date this time. He did, however suggest three of his close friends, so I ended up asking Tommy "The Rock" Jenkins, Sam "Big Daddy" Taylor, and Frankie "The Snake" Roberts to come over for the gathering. Tommy "The Rock" Jenkins is about 5'10" tall, heavily muscled, and sports dreadlocks. Sam "Big Daddy" Taylor is about 5' 9" tall and must weigh close to 350 pounds. Frankie "The Snake" Roberts stands a good 6' 2" tall and is very lean and mean looking.

These three guys arrived at our house at about 5:30pm and we had a few drinks while my wife met each one of them and exchanged some pleasant conversation. As introductions are made, I mention each guy's nickname. Remembering her "little" encounter with Tyrone "Baby" McCormick, my wife smiles and asks coyly; "So, how did you guys get your nicknames?" They all simply chuckle and tell her; "Well sweetie, you'll find out soon enough." It also became quite apparent that Tyrone had been talking to all three of these guys about his little birthday romp with my wife, because all three of these guys had a pretty good idea what they were in for, for the remainder of the evening.

Now my wife likes to be clean, so she had already showered and freshened up before everyone arrived. However, unbeknownst to me, she had dressed for these guys as well. She was dressed in her super tight black leather pants and a teeny tiny little black top when she greeted these guys.

As soon as the conversation turned to sex, all three guys gathered around my tiny wife and began caressing her body through her cloths. As the caresses became more insistent, my wife begins tugging at their shirts. These guys are really getting into this and they pull off their shirts revealing their chests to her.

Next, they begin stripping her. First they remove her tiny little top, revealing her tiny 32 A cup sized breasts, inside a snow white colored nippleless bra. Next they begin pulling at her pants, finally getting them down enough to reveal the fact that she has on only a tiny, color matched set of crotchless panties, hose and garters.

Barely able to take their eyes off her, they all three quickly remove their pants, revealing the fact that they all three have boxer shorts on. This also reveals the fact that they are quickly becoming very aroused because she can see their cocks becoming hard.

She reaches out slides her tiny hands inside the fly of Frankie "The Snake's" boxers and grasps a handful of cock and pulls it out. Almost as soon as her hand makes contact with "the Snake's" cock, it starts to become hard and erect. By the time she has it out and in her hands, she knows why he has been nicknamed, 'the Snake." His cock is all of fifteen inches long and is about three inches thick.

My wife gets down on her knees and begins stroking this huge piece of man meat, hand jacking it with her tiny white hand. Meanwhile, she has leaned closer to Tommy "the Rock" and has pulled his cock out of his shorts and is beginning to lick it. 'The Rock's" cock is quickly becoming very hard, and it is easy to see why he has been nicknamed "the Rock". His cock is an easy eleven inches long and about three inches thick as well. After getting "the Rock's" cock lubricated with some saliva, my wife opens her mouth as wide as she can and takes several inches of his cock inside her mouth.

Meanwhile, Sam "Big Daddy" Taylor has maneuvered himself into a position directly below my wife's tiny little, closely cropped blonde snatch and begins licking her pussy lips through the slit in her crotchless panties. My wife is obviously enjoying "Big Daddy's face job because between the sucking and slurping noises that I hear while she is sucking "the Rock's cock, I can also hear her moaning softly.

It is amazing to see my tiny little, skinny, blonde haired white wife in action with three huge black men. It is also becoming quite apparent why Sam was nicknamed "Big Daddy". Not only is he huge in size, some of it fat, but mostly just muscle, but his cock is now starting to become semi erect. It is about ten inches long and must be at least four inches thick, and it's not even fully erect yet!

Ninety six pounds of tiny white flesh jerking off a six foot plus black man with a fifteen inch long cock in one hand, sucking and deep throating a hugely muscular black man with an eleven inching cock in her mouth, while riding the face of a three hundred and fifty pound black man! My God, this is almost a dream! I take picture after picture using our digital camera.

Finally, the "Rock" can't stand it anymore and begins to unload a flood of semen into my wife's mouth. She tries hard to swallow it, but there is simply too much cum and it flows out of her mouth, down over her tightly stretched lips and cheeks and drips off her face. Meanwhile, she is getting extremely wet from Sam's face job, and her pussy is soaking wet and dripping.

As the Rock" becomes limp, she pulls his cock out of her throat and mouth and climbs off of Sam and gets into a crouching position, shoving her tiny white ass into the air. Sam remains lying on the floor and my wife grasps his huge cock and guides it into her mouth. It is so big that it is almost to huge to get in, but she manages to get the big, four inch thick, bulbous head inside her mouth as the "Snake" positions his fifteen inch long, three inch thick cock at her gaping, wet, dripping pussy hole and begins to enter her from behind.

The "Snake" continues pushing his big black snake into my wife's tiny, closely cropped blonde pussy in one slow, continuous motion until he has all fifteen inches of his massive cock buried inside her. As the "Snake's" big cock bottoms out inside my tiny wife's uterus, she opens her mouth as wide as she can in a groan. As she does this, "Big Daddy shoves all ten inches of his now expanding cock into my wife's throat, almost choking her.

The "Snake" now begins a slow backward and forward rocking motion, pulling his thick black snake out until just the very tip of the head remains embedding in my wife's sopping cunt. Then, he pushes forward, burying the entire length inside her. Again and again he repeats this action, gradually picking up the tempo as he become more and more aroused.

In the meantime, my tiny wife has continued to deep throat "Big Daddy's" cock, which has continued to grow to epic proportions. "Big Daddy's" cock is now all of thirteen inches long and an easy five inches thick. It is all my tiny white wife can do to get that huge black fuck-stick inside her mouth and throat without choking on it.

Suddenly, without warning, the "Snake" grabs my wife's hips and pulls her in a backward motion, while shoving his hips into her in a forward motion, burying his monstrous black cock all the way inside her hot, wet, pulsating tunnel. He holds her tightly in this position, with his big cock buried deeply in her vagina as he begins to unload a huge stream of semen deep inside her cunt.

Prompted by the "Snake's" sudden ejaculation, my wife experiences an orgasm of her own. She releases a flow of her own cum inside her already packed cunt tunnel. There is so much jism that it flows out of her womb, back along the huge meat stick and out of her cuntal opening, finally dripping down her slit and onto the floor below As her cunt spasms and convulses, she attempts to scream in ecstasy. However, with "Big Daddy's" huge cock stuffed down her throat, she can only make gurgling sounds.

My wife tries to begin a bucking motion, but the "Snake" holds her firmly in place as he unloads stream after stream of hot, gooey, sticking spunk inside her already packed and overflowing pussy. He continues holding his massive cock deep inside her cunt until he has finished his orgasm, before releasing his grip on her hips.

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