Avril Lavigne: Sex, Drugs & Rock N' Roll

by Jessy19

Copyright© 2004 by Jessy19

Sex Story: Avril meets some of Rock's legendary men.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Mult Teenagers Consensual Drunk/Drugged Fiction Celebrity First Oral Sex Anal Sex Petting .

"Avril Lavigne is in the top 10 in pop music this week."

Avril frowned as she heard the news on MTV. "Pop?" She asked herself. "When the fuck did my music become pop?"

She decided she'd watched too much MTV so decided to get online and check her site out. She noticed many people dissing her and comparing her to Britney Spears. She slowly became furious. "I'm not like Britney Spears damnit!" She whined, turning off her computer.

She lay on her bed, trying to calm down. She was fed up with it all. She never wanted to come across like a pop slut like Britney or Christina. She thought she'd made her mark. Singing "Skater Boi" was meant to show she wasn't into that bubble gum crap that Britney and Christina sing about.

Just then the telephone rang.

"Hello?" Avril answered sounding frustrated.

"Yes Ms. Lavigne, you're ticket for the Aerosmith and Rolling Stones concert has arrived." It was Avril's butler.

Avril rose from the bed and couldn't help but smile. "Yes! Thank you. Just bring them up to my room."

She hung up the phone and jumped up, laughing and singing Aerosmith's "Crazy."

"I go crazy! Baby! I go Crazy!" She sang loudly until she heard the knock on her door. Her butler stood there holding the ticket in a small white envelope.

"Here you go Ms. Lavigne."

"Thank you!" She said happily grabbing the ticket and shutting her door once again. She held her ticket by her heart and sighed. Finally she'd be able to hear good rock music not like what was out there today on the radio.

She was glad to see that her VIP status had delivered on front row seats as well as backstage passes to meet the guys from Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones. The two big acts were doing a concert together for only one night and Avril would be part of it. She'd been a fan since she was a small child and now she'd finally be able to get away from all the shit she'd had to put up with.

"I bet Britney Spears never goes to an Aerosmith or Rolling Stone's concert," Avril said out loud kissing the ticket.

The night of the concert came quickly. Avril put on a short red wig to disguise her appearance. She told her bodyguards she wanted to go alone so she could have some fun. They said they'd wait outside for her until she was finished.

Avril looked very different in her red wig. She was relieved people didn't recognize her. Wearing a pair of tight leather pants and a tiny white tee that read, "rock n roll" with a black guitar printed on, she felt she finally belonged.

She waited in line just like everyone else and then made her way up front to get her seat. After the sound check and all the important things that go on before a concert, Avril felt her heart racing. The first band to play was Aerosmith. She stood up and sang to all her favorite Aerosmith tunes.

She noticed Steven Tyler, the singer of Aerosmith eyeing her and winking at her. "Does he know who I am?" Avril thought. She had to admit he looked really sexy for a guy his age. The way he moved made her blush. The way he sang made her wet.

After Aerosmith came the Rolling Stones, another one of Avril's favorite bands. She watched Mick Jagger swaying his body nicely. His trademark lips were as sexy in person as in a video. Avril clapped and sang along as well to the songs she knew. When they began to sing "Start Me Up," she went crazy dancing and moving her body around. She noticed Jagger kept eyeing her too. He even moved the microphone to her so she could sing along with him! Avril was quivering with excitement as she sang along with Mick.

"Thank you all very much, and young lady let me tell you, you got one hell of a voice," Mick complimented Avril after their sing along.

The entire crowd cheered and clapped until the Rolling Stones were finally off the stage. Avril made her way quickly towards the back. A tall and bald security guy stood by the door.

"Excuse me, where do you think you're going?" He asked sternly.

"I've got backstage passes!" Avril argued.

The guard took a quick glance at the passes and nodded. "Alright go on."

Avril made her way through the door and the narrow hallway. She could hear voices and laughter. She knew they probably had groupies back there but she didn't care. She just wanted to meet the guys from the band.

She walked by one room and a few Aerosmith band members were there with some groupies. She didn't want to interrupt them, so she continued walking. Passing another room, she again saw more groupies but this time they were with the Rolling Stones. One young blonde girl sat on Keith Richards lap. He was smoking pot, paying little attention to the groupie... Avril rolled her eyes and continued walking.

"Excuse me. What are you doing back here?" Avril froze when she heard that voice. It was Steven Tyler!

She slowly turned around and looked embarrassed. "H-hi Steve," she stammered. Tyler poked his head out of a small room

"Hello there, young lady. But no one calls me Steve. Officially, it's Steven. My mates call me Stevie. Care to join Mick and me for some drinks? Then you could qualify as one of me mates."

Avril nodded and walked towards the small room. It had a big bed covered with pillows and a few leather chairs. She walked in and saw Mick Jagger combing his hair in front of a lit mirror.

"Hey she's the one that sang with me. She's got a voice on her, I tell you," Mick said sweetly.

Avril walked in with her arms crossed. "Please have a seat," Steve said removing some of his shirts off a leather chair.

Avril slowly sat down and couldn't move. She was in shock that she was actually face to face with Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger.

"You're awfully quiet," Steven said.

"I-I'm sorry, it's just that I'm so happy to be here," Avril admitted. Despite her own success, in this moment she felt just like a little girl in Nappanee again, in awe of these singers.

Mick and Steven laughed. Tyler handed her what seemed to look like a dark soda. Avril put it up against her nose and smelled the strong alcohol in it. She sipped it anyway and almost choked on it.

"Are you ok?" Mick asked.

"Y-yes," Avril said, controlling her coughing.

Steve scoffed and handed her a bottle of water. "Here you go. I'm sorry, I guess I made that too strong for you."

Avril tried not to look like such a child. "No you didn't, it's just that I haven't drunk in such a long time," she lied.

Steven eyed her curiously and looked at her hair. "That's not your real hair is it, little one?"

Avril knew she'd have to come clean with them. Would they even know who she was? Big time guys like them might not even know she had a best selling album. Avril slowly took off her wig letting her long brown hair fall to her shoulders.

Steven and Mick stared at the youthful beauty. "Avril Lavigne!" Steven cried out.

Avril smiled and ran her fingers through her hair. "You know who I am?"

"Who doesn't?" Mick asked sipping on his drink.

"Well, I'm flattered you know me."

"You are quite a talented young lady," Mick said.

"Yeah I know Liv loves your music," Steven said smiling at her.

"Really? Wow! I am always being compared to Britney Spears for some odd reason."

Mick and Steven laughed. "Britney Spears? No you and her are from different worlds. I can tell," Steven said.

Avril blushed. "So tell me Ms. Lavigne what brings you here to listen to a bunch of old codgers like us sing?" Mick asked.

Avril shifted in her chair. "Well, I've loved your music since I was a child. I don't think you're old at all!"

"Well that makes me feel better," Steven teased, taking a sip from the glass Avril had earlier.

Avril noticed Mick was searching for something in a drawer. He pulled out what seemed to look like drugs. Avril's eyes looked suspiciously. Steven noticed her staring.

"We're going to do a bit of pot and some cocaine, little one, care to do some with us?" Steven asked touching her hair.

Avril bit her lower lip. "Y-yes, sure." She said nervously. She wanted to know what all the buzz about drugs was about.

Mick rolled up a big joint and made three lines of cocaine. Avril watched, fascinated by the ritual. Mick lit up the joint and inhaled. He closed his eyes and slowly exhaled.

"Mmm that's some good stuff. Here, little one," Steven said, handing Avril the joint.

Avril had never smoked pot, so she just decided to smoke it like a cigarette. She took a small little puff and immediately began to cough. Steven and Mick laughed.

"Here little one, drink some water," Mick said handing Avril the bottle of water.

Avril drank and slowly recovered. She held the joint in her hand looking embarrassed. She handed it to Mick who took his turn with it. Avril grabbed the joint once again taking it away from Mick and inhaled deeply. She held the smoke in and slowly let it out.

"Ooh I'm feeling good!" Avril announced cheerfully.

"There you go, you're learning," Steven said.

Avril smiled and continued take a few more puffs. After a while she was feeling really good, nice and calm. She handed the joint back to Steven and he finished it off. Mick was busy, finishing setting up the cocaine lines. He reached in his pocket, grabbing a hundred dollar bill and rolling it up.

"You ready to feel really good little one?" Mick asked showing Avril the line of white powder.

Avril moved closer and watched as Mick did his line of cocaine. The soft powder quickly dissolved from the mirror as Mick snort it. He held his nose for a second and wiped away the tiny remains of the powder with his finger and put it in his mouth as if he was trying to get every tiny bit of the powder into his body. Avril watched, fascinated by the whole thing.

"You ready to try some?" Mick asked.

Avril nodded. "Yes, I think so."

"Go ahead darlin'," Mick said moving over and letting Avril stand in front of the cocaine.

Avril took the one hundred dollar bill and placed it by her right nostril and covered up her left nostril. She began to snort the white powder slowly just as Mick had. At first she felt nothing, but then it wasn't long before she felt like she was in a new world.

Avril felt her heart pounding and her pulse racing. "Wow! Oh my god!" Avril yelped.

"Mmmm feeling good huh little one?" Steven said slowly putting his arms around Avril.

Avril let herself fall back pressing her butt on Steven's cock. "Yeah! I feel really good!"

"Here little one, have some alcohol. It will help take the edge off the coke," Mick said, handing Avril a screwdriver.

Avril drank the orange drink and slowly began to move as if she were dancing. Steven held on to her tiny waist, moving to her rhythm. Steven moved his hands up and down her little body. He crept his hands towards her breasts grabbing them gently over her tiny tee.

"Hmmm, hey Mick, feels like she's not wearing a bra," Steven rasped.

Mick smirked wickedly. "Oh yeah? You knew what you wanted tonight didn't you little one?"

Avril was feeling so hot from having Steven's hands all over her. "Oh yes! I'm ready to party!"

Steven turned her around and looked into her eyes. He touched her pretty face and leaned down to place his lips over hers. Avril felt as if he was almost lifting her up. Their lips touched and soon parted. Tongues caressed tongues. Avril had never experienced such a hot kiss! She found herself moaning into the kiss.

Steven broke the kiss and began lifting her shirt up. Avril raised her arms letting the tiny tee be removed from her teenage body. Steven eyed her perky breasts. Her nipples were dark brown color. They looked hard as rocks. Steven looked at the cocaine, and then back at Avril.

"I got a better way of doing cocaine," he said grabbing the small mirror. He sat down and ordered Avril to sit on his lap. Avril complied, making herself comfortable on Steven's lap.

"Lay back a bit little one, I'm gonna pour this stuff on your chest. We don't want any of it to fall off now. It's expensive shit."

Avril leaned back a bit and felt the soft powder falling on her chest. Steven then grabbed the one hundred dollar bill and began snorting the cocaine off Avril's chest! Avril could fell the powder being sucked away from her skin. The feeling was so erotic!

Then, Steven licked the remains off her chest. Avril felt his long, warm tongue licking off all the cocaine. His mouth caught one of her hard nipples and he grasped it between his lips, sucking on it.

Avril let out a soft moan of pleasure. Steven's mouth felt so damn good sucking on her nipple! He flicked his tongue on it and went on to her other nipple doing the same thing, teasing her. Avril arched her back letting her breasts press against Steven's face.

"Mmm, cocaine on this hot little body is even better," Steven said turning to Mick.

Mick raised a brow. "Yeah I can see that. How about you let me have my turn now."

Avril blushed. Her entire body was on fire! She'd never felt this hot before. It might have been the drugs or the alcohol but she felt better than she ever had! Steven easily picked up Avril and handed her over to Mick. Avril stared into Mick's eyes as he poured some cocaine on her chest. He too began to snort it off Avril's chest and licked the remnants.

"Mmmmm," Avril cooed as Mick ran his long tongue over her chest and teased her nipples.

"You got some great tits," Mick said gently squeezing her firm young breasts.

Avril held her eyes closed for a moment and licked her lips. She slowly opened her eyes and Mick leaned down to kiss her. His tongue quickly found hers and they shared a deep wet kiss. Avril's pussy was so wet! She was excited like never before. Mick pinched her sensitive nipples as he made out with her.

"She's such a little sex kitten, I can tell," Steven teased standing behind her and running his fingers through her hair.

Avril broke the kiss she shared with Mick and stared up at Steven who leaned down to kiss her once again. Mick went back to sucking on her tits, slowly making his way down to her flat little tummy. He licked around her navel and began to unbutton her leather pants. He got them undone getting a small glimpse the panties Avril was wearing underneath. They looked to be black lacey panties, or maybe thong panties, Mick couldn't really tell yet.

Steven pulled away from Avril and gently put his arms around her picked her up from Mick's lap and lay her on the bed. Avril felt the room spinning but couldn't stop from smiling.

"How do you feel Ms. Lavigne?" Steven asked as he began to peel off her boots.

"Mmm so good! I feel free! Finally, I'm not expected to be some pop princess bitch."

"You like this, Avril? You like being seduced by two men that are old enough to be your daddy, hell even your granddaddy."

Avril nodded and licked her lips again. "Ooh yes! I love older men. You both are so sexy!"

Steven had taken off her shoes and socks. Slowly her leather pants came off her body. Avril was left with just her black lacey thong panty on. Steven smiled. Mick joined him.

"Ooh my! Don't you look hot!" Mick said.

Avril blushed. She slowly spread her legs feeling no inhibitions at all. Steven had his hands all over her body rubbing her thighs gently.

"Are you a virgin, little one?" He asked while his hand crept down to her pussy and rubbed it over her panties.

"Y-yes," Avril stuttered feeling the hot sensation building up between her legs.

"She's so warm. I bet she's got a nice tight little pussy too."

Mick moved his hand wanting to get a feel of Avril's pussy as well. Both men fondled her virgin pussy making her squirm on the bed. Avril could feel their fingers flicking her swollen clit over her panties and teasing it. She fought hard but knew it wouldn't be long before she climaxed.

Steven and Mick stopped touching her, quickly removing her panties. Avril lifted her hips off the bed letting them get her naked. She saw their eyes piercing at her tiny pussy. Steven's eyes widened.

"Oh, my! Avril, you are hot, baby!"

"Mmm sweet virgin pussy," Mick agreed.

Steven spread her legs and moved down placing his face between the teen's legs. Avril gasped feeling his lips gently caressing her labia. Mick stared at Avril's face. She was moaning and squirming her little body all over the bed.

"You want your pussy eaten out sweet one?" Mick asked moving up towards Avril and pinching on her sensitive nipples.

"Yes!" Avril hissed. "I want my pussy eaten out."

Mick moved his mouth down and began sucking on her nipples. Avril moaned louder feeling the heat of Steven's mouth on her aching pussy. She felt his mouth part and his tongue began teasing her swollen clit. Avril's body lifted slightly up from the bed.

"Oooh!" She cooed.

Steven's tongue flicked her clit faster sending her over the edge. His big lips then slowly wrapped around her clit sucking on it hard. Avril yelped loudly. Mick's mouth was still taking turns sucking each of Avril's nipples. Avril's heart raced like never before. She raised her arms over her head and smiled licking her lips enjoying the pleasure of having two very experienced men pleasing her.

"Oh my god!" Avril screamed.

Mick looked at her cupping her pretty face. He moved his mouth over hers for a long wet kiss. Avril kissed him back full of hunger and lust. Avril moaned into Mick's mouth while Steven kept sucking, licking and tasting her pussy.

Avril began kicking her legs from the intense pleasure. Steve's mouth was pleasuring her so good, that she thought she'd died and gone to heaven. She was struggling underneath Mick. Mick broke their hot kiss and Avril screamed from the wonderful pleasure.

Mick got on his knees and pulled out his big cock. Avril stared at his size and her eyes widened. For being very mature, Mick sure had a really nice cock! Mick grabbed his cock and slapped her face with it leaving a trail of precum on Avril's cheek. Avril gasped.

"You got such a pretty face little one. I want to see you with my cock in your mouth. I want to see what a little slut you could really be," Mick rasped.

Avril opened her mouth, inviting Mick's hard cock in. Every inch went into her mouth smoothly. She wrapped her lips around it while Mick thrust his cock down into her lovely mouth. The veins from Mick's cock rubbed against the walls of Avril's mouth.

Avril never imagined herself in this type of position in a million years. Steven's hot mouth was still eating her pussy while Mick's cock was fucking her mouth. Avril moaned into Mick's cock and a hot sensation went through her entire body. She squeezed her eyes shut, feeling herself reaching an orgasm. Mick wanted to hear her scream so he stopped for a brief moment and pulled his cock out.

"Ahhhh yessss! I'm cumming! Oh my god!" Avril yelled loudly.

Avril's little body wriggled. She could feel her juices dripping like water into Steven's mouth. Steven's mouth sucked up her juices slurping up every drop of her honey. Avril was shaking violently. She was totally lost in her world of pleasure. Mick's cock twitched in his had while he jerked off watching the beautiful teen cumming. It took her a few minutes to calm down. Mick watched her little body ease down and she leg her legs fall while they were still spread wide open. Steven gave her pussy one last kiss before he moved his head between her legs.

"Oooh what a sweet pussy she has!" Steven finally spoke as he began to trail kisses up Avril's body.

"She's got a hot little mouth too. I'm telling you, she sure can suck cock," Mick added.

Avril slowly opened her eyes again staring at Mick. Mick smiled wickedly and slid his cock into her mouth. He began pumping her mouth once again. Steven watched the teen sucking cock. His dick grew hard watching Mick fuck her mouth.

"Ahhh fuck yes! Suck me you sexy little bitch!" Mick groaned.

Steven pulled his own cock out and stroked it. He was aching for some pussy, some sweet young pussy that is. Avril began to taste the salty precum that oozed out of Mick's cock and into her mouth. She swirled her tongue on the tip trying hard to get every drop.

"Yes! Move your tongue like that you fuckin' little slut!" Mick gasped.

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