Bikini Conspiracy

by Stormbringer

Copyright© 2002 by Stormbringer

Sex Story: White boss conspires to be alone with his employee's wife and is joined by his black lawyer.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Mult Reluctant Cheating Interracial Black Male White Female Exhibitionism Size .

Robert looked down at his trophy wife writhing with ecstasy, as she was impaled repeatedly by his eight inch cock. She sure was a hot little number. He caressed her pert little breasts with his hands and squeezed roughly. Mandy and Robert had been married for five years. She was 25 and had been working as a model, when they had met. Robert was 49. He worked out in his free time and was in great shape. People thought the silver streaks in his dark hair made him look distinguished and he was described as "ruggedly handsome" by a magazine article on this successful businessman. Mandy shuddered and moaned in orgasmic pleasure as his cock erupted inside her. That she had undoubtedly married him for his money bothered Robert not one bit, as he had married her primarily as a show piece for parties and business affairs. That they had great sex was a side benefit. They laid side by side in bed catching their breath. Robert told her about his boring day at work and Mandy shared her days shopping experience with Linda. Linda and her husband George were their best friends. They did almost everything together. George was a vice president in Roberts company, and while the men were at work, the girls would spend their days sun-bathing in the hot Southern California sun or shopping together in the areas posh malls. When Robert had hired George, ten years ago he had been a fit, lithe athlete. Since then George had let himself go. He had developed a substantial beer-gut and was balding rapidly. Robert was always trying to get him to work-out but George always replied with the old "not enough time" excuse. George and Linda were high school sweet-hearts and had gotten married right after graduation. In contrast to her husband, Linda had blossomed since Robert had known her. She had been too skinny when they met, but in ten years she had gained weight, and filled out in all the right places. The birth of her son, ten months ago had caused her breasts to gain two cup sizes and they remained huge. She was a beautiful leggy blonde that looked ten years younger then her 32 years of age. Lindas only problem was that she was embarrassed by her body. She always wore baggy outfits and at the beach only wore a plain one piece bathing suit.

"You know what," Mandy giggled. "I don't think Linda's getting enough at home."

Robert's ears perked up at that and he rolled on his side to look at his wife. "Why do you say that, honey?" he asked. "Well," Mandy replied. "I'm always bragging about how you fuck me with that big cock, six times a week, and she told me she hadn't had sex in over a month. Lately, she seems to get upset when I talk about sex. Anyway, did you know George is the only man she's ever been with?"

"No I didn't," answered Robert. He had suspected it though. Robert had been fantasizing about fucking Linda since her breasts had filled out. Now, he felt sorry for the buxom young woman. Robert had showered with George at the yacht club on many occasions and he had noticed George had an unusually small penis. As George's gut got bigger over the years, his penis had seemed to shrink even more, as it slowly disapeared under his paunch. A fine piece of ass like Linda, deserved better then her husband could give her. Just thinking about Linda's big tits had Robert's meaty cock hard again. He reached over and pulled his wife on top of him. She squealed with delight as he slowly fed her his eight inch rod.

"Just wait till I tell Linda that we fucked twice in one night. She's going to be so jealous." moaned Mandy.

Robert pretended he was fucking Linda as his wife ground her pussy up and down on his cock. Afterwards, as they lay panting next to each other, Mandy said, "Robert, do you ever wish my tits were as big as Linda's?"

It was like she could read his mind. "Why, no dear," he lied. "I hadn't even noticed she had large breasts under all those clothes she wears."

Robert was still thinkng about Linda as he worked in his office Monday morning. Around noon, he looked up to see Linda and George talking in the hall. He decided to go say hello to her as he hadn't seen her in awhile. She was wearing a long skirt that reached down to her ankles and a baggy sweater that didn't quite hide her large breasts. "Hi Linda, what brings you downtown this afternoon," he called out.

"Hi, Robert," she said as she gave him a quick hug. "Just meeting my husband for lunch."

She chatted with him for a couple minutes before George said they should get going. They turned and headed for the elevator. As an afterthought, Robert called out "Hey guys, Mandy and I were going to take the boat out for a spin this Saturday, why don't you come along? George and I can do some fishing and You girls can get some sun. We'll make a party out of it."

"Sounds good," said George.

"Sure, sounds like fun," agreed Linda

Robert heard the phone ring in his office and ran to catch it after saying his goodbyes. "Hello, Robert Marsh speaking." "Hi Robert, it's Ty," replied the voice on the phone. Tyrell Jones was Roberts lawyer and had handled his two previous divorces. He was a giant well built black man with a quick wit and a dazzling smile. He won half is cases simply by charming the female jurors. The other half he won by being brilliant. He was extremely succesful as a lawyer and had gotten to be a partner in his firm by merit. He resented the fact that some people always thought he was there to give the firm some "color" and he thought Tyrell Jones was too "black" a name so he always went by Ty.

"Ty, how you doing," Robert asked?

"Fine, just fine," answered Ty. "I'm calling cause I'm going to be down your way Saturday and wanted to know if you wanted to have lunch."

"I can't Ty, the wife and I are taking the boat out with some friends of ours. Hey, why don't you come along?"

"That would be great, especially if that hot little wife of yours is going to be laying around in one of her skimpy bikinis." replied the black man.

"You know her," said Robert. "she's practically a nudist. Just remember to keep your hands to yourself." Tyrell had quite the reputation as a ladies man and Mandy always seemed to hang on his every word. Tyrell was the complete opposite of George. Ty and Robert would hit the showers after playing tennis and where George's lttle dick disappeared beneath his paunch, Tyrells cock seemed to always be half erect as it jutted out from his muscular physique. Ty's half-hard cock was as big as Robert's penis when fully erect. Where Robert had occasionally joked with Mandy about George's little dick, he "somehow" failed to mention how hung Ty was. They made plans to meet at the boat around noon Saturday. Robert went back to work and promptly forgot about it.

On Thursday, Mandy called him at work and asked if he would pick her up some cold medicine as she wasn't feeling well. When he got home that evening, she was already in bed with a fever and sore throat. By Friday morning, her condition had gotten worse. She went to the doctor and he gave her some pills to make her sleep through the weekend. Robert asked her if she minded him still going out on the boat with George and Linda and she told him to go have fun as she wouldn't be very good company that weekend.

Robert got to work a little late that day after taking his wife to the doctors. He had a message waiting on his desk for him from his assistant. An important client was in town and wanted to meet with a Vice President. The note said that Mr Quigley could meet with him if needed. Robert was reaching for the phone to call Quigley, when a thought occured to him...

If he could get rid of George, he'd get the chance to be alone with the lovely Linda on his boat. Robert promptly rang up George's extension number. "George, I'm sorry but I need you to work tomorrow." He then explained the situation with the client.

"That's ok, Robert" George said. "These things come up. It's a shame though, Linda was really looking forward to going out on your boat tomorrow. We already got a babysitter."

"Let her come, she can keep Mandy company while I fish," he lied. Robert crossed his fingers while waiting for his reply.

"I guess she will," said George."No sense in both of us missing out this weekend."

Robert told his secretary he would be taking a long lunch break and he left the building, he wanted to plan how he was going to seduce his friends wife. He thought about it all through lunch and finally had an idea. Even if it didn't work, the plan would let him see what Linda looked like under all those baggy clothes.

Saturday morning, Robert got up and kissed his sleeping wife. He went over to their dresser and removed a small pair of mens bikini briefs to wear as a swimsuit. Phase one of the plan required him to show off his body to Linda, hopefully to remind her about all the stories Mandy had told Linda about his sexual prowess and physical endowments. He then removed a small string bikini fom Mandy's drawer and put it in his traveling bag. He drove down to the liquor store and purchased some rum and tequila for mixing drinks. Phase two, lower her inhibitions with man's best friend, booze. Robert then went down to the bait shop and filled up his large bait bucket with chum. The bucket reeked of rotten chicken and the smelly squid.

When he pulled up to the boat, Ty was waiting for him. Shit, he thought, I forgot about Ty. The two shook hands and caught up a bit. Robert was pissed off that all his plans were ruined. Tyrell noticed something was wrong and asked what was up. Robert knew this might be the only chance to be alone with Linda and decided to fill Ty in on his plans.

Tyrell smiled and said, "Nice plan, tell you what I'll back off and hit the beach. Buddies before babes after all." The two shook hands and Robert boarded the boat. He placed Mandy's string bkini over the seat in the small open-air captains cabin. He then positioned the fishing gear so that Linda would have to sun herself right by the smelly bait. He heard voices over by the dock. Robert walked over to the rail and saw Tyrell talking to Linda. She saw Robert and waved. She was wearing a baggy sweatshirt and pants and carrying a large duffel bag. She yelled that she would change in the bath house and be right up. Robert noticed Tyrell's eyes following Linda as she walked over to the bath house. "Sorry buddy, I think I'll be coming along after all. I just got to see what shes hiding under all those clothes." Roberts mouth hit the floor in shock, as he watched Ty follow Linda over to the bath house.

Robert quickly removed his shorts and hid them in the cabin. He came back to the railing wearng his bikini briefs. Ty was standing at the door of the bath house waiting for Linda. She emerged wearing a modest one piece bathing suit with shorts on over it. She had put her sweats in the duffel bag and was dragging it behind her. Ty gallantly offered to bring the bag in with him after he changed and she handed it over. Linda boarded the ship and paused when she saw what Robert was wearing. He noticed her eyes run quickly down his build and pause briefly on his bulge. He walked over and gave her a quick hug, trying to indiscreetly press his cock against her stomach.

"Where's Mandy," Linda asked? She was a little flustered, Linda had never believed all Mandy's stories about her husbands eight inch penis. Now, just a thin piece of fabric had separated her from touching it herself.

"Oh, she came down with the flu," Robert tried to calm her. "Didn't George tell you," he lied?

"No, must have slipped his mind," she replied. "Maybe I should cancel?"

"Nonsense, we'll have a great time," he told her.

Ty went into the bath house to change. He was wearing swim trunks and a tight tank top that showed off his muscular biceps. He removed his shirt and flexed his muscles while looking in the mirror. He liked what he saw. Ty still looked every bit the defensive lineman he had been in college 18 years ago. He removed his shorts and stood there practically naked except for a small bikini brief. The bulge in his briefs looked as if he had folded his cock three or four times and stuffed it inside them. He took Linda's duffel bag and shoved it under the sink. The plan had been for Robert to somehow leave Linda's change of clothes on shore and Ty was helping him out. He folded his clothes and put them over the duffel bag and then headed to the boat. Linda was drinking a margarita with Robert, when Ty walked on board. She stopped in mid-conversation and stared openly at Ty's body.

Never had she seen such a perfect speciman of manhood. His physique was of herculean proportions from his bull neck down to the massive bulge in his briefs. God, she thought, you could stick a potato in George's shorts and Ty's bulge would still be bigger. She was surrounded by two well hung men.

Robert was both jealous and impressed with Ty at the same time. He was not used to being out-done in the cock department. He shrugged it off and said "Lets get going." He started the boat and they headed out to sea. The plan had been to head out for two hours, while feeding Linda drinks. Ty took over bartending duties while Robert steered the boat. The giant black man would fix Linda a margarita or a rum drink and carry it over to her chair. Linda was eye level with Ty's crotch and he would hold her drink next to his briefs, so that she was getting an eye-full of his immense bulge every time she reached for a fresh drink. Robert had been brilliant. The drinks were in small cups, so that she would easily loose track of the number she drank and he could slowly make them stronger as she got drunker.

Linda was feeling pretty good as she finished her third drink. Ty quickly brought her a fourth. Just as she was reaching for it, the boat banked, and she grabbed a handful of black cock instead. She jerked her hand back and watched as his cock grew, his bikini brief looked like it would burst under the preasure. Oh my god," cried Linda as she turned bright red. "Ty I'm so sorry."

"Think nothing of it," he replied smiling down at her. "It was an accident."

She stared at his bulge for a few seconds. His cock was moving beneath his briefs, like a caged animal trying to break free. She felt funny deep in her stomach and attributed it to the alcohol.

Robert glanced back at Ty and Linda. She seemed completely enthralled with the big black man. Ty was a complete professional when it came to seducing women and Robert realized he might not have been able to pull this off without him. Robert cut the motor letting the boat drift to a stop. Linda appeared quite drunk by this time. "Come on Ty, I know Linda's great company, but we're here to do some fishing." he called out.

Linda looked around for a spot to lay down and seeing the only clear space in the back of the boat, she threw down her towel and laid down on her stomach. She was to shy to even remove her shorts in front of the two men. Ty went around to the prow and threw his line in the water. Robert looked down at Linda lying there facing away from him, it was time for phase three. He set the bucket of chum so that it was precariously perched halfway on the handle of a long fish net. The smelly contents of the bucket was pointed right at Linda. He then yelled to Ty that he was adjusting the boats position. He started the boat and turned it so that the waves were crashing into the side causing the bucket of chum to rock back and forth Finally, after a large wave hit the side, the bucket tipped over covering Linda with its contents.

Linda screamed as the foul liquid covered her. She felt naucious when she saw the blood and guts all over her body, she gagged when the smell hit her.

Ty ran around the side to the back and said "Whats wrong I heard a..." He paused and looked at her with mock disgust. "You should jump in the water and clean yourself up."

"Yeah, I think I will," she replied as she picked a squid tentacle out of her hair. Robert was apoligizing profusely as she jumped over the side and into the water. "Brrrr" the cold water made her shiver and her nipples got hard. She cleaned the pieces of chicken and squid off her body and called for Ty to help her out. Ty leaned one muscular arm down to her and hauled her out like she didn't weigh a thing. The men noticed her nipples were straining at the heavy fabric of her suit. Linda saw that Robert had cleaned the deck off while she was in the water. Her shorts and suit were stained with blood and she still reeked. "Ty please go get my bag for me?" she asked.

He went to the partialy enclosed cabin and pretended to look for her bag. "Sorry Linda but I must have left our clothes in the bath house." She looked at Robert, he shrugged and said "My clothes are in the car." "Well what about a towel then?" she asked. Robert pointed at her beach towel, hanging over the railing, still covered in bait. "Thats it" he said.

"Well I'm going to try to clean up better," she said.and jumped back overboard. Robert leaned over and told her he thought he had some soap somewhere. When he came back, he threw the soap down to her and said "Linda your in luck, Mandy left one of her bathing suits on board.

"Great, throw it down," she called up to him. She scrubbed herself down and washed her long blonde hair with the soap. Robert returned and dropped the suit down to her. She caught it and looked it over carefully, Typical of Mandy, it was way too small. It was a white g-string bikini, its cups were the size of eye patches. Jesus she thought, I can't wear this in front of my husband's boss and Ty, I'd be practically naked. As Linda floated in the cold water, she felt a strange warmth in her stomach at the thought of being naked in front of these two good-looking men. No, I shouldn't do it, she thought, it's inappropriate. She looked down at her stained swimsuit and felt like retching at the thought of wearing that disgusting thing for the rest of the day. She shrugged and yelled up to the men to go over to the other side of the boat while she changed. Oh well, she figured, at least they're almost naked also. In her drunken state, Linda had trouble changing. She finally yanked off her suit and grabbed the bikini bottoms floating next to her. She had never worn panties like this, and as she pulled the on, she was surprised at how good the g-string felt against her ass. She put the top on and tried to stretch out the fabric to cover more of her large breasts. When she thought she was presentable, she yelled for Ty to come haul her up. He pulled her up as easily as the first time and deposited her on the deck in front of Robert.

She shivered from the cool breeze as she looked up at the men. They were staring at her in awe. She looked down at herself in shock. Her bikini top had been sized to just cover Mandy's little breasts and on her big large breasts they barely covered her nipples. Not that it mattered, as the white fabric of her bikini was completely see thru when wet. She could almost make out each hair on her vagina thru the panties and her saucer sized nipples poked out an inch through the thin fabric. Trying to stretch the fabric out had actually ended up showing off more skin then it had covered. The men were still staring at her like a couple of boys who had just gotten thier hands on their very first Playboy. She turned around and tried to cover herself, forgetting that she was now presenting her bare ass for thier viewing pleasure.

Robert couldn't believe his eyes, when he first saw Linda shiverring in front of him. He had slept with dozens of women, most of them models, and none of them compared to Linda. The bikini had worked exactly as planned, he could see everything from her pussy hairs to her giant pink nipples. He exhaled slowly, when he saw her ass as she spun around. His cock strained in his briefs at the sight. Even, if he didn't get to fuck his wife's best friend, it was worth the effort just to see her like this.

Ty was amazed, as he dropped Linda to the deck. He had fucked hundreds of women, most of them white and none of them had looked as good as this beautiful women shivering before him. He openly looked her up and down, and he checked out her pussy hairs showing thru the fabric of her bikini, but it was her breasts that impressed him the most, they were incredibly firm for being that big. Her long erect nipples pointing upwards ever so slightly. When she spun around her ass was simply perfect. His cock hardened and pushed his briefs out obscenely. He was going to fuck this white bitch whether she wanted to or not.

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