Fantasy - A Beastly Surprise

by Mary-Beth Graham

Copyright© 2001 by Mary-Beth Graham

Sex Story: Sex Fantasy involving, maidens, wizards, dragons, knights, etc

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In the year of 1532, I was a young maiden starting to really wonder about the joys my body could bring. My imagination, my touch, the time between the freedom and innocence of youth and the joys of womanhood were just starting to cross over.

I spent many a happy aching hour exploring the realm of fantasy while hiding alone in the hay barn in winter, or running free in the woods around my village in summer. The feelings brought out by my explorations within body and without were wonderful. Aches of pleasure filling me with even greater realms of desire.

Mostly I would just enjoy the aches and puffy wetness as I let my mind wonder as it would while going about my daily chores. The simple feel of a breeze blowing my summer dress against my thighs could trigger those feelings, or the brush of the sun warmed skin of one of my girl-friends as we played games in the village square. Sometimes I would run off to one of my secret spots in the forests, to lie on a warm rock or in a grass covered clearing and take the time to let my mind, hands and body work their magic together.

I would dream of dashing Knights and handsome Princess riding past our village, falling madly in love with me from just one look and wowing me with all their powers. I would laugh afterwards though. Like many maidens my age I did not see myself as very pretty. Although my guardian always fretted so, when she caught the men of the area staring at me. I thought they starred because I looked different, to tall, to gangly.

I have long dark blond hair, green-gray eyes, a fair skin and breasts that I wish were bigger. They sit very high on my chest and men often stare at them so I guess they must be OK. My legs are too long, I heard my guardian describe them as 'coltish' to a friend - which I did not like! But I do like the feeling of my legs as I run free in the wilderness or slide through the cool water of my secret swimming hole.

At one stage I thought I had been punished by the gods for my sensual pleasures. It took me months to realize it was a gift not a curse. I had been playing alone in the woods again, clambering up a tree when I slipped on wet moss and fell onto a steep bank. The sudden searing pain between my legs and then all the red blood that would not stop running out terrified me far more than the fall! The bruises, cuts and scrapes I did not feel in my fear that the pain 'down there' would never heal, that it was punishment from the Gods for taking too much pleasure. I never told a soul!

But over time it healed and my desires drove me to explore again, to fill that beautiful ache. That was when I realized that I was actually now blessed. My fingers now slid in easier and so to did other objects, thicker, more 'filling' objects, my favorite was a candle I had shaped with a bulb and a notch so that it would stay in when I was doing my chores. Chores were never quite the same - although I often lost my concentration!

My story really starts the summer my guardian started to talk seriously about finding me a husband. We were married young in those days. I hated the idea. I wanted my Prince or Knight to find me, not some village boy to have me whom I did not crave! I would spend every moment I could alone in the woods. As it was summer my wanderings often lead me to my swimming hole. A natural sunny clearing in the trees with a small waterfall flowing into the pool, a grassy bank leading up to the edge of a cliff. The villagers never came up this valley, believing stories of wild flying beast. But I knew better, after all, all the other stories of fairies and goblins they told me as a child proved to be nothing but stories to frighten me into doing my chores!

After the long walk up hill to this clearing I would often be hot and sweating, but exhilarated. Looking forward to strip of my light white cotton summer dress and undergarments, ready to dive into the refreshing embrace of the mountain waters.

This would always send a cold shock through my body that made me feel so alive. My skin would go all goose-pimply, my nipples would pucker up to firm little tingling mounds, and my vagina would instantly contract as the cold fingers of water tried to ease their way inside. Sometimes I would slowly open my legs under water to let a gush of cold exhilaration rush in. A feeling that I loved and hated so much I would always swear I would never do it again yet laughed and gasped out aloud every time it happened and naturally repeated the next time!

Later I would lie on the sun warmed rocks or in the soft grassy herbs of the river bank to dry off and fantasize about what would happen if my Price would ride by then and see me lying naked in the sun. My nipples would go hard again, but in a softer, more frustrating way. My vagina would start to swell, ache and become moist. Sometimes I would force myself not to touch myself for ages and try to reach those body convulsing waves of please with just my mind. More often than not my ache was too strong and I had to touch, caress, probe and stroke my way to paradise. Oh, that feeling to be filled. How I longed for a lovers erect penis to explode inside me. Girls from small farming villages know all about these things from a very early age

It is only five years since those heady days. With my now wisdom and confidence I know what a beautiful woman I have become and what a stunning maiden I was. Just the thought of me lying stretched long and naked in the sun, legs apart, back arched, hands caressing and exploring my wetness, nipples erect and fondled, hair flowing behind me, head back and later gasping in orgasm, can make me so aroused that my juices flow again and again without a touch of my hand.

On that day after my swim I had lain my wet tingling body in the soft grass and with eyes closed was just starting to get close to the point were I knew an orgasm would be not far off, when I felt the sun remove its touch from my skin and was shocked back from my blissful brink by a massive thunder clap! A summer storm cloud had quickly marched over the edge of the valley during the time of my mental escape and was already starting to pelt cold big drops of rain onto my recently warmed skin. New sensations and stimulation, I loved it, and imagined, rubbed and caressed all the more as each drop stimulated another part of my body that I did not have enough hands to reach. Little tongues kissing and licking every inch of my skin exposed to the heavens. I was making love to the Gods!

But again, just as ecstasy was approaching the hail came down with a blast of freezing air and stung beyond the limits of pleasure. I jumped up laughing and grabbing my white dress ran naked for the shelter of a rocky over-hang in the cliff base. Starting to shiver in the ice laden gusts I decided to make my way higher, to I cave I thought I could make out. Needing both hands to scramble up I put my cloths on. Realizing, but not caring, that I had left my undergarments in the grass, I slipped the now drenched summer dress over my shoulders and started the short scramble.

It was a cave, larger than I thought, the entrance so positioned by the Gods that it was only visible from that one point under the overhang. Shivering I entered and tried to stare into the darkness. All I could see was a low rock shelf a few meters in and then blackness. But the hidden entrance gave wonderful protection from the wind. Sitting on the shelf I drew my legs up under my chin for warmth and watched the storm range across the valley outside.

It was not long before the hard seat and clinging wet dress made me feel quite uncomfortable, and just as I was starting to feel a bit less sure of myself I was startled by a sound behind me! I jumped up and turned to face the blackness. Fool! A cave could have any number of wild animals living inside it and I was blocking their escape! But the sound was that of metal? For the briefest moment I froze and as I was about to turn and run I heard a voice. Masculine, deep, strong, but soothing, telling me to not be afraid, that no harm would befall me. I bent to pick up a rock, suddenly very conscious of the way my dress clung to every curve and crevasse of my body. The wet material sticking to my exposed skin like a translucent film had been painted on. Now suddenly I hated the involuntary cold erection of my nipples and I quickly tried to hide them. Covering them, my mound (with is soft downy hair even visible through the clinging cloth), and holding the rock, proved an awkward, if not impossible task.

The voice spoke again, saying that it was sorry it had startled me, that it had seen me come in and could have done me harm then, had it wanted to. Had hoped I would leave after the storm and be none the wiser that he was even there. This eased my mind considerably as the facts supported his story. I had been sitting with my back to him for quite some time.

He must have noticed my shivering and exposed embarrassment as a beautiful red velvet cloak landed at my feat At first startled, but then grateful, I asked him to turn away as I removed my wet dress and wrapped the cloak around my bare shoulders. Such a cloak I had never seen before, with black satin trim and soft fur lining. Truly a cloak of queens! A grip of fear again, as I thought of a thief in his den! But I heard him turn slowly back to me with no threat and I started to relax.

I asked him if he had a light that I might see him properly. He answered that he had no need for light, except sometimes fire for comfort. He saw quite well in the dark and thought it better I did not see him. Confusion raced through my mind. Little did I know that the truth was far more unbelievable than I could ever have imagined!

He said I could sit, make myself comfortable to wait out the storm. This I did and we started to chat. He would not say much, but when he asked about my life I told him a bit, feeling more and more that I could trust this mysterious, strong, calm voice in the dark as the storm raged on.

Eventually, after what seemed like ages, I was even telling him about my fears of being married off to some village boy I did not desire. He asked me if I had a love. I had to answer no, but was quick - a bit too quick - to point out my dreams. Surprisingly he did not laugh, but sighed. After a long pause he told me how much I reminded him of a young maiden he had once loved long ago, and who loved him as much as I did my fantasy Prince. How they were destined to never know each others complete touch.

When I asked him what he meant he let out a strange quiet laugh and said he may as well tell me. After all he had nothing left to loose, but a life worse than death and he could see that I trusted him now. I suddenly realized what he meant by me 'trusting him now'. Getting warmer and totally at ease in his presence I had not noticed the front of the cloak had fallen loose exposing my right breast with its now warmer more relaxed nipple. I laughed softly and was not quite so quick to cover myself again as he gave me a good natured chuckle.

"OK" he said, "Do you believe in Dragons?"

"No." replied I naturally!

"Well I can assure you that they exist, together with wizards, witches and countless other so called fairytale creatures. But like humans they can be both good and evil. In fact," he said "It was a Wizard who placed a curse of a thousand years on me when the maiden he desired only loved me, and not him."

I only half believed his story, but his sadness at love lost was very real!

"What Curse?" I asked.

"If I warned you now that I looked so frightening I could scare wild bears away with one look, would you be able to promise me that when you saw me you would still be able to see my inner heart and not my outer flesh?"

Intrigued, a little frightened again, but sensing this poor mans desperate need to finally share a secret so long hidden, I knew I had to answer, "Yes."

I heard a small breath, saw a flicker of light, then another breath and more light. Flames, behind an odd shaped rock, taking hold and starting to grow. I saw a sparkle to my left. A pile of gold coins and then more and more treasure came into light, but still no man, only those odd shaped rocks. Rocks with scales on them? One looked like a spike, another - AN EYE! A blink. I gasped!

I was looking at a dragon! But that eye, so soft, so sad, that I could not be afraid. My heart went out to him. He told the truth. The Wizard had cursed him by turning him into a dragon!

His huge body, a full six foot long just from back legs to massive shoulders, each muscle visible under his scales as he shifted slightly. His tail, thick, enormously powerful and a full eight feet long lay on the ground wrapped all around him. His neck, as strong, and easily five feet long supporting a head that could only be described as regal and proud - until I felt his sad eyes again. A long pointed head with thick ridges over his eyes and long pointed ears sweeping back. A crest of spikes running from head to tail all along his back. Deadly sharp looking claws on each of his feet. The front ones, slightly smaller, looking more like hands. Finally, those massive wings of his. When stretched I am sure they would fill the entire cavern, with huge spikes from each of the joints situated two thirds along the front edge of each wing. So impressive, with the firelight flickering over his shining flanks he truly was a site to behold and yet he was only lying down! One did not have to be a dragon to see that he was truly, magnificently, beautiful.

"You are not frightened?" he said bewildered.

I could only stammer that he looked magnificent, but that his eyes were so sad and his voice so warm, I could not possibly be afraid. It was then that I thought I saw a tear drop from his eye. His only response.

In a mixture of awe and compassion I stepped closer to him, he lifted his head slightly to my eye level. I reached out and place a hand gently on each of his cheeks. So soft they were. I ran my left hand tenderly down his neck and again was surprised at how silk soft he was, even while looking so tough. He sensed my surprise and like a chameleon changed the color of the skin beneath my hand from a lovely deep forest blue-green to pitch black, and with it the texture changed from warm softness to cold armor. As hard as a knights armor but five times as thick! Then back to silky softness again.

I was feeling such a bewildering mix of amazement and compassion all I could think of doing was reaching higher, putting my arms around his neck and giving him a long warm hug. First his head rested on my shoulder, then a wing dropped as he wrapped it gently around me. So many thoughts went through my mind during those moments of closeness. One of which, I must admit, was how good it felt to feel my body pressed up against his. In reaching up the cloak had slipped open again allowing my vulnerable naked front to be pressed directly against his strong gentle warmth. A simple powerful feeling that will stay with me for ever!

As we drew back from our hug he looked me straight in the eyes and said, "You are one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. Thank you."

We were both crying as I slipped down to nestle myself against his chest, siting on the cloak between his massive front arms. He bent his neck around to rest his head on his front paws to fact me. I had never felt so comforted and safe.

As the night drew on we talk for hours and hours. Now he told me his story. How in his youth he was too afraid of what his maiden might think of his terrifying new looks to dare reveal himself to her. That he had mourned the loss of his loved one for years. Every night flying down to her village to suffer in seeing her mourning his disappearance, eventually accepting, growing old and finally dying. How her death brought such anger to his heart that he started a rampage on vengeance on any evil, jealous man he saw, amassing their fortunes as he went. How eventually he realized the gold was worth naught without love in his heart. How he had been contemplating this very saddens for years now. How he had grown finally to accept the death of his Maiden and the knowledge that he would never be able to love another again.

Eventually we grew weary and after he put more logs on the fire I curled up in the nest created by the cloak over his arms and went to sleep.

It felt like hours later that I awoke to the touch of his wing caressing the side of my forehead. The storm was now a gentle soaking rain in the night air. I felt so wonderful. Cared for, protected, respected. I can still not believe that I did not recognize then what I was really feeling, but the truth would soon be obvious to us both.

As I slowly awoke I realized he must have been watching me for ages, just stroking my forehead and looking with that gentle gaze of his. I rolled onto my back and stretched myself sleepily right across his arms. Completely exposed now, my long hair flowing back over his legs, my breasts stretched out and pointing upward, my tummy flat and taught, dipping down before rising to my soft, down covered, silky mound, my legs, feat and toes pointing straight out to release them from sleep.

I shifted my eyes up from my body to his face, now looking down to me. No, not looking, staring, opened mouthed staring. I suddenly felt naked again, yet subconsciously longed for the gaze to cover me totally. This must have been the source of my new found confidence, because instead of covering myself, I just rolled on my side to push myself up. He did the same, he must have been lying in that one position for hours so as not to disturb my sleep. He had been lying on his belly, slightly on his left side. His right hind leg moved out just slightly as I was about to push myself up. That is when we both saw it.

His most beautiful, emerald green, smooth, strong, erect penis. Long and stiff as a mans forearm! I had always thought I would be afraid when I came face to face with the first erection meant for me. How could I be? I was in awe! After a seconds pause he shifted his weight again to pull his leg closed to hide it. I do not know what came over me. I jumped over his front leg, place my hand on his right rear knee to stop him and shouted, "No!"

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