House in the Woods: Sarah

by Shakes Peer2B

Copyright© 2003 by Shakes Peer2B

Erotica Sex Story: Remember Penny (House in the Woods: Penny)? Well, her mom has a problem, and Penny thinks Mike just might be able to help.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Ma/ft Oral Sex Anal Sex Sex Toys Bestiality .

© Copyright 2003

This is a story about a sexual FANTASY written for consenting adults. If you're not both of those, don't read it. Characters in a FANTASY don't get sick or die unless I want them to. In real life, people who don't use condoms and other safe-sex techniques do get sick and die. You don't live in a FANTASY so be safe. The fictional characters in my stories are trained and experienced in acts of FANTASY - don't try to do what they do - someone could get hurt.

If you think you know somebody who resembles any of the characters here, congratulations. This particular story is about one of my loyal readers. None of the events, however, have taken place in real life. Any similarity between any of the other characters in this story and any real person is purely coincidental, since all of those characters are figments of my dirty little imagination.

This is my story, not yours. Don't sell it or put it on a pay site. You can keep it and/or give it away with all of this information intact, but if you make money off of it, you're breaking the law and pissing me off.

Czar was out patrolling his territory, so only Caesar was with me in the corral as I worked the horses. When his ears came up, I watched him for clues as to the disturbance that had alerted him.

The half-Arabian colt I was working was a smart horse, and though he had taken to neck-reigning like a duck to water, he had also started trying to anticipate what I wanted. He didn't know me well enough for that to be effective yet, so I was putting him through his paces, guiding him in intricate patterns around the barrels I had set up. He was coming along nicely, and had started picking up on my body shifts and knee pressure, and though he still guessed wrong now and then, I was convinced that he would soon be one of my best. Eventually, he'd get to know me well enough that those guesses would get more reliable, but that would only come through long association.

When Caesar's tail started wagging, I knew he'd picked up the scent of someone he knew and liked. When the pink tip of his cock slipped from its furry sheath, I figured there was only one person it could be, coming from the direction he was looking.

"We're in the corral, Penny!"

She came around the corner of the barn, her straight, platinum hair shining in the morning sun. A vision if I ever saw one!

"Hi Mr. Brenneman!" she called as she climbed up on the fence and leaned over the top rail, "How'd you know it was me?"

I nodded at Caesar, who was trying to stick his head between the rails of the fence so Penny could pet him. "Your boyfriend told me!"

Penny giggled at my reference to her having sex with my dogs (see 'A House in the Woods - Penny') but said, "Dogs can't talk!"

I rode over to her and said, "All animals can talk, Penny. You just have to know the language they use when they're talking to you."

"What language do Czar and Caesar use?" Penny had always been bright and curious, and I was only too happy to further her education.

"A lot of dogs communicate by barking and growling," I said "but I've trained Czar and Caesar to give me silent clues when someone's about. That way I know about whoever's around before they know I know about them."

"In this case," I continued "Caesar looked in your direction with his ears up. That's not a learned behavior, by the way. Almost all animals do that when they've detected something and want a better idea of what it is. It brings all their senses to focus on whatever alerted them. Dogs aren't very visual, but they do get clues from what their eyes tell them, like you and I get clues from our ears, and their noses provide most of the detail about what their ears are telling them."

"Caesar heard you first, and then he smelled you. When he smelled you, two things happened. The first was, he wagged his tail. That told me it was someone he knew and liked. The second thing that happened, you can still see under his belly. That told me it was someone he knew in the biblical sense, and REALLY liked!"

Penny's laugh tinkled across the clearing.

"There could only be one person in that category," I finished, pointing, "coming from that direction."

"Hey!" she said, "That's pretty good! I see Pepper doing things like that all the time, but I never paid much attention. Guess I should, huh?"

"You'll be amazed at what he'll teach you!" I grinned.

"Nice horse!" Penny exclaimed, as if seeing the colt for the first time. She reached over the fence to scratch the blaze between his eyes. The colt shied a little at her sudden movement, and I stroked his neck and spoke gently to calm him.

"You don't want to make quick movements around animals, Penny." I admonished, "They're not so far removed from wild things and you set off their 'fight or flight' reflexes. With an animal this big, that can be dangerous."

"Sorry!" she slowed her motion and the colt let her pet him. "What's his name!"

"Haven't decided yet." I mused, "The dogs kinda fit their names from birth, but this one's smart as a whip and eager to please. He still tries to buck a little when I first get in the saddle, just to make sure I still deserve him, but I think he's going to be one of my best, and I'm reserving naming him until I know his personality better."

"Personality!" she snorted, "How can he have a personality? He's a HORSE!"

"I see you haven't spent much time around horses." I laughed, "Strictly speaking, I guess you'd have to call it an 'equinality', but I don't think that's even a real word. Every horse, and every animal, for that matter, exhibits different quirks and characteristics that make it unique from every other animal. The more intelligent the animal, the more pronounced those characteristics become. This guy..." I rubbed his sweaty neck, "Is not only smart, quick, and fast, but he's hung like a, pardon the expression, stud horse!"

Penny glanced under his belly, just as the horse started to urinate, and her eyes got huge.

"Holy shit!" she cried, "He IS hung!"

"Yeah," I laughed, "but I'm pretty sure you didn't walk all the way over here to talk about the size of my horse's cock!"

"No," she laughed too, "but I wouldn't mind seeing it in action some time!"

"So what does bring you here, blondie?" I asked, "Czar's off patrolling somewhere, but if I'm not mistaken, he's still one up on Caesar here. Did you come to even things up?"

"Ooooh! I forgot about that!" she looked at the dog's cock, bobbing in the breeze, "Maybe later! There's something I want to talk to you about, first."

"Ok, hop on behind me here," I sidled the horse up to the fence so she could climb on, "and we'll talk while we groom him and put him out to pasture."

"It's about my mom." Penny began, as I walked the colt toward the barn.

"What about her?" I removed my left boot from the stirrup, and held the lithe teen's hand as she used the vacant stirrup to dismount. "Aren't you two getting along?"

"Oh, yeah." She replied, as I swung down. "We get along fine. Even better since that night we spent here!"

Her giggle reminded me of the little creek trickling over rocks at the bottom end of the pool where I first saw her with Czar.

"Then what's the problem?" I asked.

Penny loosened the cinch and I took the saddle while she threw the sweaty blanket over the rail of a stall.

Handing Penny the curry comb, I kept the brush. The colt stamped and tossed his head in pleasure as we worked him over.

"Well, I'm not even sure she'd like me telling you about it," Penny started, "but something's got to be done. She's still young and good-looking, but she doesn't date, and except for me, hasn't been laid in God knows how long! Probably not since that jerk made her pregnant with me!"

"Don't be too hard on your mom, Penny." I cautioned, "It's not easy raising a child out of wedlock in a small community like this, or anywhere else for that matter."

"I'm NOT being hard on her." I had to catch her hand to keep her from getting too rough with the comb. She gave me a sheepish look, and continued, "She's being hard on herself! She's so worried about her reputation and the flak that I catch from the kids at school because of it, that she won't even go out and have a good time! I'm worried that she's going to miss her whole life to protect me from something that I can't be protected from!"

"What do you mean," I asked, more out of curiosity about how her mind worked than anything else, "'can't be protected from'?"

She rolled her eyes in that 'adults can be SO slow' way that kids have and said, "People are going to talk, no matter what. Stupid people will talk about things they know nothing about. Their kids will hear it, and they'll try to pick on me. Most of the time, I just ignore them. Sometimes, one of them wants to prove he or she is better than me by picking a fight. If I can't get out of it, I do my best to kick their asses. Most of the time, I do. Occasionally, my ass gets kicked, but so far only when there're too many of them. Anyway, unless mom wants to ride herd on me all day, every day, there's nothing she can do about it, and I wouldn't want her to. I'm good enough at Karate that I can take care of myself, thanks to mom, and that's all anyone can ask!"

"Doesn't it bother you that they treat you like that?" this young lady intrigued me in more ways than one.

She shrugged, "I wish they didn't, but wishing won't keep it from happening. Sometimes a good kick to the balls will, but then they just go away mad, and want revenge. So I find ways to survive. I treat everyone, even the assholes, with respect, and I walk away when I can, so people know I'm not looking for a fight. When someone corners me, I try to hurt them bad enough that they won't do it again, but I don't brag about it. I even helped out one or two of them, when they got backed into a corner. I don't carry grudges and I don't badmouth people. It's slow, but I'm starting to get respect instead of fear, and now, I've even got a few people I can call friends. That's what counts."

"And of course," she continued, brightly, "there's Czar and Caesar and you!"

I took her hands in mine and looked her in the eye as I said, "You're an amazing young lady, Penny. I'm proud to be counted among your friends. If there's ever anything you need help with that you can't handle by yourself, you call on me. I've got ways of getting things done that most people hereabouts don't know about."

Penny blushed and I saw tears starting to form before she turned away, feigning her usual cheer as she wiped her face on her sleeve, "I AM calling on you for help with something, remember!"

"Ah yes!" I played along, "Getting your mother laid!"

Penny laughed, the tension broken, and hit me on the arm, "Come on! I'm serious!"

We walked the colt to the other end of the barn and let him wander off. He seemed in no hurry to leave, and just meandered off, cropping a mouthful of grass here and there and stopping at the trough for a drink.

"Penny," I said seriously, "are you sure your mom would appreciate us meddling in her love life? I mean, matchmaking's not exactly my specialty, you know."

Penny smiled a little Mona Lisa smile and looked up at me from under a wave of her gleaming platinum hair, "No, but sex is! You did pretty good with me that night, anyway."

I tried to give her a stern look, "Just what are you suggesting, young lady?"

She gave an exasperated sigh and rolled her eyes again, "Do I have to spell it out for you? I want you to seduce my mother! I want you to fuck her brains out so maybe she'll enjoy some of her life instead of worrying about ME so much!"

"What makes you think she'd even give me a second look?" I teased.

"Are you kidding?" Penny looked astounded, "Didn't you see the way she ogled your body the night you made love to me? She wanted that big ol' slab of meat inside her so bad she could taste it!"

"I don't know, Penny," I waffled, "I thought she was ogling that beautiful little body of yours!"

"Pfffpph!" she blew air out in a deprecatory puff, "she's seen me naked every day of my life! What she'd never seen, and couldn't take her eyes off of, was that horse dick you were sticking in my poor little pussy!"

I grinned at the melodramatic way she said 'poor little pussy', and said, "Tell you what, why don't you guys come over for dinner tomorrow, and we'll see what happens. I'm not promising anything, but if your mom goes for it, you might have to spend the night in the guest room alone. Will that be a problem?"

Penny looked in Caesar's direction and raised an eyebrow at me.

"Ok, maybe not alone!" I laughed and she cracked up with me.

"Oh, and Penny," I continued, "remember what I told your mom about treating those around me with respect? I'm not going to conspire with you against her. I'm going to be up front with her. I value your friendship and hers, and you don't plot against your friends, even with the best of intentions, Ok?"

Penny turned serious, thinking, then nodded. "Yeah, I guess you're right. We wouldn't be very respectful if we didn't think she could make her own decisions, would we?"

"OK! See you about seven tomorrow night!" she cried as she skipped across the clearing toward the woods.

Sarah was smiling when she and Penny showed up at my door the next evening.

"My daughter says you need to fill me in on some heinous plot to get me laid!" she laughed, "What's up with that?"

I took their jackets and hung them from the coatrack in the entry hall, laughing with her.

"Yeah, a couple of ne'er-do-wells from the neighborhood," I pointed at myself and looked archly in Penny's direction, "have been conspiring to get you a love life!"

As we sat down to eat, I summarized my conversation with Penny the day before, stressing her daughter's concern for her mother's happiness.

Sarah cocked an eyebrow in Penny's direction, but let me finish.

"... so here we are." I continued, "But before you speak your mind, I'd like to tell you why I agreed to go along with this."

I got the eyebrow treatment this time, but Sarah nodded, so I went on.

"First, I like you and your daughter." I said, sincerely, "I think you're both exceptional people. When you know me better you'll know just how much it means that I tell you that, but for now, just take it at face value. Second, I, like most of the male population around here, find you quite attractive. Third, while I admire your desire to protect Penny, I don't think you give her enough credit for the strength you've instilled in her, and last, I think you'll be an even better mom if you let a little fun back into your life."

To her credit, Sarah thought over what I had to say, instead of launching into a tirade at my meddling.

"And you think that by bringing me over here, wining and dining me, and then sweet talking your way into my panties, all my problems as a single mother in Gossip-town will magically disappear?"

"Hey!" I laughed, "Sweet talk is not my forte! I'm telling you straight out what Penny and I would like to happen. The decision is yours to make. And no, I don't think it will make all of your problems disappear. I think it will have little bearing on the real ones, except possibly to put them in a slightly brighter light. I also think that some of the things you imagine happening to Penny either won't happen, or she'll take care of them with no more trouble than she has before."

"I understand and sympathize with your concern for your daughter, Mrs. Noonan" I continued earnestly, "but have you ever sat down and listened to her talk about what goes on between her and the other kids at school? I don't mean just incident reports, I mean listen to how she handles herself. You've done a hell of a job raising her and have given her the tools and the strength she needs to take care of whatever comes her way. Now it's time to LET her take care of herself! You still need to be there for her, but you already know you can't fight her battles for her, now stop trying to, as she puts it 'protect her from things she can't be protected from.'"

Sarah looked at her daughter, and Penny nodded solemnly.

When she looked back, some of the tension had drained from Sarah's face. "All I can say, Mike, is that this is the STRANGEST seduction technique I've ever heard of! Even stranger, it seems to be working!"

We all laughed and dropped the subject as we finished our meal. We made small talk about various subjects, and underneath it all, I got the distinct impression that Sarah was testing me in her own way.

Sarah and I each took a cognac 'digestif' into the living room. Penny begged for another glass of the Port that she had tried on our last evening together, and her mother finally relented. The dogs followed.

We chatted some more, and Sarah began to relax with her head on my shoulder.

"You know," she murmured at one point, "I think sometimes I miss THIS more than the sex."

When Penny finished her wine, I suggested pointedly, "Penny, there's a PS-2 and some games with the TV in the guest room, if you want to try them out!"

She pretended to pout, saying, "Not even an X-Box?"

"No," I answered, "I don't have a problem with Bill Gates getting rich, but I remember enough of my history not to like monopolies, so I try not to support them any more than I have to."

Penny grinned, showing me that she was only playing, and headed for the guest room.

"Come on, Caesar!" she said as she passed the dogs, "You and I have some unfinished business!"

"Penny!" Sarah sat bolt upright, "You're not really going to fuck that dog!?"

"Mom!" accompanied by another of her patented eye rolls, "We've been OVER this! I've done it before, you know, and it didn't hurt me! I LIKE it! Maybe YOU should try it!"

Sarah looked at me for help. I'm afraid she didn't get the kind of help she wanted.

"We've talked about it too, Sarah. We can be open with her about it, or we can make her sneak around and fuck the dogs in hiding. Either way, we can't keep her from doing what she really wants to do. But if you're worried about her, let's go with them and make sure she doesn't get hurt."

Penny's mom was at a loss. She knew about Penny and the dogs, but apparently had never expected to get this close to them when they were having sex.

She nodded dazedly, and we followed Penny and the dogs into the guest room. Penny was already half-naked by the time we got there. She flung her panties on a chair and flopped backward on the bed, legs hanging over the edge. Sarah made for one of the chairs, but I pulled her down beside me on the bed next to her daughter.

"Come on, Caesar!" Penny cooed, "Put that tongue to work and get me ready for your big ol' cock."

Sarah was mesmerized. I stroked her nipples and clit through her clothes as she watched the dog molesting her willing daughter. Without disturbing Sarah too much, I started undressing her. She offered no resistance. All her attention was focussed on the erotic sight of Penny going wild under Caesar's bestial tongue-lashing.

I took a good sized vibrator from the nightstand drawer (I like for my guests to have EVERYTHING they need!) and handed it to Sarah, saying, "Better use this to get her ready. She usually has Czar to warm up because his knot doesn't inflate until he's about to cum. Caesar's not so patient, his knot will inflate right away."

Sarah tentatively reached in under Caesar's jaw and found the opening to her daughter's dripping pussy.

"Oooh!" Penny moaned, thrusting her hips upward as the smooth plastic sank into her depths.

When the vibrator was fully seated, Sarah turned it on at a low setting and started moving it in and out with short strokes, sending waves of pleasure through her slender daughter's frame.

I raised one of Sarah's legs and started tonguing her clit. Sarah came almost instantly. I licked her through a couple more orgasms, then backed off and signalled Czar to take over.

Sarah noticed the difference right away, but when she realized what was happening, she moaned and thrust her hips hard against the dog's long, rough tongue.

I heard the vibrator speed up as Czar's tongue started having the same effect on Sarah that Caesar's was having on her young daughter.

"Use that vibrator on yourself a little, Sarah." I whispered as I stroked her writhing body.

The plastic dong was quickly transferred from the younger Noonan to the older, and Sarah's ecstasy began to mount, manifesting itself in a series of small explosions.

Penny grabbed Caesar by the fur around his neck and pulled his head out of her crotch. Quickly squirming her slender body onto her belly, Penny let her knees fall to the floor beside the bed.

I stopped Sarah's hand and urged her to watch as Caesar mounted the eager young teen.

"Come on Caesar, you big stud!" Penny cried, "Get that big ol' drippy thing inside me!"

Caesar didn't need a second invitation.

His muscular frame floated atop the diminutive girl and his forepaws tucked themselves into the crease at the top of her thighs. His stabbing thrusts had a little trouble finding the mark.

"Penny," I kept my voice low to avoid breaking the mood, "you'll need to be still for a minute. It's hard for him to hit a moving target. Sarah, why don't you help Caesar's aim?"

Penny's mom looked like she was afraid the thing would bite her, but she tentatively took Caesar's red, dripping shaft in her own small hand, and pointed it at her little girl's tender cleft.

One more thrust, and Caesar found himself socketed halfway into one of his favorite bitches. He held on with his forelegs and shifted his hind legs for better purchase, then WHAM!

Penny screeched as Caesar's bestial lust took over and he began the locomotive ramming that he used with all his bitches, his knot already slipping in and out of the tiny teen's tight opening. (Yes, I know, you wanted me to say 'twat' but that's just a little TOO much alliteration, don't you think?)

"Penny?!" Sarah's voice was filled with alarm, "Are you all right?"

Penny gave her mom a beatific smile from under the fan of her hair, "Oooooooh, yessss! I'm in HEAVEN!"

Sarah calmed down a bit when she realized that Penny wasn't injured by the bestial assault. Then Penny cried out again.

"AAAAAGGGHH! OH GOD!" the tendons on her neck were starkly outlined for a few brief seconds, "DAMN that's intense! Ooooh MAN! His cock went through my cervix, ugh, at the same, AHH, time that his knot forced it's way into me! Felt like a freight train plowing into me! Ooooooohhh!"

Sarah tensed up again but when she saw Penny's hips ratcheting back to meet her canine lover's strokes, she started to relax again, getting increasingly aroused as she observed her daughter's obvious enjoyment of her bestial ravishment.

I took Sarah's hand and helped her to her feet.

"Come on," I said, "let's leave these two lovebirds alone. Caesar knows better than to pull out until his knot is fully deflated, and that's the only way he could hurt Penny now that she's taken all of him, so she'll be ok. If she gets in any trouble, all she has to do is call out and we'll hear her."

Sarah looked a little dubious, and cast an anxious glance backward as we left the room, but she came with me.

As we made the short trip to my room, she asked, "Are you going to sic those dogs on me?"

"Not tonight." I smiled reassuringly, "Tonight I'm going to be selfish and not share you with anyone."

Sarah smiled warmly at my words and said, "I think, sometime, I should experience it, so at least I'll know what my daughter goes through."

"Sure!" I replied, "If you really want that, I'll be happy to arrange it, but tonight I want you all to myself, Ok?"

That earned me another little smile and a hug of my bicep, complete with a brief laying of her head upon my shoulder.

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