Anniversary Presents

by callipigiman

Copyright© 2002 by callipigiman

Sex Story: Husband gets more than he bargained for when he arranges a black gangbang for his horny wife as an anniversary present. He learns a lot of things, including his own bisexual desires as well as his wife's slutty nature.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Mult Consensual BiSexual Slut Wife Cuckold Humiliation Gang Bang Interracial Black Male White Female .

Copyright © 2002 by the author

It was coming up on our first anniversary when my wife and I proceeded beyond our usual passionate but essentially mundane love-making and began sharing sexual fantasies with each other, and sometimes even play-acting them with each other. Not that there was anything wrong with our sex life--to the contrary! We had still been in the throes of our "newlywed bliss" and experimentation hadn't been necessary. Love-making had been almost always missionary (though my wife did enjoy being on top from time to time), and the sharing of regular oral sex, which we both enjoyed giving and receiving, plus lots of stroking and foreplay. We were quite compatible sexually--or so I thought. By the time the clock would tick away our first anniversary, my view would be somewhat different.

My name is Nick. I was 30 at the time of this narrative, 5 foot 10, long dark brown hair and beard and mustache, gray "puppy-dog" eyes, fairly attractive face. My heritage is red-blooded American, though I'm told we have some Greek or Lebanese or something like that a generation back--anyway, I had a slightly tanned complexion. Unfortunately, I had two shortcomings (though my wife didn't think they were, at the time). I was a bit overweight, weighing about 250 pounds--the only honest word is "fat". I also am not very well endowed: my dick is only about 5.5 inches, it might reach 6 inches when I'm positively rigid with lust, but I doubt it.

My wife is Brittany. She was 20 when this all went down. I won't say she's gorgeous because you won't believe me. She is, however, quite pretty and I still feel (even after all that's happened) quite lucky to have won her love and to be married to her. She is small, only 5 foot 6 in her bare feet, and around 120 pounds. She has dark brown hair with all kinds of red highlights which makes it look very sexy, and she keeps it permed so though she wears it hanging to her shoulders, it is somewhat curly. Her eyes are auburn. She has a firm, well-toned body from her swimming and a minimal (but highly effective) exercise regime. In fact, she has what I call an "earthy" build: quite lush and well-rounded, especially her firm ass which I absolutely worship. Her breasts aren't huge, but they are round as apples and pleasantly plump with big nipples that come erect at the slightest teasing. Her belly is nicely rounded and firm, and her pussy is both shaved and incredibly tight. She started shaving about a week before we married when she found an old "shaved-slut" magazine of mine as we were cleaning my house and getting her things moved in. She said if I liked that, she'd do it. I should also mention that about the time this story begins, I shaved too--she laughed when she first saw it, saying it made me look like a nasty little fat boy, then she smiled and gave me a really hot blowjob.

The change in our marriage started about a month before our first anniversary. We had made love very passionately and were quite satisfied, I thought, but about 15 minutes after I'd turned off the light and we'd settled down to sleep I was suddenly aware of Brittany moaning next to me. I leaned over her naked body and kissed her forehead.

"You all right honey?" I asked. Her response was to grab my hand and pull it between her legs where her other hand was busily, frantically fingering her pussy. I chuckled. "Hey, I thought you were satisfied!" She moaned.

"Nothing personal, lover," she said as I felt her fingers working in and out of her hot slit, "I'm just incredibly horny tonight and you were nice but I needed more." She had three fingers stuffed into her tight little cunt and as I gently stroked her hairless mound I felt her slip a fourth finger in and begin frantically fucking herself.

"Hey, Brit," I cautioned. "Slow down. You're going to hurt yourself!" I slid my fingers down her swollen lips and started to wiggle them inside but she grabbed my hand and pulled it away.

"NO!" she said firmly, almost angrily and I started in surprise. "I want to do it myself! You can have your hand on top of mine but don't touch me otherwise." And I lay there beside my wife, my hand on hers as she furiously finger-fucked herself to a long, shuddering cum. As she masturbated I felt her other hand slip down between her firm asscheeks and from the way she stiffened I assume she slid a finger up her anus. I should point out I had never fucked Brittany's ass because she said she was far too tight and she said even my small size would hurt too much. All she ever allowed me to do was to lick her crack from time to time. Being an ass man this was a bit frustrating, but since I love kissing and fondling ass more than fucking it, I could live with her prohibition.

Anyway, after she had climaxed she slid close to me and put her arms around me, kissing me deeply in the dark. I stroked her hair and asked, "So what was that all about, honey?" She was silent for a moment, then giggled softly.

"I had an interesting day," she said. "I had to take a bunch of papers out to Adams." I need to explain that Brittany, sweet, small Brittany, works for the state department of corrections in their main office in the city. Sometimes she has to do courier work and ferry various documents to local jails and prisons. "Adams" is a medium-security prison about 20 miles from town. Yes, she has to wear a uniform when she goes out to the jails. I think she looks pretty bitchy and dominating in her uniform--I wouldn't want to get on her bad side, even though she's not a guard.

"So? You've done that before," I said. "You've never been like you just were, though."

"I'm sorry, sweetie," she replied, stroking my chest--stroking my tits, to be honest since being as fat as I am I have a set of breasts almost but not quite as large as Brittany's (and not as sexy looking either). "It's just that... well, I've never been out there in the summer when they have the inmates in the yard... and most of them were working out... and they looked REALLY hot!" I became aware that Brittany was rubbing her smooth mound against my leg. She was hot and wet against my skin.

"Whoa, Brit!" I pulled my leg away and she whimpered slightly. "Are you saying you got turned on looking at those guys?" She giggled again.

"Yeah. You wouldn't believe how good they looked! All firm and muscular and some of them you could see the bulges in their shorts!" Brittany had her hands between her legs again, as I sat up and turned on the light.

I looked down at my wife, lying there naked, rubbing herself for the second time in half-an-hour. "I've never seen you like this, Brit," I said. "I thought we had a great sex life." Her eyes snapped open and she stared at me, surprised. Her hands came away from her pussy and she was sitting up with her arms around me in a flash.

"Oh my god, honey," she said, her tone very sympathetic, and she kissed me. "I didn't mean to make you feel bad!" What could I say?

"I don't feel bad, Brittany, I'm just surprised. I never knew you had a roving eye!"

"I don't. I mean, I have fantasies, just like you and every other human being does, but I love you and I'm all yours!" She kissed me again, deeply. I felt her nipples grow hard against my chest and I breathed in sharply as she ran her hands over my big belly and down to my limp dick.

"You have fantasies?" I asked.

"Sure," she said, gently stroking my hairless crotch. "You want to hear the one I had today? Bet it turns you on!" I was surprised by this aspect of my wife I had never seen before. Now I know it's because we'd reached the end of the "newlywed sexual bliss" phase of our marriage. Back then I had no idea where this was all going to go.

"Ummm, sure, I guess."

"Mind if I play with myself while I tell you?" She looked at me coyly.

"Ummm... go ahead," I conceded. Then, "Can I play with you too?"

"Well, ah, I'd really prefer to do it myself. Don't be hurt, ok?"

"I'm not," I said, frowning slightly.

"You can do something for me though," Brittany said with a naughty grin, laying back and stroking the insides of her thighs with her small, pretty hands. I raised my eyebrows in question. "In my second dresser drawer there's a dildo. Get it for me, please?" I guess my jaw dropped. "Don't look so surprised, lover. I bought it today on my way home from work. Get it please?"

I got it. Actually it was a vibrating dildo. I stared at the thing as Brittany pulled it from its box. It was 9 inches long and thick, a real monster (or so I thought--time would convince me otherwise). It was also black. Brittany looked at me and patted the bed next to her gorgeous body.

"Sit down and watch, love," she said. "I'm gonna tell you a very hot story and when I get done I'll suck you til you cum." What the hell, with an offer like that I couldn't say no. As I watched, Brittany ran the big dildo over her tits, and her nipples stiffened. She ran the big black rubber cock down to her pussy and rubbed it against her puffy cunt lips. When she backed off a little I could see the head of the dildo was very wet. Brittany teased herself, and began to tell me her fantasy.

It was amazing. She told me how she often fantasized about the prisoners she saw, especially the black ones. The ones that day had been bare-chested, sweaty, working out and that had turned her on. They had also watched her as she went into the administration building, and they'd been waiting by the fence when she came out. Their comments as she walked back to the car had been crude, very sexual, and had made her very horny. She wasn't totally sure but she thought one of the black men had pulled down his shorts and flashed his cock at her as she walked past. In the car she said she had an orgasm.

I guess my face showed my consternation, because she stopped. "You okay, honey?" she asked. "You're not upset are you?"

I wasn't actually. I was just really shocked to hear that my wife was excited by other men. But when I looked down at myself and was honest, I guess I understood. I'm a very nice guy with a good personality, but my body is fat and my dick is small. I decided it wasn't surprising that my wife, attractive and sexy as she is, would sometimes think about better-built, better endowed men. Plus I felt twinges of excitement in my crotch as I thought about my wife eyeing a row of big black prison inmates with lust in her eyes. "No, I'm just getting used to the idea," I said, and my voice sounded a bit high and tense. "Go on."

She did. She told how she got in the car and stared out at the inmates who had gone back to working out and she started thinking about them grabbing her, ripping her uniform off and fucking her silly with their fat black cocks. At this point in her story she shoved the big black dildo up her tight cunt--not slowly, no. She fucked that 9-inch rubber prick right up her pussy with one stroke and she squealed like a stuck pig when she did it. My little dick got hard and I imagined it was one of the black prisoners stuffing my wife's hole.

As she sat in the car she undid her pants and began fingering herself to a wild cum. She said it was like that the rest of the day. She fantasized about big black inmates gang-fucking her and went to the bathroom three times to masturbate. Brittany told me her fantasy was that they grabbed her while she was at the prison, or broke out and came to the house and got her and fucked her and made her take their cum all over her body and in her mouth and just basically used her holes for their raunchy satisfaction. She said she even thought about taking big black cockmeat up her ass!

I just sat there watching my wife dildo-fuck her hot cunt and listened to her filthy story, and getting horny thinking about watching such a scene. I began to see her in my mind, fucking and sucking all those black prisoners, and I began thinking about what I'd be doing during this. Finally I broke into Brittany's lusty monologue.

"That's pretty hot, Brit," I said. My voice sounded funny to me, and she opened her eyes and looked at me. "That's a wild fantasy." My own nasty fantasy was growing swiftly and I gulped. When I spoke again, I swear I sounded like I'd breathed helium, my voice was so high and whiny. "Can I add to it, baby?"

Brittany's eyes were wide as she pummeled her cunt with her black dildo. "Yesss," she hissed, "But it better be fucking hot and nasty like my big fat black cockmeat!" I shuddered and raised up on my knees so my wife could see me stroking my little dick. I hoped she could see it under my fat, jiggling belly.

"I'd love to watch you doing that," I said and she gasped. "I'd love to have those black guys break into the house and tie me up and set me in a chair where I would have to watch you take them all on." Brittany moaned and began working the dildo in her cunt, staring into my eyes. "And they'd take your dildo and shove it up my ass!"

"Holy shit!" Brittany yelled. "You'd like that?!" I grinned sheepishly.

"You're not the only with a nasty fantasy or two, honey! I have a bisexual dream or two, ok?"

"I guess so... it's just surprising to find out my husband thinks about cock." The look in her eyes was kind of odd, but really hot. "Is there more?" She looked at me questioningly. I nodded.

"You'd fight them at first but once they started fucking you, you'd really get into it. You'd beg for them to use you as their whore while you looked at me with a fire in your eyes that told me just how much you enjoyed getting fucked by such BIG cocks." Brittany nodded, wide-eyed, and fucked herself. "When they all got done squirting your holes full of cum you'd get up and come over to me and sit on my face and make me clean you out while I bounced on the dildo and you jacked my dick until I came all over my belly."

"Oh, how slutty!" Brittany moaned.

"Yeah, you'd look good," I replied and she gave a nasty laugh.

"Not ME, baby, YOU!"

That was all I could take, I began to cum, spraying my juices all over Brittany's tits and as it splattered on her Brittany shoved the black dildo clear to the balls and screamed out an incredible climax. It must have lasted five minutes.

I started to get up and Brittany grabbed my hand. "Where you going, love?" she asked.

"To get a washcloth and clean us up." I pointed at her slimy tits and her soggy cunt and thighs, then at my own fat, sweaty belly and tiits and crotch. Brittany shook her head.

"No, I want us to sleep just like this, wrapped around each other and rubbing our nasty, sweaty, cum-dripping bodies together all night long. I wanta feel it on me and smell it in the morning."

"Wow!" I exclaimed. "I never knew you had this nasty streak in you, Brit!"

"Well, I do," she answered with a naughty grin. "Is it a problem?"

I slid down next to her, rubbing my own fat tits against hers and reaching down to get a handful of her cunt goo and smear it all over her ass. "Fuck no! It's ok with me!"

She laughed. "Somehow I knew you'd like the idea of me getting fucked by fat black cocks."

As we lay there in the dark again I asked, "Would you really want to do something like that?" She moved langourously against me.

"I don't know. If the situation ever arises, we'll see."

With that, we went to sleep.

Like I said, it was about a month before our first anniversary and I needed to figure out what to give Birttany as a gift. Of course I wanted it to be special and after our bout of fantasy that night I began thinking how I could fulfill her lusty dream for her.

I talked to a friend of mine who worked in the same office as Brittany and he told me about a special work-release program that some inmates were in. If they were offered work they could get a special pass to be out of the jail for up to 12 hours while they worked. They would be escorted by a guard. The cost was based on how many men were needed.

My friend Darrin happened to be a burly black guy and I asked him if he could arrange to be the guard. He looked at me curiously and wanted to know why I asked. I swallowed to build up my courage and told him about Brittany's fantasy and how I wanted to fulfill her fantasy on our anniversary. He just grinned and asked me if, as the guard, he would be allowed to take part. I said yes, as long as he was dressed as an inmate. He allowed that that could be arranged.

"So how much for nine guys, plus you?" I asked. He did some figuring in his head.

"Well, you usually have to pay $500 minumum, and since there's some risk for me I'd have to ask for more..." His voice trailed off.

"What?" I demanded. I hoped he wasn't going to get greedy.

"Well, Brittany is such a fine piece of ass, I'll tell you what. I was going to say a thousand bucks," and he held up a hand at my gasp, "but what we'll do is that you give me the thousand, I'll make the proper note in the book, then I'll give you back the thousand as payment for letting us fuck the whore you're pimping for."

I was stunned. I was also incredibly excited--the thought of selling my wife's body was so fucking hot.

"Just one other thing," Darren said. "I get to choose the nine guys, and I warn you they're going to be mean, ugly, motherfuckers with fucking huge cocks. They'll wear Brittany out and I guarantee once they get started you won't be able to stop ?em. Most of ?em haven't had a piece of ass since they went in. Is that ok?"

For a moment my good sense tried to get me to back out, but I thought with my damn dick again and I said yes. And then I had to explain myself, "See, Brit and I got married with her right out of school. I don't want her to think she was denied a fulfilling sex life twenty years down the road because we got married when she was so young. If she wants to enjoy some black cock now and sow some wild oats, that's a whole lot better than a divorce somewhere in the future." I spoke fast, trying to convince myself more than Darren.

"Shit, Nick," he said with a grin. "You don't have to convince ME! Now what's the scenario?"

I began to describe how the whole thing would proceed.

The morning of our anniversary Brittany greeted me with a big smile and a kiss. She even had a single rose laid on my plate at breakfast. I gave her a nice card I had selected, along with a little bottle of expensive perfume. She kissed me deeply as we sat down to eat.

"So what does this mean," she asked, smiling sweetly as she read my card. "You have a surprise for me?"

I nodded knowingly. "Could be. You'll just have to wait and see." She gave a little pout that made her look incredibly sexy. Then she fixed me with a cool stare.

"Well, two can play that game. I was going to tell you something special but now you'll just have to wait til after work." Her cool gaze vanished in a warm and radiant smile. "So there!"

We both laughed and went on our ways, she to the corrections office, I to the radio station where I work. I wondered what her surprise was, then shrugged it off. We both had work to do, there was no use wasting time wondering. Besides, she'd find out about mine that night.

Brittany called me twice during the day to tell me she was thinking about me, then just before she went home (she got off work about an hour before I did). She sounded kind of funny so I asked her what was up.

"Well, I was going to call and just say I was heading home and I'd have a very nice romantic dinner laid on when you got there, but something just happened and now..." Her voice trailed off in a way I recognized as her "I'm feeling hot and bothered" tone.

"What happened?" I asked innocently, though I knew well enough.

"Darren stopped by my desk and said congratulations on our anniversary. Then he asked if he could kiss the bride and you know, I blushed but said sure, since he wasn't able to make the wedding last year. So he leaned down and kissed me, and he put a hand on my ass and slid his tongue into my mouth before I could stop him, and I could feel a huge lump in his pants against my belly!" Brittany's voice was very thick with excitement. "I pushed him away and told him he was out of line, and he just gave this nasty little laugh and bent over me again and whispered that all white women love the thought of a black man. Then he went away... God, I nearly came in my panties!"

"Wow," I said, trying to sound shocked, even though I'd told Darren pretty much what to say. "Are you okay?" She gave a "Whoosh" and laughed a little.

"I'm fine, but now I'm so horny I may come over to the station and fuck you right in the control room!"

"Not a good idea, Brit, what with the window opening right on the sidewalk and all!" We both chuckled. "Why don't you go on home, forget dinner, and I'll wrap things up here and come right home."

"God, but I'm so crazy now... and I feel kind of guilty that it was Darren who turned me on."

"Don't. He's a good looking guy, and given your fantasies about black guys it's not that surprising. Anyway, you've been thinking about me all day, that's why you were so susceptible to what he did, right?"

"Yeah, right. If you say so, love." She didn't sound convinced, and I was pretty sure that while she had certainly thought about us making love that night, her groping at Darren's big black hands had made her far wetter and hornier than thoughts of me. "I'll do that... do you mind if I use my friend while I wait for you?"

"You mean your dildo? If you need it, feel free. You'll just be that much readier for me when I get home!" There was silence for a moment, then I asked, "Will you have my surprise for me when I get home?" She giggled girlishly.

"Maybe. Will you have mine?"

I took a deep breath and went into my spiel. "Uh, you know, Brit, uh, sometimes things don't work out and I guess..." She cut me off.

"You don't have the surprise you promised me this morning?" She sounded a little irritable.

"I'm sorry honey, I really am. Hopefully it'll get here tomorrow or the next day. I'm really sorry..." I sighed like I was saddened by some shipping delay. "All I can give you tonight is me." With that she giggled again.

"Well, that'll have to do then, I guess. I suppose you'll be adequate." The tone of her voice when she said "adequate" was kind of bitchy, or at least I thought it was. Well, maybe I just felt guilty about setting Brittany up.

"I'll be home soon, Brit," I said. "Save some for me?"

"Maybe," she said, and hung up.

I started to have a funny feeling about it all.

I arrived home 45 minutes later to find Brittany lying on the dining room table, a pair of black leather crotchless panties showing off her tanned flesh, as well as a cut-out leather bra. She was busily stuffing her big black dildo in and out of her tight pussy, and I smiled at the scene.

"Wow, with this kind of dinner waiting for me I'll never be late again!" I said, walking over to her and fondling her hard-nippled tits.

"Oh shit," she moaned, "I am so fucking horny I can hardly stand it!"

"Well besides your being hot for me all day, and your fondling at your boss's hands, what's got you so het up?" I stroked her smooth, firm belly and let my fingers tease the insides of her thighs.

"Oh you bastard," she panted as she humped her dildo into her tight hole. "Just as I was leaving work Darren told me he'd just had a call from Adams. Some inmates apparently slipped out of a work party and escaped. He said he was warning all personnel who have gone out there in case the guys might have some crazy idea of revenge on authority or something." I looked at Brittany quizzically.

"And that excited you? You are strange, love." Brittany grunted as she continued fucking herself with her black rubber cock.

"No, not that they escaped, but I couldn't help thinking about the way I've teased those guys this last month--" I gasped, acting surprised.

"You mean you've done it again, after the time you told me about?" My wife blushed and nodded.

"Yeah," she whispered, "I've done it three or four times. And once I flashed my tits as I walked by the fence..." She began to shudder in a brief but hot orgasm. When she recovered she looked up at me and began working the dildo again. "Anyway, I kind of started fantasizing on the way home that they came here and took their revenge on me!"

"Wow, honey," I said, running my hands from her incredibly wet, hairless pussy up to her nipples, smearing her juices all over the stiff nubs. "And that makes you hot? The thought of all those fat, black cocks using you?"

"That, and you having to watch me get fucked, and watching me start to get into it and be a nasty slut." She moaned again and writhed in lustful ecstasy.

"Well," I said, "I guess I'll have to help you out as best I can. Sorry I'm not black, though, or 10 inches long." I took off my clothes as Brittany watched me, but as I stepped between her legs she shook her head.

"No, lover, don't fuck me yet. I..." She blushed. "I want to enjoy my black cock a little longer." Hey, I'm an easy dog to hunt with. I walked around to her face but she shook her head. "No sweetheart, I don't want you to waste your cum in my mouth. Just stand over me and let me watch you jack off--only don't cum, ok?"

I laughed. "Well I don't know what you have in mind, Brit, but I'll play along. You still thinking about a bunch of black prisoners fucking the shit out of you?" I noticed movement outside the side door which opens into our living room. Brittany, laying as she was, couldn't see and I grinned as I saw Darren and a bunch of other black guys in orange prison jumpsuits standing at the screen door. I winked at them and Darren nodded.

"Oh yesssss!" Brittany hissed. "Gigantic black cocks making me cum and cum and cum!" She rammed the dildo deep into her pussy and shuddered into a climax as I leaned down and sucked on one rigid nipple, and waited.

There was a loud crash as they slammed the screen door open and poured into the room. As the living and dining rooms filled with black men I was surprised to note there were substantially more than the ten I'd asked for. In fact, there were 10 blacks in orange prison uniforms, but the rest of the blacks looked like they'd just come in off the streets. They were all uniformly big and mean-looking. Even Darren had put on an afro wig and was wearing some kind of scar makeup on his face and had done some other things so that Brittany wouldn't recognize him.

"What the fuck!" I said as four of the black inmates ran over to Brittany and me. They pulled me away from my wife and threw me in the corner, standing menacingly over me.

"Shut the fuck up, white shit," said Darren. "And don't move your sorry white ass."

Brittany was left lying in the middle of the dining room tanle. The swollen pinkness of her nipples and pussy contrasted sexily with the black leather of her cut-out bra and panties, and the thick end of her black dildo was pressed tightly against the widespread lips of her cunt. As the gang of burly black men pressed in they reached out and began fondling my wife's nearly naked body, and I watched her writhe under the rough touch of their hands.

Brittany looked at me lying naked on the floor, then back at the blacks and there was a little fear in her eyes. One of the prisoners (I differentiated between the ten inmates and the other blacks), a barrel-chested, incredibly muscular man whose name I learned was "Bubba", stepped up to my wife. He was at least 6-foot-4 and she had to strain a bit to look up at him. He stared at her, undisguised lust in his eyes. I saw her recognize that look for what it was and I saw her tremble. Then I saw my wife glance down and appraise the big lump in the black prisoner's jumpsuit.

"Dis is da white bitch," Bubba said. "She da fucking whore dat teased us all month in da prison yard, flashin' her fuckin whore tits at us an' all."

"Yeah," said another black man. "Fuck, I ain't been able ta sleep nights thinkin' about her sitting in her god-damn car with her legs spread showin' us her fuckin' cunt!"

"Hey, white shit," Darren asked me, "you know how your slut wife been teasin' us at Adams?" When I didn't say anything one of the black men guarding me slapped me. Brittany's head swiveled at the sound and she watched me take it without fighting back. "I fuckin' asked you a question, fat boy!"

"You leave him alone," she said, speaking bravely to the assembled blacks. "He's my husband and I love him. But he didn't tease you. It's me you want revenge on, not him."

Bubba reached out and grabbed my wife's chin in one huge black hand and pulled her face close to his own ugly one. "Don't YOU fuckin' speak until we say, bitch," he said. "You a god-damn whore and we gonna rape all your holes til you can't sit down for a week. You gonna be our fuck slut all night long. We gonna show you what it like to get fucked by REAL men with REAL cocks, big fat fuckin' black meat dat you gonna end up worshippin' and beggin' for." He threw me a disgusted look. "Not dat fat white pussy boy over dere who ain't got enough dick to satisfy a hot whore like you! Right?" Brittany just stared at him as he gripped her jaw. He let her go and then slapped her, hard. "I said, ain't it right dat your fat baby-dick hubby ain't man enough to satisfy you hot cunt, bitch?!"

Brittany turned to look at me. Then one of the black guys standing over me raised a foot and set it down on my crotch. I winced at the heavy boot on my soft dick. Bubba laughed.

"Yeah, you look at your fat pussyboy hubby. Tyrone gonna grind his little dick inta da ground if you don't answer my fuckin question!" And Tyrone began to suit action to words.

"Oh god, don't let him hurt me, Brit!" I whined.

Brittany looked like she was about to die. I'm sure she was a veritable cauldron of conflicting desires: not wanting to hurt me, but positively dripping with lust at the sight of all these black studs, not wanting to give in and change our marriage, but undeniably willing to get fucked by all these black men. She whimpered and replied, "Please don't hurt Nick, I-I-- you're right that his dick is very small and doesn't pleasure me as much as I sometimes want." The look on her face said "forgive me, lover".

I felt a surge of lust at my wife's admission and suddenly I could hardly wait for her to be stuffed with thick black cock. I glanced over at Darren and he took my cue like a pro. "Hey man," he said, grabbing Bubba's arm, "let's tie up the fat piece of white shit and make him watch us gang-rape his slut wife." The rest of the blacks all began nodding and grinning, and I was dragged to my feet and pulled over to one of the dining room chairs.

"Hey man, let's get our fuckin clothes off and show the whore our meat," another black guy said. "Then his bitch can compare what a fat faggot looks like next to a black man, a real man!" Brittany was staring at me as the black men approached me. I put up a little bit of a fight until Tyrone grabbed my crotch and squeezed hard, then I bent over as if I was in great pain. Another guy stepped up to me with a knife and I began to whine.

"Don't hurt me! Don't cut me! Don't hurt my dick! Please! Do whatever you want to her but don't hurt me!" I looked at Brittany and she was lying there with her legs spread wide--she hadn't tried to close her cunt to the host of black men in the room. Those horny black studs pawed at her tits and ass and belly and ran their fingers up between her legs to fondle her hairless, dildo-stuffed twat. Brittany was writhing and moaning under their touch, and looking at me with something akin to shock in her eyes as my naked body was tied to the chair, my back arched in such a way that my little dick stuck up from beneath my fat belly. There was a hint of something else there too, something both cold and hot at the same time. I wondered what was going through her mind.

Somebody hooked their fingers into the waist of Brittany's panties and dragged them down and suddenly everyone froze, staring. Brittany's hairless pussy was now completely exposed to everyone. Her cuntlips were swollen and pink, her clit standing up, engorged, her thighs wet with her juices. Her fat black rubber cock was still shoved to the balls in her hot hole. Brittany turned her eyes from me and swept the assembled black men with a sudden look of mixed apprehension and anticipation. Then everyone seemed to explode into motion.

I was set at one end of the dining room table as Bubba and Darren pulled Brittany down to where they stood. Darren's fingers found their way between Brittany's legs and plunged into her sopping hole ALONG WITH THE DILDO and she cried out, reflexively closing her legs. Four black men growled and stepped up, pulling her legs wide open and holding them down. Men stepped up around her head too and I could see for the first time that almost all the blacks were naked or getting there.

Brittany had noticed too and she was staring, openly lustful, at the big black cocks that were being displayed. "Oh my god!" she moaned as cock after cock was bared and shown off for her. Bubba leaned over her and kissed her on the mouth, his tongue plunging between her lips.

"How you like that, white slut?" Darren asked, a nasty chuckle in his voice. "You like Bubba's tongue down your throat? You like swapping spit with a real man?" Brittany moaned something around the black man's tongue and one of the guys standing around her head with his cock wagging pulled Bubba up.

"Let her answer the man, Bubba," the guy said. Then he leered down at my whimpering, moaning wife as her mouth remained open and her tongue snaked out, searching for another wet kiss. "Looks to me like she does though!"

Bubba, denied the pleasures of Brittany's soft, hot mouth slid a hand down to join Darren's, shoving two fingers up opposite his around the dildo. "I think she likes having her holes stuffed with big black things," Darren laughed, "and it don't matter if it's tongues, fingers, dildos or..." He let his voice trail off suggestively. "Isn't that right, white whore? You hungry for black things inside you, ain't ya?"

Brittany raised her head and looked down her firm, young belly, first at the two black men fingering her dripping cunt, then on down at me, naked and exposed in my fatness. She stared right in my eyes and humped up against the black hands rubbing her, then raised her hands on either side of her head to grasp a fat black prick in each. "Yes, I am," she hissed and her lips curled in a suggestive smile, eyes still locked with mine. I knew she was thinking that there was no way I (or she, for that matter) could stop the black criminals from thoroughly fucking every one of her cock-hungry holes--and she wanted to do it! "I've been fantasizing about black cock for months. And not just any black cocks, but the cocks of the prisoners I see every day! Every time Nick has fucked his little dick into me, or I've used my dildo, or had him eat me I've thought about black prick. I haven't had an orgasm in the last month when I haven't been wishing it was caused by swollen, sweaty negro cock banging my tight cunt or ass!"

"Hey Darren, you were sure fucking right about this bitch wanting her lily-white ass fucked silly!" said one of the guys being stroked by Brit's hot hands.

I shot him a really dirty look--you know the kind, if looks could kill? But then I noticed that all the men had gone quiet, and Brittany was grinning down at Darren and me at the foot of the table. I glanced up at Darren and he had a nasty grin on his face too as he reached up and pulled off his stupid wig. I thought the shit was going to hit the fan for sure, and that Brittany would probably walk out as she put the pieces of my little deception together. I guess I must have winced or blushed or something because suddenly she began to laugh, a low, throaty, nasty chuckle.

"Shit," she said, "Nick you bastard, you should see the look on your face! You set me up and now you think I'm going to go apeshit and walk out!" And she laughed again. "Well surprise, surprise!" She thrust herself down onto Darren and Bubba's fingers, hard. "Fuck my hot cunt, you big black studs. Finger me Darren, like you did at the office when you told me my fat pussyboy husband's plans!"

Now it was my turn to gasp, and be shocked because all the black guys were grinning evilly down at Brittany's writhing body and she was opening her mouth to lick at the heads of the fat black cocks gathered around her face. Her hands reached out to her sides and grasped at the negro cocks gathered there, pulling them in close to her face. And Darren turned to look down at me.

"Sorry man," he said, "but Brit figured out something was up and today she cornered me in my office and made me ?fess up. She got so horny when I told her what you were planning she made me finger her nasty white cunt, and I was still there sucking on her hot white pussy when she called you. She came right as you hung up. Shit, she has a sweet cunt. I can't believe you're gonna let a bunch of black criminals gang-fuck her. If she were MY woman, NOBODY else would touch her!" Brit?! He was calling my wife by MY pet name for her?!

"So I played along with you, baby-dick, though I told Darren to bring as many black cocks as he could get, not just ten." Brittany said, her voice hot and husky with lust as massive black cocks rubbed her tits and legs and arms and belly and everywhere they could get to her soft, white flesh. "This was your surprise for me, right? That you were selling me like a whore, that you were pimping me to a bunch of black fuckers?"

"No," I said, beginning to struggle against my bonds. "No, I wanted it to be like your fantasy of getting fucked by black prisoners." Bubba laughed then.

"Ain't no use tryin' ta get outta that chair, fat boy," he said.

"That's right, Nicky," Brittany said with a sneer in her voice. I hate that nickname and she knows it. "You're going to sit there and watch me get gang-raped by these big black cocks, and you're going to listen to me beg for it and love getting stuffed full in every hole and get filled with cum!" She turned back to the cocks around her head and began licking and sucking them again. Darren pulled his finger from her cunt and stood up straight, pulling down his prison jumpsuit as he did. Standing next to me, I could see his cock clearly and I shuddered.

It was a massive piece of male meat. It was at least 15 inches long and as thick as my wrist. In the back of my mind I wondered if Brittany had ever seen it before as Darren said, "Hey, white slut, look at this!"

Now mind you, there wasn't a cock in that room less than 10 inches long (except mine, of course), but Darren's was truly humongous. Brittany looked at it and her eyes grew as big as saucers, then she gave a truly wicked grin and licked her lips. She looked at me as if to say "watch this, baby" and sat up, reaching down for the massive black prick.

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