What A Boy

by Scorpio00155

Copyright© 2001 by Scorpio00155

Incest Sex Story: After twenty-three years of marriage it was a bit of a shock to suddenly find myself on my own, I was a widow at forty, my husband had only been forty-five when he had just keeled over and died, heart attack they had said. Whatever the reason I was alone for the first time in twenty-three years... A lonely woman rediscovers lust from a source she would least have expected.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Consensual Incest Mother Son .

After twenty-three years of marriage it was a bit of a shock to suddenly find myself on my own, I was a widow at forty, my husband had only been forty-five when he had just keeled over and died, heart attack they had said. Whatever the reason I was alone for the first time in twenty-three years, even my twenty year old son had to leave right after the funeral as he was studying for his finals at University a few months on, though he did make a point of ringing me every night it was no substitute for having someone there with me.

Those first few weeks were the worst, I let myself go to pot a little and it was the sight of myself one morning in the bathroom mirror that finally snapped me back to my senses, I was a mess and right then I determined to get back on my feet again. I started to go out again, visited the gym and so on, yet the sparkle had gone from life, before my husband's untimely death I had been described as 'vivacious' and 'sexy', usually by my husband, but I'd heard other men say it too. For a forty year old I had managed to retain most of my youthful figure, all right I was a little softer and my tits drooped ever so slightly, but I could still give younger girls a run for their money if I was so inclined, the problem was that I was no longer inclined. While my husband had been alive sex had been almost a daily event, he had been a randy sod and had even resorted to buggery once a month during my periods, but now I just couldn't seem to get interested let alone excited about sex, but I did let a few men date me about three months after I became a widow, I even let a couple of them take me to bed though I got little pleasure from it.

Then, when I least expected it, my life was turned around again, Luke, my son, had sat his finals and came home to await the results, as most of his friends were some distance away he spent a lot of time just sitting around at home, I was glad of his company though. He'd been home for about a week when Luke announced that he was going to take me out for a meal or something.

"You don't have to do that." I smiled, pleased at his offer.

"Course I do," Luke laughed "you don't think I'm going to have the prettiest mum in the world and not show her off every now and then."

"Oh Luke," I laughed "you'll make me blush."

"Not you mummy dear," he grinned "the last time you blushed was when dad whipped your knickers off at that party. Oh sorry mum, I wasn't thinking."

"It's all right Luke," I smiled "it's the things like that that I remember fondly about your father, I'm over the worst of it now so don't go pussy footing around it."

"Okay mum." he replied giving me a hug.

As he released me I felt myself going all warm and tingly all over, but in particular in my pussy, I was shocked at myself, but at the same time I was enjoying the feeling, it was the first time I'd felt this way in over three months.

"So," Luke was saying "you go and put on your sexiest dress and your most alluring war-paint and I'll take you out. Oh and don't forget the naughty skimpies underneath."

Laughing I headed for my room, there was quite a selection of clothing in my wardrobe which included a whole array of lingerie, my husband had loved to see me in sexy outfits, in a sudden fit of madness I chose my favourite basque, it had quarter cups and lifted up my boobs to show off my nipples to a treat. A pair of my sheerest seamed black stockings completed the undergarments and I turned my attention to the dresses, the one I chose had a plunging neckline and though it came down to below my knees it had a split in the side seam that came right up to the top of my leg, a little make-up and a brush of my hair and I was done. Looking at myself in the mirror I felt so sexy, even if it was only my son I was going out with I was suddenly feeling good about myself and not a little horny, I had the feeling that when I got home I'd have to masturbate for a good while. When I went back downstairs Luke was just putting on his coat, he looked at me as I joined him and gave a wolf whistle.

"You look good enough to eat." he grinned "Boy will you turn some heads tonight."

"I'll do then." I laughed giving a little twirl.

"I'll say." he grinned and winked.

The restaurant my son took me to was a lovely little French place, it wasn't large, but the atmosphere was intimate and the food was not that bad, though a little pricey for what you got. Over the meal my son and I laughed and chatted about everything and nothing, I must admit to having a little too much wine and I was feeling more than a bit merry when we ordered our after dinner brandy.

"Shall I tell you something?" I said quietly leaning over the table.

Luke's eyes had gone wide and were staring down my cleavage, but I didn't really notice this as I waited for him to respond, suddenly he grinned and leant forward towards me.

"What do you want to tell me?" he almost whispered.

"I'm not wearing any panties." I giggled at him.

Luke sat back in his chair and laughed then leant forward again.

"Your not wearing a bra either." he grinned.

I looked down in surprise at my gaping top then looked at him and grinned.

"I'm wearing a basque," I said poking my tongue out at him "so there. Did you get a good look then?"

"You bet I did." he laughed quietly "And if you give the waiter a quick peek we can get away from here without leaving a tip."

"Luke!" I laughed in mock shock and sitting back in my chair "That's exactly what your father said the last time I wore this dress."

"I can't be wrong then." Luke laughed as the waiter came back to the table with our drinks.

To be honest I was really enjoying the bawdy banter, in more ways than one and when I saw my son looking at me speculatively over his brandy glass I smiled seductively at him.

"What?" I asked.

"I was just wondering if you really weren't wearing any knickers." he grinned lowering his glass.

"I'm not and I can prove it if you like." I responded challengingly.

"I'd like." he replied to my challenge.

I slid my chair around the table until I was right beside him, the slit of my dress right next to his leg, after a quick look around I took hold of his hand and shoved it into the slit and placed it on my bare pussy.

"There!" I laughed.

His hand lingered on my pussy for a while and I felt it rub against me a little sending a shiver of excitement through me, I was surprised at myself for acting the way I was, but I was also enjoying it one hell of a lot. Almost reluctantly Luke moved his hand away from me, he was smiling as he raised his hand to his nose and sniffed at his fingers.

"You smell nice," he grinned "I bet you taste nice too."

"Cheeky bugger." I laughed "Just watch it sonny Jim."

"I have been and I enjoyed the view." my son laughed back.

There was nothing I could say to that so I laughed while wondering just what the hell had got into me, this was my son I was flirting with yet I was enjoying his attentions as if he had been my late husband. Luke called for the bill as I continued to puzzle over the strange mood that had come over me, there was no sane, logical explanation for it, but it was harmless and we were both enjoying ourselves so why was I worrying? Besides, Luke was a handsome young man and I felt flattered that he of all people thought that I was still attractive despite my age, he was probably biased, but I valued his opinion more than anyone else's now I was a widow, I looked at him and saw that he was watching me with what I would have sworn was a hungry look in his eyes, the sort of look his father always had when he was about to fuck me, but I put it down to my own foolishness.

"Come on then mother dear," Luke smiled as he put his wallet away "let's take a walk to settle our meal."

He offered me his arm and I took it as we walked out of the restaurant, Luke seemed to have an idea of where he was heading so I just leant against him and let him guide our steps, neither of us spoke, we just enjoyed the clear night air in an intimate silence. After a while I began to feel excited, it was the feel of the night air on my bare pussy and nipples that was the cause of it, I'd forgotten how randy I got walking along with no underwear on, my husband, God bless him, had always said I was an exhibitionist at heart, maybe he had been right, the thrills I was feeling certainly were growing with each step we took. Then we came to a dark lane, I could see cars parked in little lay-bys and suddenly realised that we were at the local Lover's Lane, my husband had always enjoyed bringing me here and now I was here with my son, a sudden surge of sensations ran through me making me shudder and I had to suppress a gasp as it dawned on me that I was having a minor climax.

"Are you all right mum?" Luke asked stopping us in the middle of the lane.

"Fine," I said a little breathlessly "just fine."

Just a few feet away there was a bench and I found myself being steered towards it by my son, he sat me down then sat close beside me, I could feel his leg pressing against mine and felt another wave of bliss building up inside me. Luke put an arm around my shoulder and drew me to him, I felt strangely comforted as I leant against his chest with his arm across my shoulders, comforted and excited. A shudder ran through me as I climaxed again, I couldn't believe what was happening, but the pleasure I was feeling was too strong to ignore.

"Cold?" Luke asked as I trembled against him.

"No," I sighed trying to keep the excitement out of my voice "definitely not cold."

My son twisted around and I felt his hand tilt my face up so that he could see it, he looked deep into my eyes then grinned knowingly, I knew he had guessed the reason for my shakes and instead of shame I felt only excitement.

"Want to go home?" he asked.

"Please." I breathed.

As soon as we got home I intended going up to my room and giving myself a real orgasm, though I wondered if even that would ease the desire I felt burning inside me, then I realised that Luke wasn't making a move to depart. I looked at him and saw he was looking around us, puzzled I followed his gaze, but I could see nothing or no-one, I almost jumped off the seat when I felt a warm hand slide onto my leg through the slit in my dress then move up to my pussy.

"Luke!" I gasped in excited surprise.

He just smiled as his hand began to trace my pussy, his fingers running over me lightly then pausing to gently rub at my clit, I know I should have pushed his hand away or jumped to my feet, anything but not just sit there and enjoy what he was doing to me. Excitement raged in me drowning the shock I felt at my son's actions and my own submission to them, his fingers were moving faster on my clit and I couldn't hold back a gasp as he made me climax, but that wasn't the end of it, as I leant against him shivering with delight my son slid his fingers down to my wet hole and gently pushed two of them into me.

"God Luke!" I gasped as my orgasm grew stronger "Oh God, I shouldn't be letting you do this to me!"

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