Alex Loves Jasmine

by Jessy19

Copyright© 2003 by Jessy19

Incest Sex Story: A frustrated little sister runs away from home to fall in the arms of her sweet loving brother.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft Teenagers Consensual Romantic Incest Brother Sister First Masturbation .

Chapter 1

My younger sister, Jasmine, was only 15 at the time she had run away from home. She'd been sneaking out in the middle of the night to go out with her friends and finally our parents caught her. They had grounded her, giving her very little freedom to do anything. Frustrated and feeling alone she ran away that summer.

I was 26 at the time and had just landed a great job and bought my first home. It was a two bedroom home but it was just perfect for me. I wasn't married but had a girlfriend.

It was about 4:00am that Friday morning when I heard a desperate ring at my door. I was asleep with Sara, who was my girlfriend at that time. It was so dark and hot that August night. I was just wearing my boxers and nothing else. Startled, I got up to put on my T-shirt and rushed to answer the door.

Jasmine stood outside wearing her cute little black T-shirt and her blue jeans. She carried a backpack with her and looked so scared and desperate. Her long brown hair hung loose and her dark brown eyes looked so sad.

"Jas?" W-what are you doing here?" I asked still not very conscious at the time.

"Alex, I can't take Mom and dad anymore. They are so strict! I just need to get away for at least a day or two. So could I stay with you? Pleeeaase?" Jasmine spoke with pleading eyes. My heart went out to my sister. I knew how strict my parents were and I often had gotten frustrated being at home as well.

"OK Jas just for tonight. Call Mom and dad tomorrow and let them know your here OK?"

She nodded happily and walked in my house. I could see my bedroom light was now on. I knew Sara was awake now. I walked right behind Jasmine and finding myself staring at her nice little frame as she sashayed walking to the guest room. I quickly snapped out of my dirty thoughts as I heard Sara say something.

"Alex? Who is it?" She asked peeping out the door.

"No, it's just my sister. She's had some trouble at home so she's just spending the night. Go back to bed babe."

Sara had never met Jasmine and I really never intended her to meet any of my family since she was just a girlfriend and not anyone I wanted to get really serious with. Jasmine just looked back to see Sara and rolled her eyes.

"Oh Alex, is she your new flavor for the month?"

I just laughed. "What? What's that supposed to mean?"

Jasmine just lowered her voice. "You know what I mean. every time I see you you have someone new."

Jasmine was right. I'd only get to see Jasmine and my parents but once a month since I was always so busy working. I'd always had such a hard time finding a girl I could just fall in love with.

I went back to bed that night just worried about my sister. I knew Jasmine was no trouble maker. She just wanted to enjoy herself a bit. I kept remembering the times I used to baby sit her and I'd let her watch scary movies with me. We'd stay up all night too just having a good time. I guess she missed those days as much as I did.

The next morning I woke up around 10:00am and Sara was gone. She always did that to me and I hated it. I'd waken up with such a huge hard on I was so ready to fuck Sara, but damnit she was gone! I started to touch my cock over my boxers slowly.

I kept trying to think of something sexy. Like Sara sucking my cock, but instead I kept seeing Jasmine sucking my cock! I'd picture her sliding her beautiful full lips on my throbbing cock as she swallowed all my cum. OH just the thought of her swallowing my cum made me wanna jack off so fast and hard.

I pulled my cock out of my pants and began to quickly jack off. I kept seeing images of Jasmine in such sexy ways. Like her dressed in a really short skirt waiting for me to fuck her. Or just begin for my cock. These forbidden thoughts and images of my little sister just made me explode all over my hand. I was now covered with hot slimy cum and felt so ashamed for having came thinking about my sister.

After my moment of masturbation and shame, I got up to some sweet scent in the kitchen. I thought it was Sara making me breakfast but I should have known better. It was Jasmine making me pancakes. She stood there in the kitchen wearing some short little white shorts that showed off her gorgeous tanned legs and a little green spaghetti strap top that showed her flat belly. She was barefoot standing there cooking for me. It was so sweet.

"Good morning sunshine." She said playfully.

Rubbing my eyes I just smiled at her. "I hope your not trying to poison me."

She just laughed so sweetly. "No! For your information I'm just cooking for you because you were nice enough to let me stay here."

I couldn't take my eyes off her body. She was getting more beautiful with time. Her waist was so slender and her breasts were so perfect. She looked incredible as she just hummed away as she cooked my breakfast.

"Do you want some eggs and bacon too?" She asked.

At that moment I was just lost looking at her. Admiring her beauty. "W-h-hat?" I asked coming back to reality.

She looked at me strangely. "I asked if you want bacon and eggs too."

"Oh sorry. Sure bacon and eggs sound good too. Thank you." I felt so ashamed thinking of her in a sexual way.

"Your thinking too much about Sara. Are you going to marry her or what?" Jasmine asked with a little sarcasm in her voice.

"Marry her? No, I don't think so." I replied as I sat down trying to dig through the newspaper.

"Good because I don't' like her. I was up this morning and she didn't even say hello to me or introduced herself."

That sounded like Sara all right. I couldn't figure out why she had to be so rude at times. Especially to my sister whom I loved and cared for. Whom I was now having unpure thoughts about.

About an hour later I called my parents since Jasmine didn't and let them know she was with me. I knew they were worried sick about her. My mother answered the telephone frantically and I managed to calm her down letting her know Jasmine was staying with me for a day or so.

"Hey Jas?" I said walking to the living room as Jasmine sat watching some music videos.

"What?" She said with her focus on the videos.

"I already called Mom and let her know your staying with me a few days."

She continued to watch the television not really caring for what I had to say. "Um oh OK." She said uninterested.

She laid on the couch watching television as she twirled her long brown hair. My God she was so beautiful. She didn't even have any makeup on and her hair looked so messy, but my God she was beautiful!

"Well, Kiddo I'm going to the gym for a few hours. Help yourself to whatever you want."

She finally looked up at me. "OK. Um could I possibly invite a friend over?"

"Sure, just don't make a mess here OK?" I said sternly.

She nodded and went back to watching the videos. I headed off for the gym to do my daily workout. Usually I'd go work out in the evening after work, but on Saturdays I'd go in the mid mornings.

While at the gym I was checking out the gorgeous girls that go there. They all had such nice little hard bodies and were all making my cock get hard. Damnit what the hell was wrong with me? Why was I so horny? I'd never been so horny like this before. I knew I had to get Sara to come over that night.

I got home a few hours later and Jasmine had her friend Tracy over. Tracy was bewitching, but still she was nothing compared to Jasmine. The girls were in the living room watching some chick flick and talking about some guys. They were giggling as I walked in the door. I felt so ridiculous as I walked in all sweaty wearing my wind shorts and white T-shirt.

Jasmine's laugh broke as I entered the house. "Hey Alex, this is my friend Tracy."

I politely extended my hand to greet Tracy. "Hey how you doing?"

The young girl just giggled and I saw her face turn bright red. She looked cute and Jasmine just raised her eyebrows at me. I knew what she was thinking. She knew her friend thought I was "cute."

"Um Nice to meet you." Tracy finally blurted out.

"So what are you two up to tonight?" I asked never taking my eyes off Jasmine.

"I don't know, we are just probably going to hang out here and just listen to some music and gossip. Why? Did you have plans?" Jasmine asked.

"Ooh no, I was just wondering. I was thinking of inviting Sara over tonight."

Jasmine sighed, " Oh, OK well we can hang out at Tracy's then if you want to be with Sara tonight."

I felt like such a jerk. Here was my little sister staying with me and I was giving her the signal to leave me alone for the night. I wanted to fuck Sara so bad but that could wait. I didn't want Jasmine to leave. I had to keep my eye on her for my parents sake.

"No, it's cool. Sara and I are just going to out to a movie or dinner. You two can stay here."

Jasmine's eyes lit up. "Oh! Thank you Alex!"

She came rushing to me giving me a nice tight hug. Her little body felt so warm. I wanted to just pick her up and get her into my bed! I didn't hold her too close since I was so damn sweaty.

"Ewww your sweaty!" Jasmine chuckled.

Tracy started to laugh as well. I felt myself begin to turn red this time. Tracy's eyes were on me the whole time, but all I could do was look at Jasmine.

I took a shower and began to get dressed. I had invited Sara for dinner and then maybe we could go to her place and fuck. After feeling Jasmine's body so close to mine I was on a rage. I couldn't wait to release all these wicked desires of mine with my girlfriend.

I picked up Sara around eight o'clock that night and we went to eat some Italian food. As we ate I couldn't control my hard on. I wanted to hurry up and get Sara into bed.

As soon as dinner was over, we headed off to Sara's apartment. She had a roommate who was never home, so this was a perfect time to fuck. Sara looked quite sexy that night. She wore her long blonde pinned up and a short little black dress.

We got into her apartment and we were going at it in the living room. I was just so fuckin' horny that I felt my cock was creeping out of my pants by itself!

"Alex! Slow down!" Sara said breathlessly as I began to pull her panties down.

"Baby, I can't wait! I want you right now! Suck me Sara. Please!" I begged.

Sara always sucked my cock so good. She had nice full lips that always looked so sexy around my cock. I desperately began to push Sara's pretty little head down to my cock. She slid down slowly as she began to suck my cock. Her lips moved back and forth so smoothly. I grabbed her hair and began to fuck her face.

I closed my eyes for a moment. All I could see was Jasmine's beautiful face and body. I could still feel the way her body felt against mine. So small and so fragile. God I could just lift her up and take her to my bedroom and teach her what love is all about. I was so lost in my own thoughts about my little sister, that I hadn't realized how close to cumming I was.

There I was shooting my load in my girlfriend's mouth as I imagined myself fucking my little sister. What the hell was wrong with me? I came so hard as I held Sara's head and stroked her hair. I'd have to fuck her now but I kept wondering how I was going to refrain from calling out Jasmine's name.

After mind-blowing sex, I got home around two in the morning. I was feeling so good. I'd finally released all my sexual frustration. I saw all the lights were off in the house, so I'd figure Jasmine was fast asleep.

I walked in quietly but instead of finding my sister fast asleep she was in the living room making out with some little punk! I felt my heart sink with jealousy. There she was with that stupid little young guy on top of her as he was making out with her. I turned on the lights and I saw how quickly the guy got off my little sister. Jasmine looked startled and scared.

"What the hell?" I asked her furiously.

"W-w-we weren't doing anything. I swear!" The little punk guy said.

"Alex it's OK. He's my friend. But we were just kissing. That's all I promise." Jasmine's voice was shaky.

I looked back and fourth at both of them. I wanted to punch out the little guy. He was only a teenager like my sister, but he was pissing me off by kissing her. They both looked frightened. I knew I had to calm down.

"Look, just get the hell out of here." I said to the young in a stern tone.

"B-b-but Alex!" Jasmine tried to protest.

"Jasmine just go to your room." I said as I watched the young man head out the door.

"Alex! Your such an asshole!" Jasmine yelled at me with tears running down her face.

She took off to her room and slammed the door hard. I went after her hoping to calm her down. She'd locked the door and I could hear her sobbing.

"Jas, open the door please." I pleaded.

There was no answer. She was really pissed off at me. I felt bad but in a way I felt it's what I had to do as a big brother. Big brothers always protect little sisters. I knocked several times until she finally opened the door.

"What else do you want Alex? Now that you've ruined my night!" Tears just streamed down her pretty face.

"Jas, what are you doing having guys over? You never even asked for permission. I trusted you." I began to wipe her tears away.

"I'm sorry Alex. But I wanted to see Nick. He's the one Mom and Dad won't let me go out with."

"NO wonder they won't let you go out with him! He had his hands all over you!"

Jasmine gazed down at the floor and turned away from me. She walked towards her bed and just sat sobbing some more. I followed her lead and sat next to her. I put my arms around her and let her head rest on my shoulder.

"If I don't let guys touch me, I'll never get a boyfriend." She said muffled.

"What? Who in the hell told you that stupid ass lie?" I looked down at her in rage.

She closed her eyes for a moment. "Well, all guys in school. I hear if you don't give it up to them then you will be without a boyfriend! I want a boyfriend!" She cried out.

"Have you been giving it to them?" I snapped.

"NO! I swear I haven't! But Alex I feel so lonely sometimes. I need a boyfriend. I wish I could meet a guy like you." Her eyes looked deep into mine.

Jasmine looked now so helpless and sweet. I stroked her hair. It felt so soft and smelled so delightful. She was so in need of a guy. I'd love to be that guy!

"Jas don't worry. Your beautiful I'm sure you'll get a boyfriend anytime. Right now your kind of young though. Maybe you should wait a year or two?"

Jasmine sighed in frustration. "Why do you and Mom and dad give me the same shitty answer? I think I'm old enough to have a boyfriend!"

"Yeah, but you are not ready to have sex!" I argued.

Jasmine stood up and paced the room impatiently. Her small breasts showed thoroughly through her little blue shirt. Her jeans hugged her nice little hips nicely.

"Well, when is anyone ready?" She asked finally stopping and looking at me.

"I don't know. I guess your not ready until it is with someone you really love." I said looking down.

"Love? So you mean to tell me you do love Sara?"

I looked away. "Well, it's different when your older."

She just nodded in disbelief. "No, you mean to say it's different when your a guy! I don't think it's fair."

I was losing my patience with Jasmine. I just wanted to tell her that she shouldn't have sex with any guy except me. I wanted to be the guy to teach her everything. I wanted to be the one to watch her have her first orgasm. To be the first guy to spread her sweet pussy.

"Look Jas just trust me OK? You'll meet a guy who will love you for everything you are and then that'll be the guy who you can have sex with."

"Ah I wonder when that guy will come around." She said looking in a daze.

I got up and walked towards her. I gently put my arms around her again. I felt her small little arms barely wrap around my back. I could hear her breath softly as I held her.

"Thank Alex. Your the best." She whispered softly.

Her eyes met mine and without thinking I reached down to give her a soft peck on her lips. I felt my heart begin to race. Her eyes widen in surprise but she returned the same light innocent peck on my lips.

"Well uh you better get to bed." I said nervously as I released her from my firm hold.

Jasmine was just speechless and nodded.

I quickly walked out of her room and into mine. I couldn't believe that I'd just kissed my little sister. It was so innocent but yet so intriguing. I found myself with a hard on again. I knew it was Jasmine making me feel this way. I was falling in love with her so much. I knew I'd have to stop at some point, but I knew it'd be so difficult to keep her out of my mind.

Chapter 2

I woke up really early that Sunday morning. All night I could not sleep just thinking about Jasmine. I could still feel her soft lips on mine. She was just so amazing. The way her body felt, the way she smelled. God I was falling in love with my own sister! It was insane!

I went early to the gym that day and showered there as well. I took some extra clothes to change. I was so nervous to come home at all. I knew Jasmine would be there looking as beautiful as always and I didn't know if I'd be able to control myself with her.

After the gym I decided to go visit Joey, a buddy of mine since highschool. We sat around for hours just catching up on old times and talking about our girlfriends. We watched some movies and I saw it was getting dark outside. I kept thinking about Jasmine the whole time.

I headed back home nearly around seven o'clock that night. I was hoping Jasmine would be in her room or had a female friend over.

I got home and quietly closed the door behind me. I saw Jasmine's room dark. The whole house was completely silent. I got worried for a minute thinking Jasmine must have runaway somewhere else.

I walked to her room frantically and turned on the hallway light. As I opened the door I saw Jasmine was fast asleep. She was wearing one of my old T-shirts and nothing else. I felt my cock go rock hard immediately.

There she laid so gracefully and peacefully in my T-shirt. I could barely see her little blue panties showing. I just wanted to crawl on top of her and show her how much I really love her. I just stood there staring at her for what seemed to be forever.

She slowly opened her eyes. "Alex? Where have you been?"

I stood there speechless still mesmerized by her beauty.

"Alex? Are you OK?" She asked as she began to sit up.

"Uh what? Uh yeah, I'm OK. I was just checking up on you making sure you were OK."

"Yeah I'm fine. You left without even telling me. I was hoping you weren't mad at me or anything." She was now standing up.

"Mad? No. W-why would I be mad?" I felt my heart pound.

She walked closer to me and turned on the lights. Her hair was a bit messy but she still looked incredible. She looked so delicious.

"I hope you don't mind that I grabbed a T-shirt of yours? I didn't really bring any pj's to sleep in."

I felt my hands begin to shake as she kept getting closer. "N-no I mean help yourself to any of my shirts. I got too many anyway."

She began to put her hands on my chest. Her touch was just so arousing. Her little hands glided softly on my chest.

"Alex why did you kiss me last night?" She asked as she kept touching my chest.

"I-I'm sorry Jas. It was an accident. I didn't mean to."

"So you don't think I'm pretty?" Her eyes now filling with tears.

I held her close to me. "Are you crazy? I think your gorgeous. What I meant is that I'm your brother and I shouldn't be kissing you like that."

I saw a tear stream down her pretty face. "I know your my brother but I really liked the kiss. It was so sweet and I really felt your love."

I began to wipe her tear away. Her face was just so amazing. She looked like an angel. "I know Jas, I think that's why I kissed you, because I love you."

She looked up at me. Her eyes full of lust and desire. "Kiss me again Alex. Please."

"Are you sure you want me to?" I asked stroking her hair.

She nodded with confidence.

I put my arms around her little body. I held her so close to me. I looked deeply into her eyes as I ran my hands all over her back. I leaned down to place my lips on hers. Oh God they were so sweet and soft and this time I got to feel them more. I felt her open her mouth slightly welcoming my tongue in her mouth.

Our tongues touched so lightly. It was the most delicious kiss I had ever experienced. Her body felt so warm, so sexy.

"Teach me Alex. Teach me everything." I heard her whisper in my ear.

I felt my cock twitch. I longed more of Jasmine. I wanted her to be all mine that night. I wanted to turn her into a woman.

I let my tongue glide down to her neck. I kissed her neck and earlobes as she moaned so softly. Her little girl moans were making my cock want to explode.

"Alex kiss me more. Love me." Jasmine called out.

Her words were making my cock throb. I picked her up into my arms with ease and went to lay her on the bed. She looked up at me as I began to take my shirt off. I couldn't wait to feel her soft little hands all over my skin.

I laid next to her caressing her beautiful face. I wanted to be able to touch her all over. She began to run her hands on my chest. Her touch sent shocks of weakness all through me.

"I love the way you feel." Jasmine said softly as she touched my chest.

"I want to touch you more Jasmine." I began kissing her neck.

"Yes Alex touch me. Make love to me." She started to pant as she lifted the long t-shirt she wore showing me her cute little blue panties.

I saw Jasmine reach into her panties and begin to move her hand all over her sweet little pussy. Her moaning intensified. I just watched breathlessly as my little sister began to play with her own pussy. Her eyes were closed as she continued to masturbate.

I started to lift the rest of the t-shirt up exposing her small budding breasts. Her nipples were erect and a shade of dark pink. I took one of her breasts in my mouth. My lips wrapped around her big nipples as she moaned loudly now.

I could feel her little body begin to tense up. I reached down to pull her panties off and gasped as I saw Jasmine's finger in her pussy. She was sliding it in and out at a steady pace.

"This is what I want your cock to do to me," She said breathlessly as she looked at me.

"Oh my God Jasmine." I said in amazement.

I felt my own cock now so stiff and ready to slide in that heavenly pussy. I continued to suck on her nipples as she proceeded with fingering herself. I watched her as I sucked on her tits enchanted by this beautiful sight.

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