The Train Trip

by PhoenixKiwi

Copyright© 2004 by PhoenixKiwi

Incest Sex Story: Brother and sister travel to grandparents because of parents marrital problems

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest Brother Sister .

A shudder ran through the carriage signalling that the train was beginning to pull away from the platform. Rachel and I waved frantically to our parents where they were standing watching us depart and the frightening thought that this could be the last time we saw them together passed through my head.

Rachel is my sister and we were travelling to stay with our grandparents for an undetermined duration while our parents tried to sort their lives and their marriage out. For some time we had been becoming more and more dysfunctional as a family unit because of the increasing tension between Mom and Dad, who had finally got to the stage of completely ignoring each other. Strangely enough this was actually worse to live with than when they were screaming and arguing with one another.

My name is Michael and my sister, Rachel, and I, at the time, were both aged 14 years old and, no, we're not twins, as you will be guessing, as we are almost a year apart in age. Rachel was born almost 2 months pre-maturely and it was almost miraculous that she survived. We are the same age for only about 3 weeks of any year and, if she had not been born early, there would be about 14 months between us.

We were travelling to our grand-parents farm by train rather than by air as Rachel hates flying and there is quite a distance and quite major difficulties in getting from the nearest airport to the farm. It was a long train journey, taking 1 full and 2 part days and 2 nights travel, but we had a small reasonably comfortable cabin to travel and live in. There were a couple of comfortable armchair type seats and a small table between them by the window, a convertible sofa bed with a pull down bunk above it and a small bathroom attached. As you can see we were travelling in relative comfort and lack of money was definitely not causing the problems between our parents. We both had plenty of reading material and some games and, with plenty of spending money, we would have a nice trip except for the boredom.

I sat and read for the first couple of hours and each time I looked up from my book I noticed that Rachel was just staring blankly at the pages of her magazine and that she didn't look too far from bursting into tears. She was probably having the same doubts and worries about our parents that I had earlier and I was very relieved when it was finally time to go to the dining car for our evening meal.

The train carried both passengers and freight and it stopped to drop off and pick up regularly, which helped make the trip so long, but the passenger numbers were small and the service was, consequently, first class. The dining car looked like it could have been in a top quality restaurant and the food that they served was up to the standard of the decor making our first meal on board memorable. Soup, entrée, main course and desert and I even succeeded, with the help of a discreet $10 note, in convincing the waiter, who was not much older than me, to bring us a couple of glasses of wine each, as, luckily, we both looked a bit older than we actually were.

When we returned to our cabin, after finishing our meal and chatting with some of the other passengers, it was dark and we found that our beds had been made up. There was also a tray, holding a flask of hot water, milk and drink sachets, on the window table and we decided to have a cup of tea and watch the lights flash by before retiring for the night. We were well out in the country and, since lights were few and far apart, it didn't take long to get bored and decide to 'call it a day'.

I went into the bathroom first, Rachel going in when I was finished, and, after turning off the main cabin lights and, flicking on my small bed-lamp, I was stripped to my underpants and tee-shirt and under the covers by the time that Rachel came out in her pink PJs. I had claimed the bottom bunk by right of 'first up, best dressed' and, after she had dropped her clothing on her armchair, she came over, bent down and gave me a quick buss on the cheek and thanked me for taking her to such a nice dinner. She then stepped onto the side of my bed, preparing to hop up into her own, and, completely thoughtlessly, I did something totally stupid. I sat up, knowing that she couldn't see me, and grabbed the waistband of her PJ pants and yanked them down.

Rachel screamed and leapt back, luckily managing to land safely on her feet, and crouching down with her arms wrapped round herself she began first to tremble and then to visibly shake and weep. I was devastated. I hadn't foreseen a re-action like this and I had mostly intended my actions as a joke, though in full truth there were hidden sexual overtones to pulling her pants off, and I quickly leapt out of bed and went to her.

"I'm ever so sorry, Rachel. I only meant it as a joke. And it's not that bad really, you've still got your panties on, after all. You're still covered up." I put my hand on her shoulder to comfort her and she angrily shook it off.

"That wasn't fucking funny. I'm your sister after all and you are supposed to love me and look after me!" Rachel's sobs were drying up and I was completely shocked at her language.

"I truly am sorry Rachel. I just thought it would be a laugh. I didn't really think about it." I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tightly, "Forgive me? Please. I hate it when we don't get on."

"I suppose I have to. It would maybe have been funnier if I wasn't so upset about Mom and Dad. What's going to happen to us if they do split up? I couldn't bear it if you and I were split up as well." Our parents' problems had definitely been frightening and upsetting her a whole lot.

Without releasing her I moved over to my bed and sat down, with her cuddled by my side, and attempted to put her mind at rest,

"Don't worry so much, Rachel. I'm sure that they will work it out and everything will be Ok again. Even if they don't, you know that they both love us and wouldn't do anything to hurt us. Neither Mom nor Dad would ever split us apart or try to cut the other one out of their lives. So I know that things will be alright. Trust me." I did my best to sound completely sincere and hoped that I had succeeded.

"I hope you're right. There's not much we can do about it anyway, I suppose." Rachel sounded a bit more cheerful, "Would you just hold me for a while, please."

"Silly, of course I will. Come on, let's lie down." I lifted her up onto my bed, her PJ pants falling from her feet, and I cuddled into her back and held her close. It didn't take me long to realise that I was holding, in my arms, a very pretty young lady clad only in a thin PJ top and thin blue panties and I was quickly forced to keep my groin well back from her.

Soon she began to breathe softly and rhythmically and I realised that she had gone to sleep and I decided to cover us both up rather than move her and risk waking and upsetting her. It was still very dark when I woke, surprised that I had managed to get any sleep at all, to find that Rachel had turned over during the night and was now cuddled in closely, face to face with me. I could feel her small titties crushed gently against my chest, my semi-erect cock pushing against her thigh and her pussy rubbing my leg. I was well aware of the warmth of her crotch even through the material of her panties and, while I revelled in our proximity, I was extremely nervous of her waking and being horrified at our closeness. I managed to move just enough to keep my hard-on from touching her but I didn't have the willpower to stop myself sliding my hand gently down her back and, slipping it under the elastic of her panties, gently cupping her bare buttock. The sensation and feel of the smoothness of her skin and the softness of her plump cheek was almost too much to bear and I couldn't make myself remove my hand. I went back to sleep with my hand still down her panties with no thought of the consequences of her waking and discovering me groping her.

When I next surfaced it was to discover that it was daylight and Rachel had managed to climb out of bed without waking me. Over and above the sounds of the train I could hear, but not identify, the intimate sounds of her in the bathroom and in my mind's eye I could visualise her peeing, wiping herself and then washing. When the door eventually opened and she emerged I expected her to have fully dressed in privacy but I saw that she was still dressed in just her PJ top and the same blue panties. 'She will grab clean stuff and go back in' I thought and then watched with some disbelief as she closed the door behind her.

"You finally awake then, sleepyhead?" she asked and I expected her to suggest that I use the bathroom so as she could get dressed, but, "Any chance of you getting up sometime today?" she went on as she pulled a clean skirt, top and underwear from her bag.

When she had dumped her clothing on the top bunk she crouched down beside me and leant in and gave me a quick good-morning kiss.

"Michael, thank you for comforting me last night and I really appreciate your caring for me all night." Rachel sounded quite genuine in her thanks but she went on, "Now I need you to be completely honest with me and tell me the truth even if it hurts."

'Here it comes' I thought and braced myself,

"Promise me you'll be truthful?" she requested, and after I nodded my acquiescence, quite sure that I was going to be quizzed, and then probably abused, about groping her arse while she was asleep, she continued, "When you pulled my PJs down it wasn't completely just a joke, was it?"

I was floored by her question and I answered before I fully thought out my reply,

"Well it was mainly a joke to cheer you up but I must admit I also hoped I might get a look at your secret bits and pieces." I was a bit shocked at the honesty of my reply and appalled at the thought of what she would now say and do.

"Why? You've seen me naked before. Anyway, I'm just your sister and not even particularly pretty. Why would you want to look at me?" Rachel did actually look a bit puzzled and I just ploughed on regardless.

"You are joking? It's been years and years since we bathed together and we've both grown a lot since then. And, no, you're not 'particularly pretty' you're really, really attractive and well on the way to becoming totally beautiful. That's why I wanted to look at you. There, I've said it. I'm sorry if you're angry or offended but that's just the way I feel."

Rachel was sitting back on her heels beside my bunk as we talked and, just remained there looking me in the eyes as she weighed up my reply, before nodding her head and standing up, saying,

"Thanks for being truthful. Now I'm going to get dressed and you had better think about getting up before breakfast finishes." And she lifted her PJ top over her head and flipped it up on her unused bunk. She stepped back a pace, stood there, naked to the waist, in just her brief blue panties and put her hands on her hips and once again looked me in the eye. I tried to meet her gaze but I couldn't help my eyes wandering down her body and checking her out very carefully. Rachel's breasts were just starting to develop and, as yet, were just two small delicately shaped mounds with pale pink tips. They were only tiny but they were extremely pretty and desirable and I fell head over heels in love with them.

"They are beautiful and I love them." I managed to croak out and she smiled happily as she inserted her thumbs under the waistband of her panties. 'She's not' was the first thought that leapt into my mind and my mouth went instantaneously dry.

She did though, slowly slipping her panties down her thighs, before sort of shimmying to get them to drop to her ankles and then stepping free of them, leaving a small blue puddle of cloth on the floor. My heart was hammering, there was a loud ringing in my ears and I was literally trembling with pent-up excitement. Rachel was divine. Her body was quickly changing shape and she was not far from becoming what I imagined a woman would be like. She had developed a small waist, her hips were becoming obvious, her thighs and calves were shapely and led down to trim ankles, and she had such a small tummy that her hip-bones were quite prominent. Rachel had quite dark hair and it was this fact that made it only just possible to discern, on her lower tummy, a very faint hint of the bush of hair to come. The tops of her thighs were very close together and this prevented me from seeing anything but a tiny tight slit disappearing between them that was the start of her pussy.

Rachel was quite tiny but all in all she was an extremely attractive and arousing girl and would soon become a highly desirable and sexy woman.

"God, you're absolutely fabulous! Spin round and let me see the rest of you." She looked a bit embarrassed at my close scrutiny but, seeming very proud at the same time, she did not hesitate to turn and let me see her from behind. The rear view was almost as good as the front and her bum was definitely a major asset, small, tight, flawless buttocks that rode quite high and just begged to be fondled.

"If I died now I'd die happy." I managed to get out as I climbed from my bunk and spun her round to face me. Rachel looked a bit alarmed, at first, when I grabbed her under her arms and sat her on the edge of her bunk.

She made no protest when I placed my hands on her knees and pulled them apart to allow me to get my very first view of real live pussy. What I actually saw was a couple of quite prominent lips with a definite pronounced slit between them and it was really nothing like the pictures I had seen of other women's pussies, but it was real and live, even if it was my sisters. I had no prior sexual experience and, to this day, I still don't know why I did it or what gave me the idea but to my surprise and Rachel's shock I pushed my face in between her thighs and sniffed deeply and appreciatively before kissing those normally hidden lips.

Rachel recovered quickly and, squealing with delight, she clamped her thighs closed, an entirely unexpected action, trapping my head between them. For an instant panic set in but, at the same time I realised I could still breath, I figured that her squeal was of delight, not fear and, knowing that she was enjoying my actions. I stuck out my tongue and ran it a couple of times along the full length of her pussy lips before I fought my way free.

"How could you bear to do that? That's terrible!" Rachel was bright red in embarrassment but, at the same time, she managed to look as if she had very much enjoyed my ministrations.

"I don't know where that came from. It just seemed like the thing to do and you tasted great. Haven't you ever tasted yourself?" I was breathing normally again.

"No I certainly haven't! I still think it's terrible. Now you'd better hurry up or we won't get breakfast."

I went into the bathroom and had a quick pee and a wash before coming out to climb into fresh shorts. Rachel was dressed in a skirt and loose top and slipping her feet into flip-flops as I stripped off my tee-shirt and pulled a clean one from my bag. She looked me up and down as I pulled it on and said,

"Hmm... Looks like I'm not the only one changing. You are growing some muscles there, big brother. Very impressive! Now hurry up" and she opened the door and waited for me to join her.

Breakfast was up to the standard of the previous night's dinner and I had the whole 9 yards - OJ, cereal, coffee, toast and kidneys, bacon and eggs. Rachel just settled for OJ, cereal and toast. Maybe this was part of the reason that I had grown so much larger than her but I really did feel great afterwards.

Back in our own space we decided to just waste the morning away reading and sightseeing and it was very pleasant sitting by the window with the sunshine streaming in. I was pretty much engrossed in my book but noticed when I looked up that Rachel was pretty much just watching the passing landscape. When we'd been there for some time and I lifted my eyes from my book, it was to find that Rachel was still window watching but she had now lifted one bare foot onto her chair seat and was supporting her chin on her knee.

Her skirt had slipped down her upraised thigh and, of course, exposed her panties to my avid view. Today's offering were a satiny cream colour, with small blue flowers, and clung closely to her. I didn't think that she was aware of my watching but she slowly tilted her knee, and chin, towards the window and this caused her panties to tighten appreciably. The shape of her lips was clearly outlined and the material was also tending to pull into the slit between them. I couldn't tear my eyes from this delightful sight and my cock was rapidly hardening again. I was definitely going to need some time in the bathroom completely alone in the near future.

Rachel then did something I just couldn't believe. Still looking out the window, propped up on one knee and one hand, she allowed her free hand to fall into her crotch and, extending her index finger, she began to slide it back and forth along the split of her pussy. This forced the cloth of her panties deeper into her slit and, by the time she stopped, everything was clinging so tightly that it seemed as if she had a smooth cream coloured vagina. I had never even imagined something so erotic and NOTHING could have dragged my eyes from this view, my breath was coming in gasps, by now, I was trembling with built up tension and when an almost agonised groan was forced from deep inside me the little minx finally turned to look at me.

It was more a smirk than just a look and I immediately knew that what she had been doing was deliberate and not just an unthinking action.

"You Devil!" I gasped, "How could you do that to me? I can't believe that just 24 hours ago you wouldn't even let me get a peek at your underwear. What's happened to you?" I was astounded at her deeds.

Rachel smiled at me and replied,

"Well, this morning when I was in the bathroom I got to thinking and I realised that once I got over the initial shock I didn't really mind you looking at me in my panties. I actually quite enjoyed the way you were looking." She wasn't even blushing as she went on, "I decided that maybe I wouldn't mind you seeing more and I decided to try taking off my top and seeing how that felt."

She was watching my reactions as she related her story to me and I was careful to show only pleasure at her actions, my actual response.

"When I saw how much you enjoyed looking at my tiny boobs I decided to go the whole hog and let you see all you wanted. And I really enjoyed showing you." Rachel looked a bit defiant as she told me of her enjoyment and I guessed that there was still a bit of guilt hidden away.

"Well you made me eternally grateful. That's the best thing that has ever happened to me and it will be in my memory forever and ever. And I wasn't just speaking when I said how beautiful you would soon be. Now what about a quick game of cards before lunch?" I was a bit worried that with all this work and lack of food I would fade away to a shadow.

After lunch we decided to go for a walk to the outdoor observation area at the rear of the passenger cars. According to the brochures there were excellent wind deflectors there and, unless there was a strong side or rear wind, it was quite comfortable to sightsee in most weather. We passed through a few cars on our travel and found that most of the people using the lounges provided were relatively elderly and that we were, by far and away, probably the youngest on board. There was no-one else using the observation deck when we got there and it was, just as advertised, quite warm and comfortable to be there and appreciate the passing scenery.

Rachel tucked herself into the front corner of the platform, leaning against the safety railing, and I moved close, hugging her from behind, and she seemed to enjoy this. I had not hesitation, now, in allowing my erection to press against her and she must have been aware of my arousal as we hugged. Eventually I slid my hands under the hem of her top and slid them slowly up her bare skin. She shivered and complained of the cold of my hands and I paused and just held them flat on her warm tummy before making further advances.

Finally I was cupping her little breasts in my hands and, while still only small, they felt marvellous, all soft and pliable and smooth, and I could feel her tiny nipples hardening under my fondling.

"You feel wonderful! Tiny perfection! Your nipples are getting hard. Can you feel that? And how does my touching you there make you feel?" I was whispering softly in her ear, my face almost buried in her hair, and from this close she smelt so sexy and nice.

"I love it. It makes me tingle between my legs. I wonder why that is?" Rachel was becoming more and more open with me all the time, and it was great.

"God you smell ever so nice. That tingling is trying to show you that you are getting sexually aroused, it's pretty normal I think and most women get that way when their boobs are played with." Rachel made no acknowledgement of what I just said to her and I took it that she wasn't the least bit offended so I went on, "Another sign is that you get all hot and wet down there as well as tingling. Want me to check for you?"

Without waiting for a reply I released one breast, ran my hand down her body and pushed in under the waistband of her skirt. She made no protest and, in fact, seemed to suck in her tummy to allow me freer access as I probed even further and reached and penetrated her panties. I was right, her crotch was like a little furnace and seemed to welcome my investigating fingers. Firstly I laid one finger along the line of her split and pressed gently, feeling, with some surprise, her lips open to allow my finger to penetrate deeper before clamping closed to try and keep it in place. Rachel was definitely excited and when I began to slide my finger back and forth I could feel her lips swell and open more permanently and I wished I could see what was revealed.

Forcing my hand even lower I reached Rachel's opening and it was just possible to insert the first part of my forefinger. It was very wet and quite slippery and when I had some of this fluid coating my finger it became possible to get it in a lot further. She must have enjoyed the feeling as she pushed her hips forward trying to force me to penetrate further and when I began to gently push my finger in and out she began to gasp and clamp tightly when it was right in her.

It had to end sometime and we made our way back to our cabin and resumed our places at the window, intermittently reading and chatting. It was a whole lot easier talking with Rachel now as I didn't have to take so much care in what I said.

"I think I might go and pee and then grab a shower before dinner." She dropped her book on the table and got to her feet. I followed suit and entered the bathroom behind her, when she looked round in some surprise,

"What are you doing? I want to go to the toilet." She didn't seem to want me in there with her,

"I want to watch. I've always wanted to see a girl peeing and this looks like my big chance. Please." I gave it my best imploring look.

Rachel made no reply, just pushed her panties down to her knees and turned around and sat on the toilet. I could see next to nothing, as her legs were still reasonably close together and her skirt still covered most of her, so I protested,

"I can't see anything. Don't go yet. Please." I knelt in front of her and removed her panties, completely, before lifting her skirt and encouraging her to spread her legs. Because she was so small and her opening was pointed directly downwards I still couldn't see much so, grabbing an ankle in each hand and lifting her knees higher, I managed to lean her back until I could get a view of what I wanted so much to see, causing Rachel to finally protest,

"This is a bit much. It's totally undignified and somewhat embarrassing. I feel like I'm on one of those doctor's tables that you hear about with the stirrups. But I can't hold it any longer." And she relaxed and a powerful stream of yellowish piss jetted out of her opening. It was lucky I hadn't lifted her legs any higher as the jet of pee was only just splashing against the rim of the toilet and there would have been quite a mess otherwise. I watched as she carefully wiped herself dry and got to my feet as she did.

"I think it's about time that you took a turn. You've seen all of me, including bits I didn't think anyone would ever get a look at, and it must be my turn now." When I looked at her I saw that she was staring at the bulge that my erection was making in the front of my shorts.

"I suppose that's only fair. What do you want me to do? Strip right off?" When Rachel nodded that was what she wanted, I went on, "I had better warn you that I've got an erection. I take it that you know what that means?" Once again she just nodded and, bracing myself, I began to take my clothes off.

My tee-shirt was removed first and Rachel paused me and looked me over carefully before permitting me to proceed. I stepped out of my shorts and faced her in just my underpants, quite decidedly embarrassed about the very prominent bulge in the front of my underwear. She stared fixedly at it, as her tiny pink tongue slipped out to brush back and forth across her lips which I guessed were very dry, and when I braced myself and slipped my undies off her eyes widened and a look of some awe came over her face.

"Fuck! Is it often like that? IT'S ENOURMOUS." Rachel looked awestruck and couldn't seem to take her eyes from it. "Is it always like that? What do you normally do about it? Surely you can't go for too long in that condition."

Once again I decided that honesty was the only possible policy and decided to tell her the truth, embarrassing as it might be,

"I can either just wait till it goes away by itself, usually when my excitement winds down, or I can masturbate." I waited to see what reaction my statement got.

"How do you mean, masturbate?" I had forgotten just how innocent Rachel really was and realised that I would now have to explain further.

"Masturbating is when you pretend to be having sex and work yourself to a climax."

"And how do you do that?" I wasn't surprised and had expected this query,

"Well I just rub my cock till I get to a peak and it happens automatically then." Hopefully that would be the end of it.

"If I wasn't here would you masturbate now and get some relief?"

"Yes I probably would." All this honesty business was a bit taxing,

"Well, what about doing it anyway and letting me watch." Surprise, surprise, I left myself wide open for that and in view of what I had been allowed to do I couldn't really refuse her request.

"I suppose I don't have much choice. Come over to rhe shower and we'll do it there." I stood facing into the shower stall and dropped my hand to my cock.

"Why do we have to do it here?" more questions

"Just watch and you'll se why. It will be pretty obvious." I was holding the shaft of my cock firmly and sliding my hand up and down, feeling my excitement growing rapidly. Jacking off with somebody watching was turning out to be a bit of a turn-on and I could feel my climax approaching far quicker than usual.

"Could I maybe touch it and rub it for a bit?" Rachel sounded almost pleading and I quickly agreed, my excitement stepping up yet another notch.

Looking down at her small fragile looking hand grasping the angry looking growth from my groin was unbelievable. Rachel was the first person to handle my cock since I was a small child and to see how much of it still poked out of her fingers made me feel proud.

"It's sort of hard and yet softish at the same time. And does it always have a bright purple top like that? And is that stuff oozing out of that wee slit the orgasm you boys always boast about?" the questions seemed to be pouring out of her.

I could feel my insides beginning to tighten and the ringing in my ear was getting louder and I knew I wasn't far from my climax.

"You will soon find out what a climax is. Can you squeeze just a it tighter and maybe rub a wee bit firmer." I was starting to gasp and when Rachel did as I asked, suddenly I began to tremble and the first squirt arrived.

The sexual build-ups and let downs that had been occurring over the last 24 hours had had a major effect and this was the most powerful orgasm of my life, by far. The first jet started up at the back of my neck, worked down my spine and forced a passage out through the tiny opening in the head of my cock. It jetted through the air and splashed against the back of the shower and stuck there for an instant before beginning to seep down the wall. Rachel was standing frozen with a look of total awe on her face.

"Don't stop!" I almost screamed, "Keep rubbing. Please!" I was frantic and to my relief she immediately started to rub me again and I pumped out a further 4 or 5 jets of decreasing strength as my climax subsided.

I was clinging desperately to the shower door for support when it ended and it felt like I had just run a marathon or something similar. This was very definitely my most powerful climax.

"Is it always like that? That was awesome! The strength of it. I feel completely jealous. And to think I thought that little bit of stuff at the start was what it was all about." Rachel was shaking her head in amazement and sounded very envious.

"I wouldn't worry too much. I understand that when a woman has a proper climax it lasts much longer and is a lot stronger than a man's. It's probably me that should be jealous. I'll leave you to your shower." I had thought about maybe sharing a shower with my sister but, after that, all I wanted to do was sit by myself and get my strength back. I'd had enough excitement right at the moment. I picked up the discarded clothing, including Rachel's cream panties, and, still completely naked, I resumed my seat at the window and just listened to the sounds of her bathing. Again acting on pure instinct I held her panties to my face and drew the female odours of my sister deep into my lungs. The panties smelt decidedly womanly with traces of some sort of scent, aroused pussy and also, very faintly, the smell of pee, it was a highly exciting and erotic odour and my cock twitched in sudden interest.

The sounds of the shower ended and Rachel returned into the main room, with one towel wrapped round her and using a second one to dry her hair. She looked very clean and pretty and when she bent over to retrieve fresh clothing from her bag, the sight of her bum, exposed by the towel riding up, all pink and glowing from the shower, was a highly erotic and inspiring sight. Even though I'd seen her in all her total naked beauty, Rachel's behind was still practically irresistible, so, on my way to the bathroom, I grabbed her bum in my wide open hand and gave it a good squeeze, pushing my second finger into her crack and pressing gently on her bum-hole with the tip of it.

I thought she might have been repelled by my touching her there but she just giggled and wriggled delightedly against my grasp,

"I'll give you just 10 minutes to stop that. Why can't you keep your hands to yourself?" Rachel obviously enjoyed the attention she was suddenly getting, and, when I began to rub her opening with my finger-tip and force an entry against her tightly clenched anal muscles, she moaned with pleasure and went on,

"I can feel you do that right in my pussy. You'd better stop or we'll never get to dinner." And she seemed to sigh with disappointment when I withdrew my hand, as ordered.

I headed to the shower before I got distracted any further and by the time I came out Rachel was wearing a dress and was brushing her hair, waiting for me. I was quickly dressed and we were soon enjoying another culinary delight in the restaurant.

The same waiter as the previous night again managed to sneak a couple of wines to each of us and we were quite pleasantly tipsy by the time we made it back to our cabin. Once again our beds and the cabin were made up for the night and, once we had closed and snibbed the door, we were safe and secure in our own private little world.

"Well you seemed to enjoy yourself tonight." I said, "now tell me, I've been wondering all night, what are you wearing under that dress. There's not much sign of anything at all."

"That's because there isn't much at all." Rachel laughed, "I've got my very best and secret underwear on. Only Debbie knows I've got it as we both sneaked out and bought some without anyone knowing. I keep it hidden and she's the only one who has ever seen it." Rachel was definitely feeling happy and relaxed and she twirled around on her toes, her dress flaring out alluringly.

"Well are you going to show me?" I demanded and she giggled as she replied,

"I suppose you have been a good boy and took me for a nice meal... so I suppose... " and she reached down, grabbed the hem of her dress and lifted it to waist level, completely exposing her panties to my sight.

They were black, tiny, lacy and extremely flimsy and fitted her like a second skin and, when she slowly rotated to let have the complete view, I involuntarily let out a whistle of pure admiration when I saw how they clung to and emphasised the lovely shape of her bum.

"I take it you approve?" she smirked.

"Approve? They are fucking fantastic. But you are lucky Dad's not here - if he saw them and knew that you'd been drinking wine, you'd be over his knee and getting your arse smacked before you could blink." I was serious about Dad disapproving and we weren't yet old enough to escape his punishment.

"That's why they are our secret. I certainly wouldn't like getting smacked by him -- now, if it was you --." Her voice just trailed away, making me wonder.

"Well he did say that I was in charge and to keep a careful watch over you, so I suppose- -." Pulling her by the hand to the bed, I sat and placed her, face down, over my knee. Rachel made no protest, seeming more than willing to play along, and I continued,

"I think I'd better show you that you have to behave properly and ladylike."

"Please don't hurt me, Daddy. I'll be a good girl in future. Please Daddy. I'll do anything you want." She was definitely entering into the swing of things and I wasn't sure how she had managed to grow up and learn so much in such a short time. Maybe young girls weren't quite as innocent and shy as I had thought.

I lifted the back of her dress, baring her panty clad buttocks to my eager view, and pulled the delicate black cloth down to the top of her thighs, completely exposing her buttocks. I stroked my hand over the plump flesh and then lightly slapped her, not even hard enough to leave an imprint of my fingers, and listened appreciatively as she cried out,

"Oh, Daddy. Don't hurt me. I'll be a good girl for you in future. I promise. Please." Rachel was definitely right into character and I wondered just what she would be like in the future when she was a whole lot more experienced. I gave her a couple of further smacks, this time just a little harder and watched with pleasure as her cheeks wobbled delightfully and then turned quite pink.

I paused and just admired my handiwork before commencing to stroke and caress her bum and then I again began sliding my fingers up and down her crack and fingering her arse-hole. She made no effort to escape from my actions and I was certain that my sister was very much enjoying what I was doing. I slid my hand even lower and began to play wither pussy, eventually penetrating just a little way inside her hole and found that she was quite distinctly wet and slippery.

"Your pussy is very wet. You're quite excited aren't you? What are you thinking about?" I continued to move my penetrating finger around as I talked and watched as she blushed and just nodded, refusing to say anything.

I finally removed my finger and brought it to my mouth and said,

"Now I'll really find out what you taste like." And Rachel turned her head to watch as I slipped my wet finger into my mouth and sucked it. I returned my finger to her pussy and worked it back in as I said to her,

"You taste great and I think it's about time you found out for yourself." And I held my finger to her lips, pressing gently on them, until she opened her mouth to let me insert it. Rachel sucked on my finger, at first tentatively but with increasing enthusiasm, and then she began to lick it furiously, only letting me withdraw with reluctance.

I decided that, while it was wonderful sitting there fondling her smooth warm flesh, enough was enough and we had better think about bed. With some sadness I pulled her panties up, her dress down and, giving her a smack on her now covered bum, helped her to her feet. We both had a cup of tea and chatted for a bit longer before we decided to retire.

"Would you mind very much if we slept together again tonight? We'll be at Grand-ma and Grand-dads from tomorrow so this might be our last chance." Little did she know that this was a major desire for me as well and I quickly agreed.

Again I was stripped down to my underpants and tee-shirt and in bed, waiting, while Rachel fumbled in her bag and went into the bathroom. I expected her to again be wearing her pretty pink PJs and I was pleasantly surprised when she came out clad in a small bedraggled tee-shirt and the same sexy fragile black panties and climbed in beside me, after putting her dress on a chair.

"Ohh! That feels nice. You're lovely to cuddle up to. It's going to be terrible sleeping alone again." And giggling, she went on, "God, I sound like we're an old married couple and it's only been one night." before snuggling in close.

We were cuddled up, my front to her back, and I was cupping her little tittie, enjoying the soft and delicate feel of it, when she struggled to turn over and face me.

"Do you realise that, even with all we've done so far, we haven't even kissed properly. I never have - so would you teach me?" the contrasts in my sister, complete innocence closely followed by seeming worldliness, was a bit hard to get a proper handle on.

I was more than happy to teach her to kiss and so, pulling her face to mine, I plastered my mouth to hers and pressed and probed her closed lips with my tongue until she opened her mouth to allow me enter. Once she felt my tongue slithering and sliding over hers and investigating the inside of her mouth, she quickly got the idea and began to explore with her own. Soon we were sucking furiously and virtually nursing at each other and Rachel, without breaking our lock, struggled and moved to lie on top of me.

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