Accidental Incest

by Settled Nomad

Copyright© 2003 by Settled Nomad

Incest Sex Story: as the name implies

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Teenagers Humor Incest Brother Sister School .

The author does not condone the act of incest. The following story is pure fiction. Any person depicted in this story is fictitious. Any person who is thinking about committing incest should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Mark's side:

Listen I've already heard all of the fucking jokes. No I don't live on a farm in Arkansas. No I don't normally fuck my younger sister in front of a room of people. It happened once and it was, as far as I am concerned, an accident. I'm going to tell you my side and if you do not believe me then well fuck off.

I am a senior at our state university and luckily I landed a pretty cool job at night that allowed me to afford the plush existence of dormitory life (this is sarcasm people). Well at our last keg party my friends happened to play a very cruel joke on me. They are in the belief that it was the funniest thing they have ever seen while I hold a slightly different opinion.

Anyway those bastards got me stone cold drunk, which considering my Irish heritage is no easy task, and took me into a room where they said I had a reward coming. I had thrown the winning touchdown at our last football game and I figured that they were only showing me their appreciation. Fat chance! I should have never of put on that damn blindfold but I trusted those assholes not to do anything too fucked up. Learned my lesson the hard way.

They said they knew how much I enjoyed cherries and that because I knew the chick I couldn't see who she was, something about her being in an awkward relationship. I respected this and said just point me to the right direction. I heard a snicker or two and if I weren't so shit faced I probably would have been like that fucking robot on Lost in Space-you know-" Warning Warning Danger Danger." The arms wailing the lights flickering. But they knew that if they could get me drunk that my usually keen senses would be off.

So anyway some Enigma was pounding on the stereo and I couldn't make anything out from the apparent crowd except a slight hum, which meant that there was at least thirty people there to see me fuck this chick. Apparently she was already in bed nude as the day she was born (Yes smart asses I remember that day). Well I get to the bed and they pushed me into her. The girl on the bed took hold of me and started to kiss me. So here I am tonguing this girl who turns out to be my sister and I was getting very turned on.

I felt her body and though I felt it to be underdeveloped (most probably due to the fact that she was still in high school) it was still the curvaceous smooth body of a young girl. Her breasts were the size of your average snowballs and her ass was extremely hard and firm. Of course thinking that something may have been off with this chick I placed my hand between her legs to make sure that She was not a He. I was drunk but I was not stupid. What I felt was not a cock but rather a nice silky bush and a dripping wet cunt. I almost wish I had felt a cock so I wouldn't have committed the ultimate sin.

So I got lost in the moment as I inserted a finger or two into her eager hairy pussy. She, in turn, took me into her mouth and started to wrap her tongue around my now rock hard shaft. I returned the favor by pushing my head between her already parted thighs and began to dart my tongue into her delicious tasting snatch.

I moved my arms up and down her smooth soft legs and started to eat out this clean smelling pussy. Meanwhile she had taken all eight inches of me in her throat with no trouble whatsoever, She cupped my balls and rolled her tongue all over my long thin cock. A virgin between the legs we shall soon see but her mouth had undoubtedly serviced many a cock.

After a while we each sensed that the other was starting to desire the main course and so we unwrapped each other from our entangled limbs and I pushed her to the good old reliable missionary position. In as much as I wanted to fuck her from behind I really wanted to be the gentle caring guy and be considerate to her needs.

I softly kissed her on the lips as I fondled her tender breasts. Slowly I moved away from her mouth and started to suck on her right breast licking her nipple as I suckled her. While I did this she in turn took my cock and guided me straight into her opening. She put her arms around me and grabbed hold of my ass and before I knew what happened she had pushed me into her and thus deflowered her by herself. She was really just using me and I suppose in hindsight that should have been a warning sign. I could feel the warmth of her pussy and within a few seconds she was able to use her cunt muscles to grip my cock. I, in turn, began to use a little more force with her and swiftly moved in and out of her tight little hole.

I could feel her arch her back to take as much as me as possible and I obliged her by pushing my entire package into her. I soon felt her cunt starting to buckle and I knew from experience that she was about to cum. I myself was also fixing to shoot my load and wouldn't you know it we came at the same fucking time.

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