Black Spray

by JAX

Copyright© 2003 by JAX

Sex Story: First I didn't believe what this spray could do, but after the big titted white bitch strip off for me I became a believer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Drunk/Drugged Slut Wife MaleDom Interracial Black Male White Female Violent .

The knife felt good as it slipped into the fat whitey's chest, I could feel the blade scrape along his ribs then on to his heart. His eyes stared in to mine, not believing what was happening to him. His body fell lifeless to the alley floor. Quickly I removed his wallet and picked up the case he had given his live to protect, it was locked.

I walked the half a block to where I parked my heap and put the case into the passenger foot well. The wallet contained a thick wedge of cash which brought a smile to my black face, the case I planned to open later. I open my window and threw the empty wallet into the street; I started the engine and drove off, my night's work over, for now I had cash to spend.

It wasn't till the next night that I remembered the case, it opened easily with a large screwdriver. It contained a thick file, a litre bottle full of a clear fluid and inside a sealed plastic bag was a half-full scent spray bottle. I almost throw the lot away but on the first page of the file a figure of $250,000 jumped out at me. That's what the recently deceased gent wanted for this lot, no wonder he fought so hard to keep it, what I read next was totally unbelievable, but as I carried on reading I was more and more convinced it had to be true. I opened the sealed plastic bag containing the scent bottle and took a small sniff, it was honey sweet and thick, making me light headed for an instant. It effects on me, even from such a small exposure finally convinced me as to the truth. Once my head cleared, I made plans to put my windfall to good use.

I had been sitting in my car now for over two hours, waiting for the right person to stop and use the ATM across the street, I was in no hurry. My patience was rewarded when a 220 Merc stopped and a well-dressed thirty something woman got out and walked to the Cash Machine. Nice body I thought to myself, quietly I exited my wheels and walked over to stand behind her. When she had finished her withdrawal she turn to see me, her face showed her shock to see my large imposing figure standing so close. From behind my back I brought the scent spray and gave her a good squirt straight into her face. She reacted immediately, her hands went to her face; her legs lost most of their strength so I had put my arm around her waist to support her. I managed, with some difficulty, to get her into the passenger seat of her car; I walked round the front of the Mercedes and got into the driving seat, my heart pounding. The engine started first touch of the key and purred with power, I put it in drive and pull smoothly away from the kerb and accelerated into the night. I looked across at her, she was almost unconscious; her head was rolling about as the car move along the street. After ten minutes I parked behind a Chicken fast food restaurant that I knew closed at midnight, leaving me completely hidden from the street.

I looked over to her again, she was still clutching the notes she had withdrawn from the ATM so I took then from her hand. $500, not bad for a night's work I thought.

"Help me please," she whispered, her eyes now open.

"Sure," I smiled back, now for my bonus; my hands moved to her jacket and unbuttoned it to reveal her blouse beneath, nice rack of tits I thought. Her scared eyes were staring back at me, but she seemed unable to stop me; I carried on stripping her. As the minutes past, I could tell that the spray was working it's magic on her, she was becoming more conscious but the chemicals now pulsing through her veins were making her body react sexually towards me. Now it was her fingers that were removing her clothes, before too long she was beautiful naked. Her large tits drooped a bit but that was to be expected considering their large size. My hands set to work, fondling and squeezing these lovely mounds.

"Oh yes please," she whimpered, the full effects of the spray now in evidence.

"Get into the back," I ordered, she opened her door, getting out she almost collapsed on her unsteady legs. She only just made it to the rear door and fell inside; I immediately joined her.

"Spread those legs," I ordered, she obeyed instantly. I unzipped and pulled out my rock hard cock and pushed it hard into her wet pussy.

"Oh yes, harder, oh please," she whimpered. Despite what you hear about black cocks, they are on average no bigger that white's ones; mine is a respectable seven inches and all of it was thrusting in and out of this white bitch.

I wasn't going to last long and didn't try to, soon I was spurting deep inside her, I hope she was on the pill or she'll have a hard time explaining our half-caste baby to her Husband; the thought brought a smile to my lips. Without withdrawing I manoeuvred her on to my lap, her thighs astride me. My hands again got busy with her large tits.

"Ever had black cock before?" I asked.

"No," she whispered the still present effects of the spray making it impossible for her to lie.

"Ever been unfaithful before?" I continued to interrogate her.

"Yes," she said again very softly.

"I bet you have," I said half to myself, "with tits like yours I bet you've had plenty of offers," I smiled at her, "with who?" I asked.

"Please," she begged. Her hips moving on my lap.

"Soon," I console, "now tell me who you've been naughty with?"

"My brother-in-law and my Husband's boss," she confessed.

"Your bother-in-law, is that your Husband's brother or your sister's husband?" I asked, smiling all the time.

"My Husband's brother," she confirmed.

"Another time you must tell me all the dirty details, but now my cock is hard and needs some attention".

Her hips were moving back and forth over my lap, my hands massage her tits hard bringing a cry of pain from her lips; her orgasm came seconds before I was again pumping my sperm deep inside her.

I drove back to my car leaving her stretch out naked on the back seat.

"I'll see you again soon," I said, "I've know your name and address now, so be a good girl and keep this our little secret, ok. Oh by the way have you got any nude pictures of yourself".

"What," she stuttered.

"Come on slut, next time we meet, bring some along, ok," I said.

"Please," she begged, "I haven't got any, honestly".

"Then I suggest in the next few weeks you get one of your lovers to take some, if not I know a place where I can take you to get some done, they'll love doing you," I said laughing. I slammed the car's door and walked over to my heap and I drove away.

"Please that's all I have," she whined, it was two weeks later and we were parked opposite the same ATM. I took the offered cash and the brown envelope. I counted the money, $350, not too bad. The envelope contained a dozen 5 1/4 x 3 1/4 inch colour photographs. They were obviously holiday snaps as they contained beach views of her in a skimpy two piece swimsuit.

"I said nudes," I said harshly.

"Please," she begged, "I didn't have time, please". I suspect that our first meeting was just like a bad dream for her and she didn't think she'd ever see me again, that is till I rang her up and made this appointment.

"You drive and we'll go a visit a friend of mine," I said.

"Please no, give me some more time, I'll get some proper ones done, please," she begged.

"Ok, just this once I'll let you off," I said with a nasty smile, "ok drive up this road, I'll tell you where to turn off".

Once we had parked up I told her to strip. I didn't have to use the spray on her again to make her obey; its first use had imprinted me on her brain, her hands quickly removed all her clothes.

"Get in the back," I commanded. She lay down on the back seat, spreading her legs wide without being told, and waited for me to join her. I thrust into her sopping wet pussy, bringing cries of ecstasy from her before I spurted inside her.

"Ok, now tell me how it came about that you fucked your Husband's boss?" I asked once she was once again sitting astride my lap.

"No please, I can't," she said.

"Oh yes you can," my open hand slapped her hard twice across the chest.

"Oh no please stop," she begged, "ok Mike, that's my Husband, was up for promotion to a management grade and his boss, Tom came round to interview me one afternoon," she paused for a few seconds then said. "He said that if I let him, you know, Mike was guaranteed to get the job, so I let him". She hung her head in shame. "It was the first time I was unfaithful," she added.

"Did hubby get the job then?" I asked, she just nodded.

"It wasn't the only time you were unfaithful though, what about Hubby's brother then?" I asked.

"No that was later, I was drunk at this party, Mike and I had this row earlier, god know what about, but I was pissed off, so I got drunk. Andy, that's Mike's brother, took me home and took advantage of me, it was the only time".

"So you're a good girl then," I said with a grin. My black cock hardening inside her as a result of her sexy stories.

"Oh yes, you bastard," she moaned with lust, she was also feeling my cock growing inside her, she rocked back and forth on my lap. Her second orgasm came seconds before mine.

"Now don't forget the pictures now," I said sharply as I left her naked. I walked over to my car and drove away.

When I got home my current squeeze, Karla semi naked body was flat out unconscious on the couch; the use needle left lying on the floor. I looked down at her with distaste. Her thin undernourished body was no longer attractive to me. Should I throw her out or do something about her habit, she was once a very sexy lady. A long phone later and I think I may have a solution. A friend of mine has agreed to take her off my hands for a few weeks, keeping her cold turkey and force feeding her with his spunk, a kill or cure solution. Two hours later a couple of big brothers turn up and carry off the still unconscious Karla wrapped in a blanket.

"Are they alright?" She asked nervously, watching my face as I looked at each picture. "There're not very professional I'm afraid," she added with a weak smile.

"They'll do just fine for now," I reassured her; the pictures showed her naked body standing or lying about someone's house, obviously taken with a cheap Polaroid camera.

"Who took them?" I asked.

"Andy, you know my bother-in-law," she admitted, "he was the only one I could think of who had an instant camera".

"Did he fuck you afterwards?" I asked, she looked at me and nodded, "did you enjoy it?" Again she just nodded. "Good, you're becoming a good little slut".

The effect of the spray was slowly eating away at her brain, allowing me to mould her to my will.

"Please, can we," she begged.

"Of course my little slut, but first what else have you got for me"? I asked, holding out my hand.

"Oh yes, I sorry," she said reaching into her handbag and offered me some cash, "that's all I could raise, but I'll gets some more later, is that all right," she asked anxiously.

I counted out the cash, $250. "Ok that will do for now, now get in the back and strip off," I commanded. Her clothes were off in seconds. "My but you got great tits," I commented, "I think I'll book you in and have some proper pictures taken anyway".

"Yes ok, anything you want," she whispered, "but please can you, I need it now".

"How is she?" I asked Garth.

"Come and have a look," he offered, leading me into a sparse room containing the naked figure of Karla lying on the bed. "We had to restrain her of course and we fitted a mouth ring, otherwise she would have bitten our cocks off," he laughed. I moved over to look down at her body, noting the straps fitted tight around her head holding the ring in place.

"We cleaned her up in honour of your visit," he said, "she tends to foul herself a bit".

Garth moved to the bedside and slapped her hard across her small naked tits. "Wake up bitch," he shouted at her, her body stirred slightly.

"There you go, she getting better every day, she no longer screams all the time, Leon, Eddie!" he shouted, and the same two large brothers entered the room.

"She's awake and needs feeding," he said to them. The brothers unzipped and produced two good-sized cocks; the first one moved to the bed and forced his hardness between the lips of the barely conscious girl, the metal ring tied in place just behind her teeth stopped her closing her mouth completely. His hips thrust into her for some minutes, one hand behind her head, the other mauling her tits, he came with a long grunt. He pulled out to let his mate take over.

"Day after day she been taken her meals," Garth laughed again, "even put on a few pounds I think, do you want a go?" he asked.

"Nah, I think I leave her in your hands for now," I said watching Eddie thrusting into her mouth.

"Another couple of weeks should do it," Garth said, running his hand over her naked body, "she'll be sweet and compliant by then. If you don't want her back," he added, "I know Big Joe is always looking for new girls, he pays top Dollar."

"Ok, I think about it, so for now I'll leave her to your tender care," I said and I turned to leave. Over my shoulder I saw Garth replace Eddie at the head of the bed.

"This her then," said the old man.

"Yeah, you ready to go?" I asked.

"Sure," said the old man, "Got lots of film, colour and black and white, and I've got all night to use them up".

"Good, I'll leave her here then," I said, "now slut you'll do everything this black old scroat tells you ok," I said forcefully to her.

"Yes," she whispered, "but can't you stay, just for awhile, please?" she asked, looking very nervous.

"Ok, just for awhile," I agreed, "ok old man get started, I've got other places to be," I said.

"Ok, ok, right girlie get your kit off, and I mean all of it," he said to the girl.

She looked at me for an instant, and then her fingers started to undo her clothes.

"Nice tits," said the old man when her bra was removed.

"Yeah, make sure you get plenty of shots of them, ok," I said.

"Yeah, no problems," he said, come on girlie lets get started," after a few minutes I left them to it, she was pointing her large tits at the camera.

I took my time looking thought the pile of prints; they were extremely sharp and crisp.

"Are they ok?" she asked nervously.

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