Sweet Sam

by Diesel

Copyright© 2003 by Diesel

Incest Sex Story: What sibs mean to each other.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Consensual Romantic Incest Brother Sister .

I hadn't seen Sam in about three months. She had traveled to Boston to spend a week with me when I called her and told her I'd be in 'one place' for about two weeks. We'd had our ups and downs over the years, she had thought that some of my 'life decisions' had been foolish and I had taken offense at her attitude. Funny, but her approval had always meant more to me than anyone else's. We had always been able to 'talk' but we hadn't always seen 'eye to eye' on all issues. Anyway, the 4th of July was nearing and I had made the effort to score a good deal on airfare and contacted her to insure that she'd be at home if I made the trip to Florida. She assured me that she'd be home and would 'love to see me and spend the holiday weekend with me'. Her husband would be out of town on business and she had been feeling sorry for herself because she'd be spending the long weekend alone.

Her relationship with her husband was currently 'stressed' to say the least. She had made me 'privy' to most of her escapades over the years, her 'brief encounters' and 'extra curricular activities'. As I said, we have always seen 'eye to eye' on certain issues. We have spent hours talking about our preferences (sexual/sensual), as concerns the 'perfect lover' and what we both like as far as sex goes. During my failed marriage, it seemed like Sam was the only person in the world that I could talk to and who truly understood some of my more 'personal feelings' and emotions. We had discussed our respective preferences as far as oral sex, foreplay, the 'act itself' and even some of our more 'exotic' desires and fantasies. We had even shared information regarding our respective partner's 'shortcomings'. I had outlined in graphic detail, the things about my ex-wife that turned me on, as well as the things that turned me off. Sam in turn, had shared her personal experiences with some of her former lovers. I was the person she called when she was confused about one of her current lovers and she would relate things to me that generally aren't spoken outside of the 'lovers bed'.

At any rate, Sam and I were closer than most siblings. I wrote to her and she wrote to me on a regular basis. I could always count on a beautiful card on my birthday or Christmas or father's day. I always made an effort to bring her something special from my travels overseas, or to send her a hundred-dollar check once in a while, 'out of the blue'. Our interests were remarkably similar in music, literature, movies, entertainment, and so on. We tended to laugh at the same jokes, cry at the same movies and even notice the same good looking guy or girl. She would point out the gorgeous, long-legged brunette at the end of the bar when we went out for drinks. In turn, I'd touch her on the thigh to draw her attention to the 'buff', young dude standing in line ahead of us at the theatre.

I landed in Miami at 08:30 in the morning and made my way to the baggage claim carousel and carried my one bag and laptop computer to the curb outside 'arrivals' and watched the traffic. As I expected, Sam was just coming down the street, making her way through the traffic and trying to pull her car to the right so she could pick me up.

I climbed into the passenger side and leaned over to kiss her 'hello'. As always, there was no 'cheek kissing', I kissed her directly on the lips and reveled in her smiled greeting and listened to her delicate, sensual voice with absolute pleasure. She asked me, "Do you want to get something to eat?"

I responded by telling her, "No, I think I'm ready for a quick sandwich, a nap and then an hour or so in your hot tub." She smiled as she shifted into gear and pulled away from the curb. "Great." She said. "I'm not into trying to find someplace in this traffic anyway."

"How about we go back to my place, grab a sandwich and a beer, and then we both have a nap?"

"Cool." I said. "That's exactly why I came down here for a visit. I desperately need a few days off."

The drive to her place was filled with reminiscences and jokes from our mutual past. I told her of my latest trips and she told me about her life in the 'Sunshine State'. We got to her place about 11:00 and I went immediately to 'my room' to take off my suit and get into some shorts and a T-shirt. Sam hollered from the kitchen, "Want a beer?"

"You bet. The colder the better." I answered.

Sam came to the door to the spare bedroom and rapped twice before entering and handing me the ice cold Corona. I was just pulling up the fly on my shorts and hadn't pulled on my T-shirt yet.

"Great tan." She said.

"Thanks. I've been trying to do a little beach time when my schedule allows." I said. "Thanks for the beer. Got anything to make a sandwich?"

The next hour passed like a gentle spring breeze, with the scent of tropical flowers and the rich, salty smell of the ocean on the air. Ahhhhh, Florida certainly has it's allure.

I napped for a couple of hours and woke to the sound of the stereo, turned down low, from the living room. I rolled over and pulled my cutoff jeans and shorts off and reached for my swim trunks. I sneaked around the corner and closed the door to the guest bathroom closed behind me. The water cascading down my back was relaxing and the smell of the shampoo, something Sam had put out for me, was mysterious and exotic at the same time. I luxuriated under the water and foam for several minutes and then stepped out into the steamy air to dry myself with a huge, soft beach towel.

I slipped my swim-trunks on and stepped into the kitchen just as Sam came around the corner with her hair up in a towel and another towel wrapped around her body.

"How 'bout a beer?" She asked.

"Yeah, that sounds really good." I responded.

"Good. Open one for me too. I'll turn the Jacuzzi on."

I grabbed two beers from the refrigerator and watched out of the corner of my eye as she walked around the pool and bent down to turn the air jets to the Jacuzzi on. I could hear the bubbles churning the water and felt a jab of eager anticipation of pleasure at the feel of the warm water. I opened both of the beers and walked across the deck of the covered pool area and set them down on the tiles next to the Jacuzzi.

I sighed as I stepped into the steamy water and settled next to one of the jets. 'This is why I came to Florida.' I thought to myself. The sound of someone mowing their lawn several houses away and the associated scent of cut grass made me almost sleepy again.

"Comfortable?" Sam asked, as she walked toward me, undoing the towel around her waist. She was wearing a very lightweight and brief two-piece swimsuit made from a light blue material. The bottom was low cut in the front and was small enough at the crotch to reveal an extremely narrow 'bikini trim'. The top was barely enough to cover the areola of her nipples.

She stepped gingerly into the water and leaned over me to reach one of the two beers.

"Thanks." She said.

We both leaned back, enjoying the moment, and let the soft sounds and the feel of the churning water surround us. I glanced over my beer bottle and looked at Sam, her eyes closed, leaning back against the side of the Jacuzzi. She was sitting so that her breasts were thrust forward and her legs pointed straight out in front of her. I knew, on an intellectual level, that this was my sister. I knew that it was taboo to think like this, but as my glance passed over her body, I couldn't stop myself from noticing the barely discernible cleft showing through the crotch of her swimsuit bottom. I knew that it was forbidden but I couldn't help the first stirring of arousal I felt rising in my own crotch.

"I wish there were someone special in my life that I could share moments like this with." I said.

I leaned back and closed my own eyes, wondering if Sam had just trimmed close, or whether she had shaved her pussy completely bare.

"Me too." She answered. "Ray never seems to have the time for something like this, even when he's home."

I was a little taken aback by this but thinking about it, it rang true. Sam's husband spent ten out of every fifteen days away on business.

"Well, it's really pleasant to enjoy this with somebody I do care about." I said.

"Thanks." She said and then she reached over and gently squeezed my arm. "It is nice." She added.

"I wish my 'ex' could have appreciated something like this." I said. "In fact, I wish she had been able to appreciate anything about me."

"Well, she doesn't know what she lost when you two split up." Sam said. "I've always thought you were sensitive and caring. I don't think she ever really knew that. In fact, I always compared my dates with you when I was in high school. I really wanted to meet and fall in love with someone who could understand me like you do."

This admission from Sam surprised me a little. We had always been close, but it pleased me, and seemed to suit the moment, that she cared for me as I cared for her.

"I'll tell you a secret." I said. "Vicky and I never did connect. Even in the smallest ways, we never seemed to be a couple. Even our sex life was strained and uncomfortable."

"How so?" Sam asked.

"Well, for instance, she could never accept the fact that I masturbate. Even though she rarely wanted to make love with me, she always made me feel like a weirdo or something when we discussed the subject of masturbation. I know she did it, but she always denied to me that she did."

"Well, I can tell you from experience that if she didn't do it, she was the 'weirdo'." Sam said.

"Oh yeah. So do you do it?" I asked.

"Well, yeah. Of course." Sam said. "Does that surprise you?" she asked.

"No. I guess it just illustrates how close you and I really are. I mean that we can talk honestly about stuff like this and I don't know anyone else like that. So how often do you do it?" I asked.

"Well, I don't know. Sometimes I do it a couple of times a day. Sometimes I'll go a day or two without doing it. It sort of depends on my schedule and how busy or tired I am." She said.

"Yeah. Me too. Sometimes I just can't go to sleep without 'relaxing' myself a little bit. It's great for relieving the stress of the day." I said.

"Sometimes I do it to relieve stress." She said. "But sometimes I do it just because I'm 'horny'." She said.

We let the sound of the bubbles soothe us and enjoyed the quiet for a moment.

"So what's your favorite fantasy?" she asked.

I thought about this for a moment and became aware again of the gentle warmth originating in my balls.

"Well, I guess my favorite fantasy, the one I use the most when I jack off, is something like this." I said. "I mean, it always seems to involve water. Making it on the beach in the surf, or in a swimming pool under the stars or something like that. And it's always slow and gentle like the waves on the ocean. At least at the start. Sometimes my fantasy gets more intense and 'rough' towards the end. But it almost always takes place in or around the water." This was the first time I had ever admitted this to anyone.

"That's kind of like mine." She said. "Mine sometimes involves a bathtub full of bubbles." She said.

I noticed that her nipples had begun to stir. I could see them beginning to stand up and point through her top.

"How about another beer?" I said.

"Sure." She answered, as she took the last swallow from her beer bottle.

I reached for her empty and stood to get out of the Jacuzzi. I could feel my cock beginning to swell inside my trunks, and I casually wondered if she noticed as I stepped out and walked across the deck. I grabbed two more beers from the fridge and looked at her through the pass-through over the sinks in the kitchen. I had a perfect angle and could see her hand drop to her pussy as she leaned her head back and sighed softly, enjoying the feel of the water and the gentle touch of her own hand.

I opened the two beers and carried them back out to the Jacuzzi. "Here you go." I said as I handed her the sweating beer bottle.

"Thanks." She responded.

I glanced again at her breasts and realized that I could clearly see her nipples protruding through the material of her top. I was a little embarrassed to realize that she was watching me and obviously noticed my glance at her nipples. She slowly took a sip of her beer and deliberately lowered her gaze to my crotch.

"So... gonna' need a little 'stress relief' soon?" she asked.

I could feel the heat rise to my cheeks and wondered if she was enjoying my embarrassment.

"Sorry." I said. "Guess I got carried away talking about this kind of stuff. You do have a way of turning a guy's head, though." I said. "That two-piece really sets off your better physical attributes. Besides, it looks like I'm not the only one anticipating a little 'relief'." I said this as I looked, pointedly, at her breasts and the nipples now straining against the top of her suit.

She glance down at her own nipples and a little smile crossed her lips briefly. She took a sip of beer and ran the palm of her right hand over her left nipple and then her right.

"Yeah, it is kind of titillating to talk about this stuff with somebody. So what's your 'nastiest fantasy'?" she asked.

I pursed my lips in thought, took a sip of beer slowly began to smile.

"Well,... I had a fantasy in the past that really turns me on sometimes. I think about masturbating in front of a beautiful girl while she watches me and gently masturbates herself."

"Yeah, that's kind of hot." She said. "So have you ever done that?"

"No. I've never known a girl who I thought would enjoy something like that. I've thought about it a lot, but I've never done it." I answered.

"I'll tell you a secret, though. If you're sure you won't be too surprised or offended." "What." She asked.

"Well, sometimes the beautiful girl is you." I said. I felt my lips start to go numb and the heat in my crotch increased another notch. I had never, ever imagined admitting this to my sister.

She took another sip of beer and caressed her breasts again. I noticed that her breasts had both swollen and I could see the tiniest bit of her brown areola's peeking out above the top of her swim suit.

"I'm not surprise, really. I am flattered though. I guess I never thought of it before but it makes me kind of hot to think about making my 'big brother' horny."

"Yeah?" I said through a dry mouth. I was aware, in the back of my mind, that my erection had swollen to the point that the head of my cock was starting to poke out of the leg of my swim trunks. I took a swallow of beer, to moisten my suddenly dry throat and watched as Sam glanced at my crotch, smiled and raised one of her eyebrows.

"Looks like I'm not the only one who's horny, either." She said.

"Sorry." I said and reached down with my right hand to cover the end of my dick with the leg of my trunks. It was an impossibility, as the touch of my own hand increased the size of my erection.

"Don't bother." She said. "I'll even the situation up a little bit." She set her beer on the side of the Jacuzzi and grabbed her top with both hands. She stripped it over her head, exposing both of her engorged and beautiful tits.

"There. Now you don't have to feel so embarrassed." She said.

"Well, maybe. I gotta' tell ya'. That didn't exactly make it easier on me." I said.

"How so?" she said.

"Well, I may have to cut these swim trunks off." We both looked at my cock, which was now, almost fully exposed and hugely engorged. There was no chance at all that I could have concealed it beneath the straining fabric of my swim trunks.

"Well, take them off if you want to. I think it's pretty obvious where this conversation is going anyway." Sam said.

I glanced at her face and noticed the smirk. I lowered my gaze to her tits and realized that she was quickly becoming as aroused as I was.

I raised my ass, just enough to hook my thumbs under the waist band and pushed my trunks down around my ankles. I raised one foot and then the other to completely remove them and noticed my cock, which was now standing straight up and breaking the surface of the water. I laid the wet trunks next to her top, at the side of the Jacuzzi and watched as Sam slowly drew her right index finger across the groove of her pussy under her swim suit bottom.

I reached for my beer and said, "Now you seem to have the advantage again."

Without a word, Sam hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her bottoms and slid them down far enough to remove them. Laying the bottoms on the heap of already discarded cloth, she leaned back and reached again for her beer.

"Well, where does your fantasy go from here?" she asked.

I reached down and began to gently stroke my cock as her avid gaze seemed to track and lock onto the throbbing head of my cock. As I continued to gently stroke the shaft of my cock up and down, I watched transfixed, as Sam rubbed her completely shaved pussy with the flat palm of her hand and then parted the labia so that the middle finger of her right hand rested in the groove. She manipulated the lips between the fingers on either side of her middle finger and started to rub the length of her middle finger up and down slowly.

I could feel the intensity of each throb coursing through my cock begin to increase and watched as Sam uncovered her clit and teased it gently with the fingernail on her left index finger. Moaning softly, she laid her head back for a moment and licked her lips. Without hesitating, I slid closer to her and let go of my cock. I slowly reached for her breast and gently pinched her left nipple between my right thumb and forefinger. To my surprise, she didn't open her eyes, but her soft moaning became marginally louder. I glanced over my shoulder, and around the deck of the enclosed lanai and was grateful for the shoulder high hedges surrounding us.

"Yesssssss, a little harder." She whispered. "MMmmmmmmmm." She muttered under her breath. "Do them both." She said in a sleepy voice, without opening her eyes.

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