Sterling: Profile

I think my unusual strength is new and different ideas. I usually tweak reality in some way that concerns sex.

I write lots of pedo stories (though no new ones are allowed here since 2011). I usually provide some reasonable justification for it within the context of the story itself. To truly let go and enjoy the fantasy myself I need some justification beyond simple desire.

Please be sure to keep fantasy separate from reality. Sex with underage girls is never appropriate. It is a serious crime for the good reason that it risks severe psychological damage to the girl. Don't do it!

Due to the evolving submission guidelines at SOL, some of my stories are posted only on ASSTR.(/ />
SUBJECT INDEX for "Sterling" stories on ASSTR and SOL

It's hard to make sense of a list of 100 or more of
anything -- psychologists will tell you that. And I
now have more than 100 stories.

I've decided to sort them into categories that reflect the kinds
of stories I write. Readers who are interested in only some
categories can zoom in the ones they like -- or ignore an entire
category they don't. I've resisted the temptation to cross-list
stories in different categories (except for a couple sequels).

All of my stories are on ASSTR.
/ />
Most are on (SOL),

I will star the stories that are only available on ASSTR.

The stories not on SOL are more recent stories with younger characters.
As of 11/11/2011, SOL accepts no new stories involving characters under
14 (Laz's policy for trying to comply with Canadian
law, where SOL is based). I write a lot of stories that don't qualify,
and now they are only available on ASSTR.

I probably won't manage to keep this completely up to date.
Original: August 21, 2011
Updated: April 22, 2012
Last update: May 13, 2013

Feedback on just about anything is welcome at

======== Nonfiction
Pedophile Penpals* -- A genuine offer to converse by email with others who are attracted to young girls
Personal Ad* -- Oh, to find someone I don't have to hide 'Sterling' from...
Survey of Pedophiles* -- We have to stay anonymous, but we can stand up and be counted
Virtuous Pedophiles Site* -- A site for pedophiles committed to never acting sexually with children, in line with my values and I hope those of my readers.

======== "Sex, Sex, Everywhere"
Society requires a great deal of sex, either as antidote to a
life-threatening illness (usually to girls) or an extreme
infertility crisis. It is of course also science fiction.
Every Two Minutes*
In Heat
Listen Girls, It's Sex or Die
Prescription -- An Enthusiastic Fucking
Sweet RAD
Sweet RAD Recruits Young Girls
The Kitty Fever Vaccine
The Slut and Rapist Virus

======== "Mine, All Mine!"
A man has sex with a large collection of women or girls, and this
is an important part of how he views the situation. It is all
science fiction as well.
Come In My Brain
Coming For My Girls
First Prize
From Cure to Sweet Corruption
God Is Horny
Maximizing Fitness
Precocious Pee
Roger's Island
Roger's Little Girls
Sniffing For Girls In Season
Spreading Genes In Tight Spaces
The Cure
The Father Becomes God*
The Father Needs More
The Father of Humanity
The Sperm With the Million-dollar Dowry

======== "Drama"
They're also science fiction and/or love stories, but these are
longer stories that have more developed plot than some of the
others. At the risk of getting too analytical, I'd say the ratio
of plot to science fiction is high.
Enlightened Sluttery
I'll See You In My Dreams
Kindergarten Mind-reader
Labia Worship
Love and Conscience and Little Girls
Promise To Do Our Daughters
Seminal Influences
Side Effect
Side Effect -- Sophie
======== "Science Fiction"
Reality is different in some major ways. Only the "Eve's
Daughters/Eden In Harmony" combination takes place off of the
planet earth, however. Note that the categories "Mine, All Mine!"
and "Sex, Sex, Everywhere" are also usually science fiction, but
of a more specific sort.
At Cross Purposes
Agony With a Purpose*
Baby Visions
Bless the Torpedoes
Breasts Haven't Been Invented
Bulls And Nymphs*
Chemistry Set
Cherishing the Unmerged Mind
Dead Men, Dumb Boys
Dead Women, Dumb Girls
Eden In Harmony (sequel to "Eve's Daughters")
Eve's Daughters
Pussy Mouse
The Art of Rape
The Centaurots Teach Multiplication*
The Trouble With Gurley Pets
The Water's Edge*
To Have And To Hold
Vaccinating Little Girls*
Wearing Little Wives
X-rated Vision for the Blind
You Cannot Pee Alone
======== "Love Stories -- A Man and a Girl"
Some people are repulsed by the very concept. But the fantasies
are all as sweet and earnest as could be. The man usually finds
the love of his life when she is still quite young, and he is
never setting out to seduce her.
A Meeting of the Minds
Angela Soprano
Kayla And Mandy
Kidnapping From the Heart
Making Naughty Therapy Funner*
Miss Catherine and the Butler (part 1 of 2)*
Miss Catherine and the Butler (part 2 of 2)*
Sharing Happiness
Side Effect -- Sophie (sequel to "Side Effect")
The Gymnast
The Innocent Edge of Forbidden Desire*
======== "Stroke Stories"
Stroke fantasies, without much if any science fiction. They
mostly have a touch of humor.

A Gaggle of Wee Daughters*
Always Wear Your Shoes
College Writing Assignment
Comforting the Afflicted
Donations For the Cause
How To Handle Virgin Sacrifices
I Want a Penis of My Own
Katy's Naughty Dreams*
Little Girls Tell Why They Like It*
Making Bad Girls Good
Minimum Wage Job: Phallic Intrusion Specialist*
Mommy Stretches Wendy's Cunny For Daddy's Thingie*
Nine Ways Into a Little Girl's Panties*
Please Make Me Pregnant
Roger's Little Girls (sequel to "Roger's Island")
Saying No*
Scavenger Hunt*
Stuffing Eager Little Cunnies*
The Girl-Lover's Dream*
Well Endowed
You Peed In My Panties
You Want To So Much, I Can Tell
======= "Bargain Basement"
These are stories that maybe aren't up to my usual
standards -- though some might be quite appealing
as stories. See the "READ ME" file in that ASSTR
subdirectory for a listing of what's there
and a further explanation. None of them appears
on SOL.

Feedback on just about anything is welcome at

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