Present for Paula

by Warthog

Copyright© 1999 by Warthog

Slut Wife Sex Story: A wife's present for the first anniversary turns from a threesome to a gang bang.

Caution: This Slut Wife Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa Mult Consensual Fiction Slut Wife Wife Watching Gang Bang Group Sex Interracial Black Male White Female Oral Sex Anal Sex Double Penetration anniversary gang bang.

The oddest thing happened to me on my last business trip. My company had sent me and five of my coworkers to visit an important client. It seems that the client was having trouble with one of our products and they wanted it fixed yesterday.

Now, this wouldn't be a big deal if not for the timing. It was the day before New Year's Eve and some of us had plans. Oh well, duty calls. We flew down to see the client and began work right away. I had hopes of getting things done quickly and then flying out the next morning. That wasn't to be and I'm glad it turned out the way it did.

We didn't finish up until 6pm New Year's Eve. The boys and I headed back to the hotel, made reservations to fly out the next afternoon and cleaned up for dinner. We decided to grab something to eat at the hotel and made a reservation for 8:30. At least our stingy company put us up in style this time. The hotel was very nice and obviously expensive. While at dinner, we were asked by the waiter if we would be attending the new year's eve celebration in the club adjacent to the restaurant. My crew talked it over and decided that we didn't have anything else to do. It sounded great.

At about ten o'clock we headed next door. The club was terrific. There was a jazz trio playing and a small dance floor where a few couples swayed to the music. The place was decorated with streamers and balloons were hung waiting until midnight to fall. The host seated us in front of the band and we ordered drinks. As I was sipping my screwdriver and getting into the great tunes my eyes landed on absolutely gorgeous lady.

She was wearing a stunning diamond ring dress in white. It was elegant and sexy at the same time. The form fitting dress had a low cut neckline and a cutout in the shape of a diamond below her breasts reaching to just above her waist. A ring held the two halves of her top together and another ring was located just below her navel. Long sleeves were connected to the sides and her shoulders were bare except for a single strap on each side. The skirt was short but not too short. The lady was obviously a classy lady and surprisingly she was alone. My lucky day.

I got up and walked over to her table. Her light brown hair beautifully contrasted the white dress. She had a glorious tan that drew my eye to her midriff then to her smooth long legs. She wore no stockings and her delicate feet sported a pair of four inch white pumps.

"Hello," I offered.

"Hi," she returned with a beautiful smile, her golden eyes sparkling.

"Would the lovely lady like to dance," I asked.

She paused, glanced around and said, "Ah, I guess so."

I was delighted. I couldn't remember when I had seen a more beautiful woman. She stood up, I took her delicate hand and said, "My name is Bill."

"Paula," she said.

"Pleased to know such a beautiful woman," I said.

Paula blushed, dropped her eyes in shyness and said, "Thank you kind sir." God, she was charming and just plain gorgeous, except there was nothing plain about her. Her perfectly tanned skin was flawless. Her face was delicately sculpted. Her nose was cute. Her smile was radiant. She was obviously a model.

Paula's body was right out of playboy. She was taller than your average woman. Her high heels put her at just below my 6'2". I couldn't help noticing that her breasts filled her dress nicely. My eyes had a hard time looking away from her sexy cleavage. I'd guess her breasts were 36C. Her cute little bottom fit snugly in the dress and I couldn't detect panty lines. The blood rushed through my veins as I pondered the possibility that Paula wasn't wearing any panties. I knew she wasn't wearing a bra. The ring holding her top together exposed the insides of her firm breasts. A bra would obviously be visible. By my eye it didn't appear that she needed the support. I could also see the beginnings of a fabulous set of tan lines. I wondered what my chances were of seeing more.

As we began to dance, I asked, "How did I get so lucky to find such a stunning woman alone tonight on New Years Eve?"

Paula cleared her throat and said, "Well, I'm not alone. I'm with my husband Patrick."

Paula's eyes showed sympathy as my bright expression turned to disappointment. I pulled away slightly taking both of Paula's hands in my own, verifying that I hadn't seen a wedding ring. She said, "Oh, my ring is at the jewelers being repaired. Its OK, though. I wouldn't have accepted your kind offer to dance if my husband minded. You see, he's not much of a dancer and I just love to dance."

I was disappointed that Paula was married but not surprised. Beauties like her get snapped up. Gosh, beauty and such a nice lady. As we continued our dance I said, "I certainly appreciate you allowing me the pleasure of dancing with you. You dance very well."

Paula smiled and said, "Thank you, Bill. You're pretty good yourself."

"So where is your husband," I asked?

Paula's smile turned a little devious as she whispered, "I think he had to go to the little boys room." I chuckled. Man, I liked this lady. Too bad I couldn't get to know her better.

"Are you and Patrick from the area?" I inquired.

Paula replied, "No, we're here on a small vacation. Today's our first year wedding anniversary and we're celebrating."

"Congratulations," I said. "Lucky fellow," I added.

Paula blushed again and said, "You're so sweet, Bill." Wow, my groin tightened when she said that. I wondered if she could see the goose bumps on my skin. Probably not, I thought. I was wearing a sports jacket over a light sweater.

To my great disappointment the music stopped and I said, "Thank you, Paula for the wonderful dance."

"It was my pleasure," she said as we reluctantly separated. I walked her to her table just in time to see Patrick return.

"Oh Bill," Paula said, "let me introduce you to my husband Patrick." Patrick looked older than Paula but was trim and fit. He seemed like the friendly sort.

I shook hands with Patrick and said, "I hope you don't mind me borrowing your beautiful wife for a dance."

"No, not at all, Bill. Paula loves to dance and I'm not much of a dancer," he said.

I offered, "Congratulations on your first anniversary. You're a very lucky man, Patrick."

"Thanks. She is something, isn't she?" he said.

"That she is," I concurred. I looked at Paula just in time to see her blush again. So pretty.

Reluctantly I said, "Well, its been a pleasure meeting both of you."

"Thanks so much, Bill," said Paula as she kissed me on the cheek.

"Good luck," added Patrick. We shook hands again and I headed back to my table, my head spinning.

"Who was that babe?" asked Mike.

"Yeah, who. Do you know her?" added Jim.

"Her name is Paula and isn't she a beauty," I said.

"I'll say," answered Ron. Everyone nodded in agreement.

"I just met her," I said.

Some of the guys exchanged colorful suggestions as to what Paula would be good at. I ignored their crude remarks but agreed with their sentiment. Paula would definitely be a pleasure in bed. I ordered another drink and went back to listening to the great music. I glanced at Paula's table a couple of times. She and Patrick were engaged in happy conversation. I sighed at what could have been.

For the next twenty minutes or so the guys and I talked shop and listened to the Jazz. Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to find Paula leaning over about to say something. I was overwhelmed by the site of her breasts right in my face. I quickly recovered and looked at her beautiful face. To late. My stare had caused her to blush.

"I'm sorry to disturb you Bill but I was wondering if you would like to dance again?" she said. I couldn't believe it. Another few moments with this wonderful lady.

I stuttered, "I'd be delighted to." I stood up and took her hand. I added, "I'm at your service as long as you would like."

Paula smiled and said, "Bill, you're so sweet." Again, I felt the rush of blood. Soon we were dancing again. I was thrilled that Paula moved in a little closer this time. Her warm sexy body felt great next to mine. I had a real problem keeping my eyes from wondering down to her luscious breasts. They seemed to swell as I gazed at them. I suddenly noticed that Paula had caught me admiring them. I looked away and she said, "Its OK, Bill, I liked to be looked at."

I looked back at her face and was lost in her beautiful golden eyes. I struggled to say, "I'm sorry for staring but your body is so beautiful and sexy."

This time Paula didn't blush. Her face showed confidence and pride. She said, "Don't be sorry. Your looks make me feel good."

I struggled to keep my cool. I wanted more than anything to take this goddess to my room and make passionate love to her all night. Unfortunately, she was married.

Paula saved me by asking, "What are you and your friends doing in town?"

I replied, "The boys and I work for the same company. We're in town visiting a client. At first I was aggravated that we would have to be here on New Years Eve but right now I couldn't think of another place I'd rather be than right here dancing with you."

Paula smiled seductively and said, "Why Bill, if I didn't know better I would accuse you of trying to take me away from my husband."

I grinned and said, "I'm sure I wouldn't be the first to try." Paula leaned into me put both arms around my neck. For a moment I thought she might kiss me but instead she put her cheek against my cheek and sighed, "Bill, you're about to make me melt."

Oh god, I thought. I'm in trouble. Paula's husband is going to kill me.

I glanced over to their table and saw Patrick sitting there smiling. He didn't seem to mind. I was dumbfounded. I returned my attention to the lovely creature in my arms and noted the sweetness of Paula's perfume. I could feel her firm breasts pushing against my chest. I began to get hard. I couldn't help it. I was dancing close with the Playmate of the year as far as I was concerned.

The music was over. Paula continued swaying with me for a few moments before realizing that the band had finished their number. She pulled her head away from mine and said, "Lets keep dancing, Bill." Who was I to refuse. The new number started and Paula continued to gaze into my eyes. I was putty. I would have done anything she wanted. Suddenly she looked over my shoulder just as Mike was tapping me on the shoulder. Paula looked puzzled but I knew what was going on.

"Cutting in," said Mike. Reluctantly, I separated from Paula.

"Is it OK?" I asked Paula. She nodded but looked unsure. I stepped away as Paula and Mike embraced. It was nothing like our embrace, however. Mike is a little shorter and wider than I am. I walked back to our table and watched Mike and Paula dance with my crew. I could tell that each one of them wanted to get close to Paula. I glanced at Patrick and he was still smiling. It was puzzling.

I watched as Ron and Jim successfully cut in for a dance with Paula. Ron is about my height but very thin. He dances a lot better than I do and Paula seemed to enjoy dancing with him a lot. Jim on the other hand is a short fellow and Paula seemed a little uncomfortable with their height difference. Unfortunately, Dave and Tom couldn't dance. I know it was killing them not to take a turn with Paula.

After Paula and Jim danced a while, I grabed a chance to cut in. Paula gave me an alluring smile as we fell into each others arms. "Your friends are nice but I'm so glad you're back, baby," said Paula. Again she put her arms tightly around my neck and pressed her cheek against mine. Her scent and those incredible breasts were doing a number on me.

My cock began to get hard. Part of me was embarrassed that Paula would notice my cock bulging. Another part wanted her to feel how hot I was. Paula sighed, "Ooooh, you feel so good Bill." Paula was driving me wild. I was rock hard by now and I know Paula could feel it. The thought was confirmed when she slowly pushed her pelvis against my cock. I know no one else noticed but I sure did.

I whispered, "Paula, you're driving me crazy."

"Good," was her reply.

"We're going to get in trouble with your husband," I added.

"Don't worry about Patrick," she returned.

The music ended and Paula kept her arms around my neck. Paula whispered into my ear, "I want you, baby. Wait five minutes then meet me in room 312." She kissed my cheek and calmly walked away leaving me dumbfounded. I watched Paula's sexy ass as she walked right by Patrick and out of the club. I looked at Patrick and he winked at me. I walked back over to my table thinking I was the second most lucky man in the world. Patrick had to be the first.

A moment later I excused myself and it was obvious to my friends where I was going. No one said a thing but the looks on their faces said they knew. I know they were eating their hearts out. I took one more glance at Patrick on the way out and he gave me another wink. He had to know what was going on. I guess he was OK with it. It was a relief. Now I could concentrate on the beautiful woman that I was about to get to know very well.

As I approached room 312 my heart started to pound. This must be what it's like to win the Super Bowl. I was about to knock when I noticed that the door was ajar. I knocked anyway and heard Paula's sexy voice say, "Come in Bill." I opened the door and entered. I pushed the door closed and walked on in. There on the king size bed was Paula lying seductively.

She was still dressed in the same fabulous dress and heels. She had fluffed her beautiful hair up and sprayed for a fuller look. Her makeup had been reapplied and was perfect. I gazed at her starting at her feet. I followed her smooth tanned legs up to her nicely rounded hips. My eyes feasted on her ample breasts. The dress pushed those firm globes together to form a wonderfully deep cleavage. As my gaze found her face she moved a hand behind her head and fluffed up her hair. Man, she was beautiful and she knew just how to move to make your balls tighten up and go to work.

"You like?" was all she said.

"I'm in heaven," I replied.

Paula slowly moved to the side of the bed and put her high heels on the floor. Slowly she stood up and moved to where I was standing. She leaned into me and put her arms around my neck just as she had done while we were dancing. This time, however, she slowly moved her ruby red lips to mine. The last thing I saw before closing my eyes was the perfectly flawless skin of her cheek. Our lips met and pressed together gently. Her lips were incredibly soft. She tasted wonderful.

Our kiss was gentle for a short time. My hardness had redeveloped and Paula was grinding her pelvis against it. Her breathing was becoming deeper and so was our kiss. Our tongues began to mingle. I was overwhelmed by this incredible woman. The smell of her perfume, the taste of her lips and her body rubbing against my cock was taken its toll. I had to have this woman soon.

Suddenly Paula broke the kiss and pushed me into a chair. She backed away and began to remove her dress. I watched as she seductively moved the straps off her shoulder. Next she pulled her arms out of the long sleeves. I was finally going to get a look at her beautiful breasts. Paula teased me a little by cupping her breasts and hefting them. I couldn't wait to smother them with kisses.

Slowly Paula peeled the top off her perfect tits. They were creamy smooth like the rest of her flawless skin except that they were white. Paula's nipples were pink and very pretty. Had I not known that Paula was a fully grown woman, I would have thought that these were the breasts of a teenager. Lucky for me Paula was of age, because I intended to fuck this woman until she screamed for mercy.

Her sexy tan lines showed perfectly the shape of her bathing suit top. I couldn't wait to see the tan lines of her bottom. Slowly and with a lusty smile on her face, Paula lowered the dress to her waist. Peaking out on her hips were the beginnings of her bottom tan lines. It was also clear that Paula wore no panties. This incredibly beautiful classy lady had her devilish side.

Paula continued to push her dress down until gravity took it to the floor. I sat there with my mouth open. Paula grinned at me. My eyes were glued to her mound. Just so there was no question, Paula lifted one high heel off the floor and put it on the bed. I gazed in awe at Paula's perfectly shaved pussy. Again, had I not known she was full grown, I would have thought she was pre-pubescent. What a sight. Her pink vaginal lips were surrounded by the same creamy white skin. Two strap marks arched out to her hips. Her tan lines, top and bottom, were beautiful. They were like racing stripes advertising the fantastic ride ahead. I couldn't wait.

Paula gracefully slid onto the bed and hooked a finger inviting me to join her. I popped up immediately. I surely wasn't going to stall. I moved to the bed and Paula put a hand up to stop me. She found my belt buckle and unfastened it. I watched as her delicate hands worked my zipper. Even her nails were perfectly shaped and painted the same red shade as her lipstick. Soon my cock would be sporting the same shade.

Paula pulled my pants and briefs down in one pull. My rock hard seven inches popped out and slapped Paula's chin. She grinned and looked deeply into my eyes as the head of my cock disappeared into her beautiful mouth. I thought back to my first impression of Paula as I made her blush. The beautiful and innocent looking girl had now become a very thorough cock sucker. The transformation made my blood boil and my balls put in overtime making sperm. I hoped Paula liked cum because an evening of her sexy beauty had given me a case of blue balls.

Paula licked my cock from head to balls. She massaged my cum filled balls with her warm mouth. Up the shaft she licked and then took me into her mouth until I reached her throat. She bobbed up and down wildly like her life depended on the cum she was about to receive. Moments later she was rewarded with my thick load. She swallowed and savored then swallowed some more. It was a record load for me and Paula tried to stay with it. Streamers began to form at the corners of her mouth. Cum dribbled down her chin and dripped onto her pretty pink nipple. Finally the flow subsided.

Paula looked deeply into my eyes as she pulled my cock from her lips. It was a look of total devotion. I felt that she would do anything I asked of her. She opened her mouth and showed me the globs of sperm clinging to her tongue. I knelt to kiss Paula. Our lips met and we exchanged my seed between us. At that moment I wished that this woman was mine. I would have to be satisfied with being her one night lover.

After our kiss I stood and removed the rest of my clothes. Paula licked the cum off her nipple then look up at me with want in her eyes. She had satisfied me. Now it was her turn. I moved to the other side of the bed and we met in the middle. I wanted plenty of room. I started with Paula's feet. She was still wearing her pumps. It made her look sexy to be naked except for her high heels. I removed one of her shoes and started kissing her foot. Slowly I placed gentle kisses on every square inch of her foot. Her sexy little whimpers could be heard. Once I had finished, I replace the shoe and began the same effort on her other foot. After that, I moved to her ankles.

I alternated between legs as I slowly made my way up her legs kissing every bit of precious skin on Paula's exquisite body. She was the ultimate in human form and I wanted to express my appreciation for every bit of her perfection. As I kissed one leg I lightly stroked the other. Paula's whimpers became moans indicating her heightened pleasure. Her skin was smooth and her legs sleek. Her knees showed not the least childhood scrap. It was as if she was born yesterday a full grown woman. The skin became silkier as I approached her sex. I teased her thighs around her pussy. Paula's squirms showed how badly she wanted me to touch her sensitive pussy. Her aroma was strong. Her opening was glistening with wetness.

I was in a teasing mood. I gently rolled her over and began to kiss her ass. This was a bit of ass kissing that any male would be glad to do. I marveled at the creamy smoothness of her skin. The light peach fuzz was a delight. I kissed up Paula's back and across her shoulders, lightly stroking her skin as I went. Her moans and whimpers continued.

I rolled Paula over again and gently kissed her soft lips. My hand cupped one of her magnificent breasts. I felt the vibration of her moaning through her luscious lips. As our tongues continued to explore each other's mouth, my hands massaged first one then the other breast. Paula was very hot by now. Her breathing became so heavy that she had to break our kiss. She gasped for air. I nibbled at her ear as she squirmed.

"I want you Bill, I want you so bad," she said. I wasn't through. I began to kiss Paula's neck and shoulder. As I neared her breasts, my lips replaced my fingers as a sucked in her pretty pink nipple. Paula arched her back to force more of her soft full breast into my mouth. As my mouth worked on her left breast my hand worked on her right massaging the soft mound gently. After a few minutes I switched. As my lip locked onto Paula's right nipple she arched her back and came hard. She was relatively quite but her gasps were noticeable. I had barely begun and Paula had already had an orgasm. She was a very passionate woman in addition to being extraordinarily beautiful.

I continued to work on her breasts as she shivered through the orgasm. Once it had subsided, I left her breasts and continued kissing her body across her stomach and toward the heaven between her legs. My lips on her tummy produced a cute little giggle from Paula. She was a little ticklish. It was very cute. It added a little girl quality to the very sexy woman. I had brief thoughts of taking Paula dressed in a cheerleader outfit. My cock twitched at the thought.

Finally I reached her sweet pussy. It was my destination all along but the trip was well worth it. At this early stage of my journey with Paula I knew I would have to make the trip again and soon. I assumed the position. I slip under both of Paula's legs, one over each shoulder. I moved my hands up across her hips and waist and cupped her breasts. They fit my hands perfectly. I tenderly kissed Paula's soft thighs on both sides as I moved closer to her bare mound. She jumped with each touch then rotated her hips to try and move her sensitive opening to my mouth. I kissed all around her lips avoiding her movements. I stayed away from her clitoris even though it protruded noticeably. I began to lick around her opening. Paula was trembling with desire. Her pussy was very wet. Her sweet juice was flowing down over her pink rosebud and soaking the bed. I couldn't let the nectar go to waste.

I plunged into her hole like a thirsty man getting his first drink in days. Paula jerked and gasped through another orgasm as I drank from her well. It was wonderful. I continued to drink until Paula had calmed down a bit. She remained close to the edge but I didn't want to over stimulate her. Once her breathing had calmed a bit I clamped my mouth over her clitoris and sent her into any orgasm. With this one she screamed. Her hands grabbed the back of my head a pushed it into her pussy as though she wanted it inside her. If that wasn't enough, her legs clamped my head like a vice. Her scream became distant as her thighs covered my ears.

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