Mom's Secret Desires

by Roderigo

Copyright© 2000 by Roderigo

Incest Sex Story: Rick overhears his Mom's sexual desires and decides to fulfill them.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Consensual Reluctant Incest Mother Son Oral Sex .

If a guy keeps his ears open, sometimes he can learn something that he can really benefit from. Now I'm not a snooper nor an eavesdropper, but one wonderful day I overheard a conversation between my mother and her sister, entirely by accident, that changed my life--and theirs--in a terrific way.

It was a warm day in June, and I had been out running, keeping myself in condition, although football season was still a long way off. I wasn't as heavy or as strong as some of the other guys on the team, so I had to use conditioning to be a starting varsity player. I packed about 185 pounds of solid muscle on my six-foot frame, and when I hit somebody as a defensive back, he knew he had been hit. Sometimes I doubled as an extra wide receiver. I loved the game, and I was willing to pay the price to keep myself in top shape.

Well, I had covered several miles and was pretty tired as I entered our yard. I was completely soaked with perspiration, and I decided to cool down a bit before I went inside. I turned on the hose, took a long drink, and rinsed off some of the sweat. Then I walked around the house to the shady side and slumped down, sitting against the house right under an open kitchen window. I had absolutely no intention of eavesdropping on anyone, but the first few words that I heard really made me prick up my ears like a German shepherd.

"I tell you, Penny, sometimes I get so horny that I feel like raping somebody." This amazing statement was in my mother's voice, and she was obviously talking to her younger sister, my Aunt Penny. In the conversation that followed I was simply astounded at the language that they used. Never before had I heard either of them use lewd speech.

"God, don't I know what you mean! What is it with these men that they can't keep their wives satisfied? They're either too wrapped up in their jobs or they're getting some ass somewhere else," Penny responded.

"Oh, I don't think Don is playing around," Mom said. "He just always seems so tired, and he works such long hours. Dammit, he just doesn't seem interested. I have to flash my pussy in his face before he even remembers that I'm a woman. If I didn't initiate sex, there just wouldn't be any."

"I'm afraid that Earl is pretty much the same way," Penny said. Then she laughed and said, "Maybe we should find us a handsome stud to share."

"You don't know how good that idea sounds to me," Mom replied. "But I could never do that." There was a period of silence, and then Mom said, "Penny, do you know what I would really love? Some morning, when I'm still asleep, I just wish that Don would put his arms around me from the back the way he used to do, play with my tits until my nipples are popping, and finger my cunt till I'm all aroused. It doesn't take much when I'm relaxed like that.

"Then I wish he would poke his cock up between my legs and fuck me slowly and lovingly for a long time, still from the back. Oh, God, I remember when that would happen sometimes in the middle of the night, and my desire would just grow from that sleepy caressing until I just had to have that hard cock going in and out of me. That's the way I used to come the hardest."

"Good God, stop it, Mona!" Penny groaned. "You're making my pussy wet!"

"Mine too," Mom said, and the two sisters laughed together. Then Mom said softly and wistfully, "But I don't know whether that will ever happen again. Don gets up so early to get to the work site that he's almost always gone before I even wake up."

"Oh, damn!" Penny remarked angrily. "What the hell can women like us do, Mona? I understand now why there is so much adultery. These guys are so horny that they won't leave us alone for the first few years, and then when we get as horny as they are, they leave us high and dry."

"Well, I've even been thinking of getting a dildo or something," Mom said. "I'll bet you use your fingers now and then for pleasure the way I do."

"Oh, yeah, of course," Penny admitted. "But it's not a very good substitute for a real genuine hard cock."

"Amen!" Mom breathed fervently.

Again there was silence in the kitchen for some time. Then I really perked up when I heard my name. "Mona, do you think that Ricky is--uh--well, still a virgin?"

Mom laughed. "God, I don't know. I doubt it, though. He dates a lot with many different girls."

"He's sure handsome enough to get into just about any girl's panties," Penny said. "If I were a teenager, he could certainly talk his way into mine."

"Penny!" Mom remonstrated. "How can you talk that way about my son?"

"Well, sister dear," Penny mocked, "it just happens to be true, that's all." After a pause she added hesitantly, "As a matter of fact, I--uh--wouldn't even have to be a teenager."

"My God, Penny! Do you actually mean that you would consider fu--er--having sex with your own nephew?"

"Oh, come on, Sis, you can say 'fuck' to me--at least when we're alone. As to the question, yes, I definitely would consider fucking that handsome son of yours."

Mom raised her voice as she scolded, "Now Penny, stop it! I won't let you talk that way."

"Oh, cool off, Mona. It isn't going to happen. But, just for the sake of argument, look at the advantages. Rick is young and handsome. He's probably as horny as the average teenager and would be easy to seduce. We know him and know that he wouldn't do anything to get us in trouble or try to abuse us or anything like that. He'd be available in our homes with nobody questioning his presence. What more could you ask for?"

"God, Penny, I just can't believe that you would have any ideas like this, much less say them out loud."

Penny laughed gaily. "Well, I got you going anyway, didn't I? I believe you were actually taking me seriously."

"One of these days you're going to go too far, Penny. Just because I'm the sweetest one in the family, you shouldn't take advantage of my tolerance."

"OK, Mona," Aunt Penny said, but then after a pause, she asked, "But before we drop the subject, sister darling, will you answer me one question honestly and sincerely? Has the idea of--of fucking your son ever crossed your mind?"

Oh, wow! What a question that was! I strained to hear what Mom would reply. At first her response was angry: "Penny, Penny! How dare you ask me such a thing!"

"Aha! Afraid to answer, huh?"

"Penny!" Then there was a long pause, and Mom began to speak in a much different tone of voice. "It's a terrible thing to think of--incest...No decent mother could ever consider such a thing...But...but it isn't easy to...to control one's feelings...Sometimes a wicked thought just...just forces its way in...and sort of...sort of takes over."

Penny spoke much more softly and gently. I could barely make out her words. "I'm sorry, Mona...Then you have actually thought about it?"

"Oh, God help me, yes...yes, I have thought of it. I can see that he has turned into an extremely handsome young man, and he's intelligent, and kind and considerate...Oh, I'm so damned proud of him, Penny!...And yes, I haven't been able to keep from thinking of what he might...be like...in bed."

"It's OK, Sis," Penny murmured. "I'll bet it's not that unusual for a mother to have erotic thoughts about her son, especially if he's a great one like Rick."

"Well, maybe to have thoughts, but God, she should never act on those thoughts. I probably wouldn't feel the way I do if Don were giving me the sex that I need. But...God, Penny, do you know what I've come to? I have actually started peeking at my son to see what...what size of...of penis he might have! Now that's sick!"

"No, no, it isn't, Mona. It's just natural. Hey, sister dear, I've done that myself--not just with Rick either, but with all kinds of young guys that I come into contact with...So when you masturbate, do you...do you ever think of...of doing it with Rick?"

This time Mom did not get angry, and her reply sent a shiver running through me. "Yes. Oh, yes, Penny...More and more all the time. I try to turn off the image, but it just won't go away...What can I say? I'm just a disgusting moth er who is horny for her own son."

Shortly after that the two sisters must have finished their lemonade or whatever and moved to another room. I was sitting there with my cock as hard as a steel bar. My God! What a fantastic conversation! My head was whirling with the wonder of what I had just heard. Of course, I felt tremendously flattered, but the amazing thing was that my mother was doing exactly the same thing I was--masturbating while fantasizing about mother/son incest!

Let me fill you in on the background here. My father was a builder, having a partnership in a company that built upscale homes. He was exceptionally successful, superintending the actual building process itself. We had loads of money, far more than we would ever need. He had worked his way up the hard way, and he just couldn't stop working. I had already noticed that the formerly warm relationship between my parents had cooled considerably in the last few years. It seemed that the more money Dad made, the harder he worked to make more, and Mom became much less important to him. Whereas she had formerly helped with the office work, now she was left with little to do but take care of the house, while Dad spent less and less time at home. At the present time he was working on a major development 50 or 60 miles away, and he left home very early to be at the site well before the starting time of 7:00 a.m. He was seldom home before dark.

If you saw my mother, you would wonder how any man who had the exclusive rights to enjoy her body could ever think of letting anything else occupy a more important place in his life than she did. I'm prejudiced, of course, but I think that my mother is the most beautiful female creature that God ever created. She is not a small woman, probably tipping the scales at about 145 pounds, but those pounds are so stunningly distributed on her 5 foot 7 frame that just about any normal man would turn for a second look--and a third. She has a lovely face, rather round and dimpled, with a short nose and full lips. Her dark-brown eyes are rather sexily slanted under classic arched brows. She has reddish brown hair that she wears shoulder length, loosely waved. Her complexion is a warm golden tan. She wears makeup very skillfully, but she is gorgeous without it.

She is rather broad shouldered for a woman, and she has excitingly full breasts, which stand out firmly. Her waist is trim, though she has just a slightly swelling stomach. Her hips flare out delightfully, and her broad, curvy ass is a work of art. Her legs are long, with full thighs, pretty dimpled knees, swelling calves and very trim ankles. At the age of 40, she was just one big bundle of goodies, in my opinion.

My Aunt Penny was married to a lawyer, one whom I did not have a very high regard for. It seemed to me that his clients were among the shadiest businessmen in town. But he made good money, and occasionally even held a minor city office and was on all kinds of boards. They had no children, by choice. They lived fairly lavishly, but like Mom, Aunt Penny had nothing of any great importance to occupy her time. Neither sister was into clubs, charities, or social functions. They went shopping a lot together, played tennis and golf, and were best friends in every way.

Now to get to me, I had just turned 17 and was between my junior and senior years in high school. I was a top student as well as a good athlete. I was pretty popular with my fellow students, getting along well with kids from all levels of society, the academics as well as the jocks. I also played piano pretty well and was popular at parties to lead singalongs or to accompany entertainment. I was lucky enough to get dates with just about any girls I wanted. I had lost my virginity about a year before with an older girl who had already graduated from high school. We made love quite a few times, and she had the experience to teach me a lot about sex. That made it pretty easy when I dated other girls, and I enjoyed quite a number of delightful fucks with several lovely girls. I didn't stick to any one girl very long, but I always remained on good terms with my former girlfriends.

I think that one reason I didn't find one girl to concentrate on was that I couldn't help comparing them with my mother. And, well, there was just no comparison. Mom was such a beauty and had such a sparkling personality that I could never be satisfied with just an ordinary girl; certainly no teenager could possibly have the style and sophistication that I demanded in a woman. The only one who could possibly hold a candle to her was--you guessed it--her sister, my Aunt Penny, whom I adored as second only to my beloved Mom.

From the time that I had first started to have a glimmer of what sex was, the main sexual object was my gorgeous mother. When I first discovered masturbation by accident, it was when I was looking at a picture of Mom in a swimsuit. I couldn't possibly count the thousands of times since then that I had fired a load of cum in honor of the sexiest body I could ever imagine--my Mom, Mona the beautiful.

And now all at once I had discovered that that wonderful woman sometimes masturbated while thinking of fucking me! Can you imagine what an overwhelming impact that knowledge had on me? It just shook me from head to toe. Could it be possible? Was there a real honest-to-goodness chance that maybe, just maybe, my fantasies could come true? Could I really fuck my mother? And the answer came roaring into my brain--YES! YES! YES! I WAS going to fuck my mother! Absolutely! Definitely! Nothing was going to stop me now.

But how was I to begin? Well, the conversation had told me that as well. Mom had revealed her fantasy of being fucked by her husband again in the way she had formerly been fucked. Dad regularly left for work before Mom got out of bed, before she even woke up. And she wanted to be fucked from behind. From behind! Why couldn't I make her fantasy come true before she discovered that the one fucking her was not her husband, but her adoring son? If she really also had fantasies about fucking her son, would she then be terribly devastated to learn that that fantasy had come true as well? It would be taking a tremendous chance--but it was too tremendous an opportunity to pass up.

As I began to make my plans, I thought that it would not be wise to act too soon. It would be too much of a coincidence if, the very next day after Mom had expressed her desires to her sister, her husband would all at once fulfill them exactly. It was Thursday when the conversation took place, so I decided to wait until at least Monday. In the meantime, I would do everything I could to ingratiate myself with Mom and add to her already high opinion of me as a noble son.

The time passed slowly. I spent a lot of time with Mom and did everything I could to help her around the house. I could tell that she was very well pleased. The only problem was trying to keep myself from staring at her feminine goodies too openly--and trying to hide my frequent hard-ons from her view. Oh, man, was I hungry to begin enjoying that sexy package.

Finally Monday morning came, and Dad left early as usual. I crept to the door of my parents' bedroom, eased the door open and looked in. Mom was lying on her back in the bed, and as I stared at her, she began to stir. I was afraid that she was going to open her eyes and see me. Alarmed, I backed out and gently closed the door. I was trembling like a craven coward. Damn! Was I not going to be able to pull this off after all? I was so shaken by my fear that I retreated to my room and decided to postpone the attempt for at least another day. I started thinking hard. I needed an excuse for entering her room if she should happen to awaken and see me before I could initiate my seduction plan. I finally decided that I would fake some sort of sickness or pain that I needed to tell her about. I spent the rest of the day working on my courage, trying to pump myself up for the attempt.

The next morning dawned dark, gloomy and cool. Dad left as usual, however. He never let rain stop him. If he couldn't work outside, he could always find things to do on the interiors of the homes that they were building. This morning I felt ready--too damned ready. I knew that if I touched my Mom's tits or ass, my cock would explode like a bomb. So I jacked off, spitting out my load in record time. Now I figured that I would be able to hold out long enough to give Mom a good fuck and, hopefully, bring her off before I hit my peak. After waiting long enough for my cock to revive somewhat, I slipped down the hall to my parents' room again and slowly pushed the door open.

This time Mom was lying on her right side, facing away from me, the perfect position for my plans. The heavy drapes were drawn to shut out the light, and since it was very cloudy anyway, the room was in semi-darkness. I slipped off my shorts and eased my naked body onto the bed, gently pulling back the sheets. I could see that Mom was wearing a short, sheer nightgown and that it was mostly bunched up around her waist. I took a deep breath to calm myself and moved my body lightly against hers, spoon fashion. I put my arm around her soft, warm body and snuggled closer against her, my hard cock moving up against her ass crack. She was still sleeping peacefully.

Mom's nightgown had a deep-plunge neckline, so I slipped a hand inside and very gently cupped one of her breasts. Oh, God, did it ever feel good, very smooth, firm and spongy! Mom sighed softly in her sleep. I began to play with Mom's breasts, just stroking and squeezing lightly, rubbing across the nipples a little harder. Mom shivered a little and stirred. My heart was hammering so loudly in my chest that you would have thought that she could hear it. I went on squeezing and caressing Mom's gorgeous big tits, and I could tell that she was waking up.

"Mmmmmm!" Mom moaned softly. She moved her ass back more tightly against me. Her nipples had gradually swollen and were now sticking out firm and hard.

I slowly ran my hand down her body over the nightgown until I reached the bottom of it, lifted it the slight amount necessary and began riffling my fingers through Mom's coarse, thick pussy hair. Mom relaxed her thighs, opening them slightly to accommodate my hand as I moved it to cup her entire warm, furry crotch.

"Oh, Don!" Mom murmured. "Oh, this is wonderful!"

I ran my fingers up and down her pussy lips, then began pressing in at the center, feeling for the opening. Finally I got a finger inside and began probing gently into her soft femininity. I began kissing her bare shoulders and neck as I stimulated her cunt, causing it to begin moistening rapidly. Gradually deeper I thrust my finger, then worked it forward so that it was brushing against her clit.

"Ohhhh, God! That feels good, honey!" Mom groaned. She put her leg back over mine and put her hand back on my thigh, gripping and rubbing it. She wiggled her ass back at my straining, throbbing cock.

I began nibbling lightly on Mom's little ear as I continued to finger fuck her, now more vigorously. She began humping her pussy on my finger to get more friction. I could tell that she was greatly turned on by this time.

Finally she bent her upper body forward, arching her back, sticking her ass back harder and pulling on my thigh. "Come on, Don!" she said in an eager voice. "Stick it in me! Stick your cock into my pussy, honey! I need it right now!"

She lifted her leg higher, reached back between her legs, and as I offered her my turgid prick, she grasped it and moved her cunt down as she tugged on me eagerly. She was holding her pussy lips open with her other hand, and I pushed the head of my cock inside the hot, wet passage. Oh, my God! What a feeling as I entered my mother's hot pussy for the first time! Not even my first fuck was as fantastically exciting as this. I thanked God that I had masturbated first, or I would have shot off immediately.

Mom arched her back more, shoving her ass hard back against me, and I gradually sank my cock all the way up into her, bit by bit, pushing and pulling until I was in all the way to the balls. Mom was certainly not as tight as a virgin, but she was plenty tight enough for my huge boner.

"Oh, God, Don!" she exclaimed. "You're so big and hard this morning! Damn, you feel soooo gooooddd in there!"

Elated at these words, I began to fuck my mother very slowly, easing my rod out most of the way and then slowly sliding back in. Mom was really well lubricated now, and her slick, hot love hole hugged my supersensitive fuck pole delightfully. Damn, did she feel good!

"Oh, Don!" she murmured, "This is just the way it used to be. Oh, I love it!"

We continued fucking slowly and sensually for some time, as Mom moaned and groaned excitingly. I played with her big, swelling tits and hard nipples as I fucked up under her ass. She moved with me eagerly. The sheet was off now, so I could look down and watch her beautiful ass humping back against me and my cock reappearing and disappearing up into her hairy crotch. Strangely, although her believing that I was Dad was essential to my plan, I felt a stab of jealousy each time she lovingly called me by his name.

Mom's moaning was gradually rising in pitch and volume, and now she began bucking her ass against me harder. Bit by bit I was ramming my masculine hardness more vigorously into her feminine softness. My prick was building up its heat, and I was praying that I could hold out long enough to make Mom come first.

Then she said, almost harshly, "NOW! Come on, honey! Fuck me hard now! Jam that big hard thing into my little cunny as hard as you can!...Unnnnhhh!...Ohh, come on, honey!...Ohhhhhhhh!...Unnnnnhhhh!"

God, did I ever love to hear her say those sexy words! And was I ever willing to fuck her with all my strength! I began thrusting hard and fast and deep, really pounding my cock into her hot, juicy cunt. Mom's ass was flying too, humping and bucking back against me in wild abandon, forcing my hot prick even farther up her steamy love channel.

"OH, GODDD!" Mom moaned. "Ohhhhhh, sweetheart!...Unnnhhh!...Unnnhhh!...That feels so...Unnnhhh!...Unnnhhh!...damned gooooddd!...Unnnhhh!...Unnnhhh!...so God damned gooooddddd! Ohhhhhh!...Don't come yet!...Unnnhhh!...I'm...I'm almost there!...Ohhhhh, honey!...Unnnhhh!...Unnnhhh!...Unnnhhh!...OH!...CUMMING! CUMMING!...OHHHHHHHHHHHHH...Unnnhhh!...Unnnhhh!...Unnnhhh!...Unnnhhh! CUUUMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGG! OHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh..."

Damn, was Mom ever coming! I had fucked a number of girls that I considered pretty hot pieces of ass, but God, none of them had ever had such an explosive come as my Mom did! God, did her ass ever buck and jerk and screw in such a wild, passionate way, her pussy just gobbling up my plunging dick! And when she finally hit the big O, she just jammed my rod up into her deepest depths and held it there rigid as her pussy muscles spasmed and grabbed at it.

And that is when I groaned, "Yeahhhh!" and began spouting my hot cum deep into my trembling mother's eagerly receptive vagina. Waves of sheer pleasure swept over my body, by far the greatest pleasure I had ever felt in my young life. Mom and I shook and panted and groaned in passionate chorus as our mutual incestuous orgasm controlled our minds and bodies completely, just overwhelming us with its hot intensity. Spurt after spurt of my babymaking stuff pumped into Mom's spasmodically churning pussy. Even though I had already come once that morning, it felt like a gallon of my fuck juice was shooting into my Mom's horny cunt.

At last, Mom gave a great sigh and relaxed. I immediately did the same, feeling just wiped out, but extremely satisfied. We lay there panting for some time, our breath gradually returning to normal, my semi-hard cock still buried in her oozing pussy. We couldn't speak for a long time. And now I began to wonder what was going to happen when Mom found out the truth. It was almost enough to make my cock wither to its limp stage--but not quite. It was still so exciting to have her bare ass against me and her warm, sopping wet cunt still hugging my motherfucking dick.

Finally Mom began rubbing my thigh again, and I responded by squeezing one of those delightful big tits. "Oh, Don, you don't know how much I've been wanting you to do that to me again! Oh, it felt so wonderful, honey!"

Well, as a matter of fact, I did know how much she had been wanting him to do that to her again. But I certainly had to agree with her that it had felt wonderful. "I know it was good for you too," Mom continued. Then after a moment she added, "Aren't you going to work today? If you're not, maybe we could--umm--do it again later, huh?"

I knew that she was expecting an answer, but I couldn't say a word. My heart was in my mouth. Then finally she lifted her shoulders off the bed and turned her head toward me! Oh, God!

For an instant Mom was frozen in shock. Then she wailed, "Ricky!...Oh, my God!...Oh, no!...What have you done to me!" She jerked free from me, my cock popping out and soiling the bed with our released mixed cum. She shrank away from me, grabbing the sheet and pulling it over her almost naked body.

"Mom, Mom, don't be mad at me! Don't hate me, Mom! I love you so much, I--I just couldn't help myself."

Mom was in tears now, sobbing woefully. "But why? Why, Ricky? Why did you do this awful thing to me?"

I didn't think that it was wise at this point to tell her that I was just giving her what I knew she wanted. Later I would tell her about overhearing the conversation, but right now I didn't want to make her feel any guiltier than she probably already did. I was willing to take all the guilt upon myself. I had realized that I was taking a terrible chance, and now it appeared that my one blissful sexual encounter with my mother was going to be my last. I had blasted our loving relationship forever.

But I was still in bed with her, and I was going to do my damnedest to plead my case. All I could offer her was my love, and then hope that she had enjoyed our fuck so much that she would come around to accepting the situation and want more. "Oh, Mom," I pleaded, "I wouldn't hurt you for the world! I love you so much, Mom! I think you're the most beautiful and most wonderful woman in the whole world, and I've wanted you so much for so long. I've dreamed of you and--and fantasized about you since I was 10 or 11 years old."

Mom was silent now, staring at me, still with tears in her eyes, but thinking now. That was an encouraging sign. Maybe she would remember her own fantasies and realize that what had just happened was a fulfillment of her secret desires.

"Mom, you've always been so wonderful to me in every way, and I've always been so proud of you. You're the best mother a guy could ever have. Oh, Mom, I don't want to lose that...But day after day I've looked at your beauty, your--your gorgeous body. And--and...(I took a deep breath here and then took the plunge. Mom had told Aunt Penny that she masturbated while thinking of me, so...) I've--I've m-m-masturbated thousands of times while I fantasized about you."

"Oh, my God!" Mom murmured, staring fixedly at me as if mesmerized. (Could she possibly have been thinking, "Just like me"?)

"I know it's supposed to be terribly wrong, Mom, but damn it, I just love you so much that--that somehow it didn't feel wrong. It--it felt like it should be true...I know that it was really a wicked, wicked thing to do, deceiving you the way I did. But, Mom, I just wanted you so much, so very, very much, that I couldn't help myself. I just had to--to have you, Mom."

"Oh, Ricky, how could you? You've always been such a fine, considerate young man--just a perfect son. And now you do such a low, evil thing. How can I ever trust you again?"

Well, that dashed all my hopes. Now tears filled my eyes as well. "I guess you can't trust me, Mom," I said in misery. "I've betrayed you so grossly that I know you can never forgive me. I just wanted to love you--really, really love you--but I've ruined everything, and now you'll never love me again. I don't deserve to be loved. I don't deserve to live." I buried my face in the pillow and began sobbing. This was no act, believe me. The enormity of my deceitful deed had really hit me now, and this was what I really felt about myself.

Then I felt my Mom's warm hand on my back. "Oh, Ricky, Ricky! Don't do that...Yes, what you did was awful, but--but I realize now that--that you really were sort of obsessed and...Well, I know what young boys go through when they have...urges that are...well, almost uncontrollable. Maybe we can forget what happened in time and go back to being just a normal mother and son."

Somehow that struck me as being the worst possible result. I lifted my head and vehemently said, "No! There is no way we can go back to that. As long as I'm around you, I'm going to be wanting you. And--and after having you once, I can never be satisfied with the old status quo."

Mom stared at me in horrified bewilderment. "Well, then, what are we to do?"

"I guess what you can do is ship me off to military school or something. You're going to have to get rid of me somehow."

"Ricky!" Mom cried. "I can't do that! You're my son, and I do love you. I can't stop loving you."

"Well, there's only one alternative," I said softly, not able to lift my head and look at my mother.

"One alternative?" Mom murmured. "You mean--oh!"

I glanced at her and saw that she was blushing rosily. There was something about the expression on her face that suddenly struck new hope into my heart. "Mom, oh my beloved Mom!" I breathed fervently. "All I want to do is to love you, to love you with all my heart and soul and body!"

I reached out and took her hand, and she gave it willingly. "But--but, Ricky, I'm your mother."

"Yes, yes, you are my mother, my beloved, wonderful mother. I never want you to stop being my mother. But--but, Mom, I...Oh, Mom, I know that you love me more than just about anybody else in the world..."

"More than anybody, not just about anybody," Mom interjected.

"Oh, God, thank you, Mom! And I love you more than all the rest of the world combined. Oh, God, Mom, don't you see? I just want to love you all the way--completely--in every way."

"But--but that's incest!" Mom uttered in a shocked way.

"Mom, it's love--pure and simple love--total love. Mom, didn't you enjoy...wha t we just did? That is, before you found out it was me? Wasn't it good?"

"Oh, God, yes, it was good! It's--it's the best I've had for a long, long time...No, I've got to be honest...It's the best ever. But..."

A thrill shot through me. Maybe it was still possible. Maybe everything would turn out to be as good as I'd hoped. "Mom, I know that Dad doesn't fu--er--have sex with you nearly as much as he used to. He's too damned busy. God, Mom, I'd never be too busy for you! You deserve to be loved wholly and completely, devotedly. God, Mom, I'd worship you, adore you! I'd be an absolute slave for you, Mom! All I want to do is love you!"

Mom lay down on her back with a sigh. "My God, honey!" she whispered. "Oh, my God!"

Something told me that the best thing I could do right then was to keep my mouth shut and just wait. I lay there staring at Mom as she remained silent, looking up at the ceiling and breathing rather heavily. God, she was beautiful and I ached to take her into my arms. But I controlled myself with an iron resolve and just waited. My miserably wilted cock slowly began to reassert itself as my hopes increased with each second that passed. I figured that the longer she lay there, still in bed with me, and the more she thought about it, the better chance I had.

At last she uttered a long sigh, which ended with a little shiver. Now, I thought. Now is the time for my move. I gently moved over against Mom and kissed her tenderly on the cheek. She closed her eyes, her face flushed. I kissed her cheek again, then brushed her lips with mine. There was no response yet, but she hadn't repelled me. I leaned over her and pressed my lips to hers. At first it was like kissing the lips of the dead, but I continued kissing softly. Then, almost imperceptibly at first, Mom was kissing back. I took her hand in mine, and she squeezed my hand warmly. Oh, God, my heart sighed in tremendous relief! This woman is really mine!

I began stroking Mom's arm, gradually working toward her shoulders, then under the sheet until I was caressing the side of her swelling tit. Mom's lips had softened and opened slightly. I licked tentatively at her lips, and after a while, there was her tongue in response. With this, I cupped her warm breast and began to squeeze it and to rub my fingers across her nipple. This wonderfully responsive nipple hardened immediately. Mom's tongue began to flick out more eagerly.

Now I boldly grasped the sheet and pulled it slowly down, down past Mom's lovely mammary globes, down past her slightly swelling stomach, down past her hair-covered pubic mound. Mom moaned and put one of her hands on her crotch, spread out to hide her pussy. I gently took hold of her wrist and pulled her hand away. Mom moaned and closed her eyes, but offered no resistance.

For some time I just stared at all that naked feminine beauty lying before me. The rosy nipples were standing up firmly from the billowing white mounds of Mom's lovely breasts. Those full white thighs glowed in satiny splendor, tapering beautifully from her dimpled knees to her flaring hips. Her slightly rounded belly, with its cute little navel, curved down to meet those white thighs at that exciting vee where her pussy lips could dimly be seen peeping through the abundant crispy dark brown pubic. hair. God, was she ever a gorgeous sight to behold! Never have I seen any scene more bewitchingly lovely than my mother's sexily curvaceous nude body.

I took some time to lower my head to her breasts and to kiss and lick and suck at her hard nipples. Mom lay with her eyes closed, breathing heavily, at times moaning very lightly. I kissed my way down her smooth, firm belly. I was fondling her thighs and hips at the same time. I riffled my fingers through the crisp hair on her prominent mound of Venus. At first Mom kept her legs closed, but as I gently probed, she let me pull them slowly apart, opening up her coveted crotch to me. Then my hand was on that prominent mound, and Mom's lovely white thighs slowly spread farther apart to allow my loving hand to begin caressing the center of all my desires.

I ran my fingers up and down the length of her swollen, damp cunt lips, then began gently pushing a finger inside the slick wet passage. I was kneeling with my head bowed over my mother's abdomen, my face just inches from her fragrant pussy. Then I moved over between her thighs, put my hands under her big firm ass cheeks and raised her hips up as I lowered my face into her crotch. I began kissing the soft, moist lips of my mother's cunt, her hairs tickling my nose. Then I was licking up and down the slit.

Mom gave a louder moan and helped me to spread her lovely thighs as wide as they would go, opening up her vagina completely to me. I began to thrust my tongue into my mother's creamy love channel, loving the tangy taste of her sex juices and the delightful musky smell of her arousal. I knew that some of my cum was mingled with hers. Then Mom's fingers were there as well, pulling her cunt lips wide open. I began probing for her clit, and when I lapped at it, Mom jerked her hips up and groaned as if in pain.

Then I really went to work, flicking at her clit and alternating that with deep vaginal probes with my stiffened tongue. Mom began moaning louder and then started bucking her ass up in response to my tongue fucking, grunting with each hump. "Unnnhhh!...Unnnhhh!...Oh, my Godddd, Ricky! Ooooh! Unnnhhh!...Unnnhhh!...Ohhhhhhh! That feels so...Unnnhhh!...Unnnhhh!...so goddamned goooodddd!...Unnnhhh!...Unnnhhh!...so gooodddd!"

I had to hang on tight to Mom's ass as she jerked and humped uncontrollably. I was so turned on by her sexual frenzy that I came close to shooting my load without even having my cock directly stimulated at all. Damn, what a hot woman she was! I had had a pretty good idea that she had very strong sexual feelings, but she had carefully hidden them from me until now. First that passionate fuck and now this equally passionate reaction to my cunt licking told me that Mom was a woman who absolutely loved sex. And I was having the thrill of my life giving her what she loved.

Then Mom stopped humping and stiffened up, her back arched and her ass clear up off the bed. She grabbed my head with both hands and held me tightly pressed into her steamy crotch as she shuddered and shook through a gigantic orgasm. I held my tongue as far up in her cunt as it would go, and I could feel her pussy muscles spasming and grasping at it. Her tart sex juices suddenly increased. I could feel the ecstasy coursing through my mother's body. My air supply was almost completely cut off, and I was stifling, but I would have died of suffocation before I would have done anything to interrupt Mom's big come before it had run its course.

At last Mom gave one more big groaning moan, then a deep sigh, and all at once her ass dropped back to the mattress, and she relaxed completely, finally letting me raise my head up out of that delightful trap between her legs. I slowly rose from between Mom's thighs and looked at her big sexy body, all spread out there on the bed, wide open, totally relaxed, although she was still shivering slightly and her breath was coming in gasping pants. Again she had her eyes tightly closed as she lay there struggling to regain control of her body and senses.

I crawled up to lie beside her, taking her in my arms again and cradling her soft curves against my hard body. She was wet with sweat. I realized that my mouth was covered with her fuck juices, and I thought of wiping it off. But then I decided to just go ahead and kiss Mom just as I was, giving her a taste of her own cunt fluids. When I put my mouth on hers, her lips remained slackly open, and my tongue, fresh from licking her cunt, went right inside. Mom's tongue eagerly met mine, and we deep kissed passionately for some time. I could tell that although Mom had been exhausted by her huge orgasm, she was still vulnerable to more sexual temptation, and I was sure as hell ready for another mother fuck.

I put my hand back on her pussy and began to gently finger fuck her again. She was very hot and wet inside. Mom's tongue began pushing against mine more frantically. I knew that I could just climb between Mom's legs and start fucking her again, but somehow I wanted to hear her say that I could. I wanted no doubt that this time it would be a completely mutual fuck.

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